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published on July 12, 2020

In our last video we showed you uncutdiamonds but today we're gonna take youbehind the scenes and show you how amega diamond like this one is cut andpolished into something like this butfirst to the room where diamond duelsget done this room is where it happens

Where people come and look at thediamonds and decide do I want to buy itor not or perhaps can I afford to buy itso over here we have a selection ofdiamonds which are about to be auctionedthis small collection is worth about ten

Million dollars my favorite one is theone over here because it's sparkles somuch can you take this one and put it onits face and you can see it is shaped ina pyramid or a cone and it has 57different faces which gives it this

Really beautiful sparkling color this iscalled a round cut presumably becauseit's circular you can also have diamondscut in the shape of a heartlast time we showed you diamonds I gotreally excited when they flow rest for

Me that was the best past of all Ithought they were much more valuable Inow realize that I was completely wrongfluorescence lowers the price here whenpeople are buying they checked thefluorescence again so there is a

Fluorescent lamp and perhaps if we trythat one first so you can see this oneis fluorescing relatively strongly andthis will probably affect the price solet's try another oneand you can see that one isn't

Fluorescing at all so this one's myfavorite can we check this one good luckso it's okay I chose a good one for onceare you still gonna buy that one thereand there I think I'll leave that foryou braiding this cut which is called a

Princess cut is technically the mostdifficult to do because of the verysquare shape and so in terms of theactual processing this is the mostdifficult one in the whole box so nowwe've got some really special stones

Those three stones together are probablyworth 30 million dollars the mostexciting one is this pink one in themiddle you may have read about it in thenewspapers it's just been cut it's goingto be sent for auction nobody knows the

True price that they'll get tens ofmillions of dollars and we on periodicvideos are giving you a preview can youtake it down so this diamond is 148 5carats that's not quite 3 grams but whenit came out of the ground it was more

Than 27 carats so you can see thatnearly half the mass of the diamond waslost when it was cut and this lostdiamond disappears as dust this it's gota special color called fancy deep purplepink and it's the largest diamond of

This color that has ever been found andpolished I think I prefer it to the pinkone and it's cheaper I could get two orthree of these for the same price thisyellow one is also very interesting theyellow one is yellow because of nitrogen

In the lattice every so often one of thecarbon atoms in the lattice has beenreplaced by nitrogen and it is thesenitrogen sensors that give it the yellowcolorthe pink stone is different the color

Doesn't come from an impurity but thefact that every so often there is amistake in the lattice and thesedislocations in the lattice give rise tothe color we're now in the room wherethey polished the diamonds the key

Effect is obtained by getting theprecise angles between the differentfacets that you polished so over here wehave a machine which is a spinning diskgoing at 2,600 rpm with diamond dust onthe disk so polish the surface the

Operator has a plan for his particulardiamond which tells him what is to dowhich angle much of the time is spentadjusting the diamond before youactually polish because if you get itwrong and make a mistake

You've had it each of the tools has alittle spirit level on the top so thatyou can make sure that it's absolutelyflat and so the angle you'll get iscorrectthis year is the diamond that Thalia was

Polishing here is his plan and then hereon the computer screen are the anglesbetween the faces that is measured tosee how it compares with the plan andwhat you should be doing of course whenyou grind it you get a lot of dust and

So there are extractors like a fumecupboard that is sucking air all thetime to remove all this very fine carbondust which is generated when you grindthe diamond it's amazing to me that somuch of the diamonds has to be wasted so

It's just blown out presumably onto theroof of this building this is not at allwhat I expected but it's really goodbecause it shows that you need hugetechnical experience to turn thesediamonds these rough diamonds into

Something that people want to buy andwear I suppose I expected it to be muchmore mechanized but since every diamondis different you have to do it by handbecause you can't get automated machinesthat will treat each one completely

Differently here we're just looking atone of the disks and you can see theycan change the disks it's a bit likeyour home electric drill or electricpolisher but of course this is much moresophisticated

What does this feel like is it rough orsmooth or not at all good so I'm aboutto touch to this to see what it feelslike I expected to feel a bit rough likethe mail file feels completely smoothwouldn't know there was only diamond

Dust there at all bit of adisappointment well I think it's smoothbecause these darlin particles are sosmall that our fingers are tooinsensitive to feel them because if theywere if we could feel it he would

Probably make scratches on the diamondthere's the man who polished the pinkdiamond took two months a one caratdiamond which is point two of a gram 200milligrams takes four or five days to doa big one like the rose diamond took two

Months and the biggest diamonds they dotake half a year it's quite warm in hereit's very noisy compared to say anordinary lab but not terribly noisy andthere's a slight smell that's an oilysmell this is the machine for measuring

The angles the damage is spun roundthere is a light beam coming down heresome sort of light source down therewith a lens system in here and the focusbeam is then reflected and because theyknow the speed they can measure the

Angle and it all comes out on thecomputer this is Anatoly his computer isthe design for the rose diamond thereally valuable rose diamond showing howthey decided how to cut it the lightpart is the outline of the rough diamond

And the blue is the finished rose stonewhich is going to be sold which we'veseen the yellow part is the referenceplane where they cut the diamond so theyhave somewhere to start with and thenall the angles and everything else are

Referred to thatorange one green places are defects andso what they've had to do is very verycarefully design the cut so that it cutsout the defects but without wasting anyof the good part of the diamond but you

Can see on here how much of it has to belost to produce something that looksreally good in a piece of jewelryhere you can see on the screen the roughdiamond with all its defects it's doneby a special company that does the

Measurements and then it sends them herethey designed the shape not so much toget the maximum weight but to make therose color the pink color as strong aspossible this is showing where they cutthe first face they use a laser to mark

The edge of the piece that they're goingto cut off the precise instructions areon the piece of paper but then they'rephysical markers so that the person whois grinding it knows exactly where to goto this is the department where they cut

The diamonds with the laser you need towaste as a little material as possibleso the laser beam needs to be as tightlyfocused as you can at the same time youdon't want to heat the diamond too muchbecause it's carbon in principle it

Could catch fire so you use a stream ofwater which focuses the laser beam youget to spot about half the size that youwould do in air and at the same time itcan cool the diamond but of course itmakes it harder for Brady to film one of

The skilled publishers can remove acarat of material a day that's 200milligrams this machine can do it in 20minutes they didn't use this for therose diamond because if something hadgone wrong it would have spoiled

Everything when you're polishing by handyou can see exactly how things are goingmarina is holding a crystal which hasbeen cut and you can see here it is thetwo parts together and then you can seehow they have been cut into two pieces

The advantage is that with this methodyou can still get something out of thelittle piece you can make a littlediamond and this one will be processedto make a much larger one what's reallysurprising to me at least at first

Was that thecut surfaces black and the reason isthat the laser converts the diamond justclose to where it is cutting from thetraditional diamond structure intographite you need a very high power

Laser far too big to go in the boxso the laser is out here this longrectangular box and the light beam thengoes down an optic fiber glass fiberinto the box where you cut it but whatis really important is the purity of the

Water so these big boxes here arecontinuous purification of the water andcooling of the water because the heatingof the laser generates a lot of heat soyou have water purification laser andthe actual cutting is here in the box

If you'd like to help out the channelmaybe even become a diamond supportercheck out the links on screen and in thevideo description and we'll be backagain with more videos very soonyou

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