Product evaluations & rather more

published on July 3, 2020

hello guys can everybody hear me

hello guys can you hear me just do like

this if you can hear me I think you're

alive ten seconds into this program and

I'm here with Leo we are waiting for a

meal he's coming with a Lamborghini

that's right so why don't we get to it

so today's livestream I can see we are

still waiting for a couple of guys

joining the livestream alright so but

today today we are going to talk about

some hair products we have brought a lot

here we have so what we like to do is to

review a couple of products but we like

you guys to ride here in the super chat

what you like us to review we have

plenty here all the Bible aim products

we have some marshmallow bloomin hence

the fugu and so on then we also have

some special samples here it's something

you were testing out okay that's a we

have in there we have a turkey we have

Indian watching yes that's nice hi sorry

for the shaking but I'm holding it with

my hands and I had a okay so let's see

who is say hi from Denmark and

California so why don't we get started

with the setup today this as the minimum

we need the tools we have the vintage

brush brush which is also called

skeleton brush it has two sides so use

the short sides for coming my sides and

then the long teeth here to the top

where we have the longer hair stalls and

and then we have the blow dryer and it's

important to have a quality one so you

will not burn off your hair yes you need

this kind of blow dryer that it's gonna

give you just point at the end it is

butter with the cold call air so for all

of you who just joined today we have a

lot of hair products down here on the


we like to review some of it and on the

floor yes like to review some of it you

guys and then we're also going to shoot

an episode of sleek hair TV so you'll

have behind the scenes oh there there

just need to figure out whether I can

park outside this alone or I had to go

inside from behind we have a parking lot

should we go




okay so that's a lot of horsepowers

right here sorry let's wait for a meal

that's the sound of fame given its ass

almost 600 horsepower driver in Denver

we have a lot of bikes everywhere in

bikes and it's only a meal that is to

use a number should we pack it here

thinking you know I wasn't so dirty

Rasmus I was having some rally going on

alright thank everyone for tuning in on

the livestream today we're doing and how

long will it be one hour livestream

first of all I just parked the car a

place I think we are not allowed to park

here but maybe we should target in our

parking lot we have two parking lots

okay let's go park the car and then all

of you just join the livestream studio

we are going to shoot an episode of

slick-haired TV view some nice hair

products we don't review the Bible in

today so you have the change to write in

the comment section or a super chat you

might call it one second we'll write in

the chat what you like us to review

there's a lot of products like has if

you go to man and horse party and so on

so let's get to it

so first we'll park the car

what do you think me excited okay a lot

of people are riding something about

blue man so we might test something out


we have a good driver here it's gonna

drive through this small gate it's gonna

get crazy if how are you feeling about

that I'm not good because now


Kevin Murphy we have a lot of Kevin

Murphy products yes

so again following irritated one one

time before Neil did it one time before

I hope he will not scratch the car teach

hand me we don't have to teach handy yet

feet and petrol peat and petrol is

actually only available for our Marino's


so now we so now we are running to the

hair salon slicker studio we have

American Crew and hence if it was well


when we come to oh yeah we damn

so anyone okay so get a ride guys Lambo

is there anyone a few one I'm around in

the Lambo we need a common section is

riding if anyone yeah we have share whoo

we actually as well and we also have the

styling my rack then it's part so we

support in sports mode yes

Oh check this nice feature top and

fibers okay that's out of the car

leo can I change on the love from India

yeah hello guys from India Oh

a wave from India I guess many from

India yes that's right Radhika look okay

let's have a sneak peak on the hair

products yes let's go inside

yeah it goes to me from Inc from Turkey


16 yes we have some extremely from these

free brains here as well and then we

brought some Russell we don't sell it

yes yes yeah it's oh do we know this

brand it's the best one it's really good


today we're gonna give you the chance I

can see Paul he's saying he wants to see

how she works what this is what's that

what's that

Oh how many lessons we have Instagram

okay hello guys say hi to the other guys

hi I have here cut it and then this he's

