Putting the Air Fryer to the ULTIMATE Test

published on July 17, 2020

To be honest I was a little late to the air frying game I'm not huge on food trends and there were so many companies making air fryers like I was being hit up every single week by a new company pitching an airfryer that it kind of repelled me a bit I figured it was just

Another food appliance that you probably didn't need in your kitchen but when I was building out this kitchen studio and I was super busy by necessity I just started using an air fryer because it makes food really quickly and the

Cleanup is really easy as well and it turns out these things are pretty awesome made they produce really good results but I just made the standard stuff like you know sweet potato fries and vegetables I never really got to

Experiment so that's what this video is about we're gonna put this air fryer to the ultimate test and really see what's possible to make in an air fryer so if you don't know what an air fryer is it's pretty simple you've got this little

Chamber here and it heats up air really hot and circulates it around cooking your food so it works really similar to a convection oven but the big difference is you have this small chamber here so it's gonna cook your food a lot faster

Because everything is nice and contained and the heat is just swirling around in this smaller area although it's called an air fryer you're not actually frying things you're not submerging them in oil but you can't get a really nice crisp

Enos to your food but there's other things you can do you can bake in here really anything you can do in your oven you can do in here and we're gonna be putting all of those to the test today so let's get into it

So I've got some chicken wings here that I already butchered up and I'm gonna sprinkle in a little bit of salt some black pepper a little bit of garlic powder and some baking soda that's the tip I'm stealing from chef John for oven

Baked chicken wings the baking soda dries out the skin a bit and makes it nice and crispy and I thought it would work really well for the airfryer while those wings are marinating I'm gonna make a quick little Korean style sauce I

Add some soy sauce to a jar with a little bit of sesame oil some honey a little bit of rice vinegar and some gochujang a fermented chili paste and just give that a shake up for a simple sauce we're gonna dump these in here 350

To start them off at 15 minutes and we'll see what all right it's been 15 minutes very interesting okay okay something's going on you definitely want to flip them so

We'll put these and then we'll give them another 15 minutes pour on that sauce to go shoo hang just like a quick little I went Korean wings because I just had these the other day and I've just been

Thinking about them ever since the head shake that's insane I think for a quick chicken wing that's insane the sauce is good for a good chicken wing for just a good chicken wing we got to get over the

Quick venue right for the beef jerky I've got a nice flank steak here but you can use any steak cut you want and I just cut it into little strips and I cut against the grain so it would be a little more tender once it was finished

So in a bowl I added some soy sauce a little bit of brown sugar some smoked paprika a little bit of salt some ground ginger some cinnamon and a little bit of chili flakes I whisk that up and added my meat strips and I just let that sit

In the fridge and marinate overnight which is optional but you're gonna get much more flavor that way here is the beef that we marinated overnight we're going straight off not the actual recipe but we're gonna follow the instructions

Which is 180 degrees Fahrenheit so this is much lower camp for 30 minutes so it looks really good but it's definitely not like it's juicy it tastes good yeah I think probably double what is that maybe another 30 minutes you

Know I wouldn't say this is beef jerky somewhere like in between the two worlds of just cooked beef it's still a little juicy yeah that's true oh yeah and you'll you'll be fine oh you're right you're right yeah so if you want it in

30 minutes though was that now an hour if you want beef jerky in an hour just slice it super-fun missus got some meat to it but I like it flavors good you like it better than beef jerky I don't like beef jerky when

It's like stringy and gross yeah it's true there's something about having a little texture a little juice all right you heard it here she likes it better than beef jerky I really like it incredible stuff for an hour for the

Patatas bravas I have a few medium sized potatoes here and I just cut those up into little cubes and let those soak in water for about 30 minutes which is gonna remove some of the starch that could potentially burn when you put it

In the airfryer once they've soaked you can drain them off on a towel to make sure they're nice and dry and I just added a little bit of grapeseed oil and salt one of my favorite parts about the air fryers you don't need too much oil

To get a really crispy result so for this it says for fries 360 for 18 to 30 minutes what I'm gonna do is go against the green here I'm going to set it for 350 for about 15 minutes and kind of do like

A twice fry method and then Jack it up to maybe 380 and get him super crispy all right all right so 15 minutes on the potatoes oh yeah not bad why don't you give them a shake the shake is super-important get aggressive

But the ideas will let them sit come down the temperature a little bit then we'll jack this up and throw them back to get extra crispy all right so we're at 380 I actually took these out so there's preheat a little bit no we're

Going in let's do 10 minutes and see what that does that should get impersonator give it a taste Alex do you think that could be crisper

