Pixel Buds (2020) Unboxing, Setup, and First Impressions!

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Alright let's go ahead and get into it this is the unboxing of the pixel buds so what I'm going to do here is just sort of talk through my first reactions with these ear buds as I unbox them which I know is kind of weird to do on the podcast so if you're listening to

The podcast right now you're just kind of hearing my little story of how I'm unboxing these and why these are actually really exciting for me but on the YouTube side you can see that there's a reflection here the plastic is

Still on this box these literally came in like a minute ago before I started filming this now those of you who follow me know that I love me some truly wireless earbuds here are my Jabra elite active 75 T's which I actually wanted to

Do a review on especially in this particular quarantine era if you're the kind of person then used to have something in the background playing at all times your butts like this are a great way of getting started so you have

These you have of course other ones like the air pods Pro which are fantastic to use especially for calls and whatnot and I've been using these air pods Pro more often recently because I am using the iPhone se 20/20 at the moment review on

That coming very soon I do have a review of the air pods / already on my channel you can see the link above or in the show notes but the pixel buds the pixel buds themselves have been an interesting product especially from the last version

That we had I think it was maybe 3 or 2 or 3 years ago so these are the ear buds that give you the easiest access to the Google assistant and if you ask me the original pixel buds were exactly the way that Google assistant needed to be

Implemented back then it was like a walkie talkie style where you just put a finger on to one of the ear buds you held it down and it would listen to you for the amount of time your finger was on the earbud so of course sometimes

With the pixel buds or any other ear buds or honestly with our Android phones whenever you say the hot word which is of course okg it may or may not know when you stopped talking which means that way too many words get part of your

Get become part of your search query and that was always kind of weird the pixel buds did a great job of mitigating that because you were able to tell it to stop listening by letting go of the ear button it's a very tight box there we go

Look at that it was a little flap for it or do I just have to like slide it out somehow oh here we go there we go that is a smooth map right there it's not glossy the shine as you can see is not causing a glare off of

The case of course I say as you can see if you're watching the YouTube side but for the podcasters out there podcast listeners this is a matte white version of this I imagine that of course the other colors are going to give you like

A little bit more of a different aesthetic this particular version is called the clearly white google still has their version of the naming scheme and clearly white is what we have today let's get past this next layer and it's

Probably at this point we're just going to be saying like a chord it may be a plug adapter oh there you go these are the gels little little the little earpieces that go over the the drivers that way you can get a better fit and

Hopefully a better seal these are the things that are usually really important when it comes to ear but especially truly Wireless here but you want to make sure you have a good seal not only for the best possible sound but also so they

Don't pop out so easily this case you can actually spin it around a little bit I imagine this is something I'll end up doing fairly often let's get past the next layer and it's just a cord there's no plug adapter in here so we have a USB

A 2 USB C chord which in and of itself can be kind of useful but I guess the C to C chord is always gonna be a bit more appreciated to be fair though there are other earbuds that people might be looking into that actually don't do USB

C connections and that's always a bit of a bummer I think the first one that comes to mind at the moment would be the Alexa the echo buds the Amazon echo buds those are ones that I'll probably compare to these and the air Potts Pro

To be to be honest the echo buds I ate the Amazon echo buds I haven't actually used them quite extensively I've had a pair of them this entire time but it's just not something that I've actually used now is the time to revisit them

Because you have different hot words for different earbuds now if you want to get a quick blast from the past well check this out I'm bringing back my pixel 3a now this phone I haven't really used for a while the last time I was extensively

Using this was when I went to pan a couple of times back in June goodness like if only I could go back to those times right now but anyway we have everything here ready to go a pixel 3a with the pixel buds and this should be a

Very easy process because all you have to do is open up the case and it should pop up pixel buds tap to pair it will be tied to my Google account and I think that there's a pixel buds app from the few videos that have already been

Released today the pixel buds that might be installed on here during this process and yes I haven't used my pixel 3a in a little while so there are gonna be some updates that need to be done so while that is updating I'm gonna go ahead and

Put the phone aside for just a second and let's just talk about the design of these ear buds these are very interesting looking ear buds but one of the first things that already strikes me as I take one ear butt out is this

Little I guess the person from the verge called it a thorn it is this tiny little rubber piece that's going to nestle into a certain like crevice so Houston what crevice in your ear that way it's more more or less secure and then of course

Like I said earlier that gels that you use on the tip of the earbud are going to be important as well I imagine the medium size is going to be perfectly fine that's something that I tend to use on here but anyway I hardly ever go

Smaller or larger when it comes to the earbud tips but yeah you have these contacts here and as I pop it back into there there's a nice magnetic snap and with the left ear the other thing that's going to be really nice about these and

It's a feature that I do wish were on the Jabra elite active 75 T's is that you can use either of the ear buds as your singular your but your mono earbud so you can take the right one out but not use the left one and then once that

One's dead you can switch it over that way you still have media playing no matter what I am one of those people that constantly has YouTube or like a podcast playing in the background especially these days when you're we're

All pretty much isolated from one another it's good to have some voices or just some media playing in the background to distract you with the draw I lead active 75 T's which I'm still going to review very soon as a great

Year but to use you can only use the right earbud at any one time it is the master earbud while the other one is the second so you can't just go switching between the two it's only the right one that you

Can use singularly alright looks like we're good to go pixel buds connected now make them yours with the Google assistant let's go and hit that activate and it's just going to pair not only the buds as an as a

Bluetooth device but also pair my Google assistant from my account over for usage on the budget themselves but there we go your assistant is ready give it a try touch and hold the earbud while talking release when you're done that's still a