saying everyone uses Suavecito in

America also we're gonna test that and

see how coups how good it is hello other

guys call up with Alex Costa it's coming

it's coming nervous it's coming yes

that's why we see too hard call so ec2

with the product have it here looks very

creamy creamy yeah it's kind of a fine

product here I'm looking for fibers if

it starts getting

yes it's not breaking up like fibers see

you KB man let's go we are testing some

other products smells good

have to say what do you think you look

like a Bainbridge yes okay it's what do

you think about the whole I think it's

it's comparable but I can see Rasmus I

can see that you are like having some

issues there yeah

I think I need a brush for this let's go

after the brush remember guys we are

doing a livestream we're going to test

different products you have to ask for

them and now we're testing where it is



looking good it's a macro made I have a

rat Iike he's asking do you ever have a

bad hair day


after a good night's sleep you can bend

it in a different direction and you have

hard to try fix it up the product will

just be like me Miguel he's asking you

see see it bad washing your hair every




so no oh that's cute

hey this is Gabriel from Court estilo TV

he's from Spain yeah let's see the

products and you also take out oils from

the scale

so this is what's what's the technique

I'm going over there

so okay

we are live again – to be clear you can

you can use shampoo everyday but you

have to remember to use right now

definitely just apply some priests and


all the chance and for priests Tyler

we've heard a lot about good things

about the blue man as a pre styler and

this is not only the Meraki it's the

first edition this was the sign for pre

styling yes there's a lot of people

asking about bloomin products so we're

we should try it's not that we don't

have that we actually have the

let's go my first impression is that it

reminds me of mint and if anyone of you

tried to use the American Crew fiber you

have kind of the same texture to it

can you find me the fiber yeah just like

to have it in hand

yes what's that

so it's a kind of some color to it but

we're talking about some kind of the

same this is more citrus smelling anyway

so that's the freestyling part yes so we

are trying and you need to be aware of

and this is my opinion to understand

that a hair wax have a lot of hold

compared to on our piece too much volume

that you have its first time on sneaker

TV trying something you can actually see

the fibers yeah but I'm not sure if it's

going to be an advantage

it's it what a fiber does it's laying on

the hair strands and it's supposed to be

some extra food when it dries out

also what a wax does go into clumps what

to say like spice small spikes the wax

it will just connect in spite compared

to space-time spray even out so it's the

first time that you were we are using

boom and products in a slipper theory

just kind of also using a new hat today

it from Spain 0-0

it's called zero zero Hydra yes


Paola Kareem to monitor a lot of

questions this is crazy

so where we have some well there's a lot

there was a lot of questions people

asking about if it's bad to to wash your

hair every day




you know everything what show that just

brings it through that

hold water stick loudly yeah that's

something you can do this and then it's

the perfect

so let's see how it's going with the

Maggie I'm going away okay


we definitely knew that before getting

started freestyling any anybody here

should we continue with rocky or to try

another product finishing like we need

at least five comments we continue and

we don't a new product so we try a new

product products like Bobby Lane which

is the brains in this place five years

from five years it's very clear what

they want


yes yes there's actually a lot of people

asking for the hybrid and claymation and

Shibu so that's good let's go together

right okay let's go move the rumble yeah

okay now we are on again

we need the Wi-Fi to have strong

connections and it's found in here we're

talking about that's right these free

bad boys yes

so guys we need to to hear from you what

do you think should we try bloomin

hybrid as the foucault claymation or

ocean clay three clays and we're having

an organic Oxford it's paraben free and

yeah just yeah I think it's a are you

wearing for the clay wax they're



so here we have kind of a sweet scent to


it's a Cavalier clay

the one with the sweet actually reminds

me it has a neutral

it doesn't smell anything natural clay

I think this clay and the mud wax that's

kind of how I feel it it's a kind of

some of the benefits from the quicksand

edition it's very it's hard but it's

getting soft when you heat it up because

there's a lot of oiliness we have a

little Romania breaking news breaking

news breaking but you know we have super

