Pre-ordering the Galaxy Z Fold2 Live with my Galaxy Fold in hand!

by birtanpublished on November 7, 2020

Um okay you can hear me now but that's not the right mic that i want to change this that's i don't think this is the mic but whatever so how do i sound let me know in the comments um uh white black says do you still have the lumia 950 xl yes i still do it's in my basket of phones over there i just don't really want to get it right now how much was the galaxy fold uh yeah 1980 bucks so it's going to be 2 000 1999 uh so what's up check for your

Needs um how much is the zfo two i already mentioned that two thousand dollars so we're about to go and order this right now so i'm actually gonna go ahead and order it off of att actually so i'm gonna go ahead and okay it looks like a murray log that's good now if okay so if you go to the samsung website let me go and show you all that real quick um there we go so we have the whole learn more thing and everything here uh and you can go ahead and click pre-order now and then it brings you to

The screen so you can um make custom hinges pretty much so you got an unlocked version you got verizon atm t and t-mobile they didn't put sprint in there but sprint's pretty much dead at this point anyways so i don't really think it matters but uh yeah so we have all those options there if i choose verizon or like atm t or something i think their options start to get limited i'm not exactly sure but yeah so let me go back here to the unlocked actually and you can see

Here that uh uh i bought my own knife at the excel says white black oh cool thanks a little egg boy but okay oh i know i think i can fix that real quick so let me take care of that my bad about that uh yeah video capture device what's with all these video capture devices right here all right i'm gonna go ahead and switch the microphone real quick yeah that's what i'm saying that's what i'm saying free needs that spread pretty

Much uh no t-mobile spread i was just at a used to be a sprint store before getting my t-mobile tuesday's mask if you didn't see that it sounded like trojans etc okay i think this is going to be better uh the microphone is kind of bad but i think that should be better actually i could take this off at this point uh this uh lapel mic because it wasn't working for whatever reason but whatever anyways

Yeah so you have all these different options here you have mystic black and then mystic bronze obviously y'all know how i do i do not like black devices so i'm gonna stick with my mystic bronze and then you can also go over here well i guess mystic black in the metallic silver hinge that actually looks pretty decent i'm not going to lie to y'all but uh let's go back here anyways uh you have all these different options here like gold metallic red and then blue just kind of kind of funky i will see

Uh and then we got the mystic bronze the match domestic bronze and like i was saying uh we don't have a mystic bronze here we have metallic red but uh yeah that's that and then we have metallic silver which also looks nice on the mystic bronze in my opinion we have gold looks kind of weird red definitely looks kind of weird and then blue that's way out of place i don't like that at all uh but also says here orders with the customized hinge expected to ship in five weeks so

Your order may be delayed if you go ahead and do a custom hinge so uh sounds million times better holy all right cool says uh no three gil says that so cool that's nice tech for your knee says yes much better sound okay cool so you have all these different options here and then you can actually go ahead and trade in like i have my galaxy fold right here as you can see here you can actually go ahead and trade in a galaxy fold so if i go over here to samsung we have galaxy d fold which is the

Galaxy fold so this is the galaxy z4 2. i don't know if this is officially called the galaxy z fold now but yup that's that i guess if you go to best buy or something and not type in galaxy fold it still shows as galaxy fold as you know c4 2 there let me go ahead and type in galaxy fold yeah it's probably going to just still keep bringing me to this page here i don't really want it to do that you know what here i'm getting way off

Topic right now uh yeah i don't know but okay there we go so you can see right there if i type in galaxy fold it still does show as galaxy fold on here so who knows there's no option to trade in no 20 ultra rip i mean yeah it just came out two at the same exact time so who's gonna buy a note 20 ultra and then immediately trade it in for z for two you know what i'm saying so you got the z flip z

Fold that's 20 ultra and then all those other devices there and then you have apple here so you can get a iphone 11 pro max to trade in in the rest here and then with google you have the pixel 4 xl as their as their uh max trade-in value uh and yeah that's pretty much it so i'm not gonna do any of this right here like i said i'm gonna be doing this on the att website so let's go ahead and do that then so let's go and look up it doesn't show on the home screen but if you're going to type in galaxy

Z4 2 you will see it right here there we go so first thing to show up i don't know where is the redirecting me to but all right then all right there we go so pre-order today samsung galaxy z4 25g the pre-orders just started like what 20 minutes ago or so about 30 minutes ago and uh i didn't expect att to have this up so fast but i guess they do so we're gonna go ahead pre-order this

