Pro-CCP mayor voted out of office; US to ban Huawei from chipmakers; China threatens to retaliate

published on July 2, 2020

heavy rains impacting over 50 cities and

counties in China one rivers water level

rose a whopping 13 feet in a day even

more rain is expected China's new

national anthem law set to take effect

in Hong Kong this week despite strong

opposition from Hong Kong legislators

more on the controversy residents in a

Taiwanese City voted to remove their

mayor from office it's the first time in

history over 900,000 showed up to vote

China threatens to pull the plug of a UK

nuclear power plant and retaliate

against a UK bank if the UK moves to

block Huawei meanwhile the Chinese tech

company is already struggling with new

sanctions from the US and a former

director general of the w-h-o weighs in

on the debate surrounding Beijing's

Pyrus response she says she's not sure

if the regime deliberately covered it up

but if they did it would be nothing new

welcome to China InFocus I'm Tiffany

Mayer the us is tightening

restrictions on semiconductor

manufacturers they use American

machinery or software a new roadblock

issued by the Commerce Department now

bans chip makers from using US

technology to produce chips for Chinese

tech firm Huawei it was a major blow to

China's telecom giant China had

previously set a goal to produce 70% of

its semiconductors by 2025 if achieved

it will greatly reduce China's

dependence on the US but US market

research firm icy insights says it won't

be an easy task for Beijing last year

only about 15 percent of the chips used

by Chinese factories were produced in

China it's a slight increase about half

a percent from data collected five years

ago likewise I see insights forecast

that China's domestic chip production

will only reach about 20% by 2024

heavy rains are drenching southern China

according to local media about 50 cities

and counties have been impacted the

water level of one River even rose a

whopping 13 feet a day even more rain is

expected for the coming week

the downpour comes as temperatures

blazed over Beijing on Monday reaching a

high of over 100 degrees in other areas

of northern China temperatures even

broke a hundred and four degrees China's

new national anthem law is said to take

effect in Hong Kong this week it

stipulates that anyone who deliberately

and politically insults the country's

national anthem will face up to three

years in jail Hong Kong's Pro Democratic

legislators strongly opposed a law they

say the laws definition of the term

insult is too vague changes to anthem

lyrics or even audiences booing when the

anthem is played at sporting events may

not be considered a violation of the law

many argue the rules passing further

suppresses the freedom of speech inside

the city one of the anthems lyrics is

translated as arise you who refuse to be

slaves bringing the phrase into question

one that isn't asked when protesters and

oppressed people are singing national

anthem to the CCP's tyranny government

is it a violation of the law or

upholding the law a headline from an

issue of the Chinese newspaper Europe

Times is attracting attention on the

front page of the papers Central and

Eastern European version the headline

reads a 30 million Hong Kong air support

the national security law referring to

Beijing's recent and highly

controversial Hong Kong law but there's

a problem

Hong Kong only has a population of seven

and a half million this Chinese

newspaper is known to be pro-beijing the

so called national security law is

widely considered to be another

crackdown on Hong Kong's autonomy and

freedom it also threatens the city

status as international financial center

for the first time ever residents in one

Taiwanese city voted to remove their

mayor from office last weekend over 900

thousand voters from one city supported

the decision far surpassing the five

hundred and seventy-five thousand vote

requirement the city has a population of

close to three million the result was

seemingly motivated by two factors first

the new former mayor is Beijing friendly

and seeks to build closer ties with

China's communist regime unhappiness

among Taiwanese citizens towards the

regime has been on the rise not only due

to its suppression of freedom in Hong

Kong but also because of its efforts to

block Taiwan from joining the World

Health Organization second the former

mayor took leave from his office to run

for president but during his campaign

for mayor he promised voters that he

wouldn't seek Taiwan's presidency

British newspaper The Times reports that

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is

preparing to implement new tougher laws

designed to prevent foreign takeovers

that pose risks to national security

this comes amid increasing concerns over

the Chinese regime's influence after the

UK designated telecoms giant Huawei as a

high risk vendor in January