Chet so if you write a comment if you

want to support the live stream then you

can make a donation and then your

comment will be shown in the fields and

we'll try to answer as many as possible

in this area so yo you can it's pretty

easy give me the money money money how

it feels

it's the reason for some product being



that's why yes let's go so happened here

okay hybrid because it's not carefully

applying the product and get through

here so keep that in mind

look how it looks compared to next time

I'm going to use the I have a question

from Foster homage regard he's asking

he's asking where can I found those

products you can find them on our


oh yeah and there's the experts to

address that I'm not not paying

attention to the I can see you that

you're right

let's do that it's okay so we do the

we should we are gonna we're gonna try

because I can see that most people is

asking for this yes its styling oh why

it's different it's just like it reminds

me of its 500 wax

there's loads of fibers in it but I'm

not sure if I prefer using air wax as

freestyler because as you see it looks

more heavy and it's not it's kind of in


that's what wax do I have to say

something it's all about preferences so

if you want to pre style your hair in

butter on olive oil

that's what you're gonna do but I will

say I'll tell you you're not gonna get

the volume I'm rocking if you are not

using a proper free styling product

that's it I'll never go to all of the

way more coconut oil but then it's

actually not even this one I'm using its

it's the serum as you can see it

definitely works so let's move on to the

product to straighten this French

because we have a question about how to

get that curly French okay I'm straining

okay it's it's something we can do right


it's easier when you do it yourself and

I can do this because you already have

some product in it sealed and he

protected a little bit so it's not gonna

burn anything but you can see it smokes

it's because the hair straws are burning


don't have to be afraid of it if you are

not doing this in totally clean make

sure to get all down to the scalp as

close as possible but right now we have

a smooth look without the wave that's to

get a straight nut but make sure that

you're not hitting your hats or 185

degrees Celsius because that's the

burning point and we'll know it's some

hair types can they take a little bit

more heat if you have very thick hair so

I'm using about one to one and a half

grams here and take a look at the

texture grams grams that's the grandma

of it yeah I can definitely feel it's

it's a strong product

I ready to get the seven millimeters in

the back it's playing around with as you

can see it's it's not about being that

serious all the time know why we made on

the nice probe in the bottle in land we

played around with hundreds of pounds

right so we know everything about it

it's basically we had our own hands okay

okay let's see what we can do here move

around we still have a soft tune nothing

is drying up

that's what place they almost never turn

like stiff I think you should address

the importancy of when you have added

the styling product then it's almost

impossible to get the right look without

an air tool so use a skeleton brush if

you have the long teeth but with your

bristles I use it as a finish for my

hairstyle and the science and then

against the wide tooth comb or the giant

comb for the top because it separates

the hair straws just enough for the look

I like as you saw earlier I was using a

pomade that was turning really stiff and

I couldn't even use this comb but here

I'm pretty sure I'm going to just calm

it right through that's right soft


and I'll get some fine texture looking

good what happened to you my dear oh


sorry sorry I'm all over the place I'm



look at that run you mr anti-static why

are you using


Mohammed is asking where are you from

guys from hello Astra Phu from

Bangladesh he's asking how are we doing

we are doing great we're having fun

2016 yes

try this as well then afterwards we're

going to do a cycle styling and then a

product of your choice I have a nice

question that we're going to ask we're

gonna oh no that's for security yes yes

well hey we are not running too late

we're going to continue with the

products afterwards we're going to also

answer some questions about night fiber

under this what is this what is this oh

no dot show



it's very excellent

to server products the restyling zero

and looks amazing is the last one of the


yes it's the final one and it has been

in the testing core on the last few

months so right now feels like a year

for the beginning is our new pull-up bar

oh hello the salon guy hello you are a

human is scorpions is cutted look at

that that looks kind of impressive so

this is the red camera

right it's good enough for Hollywood

movies like a lot of the Rings yeah

