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published on July 2, 2020

what you feel that what's your name

Isaac Cyprus Oh Isaac can you tell us

what happened that afternoon a meteorite

with smoke trailing behind it up here

and over the skies of Los Angeles

yesterday Isaac well you been

you got a minute I want to show you

something you're saying this real are

you okay you leave me right where the

bid for the last few days yesterday yeah

yesterday day before and that making

this out this really happened to me okay

you've gone from work all week did you

have an encounter with an

extraterrestrial be


how does it feel knowing that people are

saying that you're a fish

we have detained you against your will

because we believe you have information

that may be valuable to the future of

our society

when it come to get one chance using

that we were exposed to something that

could have changed

we have to be there when they come

that's a bad idea that's way too

dangerous do we really have another

choice I remember what it was like and

I'm not going through that again

how did she take us


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