Johnson is pushing for legislation to

make it mandatory for companies to

report attempted takeovers according to

the draft bill companies would need to

report when foreign firms planted by 25%

or more of shares acids or intellectual

property he also reportedly wants to

include academic partnerships and

research projects under the rules if

passed the law would be backed by the

threat of criminal sanctions those who

fail to report could face jail time or

face hefty fines the UK is taking a

tougher stance on China amid the

pandemic and after Beijing passed its

controversial bill on Hong Kong Foreign

Affairs Select Committee Chairman Tom

took and hot drew up five strategies to

deal with China

he says the UK needs a global China

strategy to confront what he calls the

biggest challenge to the liberal world

since the end of the Cold War he pointed

out the risk that Chinese students

studying in the UK posed as

tools he said more than a third of UK's

international students hail from China

such dependents he points out puts

pressure on some British universities he

says it's the responsibility of the

state to reduce that pressure adding

that students who pose threats should

face the risk of being expelled he also

suggested the UK's foreign student body

should be diversified which would lessen

the reliance on Chinese students the

other four points include protecting

companies from foreign takeovers

diversifying trade so as to rely less on


neutralizing China's belt and rote

initiative to reintroduce international

trade and leading electronic

independence pointing out that

distancing from Chinese telecom giant

Huawei is only the beginning he also

added that the UK still needs to develop

its own systems to help others grow and

innovate the battle between the British

government and China's 5g provider is

ramping up China threatened to retaliate

of UK bloc's Chinese company Huawei the

tech company is already in survival mode

after new sanctions from the United

States Britain's dispute with China over

Huawei is escalating in China is raising

the stakes for Britain on Sunday The

Telegraph reported that British

investment bank HSBC is now lobbying the

UK government not to block far away from

the country's 5u network HSBC reportedly

said if the Chinese telecom giant has

blocked in the UK the london-based bank

may face retaliation from the Chinese

regime according to a Bloomberg report

over a third of HSBC's global revenue

comes from Hong Kong and Mainland China

several UK and US lawmakers called out

the bank last week for supporting a

controversial Beijing law experts say

the law would destroy Hong Kong's

freedom China has also threatened to

pull the plug on the new British nuclear

plant where Chinese investment accounts

for a third of the project the UK has

previously allowed Huawei a limited role

in building 5g but recently reversed

course the UK's Intelligence Agency

launched an emergency security review on

Huawei late last month which could lead

to a complete

bone of the company last week Prime

Minister Boris Johnson approved a plan

to work with Britain's five eyes

intelligence partners to build Western

alternatives to our way other members of

the Alliance that the United States

Canada Australia and Ceylon an inversion

the five countries have either banned or

working to remove who are away from 5g

after US officials repeatedly sounded

the alarm Huawei and other Chinese state

backed tech companies are Trojan horses

Huawei denies the accusations but all

Chinese companies and citizens are

required by law to provide intelligence

the regime asks for the Trump

administration has moved to block global

chips applies to Huawei Huawei says the

new bounds threatens its survival the

chipset stocked up can last only until

the end of the year

Washington previously asked Canada to

arrest an extradite for ways

vancouver-based CFO men1 Joe men was

accused of selling sanctioned goods to

Iran and deceiving US banks into

clearing transactions long hallways Iran

business in its latest bid to push

through public pressure Huawei is now

launching an advertising blitz in the UK

on Monday the company bought full-page

ads in several British national

newspapers saying it's as committed as

ever to provide the UK's 5g networks

even though some now questioned their

role reporting by penny Joe and Judy

News more reports that China is an

untrustworthy partner in the fight

against the virus a former

director-general of the World Health

Organization says she's not sure if

Beijing deliberately covered up the

virus outbreak but if they did it would

be nothing new the World Health

Organization is former director-general

questions whether China's cover up with

the virus outbreak was deliberate she

says there was no doubt China wanted to

cover up the SARS epidemic in 2003 Gro

Harlem Brundtland was Prime Minister of

Norway for three terms and co-chaired an