that's good I can see the song guy is

watching that's good super like thousand

dollars so Rohit is asking the super

likes this is the camera that way we're

using your slicker TV so all of you just

go into live stream right now we are

setting up the equipment for an episode

we are recording

and comments just there just keeping him

you know rolling in and it's difficult


when you to this one I can read

everything the solemn guy is asking why

can I have hair like the twins


Shampoo product and in almost but they

do make some there's also a lot of

different yeah sulfates and improved so

without so much you get a feeling that

you're not washing feelings something

have to figure out for megabus that's a

good choice yes

the Euro Cup finals yes

so some more questions

how many Studios do you have it is from

and we have one studio here and we have

another place and it's currently based

in Denmark but we would like to open

some more studios worldwide so why

should we open the next liquor studio

please section down below I need to get

some funny questions ok let's go let's

start to get a lot of nice comments here

the world tell my friend OD a studio in

New York City so this is how you we

normally start this is gonna be the

introduction with the meal so a meal yes

open wine in India we're gonna do it so

look at this London

summer once in London so so coughs now

we are


okay this is the place where the cut is

gonna be Gabriel who's gonna be working

here where's your studio and if you

really want to visit us then you should

just write us and then we can see Megan


live and I'm about to see what the next

questions so if you're growing out your

hand you should keep in mind that you

want to move shop all the time to make

sure as well but depending on the length

you should also keep in mind that the

hair stores are getting damaged and so

you can get it cut three months just to

make sure that you know we call it split


but anyway make sure that you have a

goal for growing it out so you don't end

up like I'm kidding again it can be nice

too yeah yes we should I have some

questions here for you

so mr come here we have a lot of

questions maybe can we take a look how

many samples have you the test six

months so it's very important to see

that this feels like some mud wax or

something because it's very and yet it

says very you know the feeling of it has

a lot of starting power but when you rub

it to the palms

you feel that it's awesome out a little

bit but still a little bit sticky or

tacky if you will and then you just

apply the product it's an organic

product so that's also a difficult

process because we're working with

natural material natural ingredients so

beeswax organic and Elvia organic and a

lot of other ingredients that you will

not recognize when I say it but I think

it's important to to embrace the organic

movement and do something great also

within our line of high performing hair

products right now I've started to hear

about my hair with the sidekick zero

because of thing it has a very smooth

and nice control over their hands and

when it's protracted then it almost has

the shape that I want that I want you

all in wax zero because it collects the

hair spores and I'm able to shave it a

little bit more and then I don't have

the code but I always use the white

source code because the bristles they

have long short long and short bristles

so I can take decides to lay down in in

an organized manner and then I have and

then I use the giant comb to brush it

back to define it a little bit more

that's easy to apply I recommend always

using it with the pre-start great

because then you get the very best style


it's quite messy right now it's unstable

well you can shake it but it's very high

hole it's almost the same as boggling go

figure I think it has the unique

formulation that you know it's not

prepared the whole thing something else

is it is a styling product but it's

organic and it has the ending those can

kanava wax and also the important aware

extract it's organic

the original goal was 20 sorry 72

percent but it's adjusted a little bit

downwards in order to improve the oil

recipe and make it possible

anyway I should show you why I use the

hair tools let's go the hair strands

the Astros they clutch a little bit


but you can also I'm doing it gently I'm

wrapping it up a little bit yes I have a

question here is there any side effects

with the waxy roe

the side-effects there's no way there's

no side effects when it's just like this

releasing some more styling product and

you can actually get a little bit extra

out of the styling process what you guys


Emil yeah why is the use of sidekick

like when you get

when we get out of the shower they were

not amused the conditioner as well then

your hair strossen are clinking and when

you at the side then you not only

