Please watch our baseball episode – The Re-Up

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

hey we do not have a new episode this

week it's been a very very hectic week

and I had a script that is not good

enough and that episode is gonna come

out next week so instead because Spring

Training is started and baseball is in

the air

I am reloading our baseball episode

which is actually our least popular

episode but it's the season it's

starting the energies they're cracking

the bats go Jays planet money sometimes

uploads old episodes when they don't

have something new to say and I've often

thought that this exists is sort of like

the planet money of shows that are about

Christian black metal bands anyway go

Jays a lot of athletes fancy themselves

musicians but only baseball boasts a

growing number of dedicated tribute

bands including an all-star grindcore

act and a pop punk band named after

dancing homers favorite team we are

living in an era of unparalleled musical

baseball gifts sure basketball has the

courtside star power and football is

football but there is no other sport

where if you were so weirdly inclined

you could listen to only music about

that sport

the isotopes are a Canadian punk band

whose songs detail the crucial minutiae

of things like beginning field fly rule

and the loneliness of players defecting

from Cuba important lessons for the kids

you know

Columbus Ohio has slugging percentage a

two-piece who start their shows with one

of their moms playing the national

anthem on the flute and who get kids to

run in a mosh pit around them on a bass

path that they bring to every show plus

they have their own umpire which brings

us to my personal favorite the pig

destroyer referencing tribute to the Los

Angeles Dodgers breakup star yasiel puig

tweed destroyer

featuring members of thryce and curl up

and die plea destroyer celebrate

baseball fights and ask that you stop

fucking bunting over 220 BPM blast beats

plus they made it on ESPN so legit with

the merchandising and attendance frenzy

that he's created in Los Angeles

what was the metal band named after him

with the single called one man five

tools but you don't the stop with bands

that are named after baseball players

you can listen to baseball players who

are named after baseball players saying

about being baseball players because

they are those baseball players

neon Deion Sanders released his only

album primetime in 1994 must be the

money never actually charted and the

album never actually charted and even

though he was managed by MC Hammer

Sanders his career quickly flattened

reaches the opposite of Bernie Williams

who followed up a four-time world

series-winning career with the Yankees

with two wonderful and tasteful albums

of classical jazz guitar and he also was

nominated for a Latin Grammy

former Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo

released an album of covers called

covering the bases which included the

Fenway victory anthem dirty water

including contributions from Johnny

Damon Kevin Youkilis and Kevin Millar

and Damon and Arroyo also added vocals

to the Dropkick Murphys cover of Tessie

the other Fenway victory anthem because

the Red Sox love a good victory anthem

they also use 39 they have three

victory anthems

and if you prefer your baseball songs a

little bit on the creamier side mic stud

used to be a relief pitcher in Duke

before Tommy John surgery sidelined his

baseball aspirations now he raps about

relief pitching and women as she said

boy I know your game all you want is a

sex toner you can get to steppin not got

early as I'm thank all of this is

ignoring the non baseball theme musical

projects of players like Jose Reyes and

Scott radensky and Omar Vizquel actually

we won't ignore Omar Vizquel this is him

covering the Goo Goo Dolls

little bit weaker than you

got a favorite baseball band or a

baseball song or baseball stack or

whatever let us know in the comments and

please subscribe for more this exists

every week and also listen to your

friends and queeg destroyer and stop

fucking bunting


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