PIXEL 4A (Biggest Frustrations and Best Features after 1 Month of Daily Use)

by birtanpublished on September 22, 2020

So i've been using the google pixel 4a for about a month now and in that month of using this as my everyday phone i found quite a few things that were either great features that i did not mention in my original review or were big pain points that neither i

Or most other reviews mentioned so in this video i want to give you an update on what it's like to use the google pixel 4a as your everyday phone now i first want to mention that before this phone i was

Using a flagship phone so coming to the google pixel 4a a mid-range phone about one-third of the price of the phone i was using i figured this phone was gonna have quite a few disappointments for me

I thought it was going to be slow and to my surprise pleasantly this phone was really pretty fast everything i was trying to do on a day-to-day basis was as fast as i needed it to be i'm talking about

Texting snapchat instagram you know just basic stuff like that spotify it was all like the apps open quickly they navigate quickly and you don't know you're using a 350 phone

When you're doing stuff like that now of course i was not out there editing videos and photos i wasn't playing intense games on here like a lot of things like that that are way heavier lifting that are really

Going to push your phone you probably would notice this is a slower phone but that's just one thing i wanted to note right off the bat but now let's get into the actual pros

And cons of what it was like to use this starting off with the physical aspects the first big drawback and this was actually a really big drawback for me was the volume of the speaker so you don't realize at first how often you're

Using your speaker in a louder environment so at first i thought you know what i don't listen to music through my speaker anyway it's not going to be a big deal but what i didn't realize is every time i'm on

Google duo or any kind of phone call using speakerphone if it's a little bit windy outside or if it's a little bit noisy where you are if there's people talking off in the distance

It becomes almost impossible to hear whoever you're talking to on the phone i mean of course if you go to a regular phone call it is you know loud enough but just what i'm saying is if you're on speakerphone

The little speaker on here is definitely very very quiet something else that i thought was really interesting this is not really a pro or a con for the phone specifically but i found that yes this

Has a headphone jack we were excited about that but for me specifically i found that in the entire month of having this phone i have not once plugged anything into that headphone jack i don't know if

That's just because i have wireless earbuds kicking around or because i lost the aux cable for my car but i always took the time to set up bluetooth in other people's cars and stuff like that

Just because i found that it is actually a nicer experience so really the point of this is i was excited to see the headphone jack but honestly it turns out i didn't miss it as much as

I thought it did now a big positive of this phone a lot of people were kind of bashing the all plastic unibody but of course you know google was cutting costs making only one color only one size

In all plastic body i think that's a good move on their part and on top of that not having any kind of glass back not having high gloss or really anything like that means that the phone is pretty durable you're talking

About just an all plastic design yes you might maybe scratch the back but i i have not scratched it yet i have not had any concerns with dropping it the only thing that i would recommend

However is you should be getting a screen protector for the front it is a relatively soft screen so if you put it in your pocket and you have a coin in your pocket or just something that you forgot was in

There maybe a key it's very easy to scratch the screen so i went out there and i mean a big positive here it is a flat screen so the flat display means you can get a nice tempered glass screen protector

That's exactly what i did so i'm not worried about scratching it of course now that screen protector could crack as it did right here but regardless the durability of this phone i was definitely very impressed no

Of course you don't have the ip rating on here no water resistance so it's not perfectly resistant to you know everyday use wear and tear if you get it wet that could cause damage but like i was saying durability is not

A problem except for water and for the screen as far as the camera setup goes on the back i'm used to having three cameras on the flagship phone i had before and going down to one camera i thought

Was going to be a big disappointment but i kind of have a bit of a revelation here that i think a lot of phones are eventually going to converge to having fewer but better lenses i think having a

Lot of lenses just kind of makes your phone bulkier and it is actually really nice to have a small very slim camera bump as you see right here this one does not get caught on

Your pocket it doesn't really wobble on a table and you still have a really good camera obviously it's a lot of software it's only 12 megapixels but you're taking great photos now i

Don't want to get too off topic with what phones should look like i'm just saying right here it is nice that you have just a really slim camera bump and a really good camera and i'll talk about

The camera more later on in this video but something interesting for some reason google really struggles with camera bumps i saw this on the google pixel 4 and again on the 4a right here the paint

Is already wearing off just for me having this in my pocket the paint on the camera bump so you can see this little shiny spot in the bottom right corner it's not a big deal it doesn't bother me

But for some people you know if you have a phone and a month later the paint is already wearing off the camera bump that could be a disappointment the fingerprint sensor in the back i found was in a great location very fast very

Accurate it's something we've seen on a lot of other pixel phones and just a lot of other phones in general so i do like having that fingerprint sensor but one drawback with this

Is if you put your phone in your pocket with the screen facing outward and the fingerprint sensor facing your leg then it will register your leg as an incorrect fingerprint and after it does that for

Some amount of time it says you you know incorrectly attempted more than five times and when you take it out of your pocket try to sign in it says can't sign in your fingerprint was misregistered five

Times and then you have to type in your pin and then you're ready to go again but it's just something that if you keep your phone in your pocket that way you're going to be annoyed unless you