William you also get a special unique

styling serum that seal the hair strands

and make it possible to shape with the

heat from the something you have to do

every single day before at a pre start

that's the key so it's a actually some

people asking about Katrina so let's I

want to ask you

Emil with me where's Emir

yes after we do actually ship to India

so this is important question yeah do

you remember the protocol Bible a night

fiber what happened I mean we are not

satisfied with nothing less than the

perfect recipe so we figured out that we

need to adjust the plight 5 a little bit

who wanted to be easier to grab you

remember the thing with the cold water

it's all that told you about if you take

a bottle outside the fridge then it's

very hard to grab at the beginning but

you can easily warm up the butter to be

able to apply that's the same thing with

the with the fiber wax it was extremely

hot dig in and we need to adjust it a

little bit so it's easier to warm up but

anyway fiber wax it's still good it's

nothing wrong with that but it's just

very hard to get started once you just

make it a little bit more easy to get

your fingers in like how should i well

it's you know it's just it's just about

getting the feeling that it's easier to

apply and then we have adjusted a little

bit of fibers so it's being balanced

right now little less fibers and we have

try to have something secret ingredients

to a little bit

originally the fiber wax it was a cream

based formulation and that dried up

heart so we're changing some of the

ingredients so it's not only cream based

but it it is coming back yes there's

some people asking how do we know to

when the products expired and last very

long it's it's when it can last two

years then you don't have to write

anything we say can last up to four

years three years I have some of the

very first samples of the Bible II go

there celebrating five years but just

like as a reference yes remember to keep

the ceiling yeah so remember to keep the

ceiling in the product it's this one

it's deceiving and remember to tighten

it as good as you can keep it away from

direct sunlight keep it in my favor say

20 degrees Celsius that's a good you

don't have to put it in the fridge but

if you're in a very hot country without


isolated we actually also have double

walls yes


keep the privacy

this product doesn't have any Delta mold

and if you get its directive on the side


yes that's the double wall right there

hi from Japan Moe chiusa what juice is

saying hey hi from Japan so so we read

some so guys why are you from yes we

have our now he's from Chile Darius is

riding he's from Scotland rotates from

India hello

yes it is

we have some guys from Germany and

that's we have Nick from Spain and

antoshka from crane he's very active I

have seen him a lot of times yes that

jokes it's because you know today – its

fall day in an intern work

fifteen yes well cadet Ananda sees in

California it's 4 am over there and

he's watching us but at for him I don't

know if it's too late or too early I

love I love mornings even or from Israel

yes please take my name do you want me

to take your name yes most answer more

sensor yeah because we are actually now

we have to yeah we have to yes we have



yes what about you Emil are you going to

try other products we have a lot of

people in USA that they use this

Suavecito we have in extremis known in

Latin America Roselle it's very it's

very big

and we have well assuming some cream and


yes that's good

so guys what should let's see we have

here so a sitter who have result some

permits we have bloom on hybrid hence

the Fuko gravity define yes real so

fiber permit so I can see some people

asking for blue Roselle more spot lay

more smoothly people asking for more

small plane look at this also have a

seat or

Rasmus has already use it look at this

we have a we have of course more over

here hairpins but we are we are focusing

today on this much products and fibers

we have a more smoothly should miss

Thailand from how about this we're going

after we are going for more spotty crumb


travel-size you can see yes actually did

bubble size it's this one yeah I think

the same yes perfect so you you do what

you normally use let's see how it's

doing see so create all the effects so

uh Nick Gore's happy birthday and we

have a red cinema so we're shooting in

very high quality the shooting at fifty

frames per second and then we're

shooting in four hundred four thousand

and five hundred Kelvin okay why this

camera is because it's very hard to

capture everything like on an iPhone so

here we have a pretty good sensor that

can just give you the full experience of

the haircut

this camera so it give you the very best

experience it's all about prioritizing

the best content it's it gives you with

three millimeters right 45 the

difference here between the two layers