And i only see 256 gigs for the capacity i don't know what's up with that i don't know if you order on samsung it's only 512 gigs because that's really all i can find like if you see here if i go back here to the galaxy z4 2 you will see here that uh yeah there is no option to change what uh what storage configuration you want or anything because it's supposed to be 256 and 512 gigs so i hope we're not just stuck with 512 gigs because that will be garbage in my opinion uh but yeah if i

Hit pre-order now that's pretty much all it really brings me to so yeah there's no option here to just uh up the storage it looks like we may be stuck with this i'm not exactly sure but just looking around here if i uh look around here frequently asked questions uh let's see yeah i don't really see anything talking about the storage maybe if i go here to learn more real quick maybe it'll tell us so let's go to learn more and let's go to the specifications we're going to scroll all the way down

Here because that's where it's usually at okay nothing really over there and it's kind of weird uh yeah i don't really see anything about the storage so that's it's a little bit strange it kind of sucks but i don't know i guess we'll see as time goes on right so uh yeah there's still no comments all right so let's go and do this then so how many people do we have in the live stream actually it looks like we have eight viewers or so looks like it or

Nine viewers i'm not exactly sure but let's go and do this so uh we're gonna hit pre-order oh here we go so specs well i guess it don't really matter here because i was just trying to find out what it is on the official samsung website up to 256 gigs of storage though and you don't get any sd card support or anything like you same thing with the galaxy fold so it kind of sucks pre-order we're going to add a new line to my account actually and this is the part that scares me so

I'm not exactly sure if this is gonna be an okay screen to show off so i'm gonna move it over here real quick um it's still loading here for whatever reason not really sure why okay like look like the att website is kind of bugging out uh oh something went wrong oh are they having website issues as i'm trying to pre-order this i don't like that okay there we go so now let me go and move this because now i'm starting to get scared and let's see was that even worth

Moving it's loading right now 18t and uh i'm looking over here now looks like we can drag this over so well for now anyways yeah so you can see here i'm just looking through this real quick uh that's what we got there so let me go ahead and see let me go and put this over here again i don't want to expose anything so yeah we're good there so we're going to go ahead and just add this to my cart i guess and here is the part where i'm

Going to have to go ahead and move this so uh continue without insurance i'm going to get the samsung care plus because they renamed it from samsung premium here yeah it's a good thing that i moved it here because i'm looking at this right now and uh i think i can go ahead and move this camera real quick so you can actually see me here let me go ahead and find where i will go ahead and do that sorry guys video capture device i think that's it

Let's go and do that then okay there we go all right so it's kind of a weird angle right now okay it looks like it didn't really stick for whatever reason but okay it's kind of weird oh okay i see what's going on here so let's go ahead and delete this i have two video capture devices for whatever reason so now if i go over here to the yup there we go now we're good all right cool all right yes that's what i want so we're gonna put that there for now

And let's go over here i'm going through the the checkout right now so return the cart um at mobile share plus three gigs i don't really care about all that right now i don't have a promo code it's just pretty much bringing me through the lines and everything right now but uh i guess i could pull up this chat while i'm doing this okay so yep same pricing that i really expected so let's go and check out here

All right so looks like we're gonna go through the shipping options we only have free shipping so it says ships by september 18th 2020 so interesting stuff there got my address and uh yeah just just the usual stuff keep my phone number let's get a new phone number we're gonna choose 262 because you know that's kenosha's area code so i prefer area code and there we go so now it's actually telling me to charge my card it looks like my card info is already on the account

It should be because they're charging me every month so let's go ahead and hit add payment info we're going to agree to the terms of service and all that stuff there and all right so looks like everything's good here galaxy z4 25g mystic bronze gigs let's go and do this um yeah looks like everything's straight let's go ahead and hit submit order oh man this is gonna be scary okay asking me to choose a phone number oh man this is actually asking me to do a verification code real quick so okay so here's the thing y'all i'm going

To switch this camera over here again actually so let's go ahead and do that real quick all right there we go so okay cool that's what i want let's go and make that bigger i will actually be right oh what kind of laptop are you using the galaxy book flex so i'm actually going to be right back i have to get my oneplus nord to go ahead and actually get the verification code and put it in the website so i guess i will be right back i'm

Gonna just go ahead and run upstairs real quick as fast as i can and just grab my my phone so let's do that then be right back i'm back y'all all right let's go and do this again bang just like that all right so i got my oneplus note here to go it go ahead excuse me put in my verification code so talk amongst yourselves says george ortiz you already know man flossy carter style but let me go over here and switch the

Camera again so it doesn't look as awkward again and there we go wait nope that's the microphone slit reel know what you're doing for once oh video capture device wow what is wrong with me today there we go all right so 720p i guess i can go ahead and adjust this real quick and there's my webcam yeah that definitely looks awkward but whatever so it looks like my galaxy watch is actually a little bit low all right so that's cool i guess