Have a case on this phone now i talked a little bit about durability and not needing a case so having no case on this phone also really accents one of the big benefits of having this phone even over a lot of

Flagships and that is the small compact size it's very pocket friendly hand friendly it's small but it also has a reasonably large screen to body ratio yes i'm looking at you iphone sc now we

Knew this green on here was not going to be of any incredible quality we kind of expected that when we first saw this so if you're outside in broad daylight it's not the brightest screen but weirdly enough that's actually a

Positive when you're in a really low light environment so if you wake up in the middle of the night as i said in my note 20 update i wake up and if i look at this phone right here i'm

Absolutely blinded even at the lowest light setting it's just such a big screen and it's so bright having this smaller dimmer screen is kind of nice if you look at it at night it doesn't hurt your eyes and it's a

Nice dim setting so it has a really good low i just wish it got a little brighter in broad daylight this phone does not have wireless charging and i didn't realize how much

I'm actually missing that granted i have quite a few wireless chargers in my house here but when i go and travel to friends houses for example usb type-c is not the most common out there a lot of

People have iphones a lot of people have older androids so when i'm traveling a lot of people don't have a cable that i could use and if i forgot my cable if i lost it or whatever happens

A lot of people have wireless chargers and not being able to use it with this i found that sometimes it did put me in a bit of a pickle and when getting into the actual user experience i found that it was really fast with one exception

Where i ran into a problem and i'll touch on that in a second but google pixels have really great features that are even brought down to this 350 phone so one of them is like the the real-time transcription

It's a really nice feature to have call screening is absolutely amazing and if i'm going to switch back from this to whatever my next phone is that's definitely going to be the number one feature i will miss on top of that

You have the now playing feature which identifies songs around you the jump up to 128 gigabytes for this one versus last year's 64 gigabytes is definitely a really welcome upgrade uh that is a lot of storage to have on a

Smaller more mid-range phone and so i'm definitely very excited about that of course you can also store things on google's drives and all their stuff online uh if you're trying to do cloud storage

But you know 128 gigs on here should be more than enough for most people this has six gigs of ram which is definitely more than enough this obviously has a relatively weaker chipset compared to a lot of flagships

But you're running google's version of android which is very light very fast and on top of that you will be getting updates before a lot of other phones out

There so you're going to have a great experience with this phone it's going to feel much faster than other similar phones with the same chipset because it's just so light

Of an operating system and just so smooth when you're doing stuff now the one hiccup i mentioned before with the user experience was actually if you're on long google duo calls i found that this

Happened two or three times to me already if i'm calling somebody talking to them for maybe 20 25 minutes 30 minutes then the phone overheats and the whole thing just gets really really weird it

Freezes you can't see who you're talking to and you have to restart the phone and you'll notice that it definitely gets really hot along the top side of the phone so you know if

You're going to call people for a long time just keep that in mind it might be a little bit weird here and there using this phone for maybe four and a half five hours of screen time every day and having always on

Display turn to on i found that i'm still easily getting through an entire day with at least 20 when i'm going to bed so really no problem getting through a day with this phone

I'm very happy with the battery life now getting into the cameras when you go in broad daylight this camera is absolutely incredible i really love the white balance of it i like the color of it i just i really like everything about

It's a very natural looking photo and when you're in very low light it also does an excellent job when you're in night mode of course it takes a little bit longer maybe 15 seconds to take a shot

But the overall the night shots look really good now where it gets weird is when you're in between the two and it's like an early sunset you still it's still pretty bright out but if you're trying to take a regular

Photo it's very noisy if you go into night mode it doesn't quite know how to do this because it's a little too bright for night mode and photos tend to be a little bit weird so here's a picture right here i shared

It on my twitter if you guys want to see more go check out my twitter i'll link it down below it's mike o'brien with two ends at the end the camera also takes a second to

Process and kind of like make the photos when you go check them out because it is a slower processor and that's kind of how google takes photos the only other thing i really miss on this phone is actually the macro lens

I'm obviously just kidding nobody ever misses the macro lens i'm just saying that because a lot of other mid-range phones like the galaxy a series they add the macro lens on there just to

Add an extra camera to say they have more cameras but it's such a low quality that it never really does anything but on this one of course it is nice to have an ultra

Wide angle lens i wish it had that but otherwise you know this camera is definitely doing an excellent job i would say it's arguably the best for taking photos out of any mid-range phone out there

When it comes to video the iphone se probably does a better job but the videos still look pretty good on this phone as well so guys that's what i have to say about the google pixel 4a overall it's probably a lot faster than

You expect i was pleasantly surprised with the speed of this phone the storage of this phone it's very very capable especially for everyday use and you get all the google features and the google version of android on here

Which is just a great experience overall now of course if you're really trying to push your phone you want the best camera setup you want like you know you want to play games on here

You know you're going to be looking at some more flagship phones anyway and if you really want things like a waterproof rating or a wireless charging then maybe something like the iphone se

Would be a better choice for you but comment down below let me know what you think of the google pixel 4a if you have it if you've been using it or if you're thinking about getting it

Let me know what your thoughts are guys if you enjoyed this video please consider liking and subscribing thanks for watching i'll see you next time

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