this is full quality so I'm

it's a very heavy camera so a meal yes

look at that hair on their section no

more sidekick zero over here to to to to

to to to


okay and I use ten pumps

this is amazing I don't know if you

remember the smell from the the

limited-edition girls bigger




as you can see it's an important process

to grab the arrows and then shape the

hair move it backwards if that's what

you want to go for and remove the nozzle

here because I like to get a little bit

more yeah I like the clear I like the

flow affair



and always always remember to go back

it's very easy to forget to get it all

varies if you do then in my look very

differently from this front


Scherzer had you can be one of their

more of our models you just have to come

to term rank I'm just answering some

questions kind of curly

and to finish off the road rhyme process

when you need up there

you're breaking off their natural hair

structure so if it's a little bit wavy

you can actually but when you're

finishing it off you should push the

code button because then you're locking

the hair structure

hi Rohit


yes more about the chrome I'm going

after it

where is it there so mixture he says I

followed your channel from 2014 I love

your channel and it's it is currently

the biggest and best channel thanks to

you so this will be too much for my hair

this is too little find something that

works for your hair this is the amount

I'll use I'm going to rub it in gently

I think citrus be careful when you add

the products because you don't want it

also stick to the banks this one has

very nice and soft finish to it feels

very natural is it bomb or chrome that

you're using for oh yes yes it is with

its chrome frame shine this is a styling

product looks perfect make a side part

can you make us take this

make it more interesting so you just

brush it backwards and you separated if

you got away won the pot you decided the

pot to be it's it's a little bit of a

work because some hair's a little bit

shorter yeah it has a little bit light

at home compared to what I'm used to but

I think it get a nice natural glow to it

it's very very nice so you know it

smells good as well

you know details it's a little bit this

iPod it's a little high you could go

lower but it's that's a thing you should

blow dry your hair after you know if you

want to do a sign man then hardening of

the hair before the blow drying process

will have helped you blow dry your hair

downwards upwards eat son I'm not

recommend applying heat after after you

have a fight the hair styling product

button but in this case you could pull

you could argue to blow dried a little

bit of heat to make sure it stays


hello Lupescu Marcel


you know if so nice it's also easy to

run and it's very easy to finger comb

yes perfect

what do you think about it people wants

to get a haircut but today we are today

it's close in the new salon and I used

psychic that's right than you bro yes

passionfruit bubble gum for the touch of

soup roast yes why don't we have for now

so that's good

we have a lot of people what's in UK

it's actually a lot of people from

Denmark also in Spain Germany

Jesper Shane from Australia Sydney India

of course from India hello on say hello

to all the guys Carter's from Scotland

I'm from Moldova and every from Mexico

yeah a Tina from Hungary

oh my god it's it yes I rap I wait I

want to ask here how is the process how

is the president going hello it's this

heart this is hard to be a model yes you

have to take all remove it because you

have to be Cristiano Ronaldo yeah and

yeah and you have to learn to play

football not really I have to be cute

also so yeah I'm here behind the camera


managing the red dragon and the reason

for that is we want you to have the very

best experience watching Slager TV it's

one of the best sensors you can get it's

a 4k and we are shooting at the moment

in 50 frames per second so everything is

in kind of slow motion and compared to

all the cameras find all the details in

the hair and that's kind of what we

going for what do you say Rasmus it's

hard to yeah to handle this interesting


here to check it out we have done a lot

of great stuff to be

so guys so we try other products so the

meals try other products right in the

comments below what do you think that

the mill should try so he tried real

sell one of the permits or maybe

Suavecito looks strange

why does Cristiano Ronaldo always look

surprised on pictures because that's a

good question though it's because it's a

selfie it's a selfie so he can see


oh I'm not I'm not that beautiful yeah

of course he's gonna come someday yes

perfect see you

so someone asking what do you think of

ID hair wax do you mean this one ID hair


you know I don't think a lot of salons

like to keep them on the shelves but

it's an okay product it will give you

