Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus: Has Google beat Apple at its own game?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

when Google announced its new pixel
phone it was quite clear which audience
they were targeting and that audience
was mainstream buyers Google is
marketing the pixel like they've never
marketed a phone before but how does the
new pixel excel stack up against Apple's
latest the iPhone 7 plus it's pretty
obvious that Google wanted just this a
battle for the top spot but does the
pixel excel packin of heat so as far as
design goes it's easy to see that both
companies didn't put a lot of effort
into overall aesthetics for their phones
both for different reasons of course
Apple's iPhone has looked the same for
three generations with minor differences
here and there yes but really the iPhone
has looked the same since 2014 Google on
the other hand decided to go with
functionality over a flashy design with
the pixel and while some people really
don't care how the phone looks that much
a lot of people really do care what your
phones look like Google played it saved
with this one and to be honest can't
really blame them for that team is how
this is their first real attempt at
designing their very own phone but man
those bezels though and this chin don't
get me started
also this back panel it's sort of an
acquired taste and I'll be real with you
it's kind of growing on me not because I
think it looks cool but because it's
something different it's pretty
interesting looks aside both phones are
extremely solid and well put together
with glass and aluminum so premium build
quality is not a problem here continuing
on with a hardware both have fingerprint
readers the pixel excels being on the
back just like the 6p from last year and
LG's devices from this year in terms of
speed and accuracy both do a great job
in these categories in my use I rarely
ever have to reposition my finger due to
a miss Reed or anything like that so
both are great nothing to worry about
there now one thing to worry about is
the fact that the iPhone now has stereo
speakers and the pixel XL does not this
is something that really confused me
seeing as how one of the reasons the
Nexus 6 and 6p were so great was because
they both had front firing stereo
speakers so Google it would only make
sense for you to equip your latest
flagship with that right I mean it's not
like there isn't space for another
speaker on the front mm and if not dual
front-facing speakers at least go the
HTC and Apple route by keeping one on
the bottom and use the speaker on the
top front as the second it's a simple
concept at Google overlooked what a
now the good thing here is that the
speaker on the pixel excels still sounds
pretty decent it gets nice and loud it's
not tinny and it's better than expected
but it could have been a lot better
another advantage that the iPhone has
over the pixel XL is water resistance
the seven-plus has an ip67
which means it can actually withstand a
good dunk in the pool you could take a
shower with it and stuff like that no
problem the pixel Excel has an IP 53
rating which means practically nothing
this too is really a shame I mean
there's going to be a point in time
where your phone meets water whether it
be accidental or not it's just going to
happen but it's just another box that
Google really didn't get a chance to
check now neither phone has wireless
charging but the pixel XL does have USB
power delivery which is about the same
speed as quick charge 3.0 as long as you
use compatible chargers speaking of
charging these phones the great thing
about it is that I really have to do
just that the battery life with both of
these devices is very good now I will
have to give the nod to the 7 plus for
having better more consistent and
reliable battery life but the pixel
excels battery life is nothing to sneeze
at at least in my usage I can get
through a full day without having to
worry about charging until I go to bed
so you'll be very pleased with the
battery performance on both devices
moving on to the screens this is where
the pixel XL shines you're looking at a
2k AMOLED panel here super crisp and
clean as you'd expect while on the
iPhone you're still stuck with the 1080p
Retina display now I'm not saying that
the iPhones display is bad or anything
like that but after using the pixel XL
and then looking over at the 7 pluses
display it's a bit of a letdown but
don't get it twisted
both of these 5.5 inch panels look very
very nice and then there's the software
Android versus iOS now this one's up to
you both devices run the respective OS
is latest software version iOS 10.1 and
Android 7.1 new tip they each have their
selling points and downsides and they
both have little tricks up their sleeves
now without going into too much detail
you've got things like race to wake on
the iPhone and this is something that we
could have seen on the pixel as we saw
this feature on last year's Nexus
devices you've got 3d touch which is
thankfully slowly growing in usefulness
you can finally clear all notifications
and a whole lot more
even though iOS continues to grow
certain things like notifications are
handled much much better on the Android