Function on the pixel buds which I really very much enjoy and also you have the ability to hear a lot of your notifications calendar events messages and whatnot by just tapping that earbud all right we're gonna go and hit done

And it looks like we're good to go so we do have some settings here to adjust the assistant on the pixel buds but if we take a look at the device settings it does take me to Google Play that way I can install the app for the Google pixel

Buds so clearly there is definitely an app involved here try on the earbuds okay I guess I'll do that right now so I do feel like especially with these earbuds especially since I'm using the medium size of the gels The Thorn is

Going to be pulling a lot of the work in order to make sure these don't fall out of my ears but so far they feel quite sick here we'll see how they feel after a few hours check the charging status when you plug it in it will give you a

Little LED on the bottom portion of the egg here but also there's an LED light on the inside so you can get a sense of where your charges at that point as well and there you go one cool thing is that the buds are actually at full battery

Right off the bat but let's go ahead and jump into one more part of this and that's the adaptive sound optimized volume based on environmental noise now these earbuds are not going to have active noise cancellation or noise

Cancellation really of any sort aside from passive based upon the seal of the silicone tip that you use adaptive sound subtly and automatically optimizes volume based on the noise level of your environment if you're moving from your

Quiet home or office to somewhere noisy like a street cafe or subway all places we can't go to right now you'll notice a subtle difference in your volume to adjust to the new level of the outside noise adaptive san adjusts for sustained

Annoys rather than one-off background noise that active sound means that these earbuds are pretty much always listening and they're gonna try to be as smart as possible based upon where you are and

What it hears because it's always trying to hear for your voice for that hot word for that okay G so that makes a little bit of sense it's about putting some of those features to good use in other ways so I'm all for that that's actually some

Pretty good thought put into the pixel buds in this in this sense so I'm gonna go ahead and start using them immediately and maybe later I'll double back and talk about my experience with them so far especially with the audio

Quality and the Google assistant being in my ear at all times all right well I've only really had these ear buds for like the last two not even three hours but there are really a lot of things that I like about them here are some

Quick first remarks before I get into my review testing of these over the next few days the first thing is that the case is actually pretty nice I do wish that it could stand up but that's not something that you tend to see on these

Particular truly wireless earbuds anyway the cool thing about these though is that they have a button on the back that will allow you to pair these like any other bluetooth earbud to pretty much any device I'll definitely try these out

With like my laptop for things like video editing and gaming and stuff like that but if you are an Android user and you just have any pretty much any Android phone you could just open the case and it will eventually bring up

That notification for you to pair it to that phone super easy you saw in the unboxing that I paired these with the pixel 3a but then I went over to my one plus a pro opened up the case and it was able to pair over to it and it was

Considered a saved device on my Google profile or on my Google account so it was really easy to get it over to the next device all I had to do was install the app and make sure that notifications were turned on properly that way I can

Hear notifications through Google assistant on the buds there are a couple of great features on the buds that you tend to see singularly on other products like for example a wing tip in this case it's just this little piece of rubber

That's sticking out but when you twist the earbud in to your ear it will nestle into a certain portion of your ear and make them really hard to just shake out and actually in the first just couple of hours of using these ear buds I thought

I would have to go over to the larger silicon tips I thought that the seal wasn't quite there but there's actually a reason why I felt this as it turns out these pixel buds have a feature that is only really seen on the

Air Potts Pro so far which is a small vent in the design of the earbud that allows a little bit of air to come through so you have at least that airflow going in and out of your ear that feels much more natural than just

Plugging up your ear with most conventional ear buds so on top of the fact that these are actually fairly discreet these ear buds are also really light and because of that vent they barely feel like they're there it's

Something that you can wear for long periods of time but I get that for some people there might be a little bit of a soreness after a number of hours I feel like I'm not really going to have too much of a problem with that though

Because I have plenty of other ear buds so I've basically trained my ears to be ready for this kind of long-term wearing but I will of course report back if that is not the case I might be a little bit concerned about the battery life on here

Five hours is not the best battery life that I've seen out of any earbud but I will say that being able to just wear one at a time is a big plus that way when one dies out I can always get to another one multiple charges in this

Case should mean that I can get through a full day of work and play without many issues and as far as the case is concerned I can keep it on a wireless charger even to keep it topped up that's a feature that I'm really happy to see

Here especially since these earbuds are a little bit cheaper than most other truly wireless earbuds that support wireless charging and then of course there is the Google assistant side of things which I will test with

Notifications and certain hot word queries over the next number of days but of course it's nice to have that ability to just tap and hold on any either of the ear buds so that I can make it listen to me for a certain amount of

Time until I let go of the earbud and then it will check with Google just like it would on any other Google assistant the microphones on these earbuds are supposed to be really good there's even some sort of technology in here that

Knows when you're starting to talk because of the movement of your jaw that way it knows when you have either started or stopped talking that is a complaint I've had with plenty of other Google assistant enabled ear buds and

Headphones in the past because it doesn't always know when you're done talking so it doesn't quite know how much of what it heard to put into the search term so those would be some annoyances in the past but maybe that

Will be mitigated far more with these and so there you have it the unboxing and the first impressions on the pixel buts there's already a certain design to these that make me very satisfied the way these have turned out so far and

Of course compared to the original pixel budgee no longer have that long cord and the weird design where it just wasn't that comfortable to wear look forward to reviews both over at pocket now where I'll do a more conventional review of

These and then here on JV where I'll do my usual segments who is this for and from there make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven't already if you are new here thank you for sticking around and then you can get into the

Comment sections down below and tell me what you think about the pixel buds they are available now for I believe it's one hundred and seventy nine dollars which is a pretty middle-of-the-road price point but we'll get into why that might

Be significant in the future review from there drop some likes on this video and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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