Prairie Canine Steals Nesting Provides | Prairie Canine Manor

published on July 3, 2020

[music playing]

NARRATOR: Down in the
flatlands, another father-to-be

is enjoying a
well-earned breather

Once Brutus caught a
flight to the great beyond,

Furgie took control
of his territory

He got the ex-alpha's
land and his ladies,

and now that mating
season is winding down,

there shouldn't be
many more fights

Furgie can probably relax,
but for a pregnant June,

there's no downtime

She is preparing her
nursery burrow one mouthful

of nesting material at a time

Seven feet of narrow,
twisting tunnel

down to the birthing chamber,
then seven feet back up

It's tedious, but necessary

[music playing]

Sadly, not every gal is willing
to put in the hard work,

like her Auntie May


This sneaky relative is stealing
nesting supplies from June

when her back is turned

So when June
finally catches her,

it's clear this is going
to be a family squabble


June runs May off,
but the odds are

it's going to take
more than a quick chase

to keep her aunt in line

[music playing]

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