PIXEL 4 vs PIXEL 3a [*Side by Side for 7 Days*] – Honest Comparison

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

In 2019 Google released two sets of phones the pixel four and the pixel three a the three a is the budget model coming in at about $400 and the pixel four is the flagship phone coming in at over $800 thanks to Google's light yet powerful software the three a performs

Exceptionally well for its price so it's the pixel for a true upgrade with advanced technology such as radar gesture control real-time transcriptions and astrophotography the four sounds promising on paper but how does it

Compare in real life I used both of these phones side by side for an entire week to figure this out in this video I dive into the similarities and differences between these phones to help you decide which one is best

hey everyone welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is all about the Google pixel 3a and the pixel for now like I said normally I don't compare a flagship

Phone to a budget phone but in the case of the pixel I think we need to make an exception so I think pixel phones are not really about the flashiest newest features and by that I mean hardware features so they're not gonna have like

The three cameras the heart rate sensor the under screen fingerprint sensors instead I think the purpose of a pixel is really to make your life easier with fewer button presses with fewer tasks and all you have to do like for example

You just pick up your phone if you have a question you want to search something you pick it up you look at it you squeeze it on the floor and you just ask whatever you want so you can set up appointments you can set up calendar

Events ask you know whatever you want to search on the internet you can send messages and phone calls and it's literally an assistant in your pocket and I know most other phones like you know Apple has Siri Android phones all

Have Google assistant on them Samsung has Bigsby if you use that so there are different versions out there but I think the pixel really is a special phone that really focuses primarily on that just to make your life as quick and efficient as

Possible so looking at these two phones side-by-side the first major difference that everyone has to really notice is the price now the pixel for of course prices vary for all of these but it's somewhere around $800 and the pixel 3a

Is somewhere around $350 now I'll drop links down below if you guys want to see the exact price right now they change all the time but you're talking about approximately double the price looking at the back of these phones

There are three different colors for each of them I'll pop them up on the screen right here but if you want like a purplish color I think it's what they call it then the 3a is a better phone for you or you could just get a skin or

A case for it that's the same color that you know if you want purplish or the oh so orange is the one that is unique to the for now they're both cool colors but you can also get black and white for either of those or like I said get a

Skin or get a case now the back of the for at least on the white one and on the orange one is a matte back and matte all the way around the outside of it except for obviously the camera block is just glossy I'm not gonna drop this phone

Ever I feel really comfortable with this phone I think it also looks really good it's not too shiny now on the flipside the 3a I believe this is a polycarbonate back and it's still moderately you know it's not too bad to hold it's kind of a

Matte color on the bottom and glassy on the top but it's not going to be the same texture that you have on the 4 now you also notice looking at the back that the 4 has the camera block which is classic of 2019 flagship phones but this

One doesn't have 3 cameras it only has 2 the third one up there is just a sensor so you have two cameras here one is a just regular wide angle and the other one is a telephoto lens I'll talk more about those later on but the 3a you just

Have a single camera which is the same camera that they have on the pixel 3 so it's a great camera it was one of the best cameras in the past couple years and so the pixel notoriously has a great camera they packed it into a budget

Phone if you're looking for a camera this is a really good one to get now you'll see right in the middle of the back you have a fingerprint sensor on the 3a you don't have that on the 4 so if you're somebody that really likes

Having a fingerprint sensor the 3a might be a better phone for you but on the flip side the 4 does have a radar chip on the top so it is supposed to be a very very fast face ID so you as soon as you're reaching for your phone it fires

Up the cameras you pick up your phone and it signs in instantly so it's really really fast and I found that very impressive especially in brighter settings like in the studio right now it's absolutely instant sometimes in the

Dark it's slightly slower but it's still absolutely no problem to sign in a quick aside if you're new here and haven't yet subscribed but you're interested in the latest tech like these two phones right here make sure you go on and click the

Subscribe button and the bell icon otherwise YouTube won't tell you when I put out new videos so I will be reviewing some other Google hardware such as the pixel buds and the nest mini as well as several other things they

Just released if you don't want to miss those make sure you click the subscribe button and the bell icon both of these do have the little squeezy sides so if you're somebody that likes the classic pixel you'll pick it up and squeeze it

And ask you know the Google assistant something you can do that with both of these phones that's really nice so a really big plus for a lot of people maybe not everyone but I know it is for me they have a headphone jack on the 3a

