Pompadour Mid Fade Undercut for males barber type – Males’s hair Summer season traits

published on July 3, 2020


control hi guys thank you very much for

tuning in on slick hair TV today I'm

here with Joe Byrne

I am you today we are gonna cut my hair

I think it's quite long in the sides so

what are we gonna do I'm gonna do our

combination of undercut and

alright between the two say remember


newsy Oh







now we will go back home today a until

the very last hour we still got a few

more days to slay it's gonna get so much

louder now yeah control your body so

we're gonna take back everything






so now children has cut my hair nothing

looks very nice it's just what I needed

and now install it and I'll use the

power mate because it has very nice and

I think it's very good






now the haircut is done and children I

think you did a really good job we have

to hear that from you can you please

tell the viewers what have you done

actually I did a middle fade instead of

low feed because the MLS hair is really

quite light so that's why I chose the

the middle faith and the some kind of

pompadour on the top side so it's

approximately two millimeters human

raters at the bottom and then a smooth

transition sounds good I'm definitely

going for that haircut again we'd like

you guys to come then come section down

below and let us know what you think

about the haircut and please use the

poll up here yes

see you guys


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