A little bit yeah okay so ten more minutes potentially no five more minutes but not a bad way to cook potatoes for short approved no no I hope I can do better than should be dining fries for the apple pie I want to create a

Precooked filling so I'm gonna add some butter to a pan and then add some cubed apples I'm using two medium sized apples for this cook that down to soften the apples for about five minutes on a medium low heat then I'm gonna add a

Little bit of cinnamon some brown sugar some flour and give everything a stir now just add a little bit of water and continue to stir that on a medium low heat and the flours gonna thicken up the water and combined with all the other

Ingredients to create a really nice sauce now I've got some pre-made pie dough here and I'm just gonna cut it into six even pieces and just scoop some apple filling right into the center pop over that other piece of dough and crimp

The edges the bottom here we've got our beautiful little apple pies we're gonna try to get all three of them in there the idea came from this little recipe

Book these things are good for something and it says 320 for 30 minutes we're gonna follow that whoa okay we're definitely not gonna need 30 minutes this is well it's been 10 minutes at 3:20 and those are already brown so

We're gonna turn it down we'll be back yeah turn it down to yeah that's true actually yeah those are pretty damn that's that's just as good as an oven maybe better to the bubble

Wow holy that that is incredible that might be the best one wings at this oh my god just like the greatest pop-tart Wow for the buns I decided to use a milk

Bread dough and I'm actually stealing the recipe from my Wagyu katsu video you can click the link above to get that recipe and once your dough is all kneaded and looking nice and smooth I'm gonna let that proof in the refrigerator

Overnight so my buns will be ready to go in the morning once your dough is proofed I weighed out my dough and divided that weight by 12 to get 12 equal sized buns and then I rolled those into little balls and cut up some

Parchment paper to put nicely into the air fryer and then popped in all of the dough balls and let those proof for another hour so check those out we've let them proof for about just over an hour and they filled that out really

Nicely so alex is just gonna egg wash that's some egg wash and a little bit of milk for some nice color and then we'll hit it with I think some sesame seeds the big question is what temperature are we gonna cook these at because these

Apple pies they suggested 320 and they brown really fast but I don't think these will cook is fast so I might turn it down to 300 or 3 times whoa oh my god okay this was I was a

Little concerned about this yeah this machine just Browns so well look at the color on them insane so I really want to turn it down I doubt that these are cooked through but the Browning is pretty much perfect so I'm gonna turn it

Down to like 250 beautiful buns right in the airfryer Wow that's all yeah it's kind of what I was going for but I just used the recipe for the milk bread but that is like very similar to a Hawaiian roll

for the broccoli I cut up my florets and I added a little bit of grapeseed oil sprinkled in some salt gave that a nice toss and then threw that into the airfryer so what I'm going to do is set

It for 350 like 8 minutes and then we'll take it out and we'll add some parmesan gonna add some parmesan of that good Jack it up to 374 yeah super crispy I mean the cool thing

About it is like you're making crispy broccoli roasted broccoli and 10 minutes with no cleanup and not too much oil which is definitely a bonus really great recipe simple where the fried plantains I've got my yellow plantains here that

Are nice and ripe I'm gonna peel the skin and remove the plantains and then just cut them up into little chunks I gave them a quick spray in some canola oil and into the air fryer at 350 degrees

so these have been cooking for 12 minutes I'm gonna take them out give them just a quick smash and then go for the the double fry the twice fried plantain the plantains are smashed Alex

Give them a spray lubrication all right and I think you know what I don't want to yeah I don't want to burn them so let's just do 350 almost to me a little more Drive as I

Expected a little more dry than if you deep-fried them but not bad right inside soft outside for the kale chips I first washed the kale and removed it from the stalks and then I added some salt a little bit of pepper some grapeseed oil

And then some nutritional yeast to give it a nice cheesy flavor and really work that into the kale gave it a nice massage and once the kale was dressed I put it into the airfryer and gave it a nice low and slow cook this one I want

To go low and slow kind of like the beef jerky and do more dehydration's I'm going to go all the way down see what the beef jerkey me to go to 180 said it for 20 minutes and then we'll

Shine it down first of all really good a lot easier to make then in the oven a lot easier the recipe in the booklet said to cook it at a higher temperature but the 180 really really good that was an airfryer marathon right

There but I am very impressed I think we pushed that thing to the limit and it performed really well really great crispy results but also just even cooking really impressed by the even cooking like when it comes to the

Browning of the apple pie and those buns they came out so great almost better results than the oven so I will definitely be continuing to put that thing to good use especially you know when I'm in a bind which of course we

All are as home cooks we live busy lives and an air fryer is definitely a pro home cooks approved item you

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