side of things not to mention there's
true multitasking you can actually set
default applications and don't even get
me started on all of the customization
options and then of course both
operating systems have their own
personal assistance we have Siri and
Google's new Google assistant now Google
assistant is pretty much spearheading
the whole pixel movement and I have to
say it works really well now as far as
which one is better this one's really up
to you
for me I personally prefer Google
assistant while iOS is more
user-friendly better optimized and
simpler enter just does more for me and
of course this is all left up to opinion
oh and it appears as if the days of
Android lag are over at least as far as
the pixel is concerned this is the
smoothest fastest Android phone that
I've used along with the oneplus 3 and
I've even gotten my 7 plus to lock up on
me and freeze a couple times but overall
just using both phones is an absolute
breeze as you'd expect they handled
everything that I threw at them like a
bunch of bosses from bouncing between
applications browsing social media
playing heavy games all that good stuff
without a hitch
now it didn't bother to run any speed
tests or anything like that and frankly
I don't get the point of tuning that
myself I base things off of pure
real-world performance and both are
blazing fast forget what the spec sheets
say now getting into something that
really surprised me and that's the
cameras unsurprisingly the seven-plus
has an incredible camera well cameras
with that dual action on the back and it
also has optical image stabilization or
oh is for nice steady video footage
iPhone cameras are always very very
solid and they're among the most
preferred among everyday users now
surprisingly the pixel XL also has an
incredible camera now I say surprisingly
because even though Google stated that
DxO Mark said that this camera was the
best camera in a phone that was at a
launch event and we're not always going
to believe what they say right off the
bat we gotta wait until we get a taste
ourselves but no it's true this just
might be the best smartphone camera on
the market now personally I believe it's
truly up to the user and some situations
these seven plus performs better and in
others the pixel XL comes out on top in
all honesty it's a toss-up some say that
the pixel like sales camera is better
some prefer the iPhones camera but
overall in my experience with what I've
seen so far I've come to prefer the
shots I've taken with the pixel XL now
we can mainly attribute this to HDR plus
and the great thing about this is that
while it's enabled by default you
probably wouldn't be able to tell at
first because this camera is so fast it
reminded me of snapping pictures with a
galaxy device now the bad part about the
pixel excels camera is that it lacks for
why yes but what it does have is e is or
electronic image stabilization this is
basically a software trick to get you
some super clean and steady video
footage and while it does a great job
when you start to move around and pan
the software starts to hunt for
something to lock onto and footage can
look somewhat jagged and perhaps
unnatural it all depends on the type
footage you're going for either way in
my opinion both are easily top three in
the smartphone camera department and as
for which one is the best I'd have to
give the slight edge to the pixel XL but
ultimately it's up to you guys so with
the pixel Google is really targeting a
specific demographic everyone Google
made a phone that they want everyone to
be using the fact that the pixel lacks a
lot of what we consider to be elementary
features like a more attractive design
stereo speakers and water resistance
really beg the question is it worth it
after all the pixel runs for the same
exact price as the iPhone now the
baseline pixel starts at 650 bucks it's
got a 5-inch 1080p display and 32
gigabytes of storage now when you
compare that to the Nexus 6p from last
year that started at $4.99 with a 5.7
inch 2km LED display and it had stereo
front-facing speakers enough said right
but of course the price is this way
because it's going head-to-head with the
iPhone Google's first in-house attempt
at an iPhone killer was a good one but
it just doesn't meet the standard that I
at least initially set for it but it's
not the end of the world Google will
take what they learned with the first
pixel and they look to come back
swinging with the second generation
pixel with all of this being said my sim
card will more than likely end the year
in the pixel XL reason well I actually
already made a video on this and I'll
link it in the description
pound-for-pound a lot of people will say
that the iPhone just might have the
upper hand here for me I still prefer to
use the pixel XL it's still that good
despite what it lacks so which phone do
you guys pick let us know your thoughts
down below in the comments we always
welcome your feedback we hope you guys
enjoyed the video if you did feel free
to hit that like button subscribe to the
Android police channel if you haven't
already that does it for me I'll talk to
you guys later
and thanks for watching

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