Prehistoric Creatures Caught On Camera

published on July 13, 2020

the world would be a very different place if we could walk with Dinosaurs and we're not talking about Jurassic Park creations but real prehistoric creatures too bad they're long gone or are they some people believe that beasts

Like the Megalodon saber-toothed tiger and even the Loch Ness monster are really out there and they've been on our planet for millions of years while they may no longer rule the world these prehistoric animals lurk in the most

Remote corners of the planet but just how convincing is the evidence that these legendary creatures are still out there today the Megalodon was the world's largest shark it roamed our oceans from around 28 million years ago

Until it disappeared about 16 million years ago some of the teeth discovered from this giant beast have been over 17 centimeters or 7 inches long and the megalodons body could have been up to 54 feet or 16 point 5 meters long around

Three times the size of a great white a lot of footage of a potential Megalodon has been proven false but there have been numerous accounts of giant sharks up to 60 feet long rocking fishing boats in disappearing into the deep in 1875

Two Megalodon teeth that were only 10 to 15 thousand years old were discovered during a deep sea expedition by the HMS challenger and in 1918 on Australian naturalist named David steed kept a record of fishermen in his village who

Were terrified of a giant pure white shark more recently fishermen in the Sea of Cortez claim to have spotted a huge black shark under their boats and they're now calling the elusive creature the black demon is it possible that the

Megalodon exists in an unexplored area of the ocean like the Marianas Trench without proof it's anybody's guess but based on all these accounts there's definitely a giant shark out there somewhere and it could be a Megalodon or

Perhaps something much worse a plesiosaur is a marine reptile that existed about 60 55 million years ago with a long body and neck and paddle-like limbs the pls iya sores are often thought to still be around today

In the form of the Loch Ness monster that's right good old Nessie isn't just any legendary sea monster if she exists she's probably a prehistoric plesiosaur the famous surgeons photograph of the elusive sea creature was actually staged

But there are sightings of the creature that suggests that Nessie might not be a myth after all the first written account appears in a biography of Saint Columba from 565 C E which claims that he saw a giant beast

With flippers but some possible proof was found in April of 1977 when a Japanese boat snagged a large carcass off the coast of New Zealand the creature was about 33 feet or 10 meters long and weighed 4,000 pounds that's

Eighteen hundred and fourteen kilograms but because the carcass smelled so bad and was taking up too much space the fisherman had to drop it back into the ocean proving that Nessie is real has become such an obsession that a 1

Million pound reward around 1 million two hundred and thirty US dollars for proof of the sea monsters existence was offered in 2007 during the rocknest festival none have turned up yet but scientists are still using sonar to try

And find Nessie's secret hiding place the congo has their own myths of a legendary monster it's called the mokele mbembe and it's a large reptile-like creature with a long neck and tail it's said to roar aggressively if approached

By humans some even say it has a single horn which it uses to kill elephants though some of these tales seem exaggerated there is some evidence that suggests the monster could be a living sauropod a family of dinosaurs that

Included the Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus the last of these went extinct 65 million years ago but tails around the Congo suggest that this dinosaur still lives deep within its forests some of the most compelling

Evidence is the large 3 clawed footprint recorded by a French missionary in 1776 since then a number of others have recorded similar footprints but none have any idea which living animals they could belong to this mysterious beast

Has plenty of places to hide the Congolese government says that about 80% of its 66,000 square kilometers of forest is uncharted the moe Kelly mm Bay could be like the Congolese version of the okapi

Which was thought to be completely extinct before it was found alive in 1901 the saber-toothed tiger is more than just a relic of the Ice Age in fact the best evidence that the saber-toothed tiger could still be alive is that

Scientists have already been proven wrong about when it went extinct experts once claimed that the saber-tooth disappeared more than 200,000 years ago but in the early 2000s our jawbone was found on the bottom of the North Sea

That was only 28,000 years old it might seem like a while ago but 28,000 years totally changes what scientists thought about the big cat it also suggests that they could still be wrong sightings of large cats all over the world hint at

The saber-tooth or a close relative making their elusive home in the Uncharted parts of our planet considering that sabertooths we're up to two and a half meters are almost 8 feet in length and weighed up to 661 pounds

Are close to 300 kilograms modern humans would not want to tangle with these beasts but in all likelihood humans migrating Out of Africa were what caused the saber-tooth to reach or almost reach extinction dire wolves aren't just

Fantasy creatures from Game of Thrones they were real wolves that existed from about 125,000 to 10,000 years ago they spread all over the planet from canada to bolivia they were bigger than normal gray wolves at about 130 pounds or 59

Kilograms and 6 feet long about 18 meters they also had bigger heads jaws and teeth they could take down bison horses and even baby mammoths but there have been many recent sightings of strange wolves leading many to believe

That dire wolves are still out there a bizarre wolf was captured in Montana and many believed that it couldn't be a normal gray wolf until DNA testing said that it probably was but another sighting in America of a very large wolf

