Project Update: Ambrosus (AMB) the Blockchain-Powered IoT Network for Food and Pharmaceuticals

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hello descriptive coins and welcome to
this project update of the Ambrose's
project with a token amb today's 15 of
July 2018 and as always thank you very
much for watching this video and I do
hope it will be useful indeed we will
begin with the basic information what is
Ambrose's so it's a blockchain powered
IOT network for food and pharmaceutical
enterprises what they're trying to do
they're trying to enable secure and
frictionless dialogue between the
sensors distributed ledger and the
databases in order to optimize supply
chain visibility and quality assurance
research wise it will optimize supply
chains by providing analytics provide
transparent and accurate tracking of
shipments quality assurance of the
shipments as well so stuff like time
temperature materials logistical
stamping all of that and also
anti-counterfeiting so pretty broad in
scope kind of similar to the likes of
Walton v chain or modem for example so
tokens Weiss so first of all amber is
the name the token and it's the
foundation of the entire network it is
the the variety of things so first of
all from activities on the Ambrosius
network so every time user creates an
asset or record an event they do need a
little bit of the amber to reward D
nodes on the network it's just going to
be used to create the digital
certificates so users create a digital
records of the real-world assets and
store the associate that data for the
entire lifetime of the product of
listing on the blockchain and to do that
they need to lock Ambrose's tokens so
it's a color cap system in there and
then users this is take the amber into
master nodes as well and which is great
initiative for the holders as well and
they do that to maintain the integrity
of the network and to validate the
transactions on it now some of the
recent years for the project so first of
all did they join something very
important which is the Swiss food
research and they did it to drive the
industrial adoption of the blockchain
so Swiss first research is the leading
Network in Switzerland that
neck's cutting-edge scientific and
innovation projects to the largest
agricultural supply chains in the
country so they are the official partner
of the federal government of Switzerland
so that is a pretty big deal because you
could kind of say that you know it is a
partnership of the government that
Ambrosius has in May they announced 30
new team members and currently they're
four offices with 30 employees in total
they also announced that the beta
version 0.95 was released in Maine and
that's beta version of the Ambrosius
Network amp net short Ambrose Network
its enterprise data system storage that
provides a unified and scalable
infrastructure to safely store and share
the supply chain data so you can see
some pro-poor some pretty significant
recent years for this project in general
but obviously because of the situation
of the market which is not that great I
didn't really fit the price in any
significant mother now this is the road
map by the end of second quarter they
should have something called marketplace
network and what that's gonna do it's
gonna merge the work down on crossroads
and continue and its marketplace through
these a production rating platform horn
suppliers can sell their quality assured
goods so it's basically a marketplace
for the suppliers and you know it should
be done any time now then there is
Ambrose's Network version 1.0 which
should be released in July as a fully
functioning enterprise solution by the
end of third quarter they're released if
they're supposed to release their first
complete toolkit from sensors and IOT
devices as well and then by the ears and
they aim to have a fully operational and
an enterprise ready blockchain solutions
that basically is powering a real world
application so pre pre big developments
this year and pre optimistic roadmap in
general now we will see how it's gonna
go obviously there could always be some
issues or delays but if everything goes
well it does seem to be like a very
promising future for this project
now intellectual tokens the tokens are
listed on several exchanges but if you
do want to buy it you should pretty much
get it from oneexchange which is the
finance we're 98 percent of the volume
is basic going through it it's also on
the likes of ride BTC crew coin hit be
the Seagate going live coin and the
decentralized idx but really if you want
to buy any significant amounts of these
tokens you do need to use binders
because preferably you should use the
exchange with the most volume to get the
best price if possible the current price
of the 15 of June is around 31 cents
over the token being just in top 200 on
98 not 186 plays enters the market cap
which is 45 million so not that
significant if you really compare it to
the competition of V chain or Walton now
in terms of the tokens in a circulation
145 million out of 361 million so still
almost over 50% will be introduced to
the ecosystem so there's still quite a
few tokens being in there but it's not
read that big of a deal if you consider
that market cap is actually pretty low
considering this but the potential and
what they currently have achieved now
here's the price graft which has been
quite steady I think it's one of the few
alt coins that didn't actually lose in
terms of the Bitcoin value since the
Exchange listing obviously during the
great December and January run they did
lost some of the value since then but if
you compare it to Bitcoin it's between
doing quite well ish the all-time high
is one dollar eighty five cents and I
was achieved on six of January but still
if you compare the price to Bitcoin it's
not too bad if you compare the Fiat it
obviously is quite bad and which brings
me to the general verdict of how it's
doing so they seem to be doing very well
in terms of the development progress and
they do seem to be on track with it the
team is also very busy in terms of
expanding you know the team and they do
have plenty of new employees which is
always a very bullish sign to see for
any of the project now I think the
biggest deal for this project currently
at the partnership of the Swiss for the
I think it's because they collaborate
with the largest Swiss for the
industrial park players and in general
Switzerland's very blocking friendly so
I think as a blocking project
Ambrosius does have a lot of potential
there and that partnership could open
very very many potential partnerships in
the future and in general blocking usage
in Switzerland some Ambrose's their very
own they're definitely on the right
track in that regard now the current
valuation I personally believe is quite
low considering the long-term potential
and that's mostly because the this
project has been overshadowed by the
likes of each hing and Walton which
means I think a lot of people have
already been ignoring it because they
would rather put their money into V
chain or Walton because those guys seem
to be constantly on the news under it
unlike ambrosa switch has been throwing
under the radar at least in my opinion
I do think not a financial advice just
my personal opinion but I think getting
some Ambrose's tokens would be a good
option especially if we consider that
the markets is doing quite badly and I
do think the ball run is inevitable at
some point I'm not sure how long it's
gonna take but I do think the crypto
currency in general should recover and I
think the likes of Ambrosius are one of
the ones that will probably do better
than the big and established
cryptocurrencies if that happens so
they're actually Bitcoin in the cerium
well probably still increase in terms of
the valley but the lexicon broses should
probably increase more so she do expect
a ball run anytime soon then I think a
process seems like a very interesting
and promise and you know a promising
option in general other way this is not
international just my personal team I do
like this project I did have some of
those tokens myself they do seem to be
doing very well and being tracked with
the development which is very good sign
as always thank you very much for
watching and I hope it was useful I do
love you tears and bye

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