Professional Chef Tries TikTok Food Hacks | Part 2

published on July 2, 2020

I'm gonna be reviewing the dopest

tik-tok food hats in the game right now

I'm Gianna G I'm a chef and I also have

a cooking channel called cooking whiskey

and no I'm not zendaya they're gonna be

four hi first hi

DIY Egg McMuffin he's building an Egg

McMuffin at home

so he's putting the egg in a mug he's

cooking the mug with the egg and

steaming and he's taking the hand

cutting it out with the cup and you

build it put them together and then this

amazing egg mcmuffin sandwich we're

gonna start by taking our cup and trying

to make the perfect slice that fits the

perfect muffin my muffin somewhere on

here the egg whites are seeping out the


I still have faith you can see the egg

just stuck to the mother and it's better

I guess

I think that's pretty legit I didn't let

her really inside the mug so make it

after typically user I also I noticed my

egg didn't steam I don't know if it's

because I didn't pull the mug down or

maybe they're doing some secret tricks

and they didn't show us oh damn the yolk

first and everywhere that's a great

accent stop this hack must try delicious

Egg McMuffin sandwich I'm gonna go wash

my hands now

the next pack we are going to make an

avocado flower she just cut the avocado

in half so I knew that she starts

slicing it and then she starts rolling

it in like it looks easy looks pretty

easy I think I got this I just took over

Gatos place it right in half

I don't know why she's massage of akkad

oh maybe it was to get the avocado in

the mood something like this dang it why

is so hard I am going to try this again

this moving the small and inward around

I'm definitely not the pro yet but I

definitely think it depends on the

ripeness of the avocado so that you have

enough wiggle room to move avocados

around the neck pack let's get the skins

of these back boys

nice and quick she's just pretty much

sauteing the tomatoes westside down a

little bit of oil covering them so they

see she's petting a cat come back to it

the peel comes off nice and easy so

we're gonna build some Tomatoes y'all so

I'm gonna begin by slicing my tomatoes

in half get the oil hot flesh side down

out of lid you can take about five

minutes so it's been about five minutes

I love this tomato food it's almost like

reconquer saying it but not really

because you never shot the tomatoes

afterwards which is really interesting

because I feel like if you want to have

you know warm Tomatoes without the peel

this is the way to do the next time

rainbow ramen in the video she's just

boiling by three packs of noodles

she's dividing the noodles in different

bowls and then adding different food

colorings to make rainbow spectrum of

colors I've got water boiling I'm gonna

pop – they're Google's and noodle babies

where you I know you know it's one of

those things I have three different

flavors of ramen because might as well

taste the rainbow and see the rainbow at

the same time really exciting I like

doing this because it reminds me of when

I was a child

we're gonna mix everything yeah cuz

they're like they're like pastel I'm

like rainbow noodles I think it's fun

especially like you have like an

activity that you want to do so I did

notice if you want it to be vibrant and

popping just like these you're gonna

have to add a lot of food coloring so I

mean that's when you have to compromise

do you want to be eating all this to die

for the clout or not I love trying to

stick soft food hacks I learned so much

from them I hope you guys enjoy them

no down below you're enough anymore to

contacts that you want to do strike


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