Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 – Which should you buy? (Feat. UrAvgConsumer)

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

– What's up, guys? Saf here on SuperSafTV. And we've got an interesting video today. We're gonna be looking at the Google Pixel 4 versus the iPhone 11, along with my buddy Judner, better known as UrAvgConsumer. – What's up, y'all?

What's going on, guys? – Good to have you on the channel, man. – Of course, of course. – So, we've got these two phones. They've never been closer. You know, when you're talking about price

And everything like that, these are the entry level models from Apple, and from Google. – Mm-hmm. – So this is gonna be an interesting comparison. We're gonna break down all of the different features,

And then we'll also tell you our preferences for all of the different features. – Yeah. – So should we start off with the build and design? – Yeah, let's do it. – Similar set-up.

– Aluminium frame, or aluminum as you Americans like to say. – Aluminum, yeah. (Saf laughing) – And we've got the glass back, but we do have the glossy all around on the iPhone. – Mm-hmm.

– We've got a matte finish here on the Pixel's. – Which I prefer. – There is the glossy version, as well, on the black. – The black one, yeah. – But you get more color options on the iPhone. – Yeah.

I will say, though, I don't know. I really do like the matte finish from the white one. Also orange looks okay, but the white one for me looks really clean. – If you were to pick one, overall, for the design, what would it be?

– Overall for the design. I really like the white Pixel, but I think overall, though, iPhone is probably a bit cleaner. Throughout the entire line. – Okay.

That's good to know. I mean, if I was to pick one, I mean because I really like that matte finish I would go with the Pixel, as opposed to the iPhone 11. Both IP68 water and dust resistant as well. The Pixel's quite a bit smaller

Compared to the iPhone. And that is because it does have a smaller 5.7-ish display compared to the– – 6.1 – 6.1 inch display. And obviously the displays are very different here. – OLED versus–

– LCD. – Super retina. – Super– – Liquid retina. – Liquid retina. That's what they call it. So we've got liquid retina versus smooth

OLED on the Pixel. We've also got a high resolution on the Pixel. 1080p versus around, what eight? We were trying to find the number but can't actually get to it. – Low 800, 820 something p.

– Yeah. – Nothing to be super proud about. – Yeah and the pixel also has up to 90 Hz. – Which is nice. – Which is really nice. – It's like adaptive so sometimes 60, sometimes 90.

– But when it is 90 it's nice, isn't it? – Oh so nice. – Yeah, now we also were trying to do some tests to see which one's brighter, now neither of these are amazingly bright to be honest but from what we can see the iPhone is a tad brighter isn't it?

– Yeah, I think the general consensus here that we found is just the iPhone does in many angles look a lot brighter. – Yeah. – Especially in direct sunlight, in direct sunlight it's a little hard to really pick, but I think for most of us

We kinda just fell on the iPhone. – Yeah and then we've got the bezel situation, so we've got a uniform bezel all round on the iPhone, with the notch whereas on the Pixel we've got smaller bezels on the left and right, I'd say the chin is roughly about the same but then we have that forehead.

– I'm all for the forehead man, I don't mind it because when Google came out with the Pixel 3XL, ah horrible, that was a mistake. – The back though. – That notch was bad, man. – That was a big notch.

– I'd rather go with the forehead and no notch, it's just a much cleaner screen? You know when you're looking at content, you're just using the phone, the screen itself looks better. – Okay, so if you were to pick a screen between these two? – Oh, just overall?

– Yeah. – No, I mean the brightness is a big deal for me. – Okay. – So I'd probably go iPhone. Ah, you know what? – Ooh, this is a tough one

– This is tough, because there are sacrifices made on each side, so you know you got that OLAD 90Hz content looks really good on it but it's so dim which is a huge problem for me. You take that thing outside, man, you're not having a good time.

– Especially I wear glasses a lot so you know, it was a struggle. I earlier on went into direct sunlight and it was a bit of a struggle to kind of see everything. – Yeah. – So it loses some points for that.

