Quantum of Solace – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

Quantum of Solace was directed by Marc

Forster and once again star Daniel Craig

returning in the role after the

incredible Casino Royale and this film

was actually a sequel bond is out for

revenge after the tragic loss he faced

in Casino Royale he's after an

organization he believes may have been

responsible for it

so this film was being made during a

writer strike and because of that the

script was unfinished and they began

shooting the film anyway and Daniel

Craig and the director Marc Forster

actually rewrote scenes themselves

because legally they could not ask a

real writer to do it and Craig was

quoted as saying we had the bare bones

of a script and then there was a writer

strike and there was nothing we could do

we couldn't employ a writer to finish it

I say to myself never again but who

knows there was me trying to rewrite

scenes and a writer I am NOT

so because of this strike and what they

had to resort to to make this movie this

is a very unique Bond movie it's very

short it's only like an hour and 46

minutes long even at that run time

though this movie feels fucking boring

Quantum of Solace

is one of the most listless Bond films

I've ever seen the film is chocked full

with intense action it's a very violent

Bond movie there's not a lot of elegance

to it which is something that's missing

from this movie bond is supposed to feel

almost royal you know you should feel

there's some dignity to a James Bond

movie now I love Casino Royale and it's

super fucking violent but this movie

feels mean the violence in the movie

just comes off as action sequences it

feels at times like a Jason Bourne movie

one of my biggest issues with Quantum of

Solace is unfortunately the direction

coming off of Casino Royale they had an

amazing roadmap to follow not that Marc

Forster has to sacrifice a vision and

just pretend like he's Martin Campbell

I'm just saying that that was a

two-and-a-half-hour movie with brilliant

action wide shots long takes great

character work incredible arcs for

everyone involved it was tragic it was

suspenseful and it was also super

violent Quantum of Solace took all the

wrong lessons from Casino Royale it was

like well we have a new gritty bond and

everyone likes it so we're gonna do away

with a lot of the humor

we're gonna do away with the jokes women

are gonna have weird names the villain

is gonna be named Dominic Greene he's

not gonna have scarring or missing an

ear or anything he's just gonna be like

a guy who operates out of a shipping


this is not what Casino Royale did I

actually watched Casino Royale again

last night and then Quantum of Solace

directly after that because I wanted to

really feel both of them in a row and

watching one after the other this is a

gargantuan step down in virtually every

way Daniel Craig remains great as bond

he's really likable he's charming he's

great in the action scenes he's

wonderful in this film virtually

everything else is worse and the impact

of that lesser quality is felt even

greater because this is a direct sequel

it's not just the next Bond movie it's

actually continuing the story Casino

Royale has a similar misconception about

it that Batman Begins does both of them

were viewed as dark and gritty reboot

switch in a way they absolutely are both

of those films though are filled with

humor there's tons of jokes in Batman

Begins and there's tons of jokes in

Casino Royale

there's tons of moments that make you

smile and then make you feel like you're

watching a film that's meant to make you

happy and make you excited Quantum of

Solace took the headline appeal of

Casino Royale the fact that it was a new

dark and gritty reboot and that's all

people talked about and they thought

okay we'll double down on that and in so

doing they made a movie that's

completely indistinguishable from almost

every other spy action thriller out this

isn't supposed to feel like a Jason

Bourne movie but in many ways it does

and one of the lesser ones for sure the

action sequences in this movie are a

travesty they're edited so poorly with

so much quick cutting it's like you

can't actually tell what's happening

there are specific scenes when re

watching it that I genuinely did not

know how something happened there was

just a flurry of sound effects and

movement and and I suppose that was

supposed to tell me that somebody was

punched or a car crash or an explosion

happened but there's so much missing

information because of this technique

that sometimes you genuinely cannot tell

what the fuck is going on

which tells me that mark Forrester was

not the right director for this movie

and I'm a fan of his I like his film

stay I liked Finding Neverland I think

he's a really great filmmaker but when

it comes to a Bond film it's clear that

he didn't really know what the franchise

needs in fact he was quoted as saying

that he wasn't really a big fan of the

James Bond movies up until Casino Royale

which is fine that's totally fine that

could actually be interesting to take

somebody who who has really no

attachment to the character has no

expectations for what a Bond film should

be and say hey what's your viewpoint of

a Bond film that could be really cool

unfortunately his viewpoint of a Bond