Now let me go ahead and put in this verification code so let's see here all right so now let's go ahead and hit verify and submit order and it's still loading here all right let's go let's let's go all right so i'm gonna go ahead and screenshot this here actually and that is not the screen i'm trying to screenshot that's weird clean move this or something not sure why i can't screenshot this here let me do something real quick so i'm actually going to just go ahead and

Uh put this on a black background for now so y'all can't really see this uh don't worry i'm still here i'm just going ahead and moving this window over so i could take a screenshot because i don't want i want to make sure i don't uh accidentally expose any information so i'm gonna screenshot this i'm gonna go ahead and scribble out the important parts and let's see here how do we do this this screen shot at both of my screens for whatever reason i'm not really sure

Why but all right then it's kind of strange let's go ahead and up that size there for the brush scribble up my order number and there we go so that should be good enough let's go ahead and save that there pulling up my file zooming in so you guys can actually see the screenshot i don't know how this works on samsung gallery but all right then okay there we go that's good enough all right so let's go ahead and move this uh window

Back here and put this back so scene okay so cool now i'm going ahead and moving this webcam back to the way it was so i know i'm kind of all over the place but y'all gotta work with me here man all right there we go so as you can see here i have pre-ordered my galaxy z fold two so uh as you can see here pretty cool stuff and they emailed the order details and everything to me so cool so that was pretty much it i ordered the

What's up jason i just pre-ordered you just missed it i just pre-ordered my galaxy z fold two so pretty cool stuff now at this point we just played a waiting game and we'll see what's up with that congratulations on your new device i appreciate it expensive stuff i will tell you that as you already know i'm pretty sure i'm just looking through my emails and everything and all right so yep i guess we'll just wait for the z for two now are you gonna make a video about

The galaxy z4 2 of course of course i'm gonna make a video on the galaxy z4 2. i wouldn't order and then i'd do a video on it man says white black uh jason c what coiler or corollary well wow come on let's draw what color did you choose so i chose the mystic bronze uh as pretty much everybody in the world knows i'm just not really a black phone or just really really any black device person so i got the mystic bronze

Looks the best to me i would have preferred the uh silver like if they had a silver one anyways like the galaxy fold but i guess you gotta work with what you got so hopefully y'all enjoyed this man this is actually pretty fun i pretty mine at one it's actually 11 41 pm right now as you can see central time uh in wisconsin so kenosha wisconsin yeah so hopefully i enjoyed this again how many times am i gonna say that this is really gonna be hard on me with this two thousand dollar hole in my

Pocket but i mean it is what it is so uh let me go and get out of here y'all thanks for watching if you like this video go and give this video a like if you really liked it go and subscribe go and follow me my social media at east centec on instagram and twitter facebook instagram twitter it's almost like if you already know all that stuff so did you do a hinge color just standard actually ordered from att so if you go to you'll see right here if i type in

Galaxy z fold to then it only gives you one option here so they only give you the mystic bronze and then they give you the black version for some reason doesn't want to load right now even though i literally just ordered this thing i don't know if people was crashing the att website right now or what but yeah you can't do the only the only time you could customize your hinges for unlocked devices uh as you can see here let me zoom

In real quick as you can see there hinge customization is only available for unlocked devices but i would prefer to do that honestly but i i ordered it from atnt so yeah let me go and get out of here thanks for watching uh any last comments here in the morning huh i pray oh i burdened mine at one in the morning says tyler's technology okay then so cool hopefully you enjoy your z-fold too congratulations on your z-fold too this is definitely going to

Be interesting obviously i'll do my comparisons with the galaxy fold and the galaxy z flip and everything like that um you're a good youtuber says white black really appreciate you bro thank you i'm just blinking it at this point packer i'm assuming that's because green bay packers why not even though i'm not a green bay packers fan says hello so what's up tyler's technology says me uh i think he's talking to somebody else

Okay did you do a trade-in for the fold too or not no i didn't do a trade-in i'm not trading in my galaxy fold not now at least we're bixby speaker though so if you go to ebay actually let me show y'all if you look up galaxy home mini there's actually some on there so i was debating on buying some or what but as you can see here they do have galaxy home minis on ebay not really a lot of them but it was a pre-order uh i think that came with the galaxy s10

Plus and korea i believe so i don't know i don't know what happened to the original galaxy home honestly i would have preferred to have that instead of the home mini but it has the ir blaster so that's cool i guess but i don't know why they're not selling this thing uh but i guess uh me and uh uh jason talked about that on twitter because now a lot of people really like bixby but i use bixby look bixby popped up as