– I will, Okay, I will say, feature wise, the fact that this is OLAD, I love it, but just for a consistent viewing experience, I probably would go with the iPhone. – Interesting, interesting. For me it'd be a tough one, a very tough one just because

Of that brightness but I think I would just because of the 90Hz, I would compromise a little bit on the brightness there because of the OLAD, the high resolution and the high refresh rate. So I think I'd probably be leaning towards the Pixel, yeah.

– Yeah, I get it, it's got good screen features. – It has. Okay, now let's talk about the cameras 'cause this is where it gets very interesting – Yeah, Google made some interesting choices with their two lenses here.

What side of the spectrum are you on? – Okay so this is interesting because on the basis of it I will always pick ultra-wide over zoom. But I'm a sucker for portraits at 50mmm. – Okay. – So, I think portraits look better,

Generally from when I used to do a lot of photography before, if I was photographing a portrait I'd always do either 50 mil or above, maybe 85, somewhere around there. So, using the wide angle, like the primary camera, which is roughly around 28 for portraits it's not something that I personally like.

So, when it comes to portraits, but then for general photography, ultra-wide hands down. – Yeah, yeah for sure. You see, my thing is, the Pixel 4 has that super-res zoom, which actually does a pretty decent job. So it almost feels a little redundant to have

A telephoto lens as well when you've got that feature built into it. I find, I think personally that there are just way more situations where you could use the ultra-wide versus the telephoto. – Yeah.

– I think, you know, the average person will just zoom into their photo if they have to, you know. – Well you're hearing this from the AvgConsumer about the average person, so. – I gotta be right about that, right? (Saf laughs)

– Yeah, for sure. – So, yeah, for me I'm ultra-wide all the way. I feel like Apple made the right move in terms of camera lens choices. – Yeah.

– But in terms of performance, that's a different story. – Okay, so you've been using it for the past few days, so have I. I actually did the camera comparison which would have gone live by the time this video

Goes live, with Marquez, you can check that out, I'll link that in the cards and description. What are your thoughts on cameras, let's talk about photos initially between both of these. – Well, they've got different looks. iPhone tries to go for that really natural,

Just, you get what you see kind of mentality. But, Pixel I find to be a bit more contrast-y, you get darker blacks and it's just a more contrast-y look, a little bit more color there. Really good dynamic range on both, honestly it's a style preference, I feel like.

I really like the way Pixel cameras perform. iPhones are great if you wanna edit them in post. Like, you know, you wanna switch it up, put your own taste on it. But not that many people are editors out there. – Yep.

– So if you want just something that looks really good right out of the camera, I don't know man, the Pixel does an awesome job – Processing on there is pretty good, yeah. And video, this is where it gets interesting. (Judner blows raspberry)

– It's not interesting, it's not interesting. (Saf laughs) The iPhone wins. – Yeah, well that is the interesting part because I've said this so many times before and like, a few people have criticized me for it. But, like, hands down right now the iPhone shoots

The best video on any smart phone, fight me. – Criticized? Really? It's a fact. – A few people get a bit, I'm like look, don't @ me (Judner laughs) it's got the best video,

And the fact that it can shoot up to 4k60 from all cameras. Now this is something like, you know, I've said this before but to me all it seems like Google really go all out on photos, but then video is always an after-thought. – Yeah, I think that strikes same here.