film is a our 46 minute spy thriller

where people have boring conversations

and sometimes people get punched in the

face but you can't quite fucking tell

I'd also like to talk about the opening

title sequence this one is not that


the instrumental portion of it is really

good I just don't like the lyrics or the

vocals I don't think the performances

are all that special interestingly

Shirley Bassey who has done a lot of

Bond themes and is known for them did a

song that many suspect could have

potentially been at least in contention

as a Quantum of Solace theme it was

written by David Arnold who composed the

music for this movie it has the word

solace in the chorus multiple times and

the timing is right for when it could

have come out David Arnold has said it

wasn't rejected and that was fans

speculation but in my opinion there's

just too many coincidences even if it

wasn't rejected

I believe it maybe was at least being

considered perhaps and it is much better

than what's in this movie check out it's

on YouTube and you can tell this film

just wasn't scripted properly it needed

multiple more drafts there's information

that just doesn't really make sense for

instance bond says that he didn't think

Vesper was the sentimental type which is

why I did a DNA check on a lock of his

hair found in vespers apartment it's not

him a lock of his hair I wouldn't have

thought Vesper the sentimental type

although there's quite a bit of time

given to the fact that in Casino Royale

she's wearing a necklace from a former

boyfriend and he references it quite

often in Casino Royale and thinks about

it and you can really feel throughout

the entire first act of this film that

they don't know where they're going

every scene seems to lead to an action

set piece there's the opening car chase

because apparently he had to leave mr

White's house with a bunch of machine

guns blazing even though we know there's

no danger it's just a horrible quick cut

edited sequence this leads to one of

Em's men revealing himself as a traitor

and a chase of cross rooftops that

doesn't even hold a candle to the

freerunning chase in Casino Royale and

then bond is on the trail of somebody

else and that leads to a fight sequence

on a balcony and at this point we're

like 25 minutes to a half an hour

through the movie and all we really know

is that somebody was behind vespers

killing and there's traitors in mi6 what

did he fucking do there's just there's

no story here it'd be one thing if the

action sequences were amazing but

they're not they are they're actually

maddening they really piss you off if

you like well filmed action this movie

came out right in that time period where

Hollywood thought everyone wanted their

movies to look like Bourne or taken like

every action movie just has to be this

way there was this horrible string of

terrible action sequences and movies

like Columbiana or basically anything

directed by Olivier Megaton and Quantum

of Solace falls right in there and about

halfway through the film you begin to

realize how small-scale this film really

is it doesn't seem to have any grand

desires to tell a story beyond something

that's so so minuscule and it can't

focus on what could be a very intimate

story for Bond

this could be very personal for him but

the film doesn't have a focus on that

there's so many sequences with New Bond

girls or this opera sequence where he's

spying on people from this quantum

organization it sort of just feels like

a Saturday afternoon for bond like

nothing particularly special is

happening in his life even though this

is supposed to be something that's very

very personal to him it just doesn't

come off that way the film also had a

Goldfinger homage where gem

Arterton is covered in oil the director

mentioned that he used that as sort of

like a visual metaphor to suggest that

the world's most precious resource is no

longer gold its oil okay well at school

it didn't really work sorry Quantum of

Solace is one of the biggest missed

opportunities in franchise film I'm not

exactly sure why they chose to make this

movie even though they were in the

middle of a writer's strike I don't

think it was like they had to make a

movie or they were going to lose the

rights to the character if that was the

case okay I understand that but I just

feel like they should have waited until

the strike was over just wait until you

have a script don't follow up the best

Bond movie of all time with this I'm

gonna give Quantum of Solace a c-minus

I'm well aware that some people enjoy

this movie and that's cool if you like

it great I think it's a terrible Bond

movie I think it has the appeal of

Daniel Craig and honestly that's about

it as a story I find it incredibly

boring and all the things that you would

have expected coming off of what would

have been an act of revenge throughout

an entire movie it just kind of thrown

out the window with boring villains and

boring characters and and no real plot

and when I say that I understand the

movie has a plot of course like

characters go places and they talk about

things that doesn't mean it actually has

one guys thank you so much as always for

watching look forward to more reviews

very soon and as always if you liked

this you can click right here and get

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