independent monitoring body for global

health crises in an interview with

Germany's News magazine Der Spiegel she

lists three main reasons to criticize

China's response to the virus outbreak

that has caused a months-long global

pandemic in her words the response was

too slow and they informed the world

too late but worst of all she said

Beijing did not acknowledge that the

infection could pass from person to

person until nineteen days after it was

already clearly discernible she said

from the initial outbreak experts at the

w-h-o were trying to get more

information out of China and all too

familiar experience for Brundtland she

was director-general of the WH o when

the highly contagious respiratory

illness later named SARS first appeared

in November 2002 in Guangdong China

she said the w-h-o was given excuses by

Beijing and turned away for weeks in an

effort to cover up the epidemic

Republican senator Rick Scott speaking

on BBC's Andrew Marr show on Friday said

he can't give an instance where

Communist China has tried to be a great

partner to the rest of the world

he said the US intelligence community

has evidence that Beijing is trying to

sabotage or slow down Western

development of a vaccine deciding to be

an adversary to Americans and to

democracy around the world and if

Communist China creates a CCP virus

vaccine first he says he's certain they

won't share it with the west and

tensions between China and Australia

remain high Australia says Beijing is

ignoring calls for diplomatic trade

talks after Canberra voiced support for

an investigation into the virus's origin

Australian Trade Minister Simon

Birmingham says China remains

unresponsive to Australia's weeks-long

police to East trade tensions between

them Canberra had earlier called for an

international inquiry into the origins

of the CCP virus prompting the strain

the Chinese regime later accused

Australia of playing petty tricks and

threatened the Chinese consumers could

buy khat Australian products if

Australia pursued the inquiry China has

since suspended beef imports from four

of Australia's largest meat processors

and imposed hefty tariffs on barley

though both sides say it's unrelated to

the spat Birmingham has been requesting

discussions with his Chinese counterpart

for weeks but he said Beijing has been

ignoring cameras please China did not

deny the comment Australia says the

virus most likely originated in a

wildlife market in the city of Wuhan but

the country insists that the call for an

independent investigation into the

Nemec is not politically motivated a

poll from the newspaper the Australian

on Monday showed 79 percent of

Australians fact a global investigation

New York City's taking baby steps to a

reopening part of phase 1 hundreds of

thousands of people went back to work

today but it's still unclear how and

when the economy will rebound it's been

a little over three months since New

York State confirmed its first

coronavirus case in tear New York City

it's the last region to reopen and now

they're starting phase one of reopening

that means that retail stores can start

offering curbside pickup but as you can

see it doesn't look like many of them

are starting to do that just yet here in

Times Square there seems to be a little

bit more movement than normal but it's

not the regular hustle bustle that you

would see so from what we're seeing it's

gonna be a while before the city returns

to normal again maybe a year off list

virus cases have gone down over the past

couple of weeks some days even as low as

1 to 300 new cases per day a number that

was once at 6300 positive cases in a day

hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers

overall coming back today to work in the

five boroughs even with this step


people are still uncertain about the

economic recovery mayor de Blasio is

projecting a nine billion dollar loss in

tax revenue this year well have to save

you some money because we don't know

what happened tomorrow even though

they're gonna open up some of these

businesses you still got a lot of people

just out here that ain't gonna have no

job when they do okay back up like his

friend who owns a barber shop in

Brooklyn his business isn't included in

phase one so he can't reopen yet and he

says even when he can it will take a

while to climb out of the financial hole

the pandemic has caused we gotta catch

up with the bills once you do that you

gotta go into advertisement bring the

customers back that and even more to

worry about for the businesses that have

been victims of looters a lot of

problem-solving to be done for New

Yorkers as they start on the road to

recovery reporting from New York Melina

Weiss cup in TV news

de Blasio also said the city would get

20 more miles of bus lanes to help

alleviate over

crowding on public transportation today

you can put 39 states in five countries