Soon as i said that i'm not talking to you right now uh yeah let me go back in this comment here pre-order mystic black also i got the galaxy watch three and but it's alive for 250. nice nice man 53 bucks is kind of expensive for what but i don't know i'm not gonna get the galaxy watch three i'm honestly debating it because my galaxy watch has been doing me perfectly fine the only reason i would get a galaxy watch is for the youtube channel to be if i'm being completely honest the

Only thing i really do on my galaxy watch is i look at my notifications i set timers sometimes i do stop watches but that's very rarely i look for my phone because i lose my phone a lot somehow sometimes i look at the weather notifications calls that type of stuff and really it's time obviously because that's it's a watch and really that's pretty much it i've actually been using it more for a lot more uh with samsung pay so i guess that's kind of interesting but

Besides that really i don't use this thing a lot uh for the actual smartwatch purposes i also have this hand wash app on here but i don't really use that oh i guess you know what you know what i'll give y'all a couple examples so when sometimes i see a link in my watch sometimes i like to pull it up in samsung internet so i'll do that i'll use bixby on here sometimes the hand wash app i talked about philips hue app i have out here but i never really use i just tell google to

Do everything i have camera controller which um basically you would just go ahead and pull it up and then you can see your camera on your phone on your watch so you can customize or not customize it but uh control it so that's pretty nice and smart things i use that sometimes for my garage door opener and very rarely i use spotify on there like if my phone's dead but if my phone is actually charged then i won't really use it i'll just use the regular media

Controller the music controller here on my home screen i don't know where it's at right now but yeah you get the point all right so i only think i bought this year is the ipad pro 2020 i debated that i'm getting that but i was just like nah really really ain't really uh worth it honestly for me i'm probably gonna just return it in the end anyways mike m says what's up bro i just got uh s20 liking it so far i was debating not getting s22

Actually but congratulations on both of y'all for y'all new devices you're gonna get the buzz live review i honestly don't know yet i'm liking my galaxy buzz plus it's just these things it's just like uh the galaxy buzz live don't really care enough to buy it like if if i didn't have this youtube channel i probably wouldn't even be debating it right now same thing with the galaxy watch three but yeah that's my standpoint on it we'll see i guess we'll see uh because i got to get that

Galaxy tab at seven plus that's like uh definite definite i'm getting that thing because that thing's look looks dope and yo what's up uh what's good says freeware tv what's up man what do you think about the note 20 ultra man i saw it in the t-mobile store today it looked cool i guess i don't really like that frosted glass thing and not really for me but i mean i i have the galaxy fold now oh look at

This actually look at that right there exclusive exclusively for galaxy fold owners get up to 800 and enhance trade-in credit towards galaxy c fold to 5g there you go but yeah honestly um getting back to your question what did you say oh yeah what other thing about the no 20 ultra i mean it it's it's all right now let me see something real quick so i wonder if the cameras are the same for the note 20 and i felt the back of that note 20

At the t-mobile store definitely plastic i don't like that at all but i think it has the same cameras yep it has pretty much the same exact cameras as the note 20 so if you look at the z-fold here and then actually let me go here z-fold to 5g you'll actually see here that the cameras are actually pretty similar to the regular galaxy note 20 not the ultra but just the regular galaxy note 20. i'm trying to okay there's there's cameras right there so as you can see

Those are the cameras it just doesn't have that whatever this is i'm assuming that's like a depth sensor or something i don't really think it's a lidar scanner or anything but cool i guess i hope the the far zoom on the fold too looks cool because i liked it on my s20 ultra but all right i'm going to get out of here so thanks for watching y'all it looks like i'm gonna go ahead and uh wrap up this live stream here just looking at the comments

Whoa gonna cop samsung volley in the future uh if they come out with one i don't see nothing so far but if they come out with one maybe i have samsung smart devices like their robot vacuum even though i'm gonna get a irobot and uh i'm debating not getting her air dresser samsung supply fresh that'll be dope but i really don't got the money for that at all that's like two thousand dollars that i don't got even though it just spits it on this

Z-fold 2-5-g right here i'm about to so whatever so hopefully i enjoyed this hopefully y'all and staying safe out there you know uh with the whole protest and riots and the hurricanes and california california wildfires and everything like this world is so messed up right now man we got kenosha we got california we got florida everything is just 20 20 such a weird year man but uh stay safe enjoy yourselves but i'm gonna get out of here

And uh think about what i just did come into two thousand dollars here for this galaxy fold and think about how i should think about more wise choices in the future thanks for watching i'll see you on the next one peace out oh man look we still got comments coming in do you remember the fedex guy throws the galaxy full box yup that's still in the video too but all right yo so peace out you

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