results is it really any calls only six

months that's interesting so I want to

challenge you Emil I want you to try

some of their real silk it's just to

make it look a greasy no I actually

talked with the guys from Rosso and then

I asked of course it's gross but then

most people say yeah there and I think I

hear that this one this is the best one

to make like a slick back yes it's a

hide-hole greasy product

style then I might be able to apply the

hairstyle already I'll say it's not

recommended but now we are only trying

now we're trying our products so this

one is it's the same you have to break

it and you see it's kind of flaking off

and then you need to heat it up I think

this is one of these

no it's oil oil-based if it's oil-based

you can get it out with da da da I I

know some a good shampoo here and I have

some people asking if it's happening

yeah I see


you feel that it's not a very oily

texture if you're using this hair

product you should not go sleep before

washing your hair this will go into your

pillow and then into your skin it's when

you're gonna be with all the actor in

your face we're gonna charge a little

charge it how many times should we use

shampoo conditioner a week when you're

standing in the shower

then you should add some shampoo and

conditioner because feels queasy and you

go on a boat ride with priests and spray

and whatever then you're here I would

look greasy and not clean so think about

it every time shower with shampoo yes

that's a good tip slicked back look

so if you're new to this live stream

we're doing a lot of product testing

behind the seats driving the Lambo so

it's pretty fun the ROI on how to save

Leo and ROI so I actually had no idea

because he's from Holland result isn't

it from the Netherlands so a result I

would say I'm pretty sure that in South

America that they just say all they what

look then this is the way to go well at

home during the day I think so but you

can always keep a Cove in the back


so you get it upwards

used to gravity

and then

try to push it you need to have a long

fridge because otherwise it is hard to

make the bow

okay I think you've got the idea yes it

looks it looks pretty good so I love

people based homemade and the more this

is the claymation and styling Meraki as

a priest eyelid foundation so I can

clearly see the difference if you have

to suit up going to meet the Queen maybe


we have some funds

perfecto if stainer another style what

are we doing yes we have a lot of people

joining us today


the Russell products yes Suman products

rots the emission was also the yes we

did and we're going to finish the day

with Rasmus you're gonna test some

products I have a some actor from I

don't know where's he from

he's asking in Spanish which one is the

best works for a natural natural finish


my favorite




try now if you're considering shifting

out definitely get more out of what

works like yeah that's good yes where

are you Emil there's a lot of people

that it's happy there so we so we go and

see the Lambo good do you have something

on your own

so we're going to fire off the Lambo


ah what W hello so now we got to the

limbo fire we're not good right now but

doing the live stream this is how it


we got it sitting in the oven right now

it's very very hard inside so I think

600 horsepower yes 62 BM correct we have

sports mode when we want to drive with

more rpms then you push that button then

it switch gear in 4,000 5,000 rpms then

the Corsa mode and then your switching

gear here at the steering wheel feature

so we have leather cabin

it's a few as well we have a dust rule

which is nice clean starts so is that

all the stories that you have

but and it has a complete leather cabin

I said a burn interior it's special

designed so yeah the car

it's from 2000 and 2010 but it's almost

brand new it was a collector's car and

if I think it ran like ten no 8,000

kilometers when we bought it it's a

newer ignition its latest vision of the

Gallardo so you can see like people as

it's coming around just to see and you

can see if people are watching they're

also watching from back the back drawing

some attention

yeah it's it's very rare to see a

Lamborghini in Denmark it's not that

people don't like it but it's it's just

a little bit

yeah we have the gender I'm not gonna

talk about that

it's something in Denmark we don't like

to be too loud so yeah keep quiet but

this one is something that we have

bought to inspire people so and also

it's it's good motivation so if we ever

see one of you follow us coming to

Denmark we might give you a trip in the

Lamborghini yeah that's exciting

yeah so does you'll be go inside again

and I'm like dine here so this is the

Lambo guys



it was very very some people want to see

you a styling your hair with the

babbling products important people

streaming down so we're back isn't your