Attacking a dog has no solid explanation since the wolves usually show up when least expected it's hard for scientists to study them and test their DNA if the dire wolf really is extinct then there's a chance that a similar species will be

Recreated in Southern Oregon a breeder has spent 30 years creating a new sort of wolf like dog called the American Al Satyan with the help of science who knows what other mysterious species can be brought back from extinction in the

Floodplain of the Willamette Valley near Portland Oregon a large bone was found and identified as the leg bone of an elk after a little more examination it turned out to be the upper wing bone of a giant bird the size of the bone meant

That the birds wingspan had to be over 12 feet or 3 point 7 meters the bones were later confirmed to be those of a territory these large birds could weigh over 100 seventy pounds or 77 kilograms a similar

Territory find in Argentina has the largest wingspan of any bird at over 24 feet that's seven point three meters it might have gone extinct 10,000 years ago but sightings of giant birds suggest that the territory might still be around

American Indian lore is filled with stories of monster birds that carry away human victims they often call them Thunderbirds because they're flapping wings made a sound like Rolling Thunder but in modern

Times people have still seen giant birds with wingspans of 20 to 40 feet no one knows where the territories could be hiding but the idea of a prehistoric bird that carries off human victims makes us hope that we'll never find out

The Megatherium was an elephant-sized ground sloth yeah you heard that right it was the second largest land mammal right behind the woolly mammoth and could weigh four tons and can be almost 13 feet or 4 meters tall while standing

On its hind legs oh and it still might be out there today these giant ground sloths were thought to have survived in more remote areas for at least another five thousand years after the mammoths went extinct those who live in the

Amazon rainforest have long passed down stories of a dangerous beast with matted fur and large sharp claws there are even stories of it having a giant second mouth on its stomach if the giant sloth is alive

It's no wonder those who live in the Amazon have passed down stories to warn others to keep their eyes out for this legendary beast this lizard is the largest lizard to have ever existed it's called mega lania and it lived

About two million years ago in Australia and when extinct nearly 23,000 years ago the largest mega lenio was likely over 35 feet or 106 metres long and weighed up to eight thousand three hundred pounds that's three thousand seven

Hundred and sixty-five kilograms they had been amiss glands in their mouths and were thought to be both land and water animals making them terrifying predators tales of a living mega Linea have been passed down in Australian

Aboriginal culture in 1890 there were sightings recorded of a large reptile that terrorized the town of euro Australia by carrying away livestock another account came from a French priest travelling New Guinea in the

1960s who saw a giant lizard very old lizards like the Komodo dragon do exist so it's entirely possible that mega laney are all lurking somewhere out there but how could a creature this large stay hidden

No one knows but maybe it's best if the mega Lanie ax continues to keep to itself the Amazon is home to many beasts like giant snakes that can swallow you whole but the biggest snake ever isn't an

Amazonian anaconda it's actually the appropriately named titanoboa the titanoboa could be more than 40 feet or 12 metres long and weigh more than a ton just the thickness of the snake could be more than half a human's hate this giant

Serpent looked like a boa constrictor but behaved like an aquatic anaconda which means it could easily be going unnoticed in rivers all around the world but some people have noticed giant snakes and they could be the last few

Titanoboas left on earth there's a famous snake in Maine called wess II when she was first spotted she was said to be as large as a truck a few days after the initial sighting a police officer claimed to have also seen the

Elusive snake and even found a giant snake skin near the sightings meanwhile in Russia a giant snake was spotted crawling across a roof and then never seen again experts don't think it's possible for a

Snake to get this big in today's climate does that mean it has to be a prehistoric snake that's not only huge but also ancient one of the most mysterious prehistoric creatures is the Gigantopithecus a distant relative to

The orangutan they stood at a whopping 10 feet or 3 metres tall and weighed up to 595 pounds that's 270 kilograms scientists think that as its habitat started to shrink a hundred thousand years ago the giant ape was unable to

Survive but there's another theory the Gigantopithecus is responsible for the legend of Bigfoot and it's still out there keeping to itself in forests around the world researchers in 2013 claim to have filmed a few short clips

Of Bigfoot and even said that they had DNA to study proof but other than a lot of grainy videos many of which have been debunked there's not a lot to go on about Bigfoot if Bigfoot really is out there and he's a Gigantopithecus he

Could be the most mysterious and elusive creature to have ever existed this is the gharial a species of crocodile characterized by its weird long snout they grow up to about 19 feet or 6 meters long and weigh up to 352

Pounds about 60 kilograms and can usually be found in sand banks along rivers but what's so interesting about the Gauri 'el is how few people know they exist and how old this strange species is about 40 million

Years ago gaw riyals diverged from the usual crocodilians the exact species we see today is about four thousand years old but despite being so old gary ELLs are currently in danger of going extinct due to overfishing and habitat depletion

They can only be found in small populations across India and Nepal if we don't take care of these strange long-nosed crocodiles they'll soon be just as hard to find as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster do you think any of

These prehistoric creatures is still alive let us know in the comments don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe to the richest for more thanks for watching and we'll see you next time

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