back on your list of travel options the

Pentagon recently lifted restrictions on

them because they meet certain criteria

the countries include Germany Japan and

the UK the restrictions of course are

put in place to try and limit the spread

of the virus but the Pentagon said the

decision was based on three things first

shelter and place orders being lifted in

those areas second fewer and fewer

people with flu and virus like symptoms

over the course of two weeks and third

fewer new virus cases or positive tests

over two weeks

but some states still haven't met those

requirements including California

Florida and North Carolina and in New

Zealand the prime minister says the

country has officially eradicated CCP

virus and will go back to normal now

that the last note infected person has

recovered New Zealand welcomed the news

that there are no active cases of the

corona virus for the first time since

the virus arrived in the country in late

February Prime Minister Jacinda Edurne

said Monday her country will lift all

containment measures except for border

restrictions beginning at midnight not

only have we protected New Zealanders

health we now have a head start on our

economic recovery and when asked how she

celebrated the milestone she answered I

did a little dance the new sets New

Zealand on course to eliminate the

disease from its shores and open up its

economy that's largely thanks to seven

weeks of a strict lockdown where

businesses were shut and all but

essential workers stayed home now she's

calling for collective action to unite

for the country's economic recovery

encouraging people to buy local products

and support local businesses to get them

back on their feet in total New Zealand

reported 22 deaths and more than a

thousand cases among its five million

population the country's Ministry of

Health said Monday the last person being

monitored for the disease had recovered

but officials are cautious about clay

Victory Edurne warned that elimination

of the virus does not mean permanent

eradication for New Zealand it will

indicate 28 days of no so-called chains

of transmission which would fall on June

15 US stocks rose today was the Nasdaq

hitting a new high after surprisingly

encouraging jobs report last week

here's more in today's business briefs

Wall Street continued to climb on Monday

as the jobs report last Friday bolstered

hope for a swift recovery

the Nasdaq had a record close gaining

110 points a 11% the Dow adds 461

points or 17 percent the S&P 500 is up

38 points or 12 percent the energy

sector climbed the most is major oil

producers agreed over the weekend to

extend a deal on output cuts shares of

US oil refiners rebounded a Monday Wall

Street's betting on a strong recovery

even though demand for gasoline jet fuel

and diesel remains well below seasonal

lows shares of Valero and marathon were

trading at their highest level since the

first week of March Dunkin Donuts said

on Monday its franchises are seeking to

hire up to 25 thousand workers as it

prepares for the higher demand with

States reopening but 90 percent of

Duncan's restaurants are now open new

jobs include front of counter to

managerial roles at restaurants BP will

cut 10,000 workers about 15 percent of

its workforce in response to the CCP

virus crisis and as part of its plan to

move to renewable energy the British

company said on Monday those affected

will be mostly senior office based

positions and not frontline operational

staff but one-fifth of the jobs cut will

be in Britain the virus is changing

history in more ways than one

damsels and Knights at a French medieval

amusement park are adapting to modern

safety measures so they can go back in

time again

Frances second largest theme park is

putting on the final touches before

reopening to the public deploy to Fu's

6,200 staff including 4,000 volunteers

have been preparing from home under

lockdown we all can't wait to see our

audience again the parks president says

visitors can go back in time while

maintaining modern social distancing

guidelines we are very confident about

welcoming our visitors in the best

conditions where they didn't have to do

social distancing in medieval times

today's damsels and Knights are adapting

for the stage what a to signal back to

all of the choreography has been


meaning when Marguerite is strangled and

one scene before Joan of Arc comes the

safer all that physical contact was

totally reworded up costumes will also

attack kathiria's reselling costumes to

add masks or facial coverings the poi de

feu Park relives battles legends and

myths from the Middle Ages

it had 23 million visitors last year

but this month visitors are limited to

7,000 here at China InFocus we dedicate

ourselves to bringing you truthful

unbiased reporting don't forget to Like

and subscribe for the latest updates and

see you tomorrow


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