Right here so you'll see you can plug in any kind of headphones you want here before you have to get either a little dongle for that or you have to go out and buy a bluetooth headphones now to test out the voice assistant and speed

Of those cases nice that on you to the pixel four is clearly the faster of these two phones when it comes to opening apps what's the weather in San Diego California although the three a strange Lena is faster when opening the

Weather I'm gonna take me to drive from Bangor Maine to San Diego California with light traffic it will take you two days to drive from Bangor to San Diego create a reminder for me to buy Captain Crunch

And buy some Cheerios and buy some frosted mini-wheats and buy some bread and some eggs and some yogurt and some milk and I definitely need to remember to buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch sure set a timer for 10 minutes this is

Not a perfect test by any means but should indicate the relative speeds of these two phones open my camera you'll also notice kind of a subtle difference here and I don't know if it's good or bad but this screen on the four

Is a little bit more rounded in the corner so today really chopped off a lot of the corners there if you're watching videos that really you know occupy the corners it might be a little bit strange I got used to it and it doesn't bother

Me now now speaking of the screen though the four also has a 90 Hertz refresh rate which is very exciting so it's a much more smooth interface every now and then it drops back down to 60 Hertz though if you have it set with

Automatically power saving kind of mode but if you can you can override that and have it always 90 Hertz but the problem then is the next major difference between these phones and that is the battery so the 3a has a 3000 milliamp

Hour battery the four has a twenty eight hundred million power battery but because the four has a 90 Hertz refresh rate screen and a couple other things in there that use a lot of power the battery doesn't last nearly as long on

The floor as you would get on the 3a so so Google is really excited about the radar chip that they put on the pixel for right here and like I said you can read through your phone and it turns on the camera are much quicker so it signs

In very fast you can also use it too for example if you have an alarm going off or a phone call as you reach for your phone it turns the volume down it just makes it a little more subtle you can then swipe it away if you don't want to

You know if you just want to dismiss the alarm but I think the biggest upgrade between these two phones and I think the most obvious one for a lot of people would be the process and of course the RAM on board so going

From a 600 series snapdragon to an 855 is a pretty big leap up so the 4 is gonna be significantly faster under daily use than the 3a then you also have actually you have the same amount of storage on both of these they both the

Lowest model is 64 gigs on the 4 and then 3a is actually only comes in 64 gigs so that's enough for a lot of people if you're shooting 4k videos which both of these can do then you won't be able to shoot that much 4k

Video you might fill it up soon but 64 gigs is not that bad I know some people complain but I'm not going to so now the photo quality of both of these phones the first thing you can notice is the white balance is improved on the pixel 4

It is also higher quality when you zoom in and you can go up to 8x and you have super resume and then of course we go into the famous night mode the night mode is also improved on the pixel 4 because it now has astrophotography as

Well as standard night mode and you can actually take star pictures and it'll take about four minutes to take the picture so another difference that I think kind of correlates with the price here would be the waterproofing so the 4

Is ip68 waterproof and the 3 is not which means that if you drop the 4 in water that's like a couple feet deep it could be there for up to like thirty minutes or so and then your phone's gonna be fine now the three if you drop

It in I don't know how long it would last before it breaks I'm not gonna test that out either now you could argue that you know how often do you actually drop it in the water I don't think I've ever dropped the phone in the water and even

If you did drop it it'd be cheaper to buy 2 pixel 3 a's then 1 pixel for so like i said it correlates with the price it makes sense that this one has to be waterproof so the screen sizes and resolutions on both of these are very

Similar the 4 is 0.1 inches larger so not a huge difference there and there's also a smaller bezel on the bottom which can you know as a small plus right there so between these two phones which one is actually better so they both have some

Very impressive features they can both do the fundamentals of what a pixel is meant to do including make your life easier with the Google assistant now if you want a fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack it makes sense that the

Pixel 3a is the one for you it's also significantly cheaper so if you're on a budget another great option here but if you're looking for the more premium phone which in my opinion looks better it also is faster significantly faster

Has you know better cameras the astrophotography ii telephoto lens right there and several other features baked into this one the pixel four is the one for you now regardless of which one you

Chose I made a video on each of those so the pixel three video I'll pop it up right here and then the pixel four video I'll pop it up right here so check out one of those whichever one you like better comment down below before you go

To that video thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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