Poco F2 Pro Real World Camera Test

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

hey is Joshua Vergara what's going on everybody hopefully you can hear me pretty well obviously this is a real world or rather work from home camera test using the poco f2 Pro super happy to be checking this phone out right now

And one of the reasons why is because we have a pop-up camera once again it's I think it's the only one that if we've seen in 2020 so far so it's nice to see something pretty different that pop-up camera allows for the entire screen to

Go unimpeded no cut outs no Poncho's whatsoever so yeah we're using the front-facing camera right now which is recorded at 1080p resolution unfortunately not 4k on the front but that's okay let me know what you think

Of the quality of this camera and everything else in the contents but I do also want to give some thoughts on the poco f2 Pro I just took it out of its case you see I got the shiny white

Edition here I know that there are other colors of this phone but mainly the reason why I wanted to show this thing off is because I got a new lens and that's part of this little vlog that I did using exclusively this phone to film

Everything and as you can see the lens is an anamorphic lens this is the serie or soooo i know that there's different ways of pronouncing that name I think it's Siri the anamorphic 1.33 aspect ratio lens so yes you are going to see

Some really stylized footage of this let me know what you think of the footage in the comments below I am looking to make this my main b-roll camera for the most part but of course that means that it will crop the top and bottom of the

Frame so you get a more cinematic look but then it's not going to match up with some of my other lenses you know what for these work from home / quarantine style real world camera test they're technically vlogs so that's the reason

Why I want to open up the discussion with all of you regarding something that I might vlog about and also obviously because this is a at home real world camera test you are also going to be seeing a lot of stuff from around my

Household including like the plants outside I actually am looking to do a bit of a tea session in most of my videos where I actually sit down make some tea have a nice little moment and you can join me

In those calm moments during the video but before we get to all of that I do want to talk about a few thoughts I have on this my full review on this will be coming in the next number of days as I do not only things like the top 5

Complaints and the top five takeaways as I'll probably call it the top five takeaways of the Fogo I have to pro but I'll also finally do my who is this for video that's generally the concept behind my continuing coverage of a

Device the unboxing video did incredibly well I want to thank all of you for watching that video and for continuing to enjoy my content here on my channel by the way if you are new here thank you so much for sticking around and

Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already but there were a bunch of different comments in that video and I did want to address it a little bit they will play into my top 5 complaints when the time comes but that's another

Video for another time mainly what some people were saying was that this phone is basically just a rebranded other smartphone this has poco on the back but overall this phone looks exactly like the redmi

K xxx Pro ok I get it the red media 30 pro or the K 30 have been rebranded a couple of different times or I think three or four different times but that doesn't take away from the fact that this phone is still quite the looker it

Might not feel like the most premium device but it still feels like you're getting a good amount of phone for the price point that it is at four different lenses on the back one of them 64 megapixels you're seeing the quality of

Those cameras in this video right now so let me know what you think about it in the comments but even if this is yet another Xiaomi sub-brand device you get a lot of shammies experience here and it shows in the camera app there are just a

Lot of different ways that you can get some pretty good footage all the way down to a slow-motion mode and also a movie frame aspect which kind of fits in with my anamorphic lens but you get these bars at the top and bottom so that

You can get a more cinematic look you can still do things like 4k video recording you can even do 8 K video recording but it's not something that I would do very often even though I am now editing on a rig that can handle it at

The same time though 8k video recording has less stabilization than the 4k recording so I tend to just prefer the smooth recording rather than just something with a lot more pixels in it but overall my favorite thing about this

Is still the fact that it's a pop-up camera it's one of the few pop-up cameras we have in 2020 and because of that it's also one of the few full screen experiences that we have with nothing cutting into the content I know

That this means that you're not going to really get IP certifications on here for water and dust resistance but at the same time it's still a unique feature and I'm glad to see it come back and it's always cool to see it just pop up

And do face on lock and then go back down it's just always a nice a little flourish that this phone has and then of course there were some thoughts about the screen now I have it off right now to show off that the always-on display

On here looks pretty nice and part of the reason why is because this is an AMOLED screen so it's just turning on those particular pixels in order to achieve a proper aod there are some quirks to it like the fact that it's not

A high refresh rate screen but at the same time 60 Hertz is still more than enough for the majority of users out there but what I find so striking about those comments and I want to open up the discussion with all of you is that this

Is the same discussion we have when it comes to high there are a lot of people out there who still believe that 1080p is perfectly fine you don't really need anything higher than that for in everyday phone

And the poco f2 Pro is trying to be an everyday phone now we can shift that conversation to refresh rates do you actually need 90 120 144 no probably not 60 Hertz refresh rates are standard and may not feel futuristic but it is

Definitely more than enough for a lot of people out there let me know what you think about that in the comments all right mask is on you know that means errands and groceries so enjoy some of these

Photos of basically my diet now some thoughts on the camera quality I do think that the cameras are doing a pretty good job here however as is the case with a more mid-range device you get one really good sensor and then you

Get a few other ones I have much lower megapixel counts which doesn't necessarily mean the quality is bad it's just something to keep in mind if you're just looking at the spec sheet now the pictures for the most part are turning

Out really well I don't really use the sixty four megapixel mode a whole lot because it turns off a lot of the different features like HDR which oddly enough is turned off by default so I had to make sure to go in and hit that as

Auto and the other thing I made sure to do for this video was turn off the watermark the way I see it the a.k recording on phones like this is a little bit like

Picking up a manual anamorphic lens for my system it's one of those lenses because there's no stabilization built-in that you would use on a tripod for very specific shot so that you know you can cater or control to the way that

You want it to be and as a final detail I will talk about a little bit of battery life since we are at home and I'm on my Wi-Fi networks a whole lot this is not going to be a full representation of what this phone can do

On the daily but then again our daily has really changed in this era hasn't it in any case I was able to get about six and a half hours of screen on time a nice thing to see in a phone that is about half the price of many flagships

And with the performance of those flagships it is still something that you can consider whether or not it's the poco f2 pro or the red BK 30 Pro it's either way a pretty win-win situation for different markets but I guess this

Is just my thought because let's put it this way I'm here in the US and actually a lot of people probably in my section of tech YouTube don't have access to the read me phones at least not as much as people like ISA or people in the in Asia

Or in India so in order to get something a little bit more akin to the read mutate 30 Pro we have brands like poco that provide that version of the phone in different markets that includes Europe and potentially places here in

The Americas just not in the US obviously so in my eyes in places where the red Miu K 30 Pro are not available well you have the poco f2 Pro and you get a very similar experience if not the exact same experience it's just more

People can access it I think that's a good thing but in any case this is a rare old camera test I just want to make sure to give a little bit more detail a little bit more perspective on the phone as I

Continue to use it it's been about a week so far that I've been using this phone on and off let's just put it this way there's so many different devices out right now or coming out at the moment that it's really hard to just

Focus on anyone and I'm doing my best with the poco because I know a lot of you really wants to see it in any case I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this one thank you so much for watching I look forward to my final coverage of the

Poco f2 Pro top five complaints top five takeaways as I'm trying to figure out the more positive spin to the complaints video I'm trying to have really balanced content but they are going to be in separate videos

And then finally I'll probably end up asking the question who is this phone for so subscribe to my channel for that and everything that I do here at JV thank you so much for watching drop some likes on this video at the

Very least and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody this is not tea but still

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