wife right now it's all cord and since

fifteen pumps of the sidekick spray this

is the limited edition but it's very

same recipe like this one just different

scent just keeping some of the limited

editions exclusive in the salon last

once it's not gonna be made any more by

applying full heat

I've said right

which pimple



and I cannot say enough times the blow

drying process with the priest and spray

it's the single most important part of

the perfect hairstyle so remember to do

your hair stomach otherwise not last the

whole day at least my hair





that you do to them


you guys we're still hanging on to their



the moment the chance

it's going to be exciting it's gonna be

one of you guys yes just stay tuned

so we're doing a giveaway with a guy

sustained until the last part people

have to cool isn't that cool no it's not

I wish and we still have to see how

Rasmus make his a his style and he's

gonna use a Rasmus time I will love to

see the wax 0 yeah so you said oh it's

just you know it's a sample

so here's the wax ear oh yeah I'm used

as a mound one of the testers with your

hands and then get a feeling of how much

you need to apply the girlfriend's

coming me hello Amy


so Amy a lot of people say hi to you

Cathy say hi to you you do you want to

promote the web work zero likes you

kind of quit I want then you had a

little bit more product to purchase but

this is a meals girlfriend fiancée

Oh oh my god can we see that can we see

that oh my god how can you go around

with that it's so heavy


yeah and that was wack zero so let's see

what is happening here

the shaving part where you get out and

let's that be your shaving Jill

hey yo Mac special friend hey Joe hey yo

give me your shaving gel in Valencia

Spain how does it feels yeah it's cold


look at this who are you she's coming

one day yes Cristina's come deeper

how are you oh it's a guy


yes hello to my favorite my friend

Renaldo said he may pop by sometime oh

he's going to come yes that's good you

you really look like Cristiano Ronaldo

just me

almost finished love from Malaysia thank

you so guys here you have the wax zero

one of the samples and this is what yes

perfect so almost so we have test a lot

of products today Emil yeah and that's

have been interesting to see you guys

you Chanel approach but what do you

think about it


you cannot hide anything well I have try

some of this Rousseau not this one I

tried this one and I think it was a bad

heart yes and here foaming cream what's




can you feel it just for Ted with Tenten

do you think that this is a good product

for fine hair maybe we are doing a

giveaway yes Oh believe me they are

entertaining so you guys we're gonna

yeah where they are over there giveaway


yeah don't lose your head if you hold it

I can get it if you hold the live

streaming we have done live stream now

for 2 hours and 20 minutes let's go your

way men

so we'd have an awesome giveaway and win

these products

it's a sidekick serum or the sidekick

spray and then free products so now I

think that the guys should try to make

the most creative comment yes 5 minutes

the best comments

five minutes from now yes Bible aim baby

food yeah a lot of them

so remember guys to win this giveaway if

we are almost finished with this yeah

that's a golden ticket to this circle



just lose that box for me

so where you were chosen three comments

I think that we should start with one of

them that's a pretty straight just reply

the comments she's coming

so Emil now is he censoring the comments

that are going to win and I needed to

stay hard me and your product will help

me do that I wanted he wanted

he's a very insistent yes so you are the

second winner second winner of this and

we're gonna give some minutes for you

guys to get creative you can see the

fine baby

second winner yes

second winner good he's happy

oh I guess I guess I can see one I like

what Nyx's is with a box like that I'd

be able to style my hair the same way I

said like my personality that's 1421 yes

Nick I can hear the alarm


so guys sometimes you can win and yes

but remember that we are always making

giveaways yes exactly so guys we have we

found all the winners we're gonna make

the last we're gonna round the last time

watching around what is happening for we

almost finish with the Ronaldo haircut

so that's also a reminder to stay tuned

yes stay tuned with a episode so you can

if you want to win one of those and be

inspired yes yes if you share the video

you have more chances to win that was

Ben so uh so guys

two and a half hours yeah but we're not

even done yet so I use please take a

notice how much time you spend creating

the absolute best content you see in

five minutes takes hours for us to do

that's right you let the livestream run

out to show the fans

how it's done by Gabrielle see you next


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