– Yeah man. – You know, for sure, video quality is definitely lacking when it comes to the Pixel, I'd say. – Yeah, so for video I think hands down it's gonna be the iPhone. When it comes to pictures I think it's gonna be subjective,

I think both of these are very, good for pictures. So it's gonna come down to your personal preference. Do you like an ultra-wide? Do you like portraits which, you know personally, I think the Pixel does better at that sort of 50 mil range. So I think that's gonna come down

To your personal preference. Front facing camera, again video, I think hands down iPhone. It can shoot 4k60 from the front facing camera. The Pixel really doesn't, like– – It's 1080. – You know, it's 1080 and like quality-wise as well,

You know, hands down it's the iPhone. Selfies, what do you think? – Hmmm, same thing. Same thing, I would say. 'Cause you get a more stylized photo out of the Pixel every time, so it's really just down to whether or not you

Want something that looks just a little bit more natural. You want something with a little bit more contrast, looks little bit sharper maybe, you go with the Pixel. – Yeah. So I mean, I like both the selfies, I think both of them are like some of the best out there for selfies.

Great dynamic range. Portrait mode's really good as well. All right, now we're gonna be talking about software. Now, I'm gonna say this right away, it is subjective. – Completely. – The advantage that you have on both of these

Is that you've got great tunnels, you've got the 855, and then you've got the Apple Bionic 813. – 813. – You know, you've got a little bit of differences in RAM, but because of the different operating systems the biggest advantage I think that you've got on both

Of these is that they're both stock and you're gonna be getting updates right away. And that's one of the reasons that you'd be going for a Pixel as well. – Right, of course. Yeah, it honestly just comes down to whether you're used

To using iOS, or if you you really just want Android. – Now let's talk about some of the features. So, we have this new radar sensor on the Pixel so, you know, the face unlock is crazy fast. – It's a beautiful thing. – It's so fast.

But– – But. – I've read an article recently that it unlocks with your eyes closed as well. – Yes, and it works. – It did, it did. It's so good that it unlocks with your eyes closed.

(both laugh) – I don't know if you wanna put that in the marketing 'cause I know there's a lot of guys out there who are probably like (inhales hesitantly) I don't know if I need all that. – Yeah, when you're sleeping and, you know, your girl's

Like let me have a look at your messages, you know? – Let's just take a look. – Yeah, now one thing that I really like about the iPhone is you have the option to switch off, you know, if you're aware or not. So like with me when I've got sunglasses on,

I usually have that off and I'm not too worried about somebody just pointing it at my face and unlocking it. So I like that there's the option. – Right. – Currently, I'm sure it will probably come with the software update, but currently there is no way to

Switch that on and off. Face ID on the iPhone. – Eh, it works. You know, you wait a little second to get in but it's fine. – Between these two. – Oh, Pixel for me.

Pixel has been amazing. Like, I've been loving the experience just getting into the phone. – It is faster, I found it's like so much faster. Gestures, motion sense, the whole., what do you think? – I mean, it's…

You know, it's so funny because people called it a gimmick for awhile. I think it came out on like the G8 or something. – Yeah. – It's cool. I think swiping, like, maybe if you're listening to

Something while you're doing, like let's say you got Spotify open while you're typing on your computer, you got music playing from the speaker, you don't like the song, you quickly just swipe. You know, that's cool. Practical, is it something that someone's gonna use a lot?

Probably not. But the fact that the radar can protect your hands going over the phone as you pick it up to do the whole face unlock, I think that's clutch. You know the others, people will probably call it a gimmick. But that right there alone sold me on just having

That radar. If it only had that one feature, I'd take it. – Yeah. I agree, I don't see myself… I do see those gestures as gimmicky because if my hands are dirty I'm just gonna ask Google

To skip to the next track. To me, instead of walking over to my phone and then doing this business which, right now seems really buggy. I mean, of course it's probably gonna improve its software. To me it's a gimmick, and I don't see myself using the whole waving gestures thing.

I'd rather just ask Google to do that for me. – Very situational. – But, I do agree with the being aware of your surroundings. And being able to activate that face unlock which is really fast, but not fully secure at the minute. Now let's talk about audio, I'm not an audiophile,

I know you are. Of course we don't have a 3.5mm jack needle. That's something that we are very much used to. You do get some air pods, lightning air pods out of the box, with the iPhone you don't, on the Pixel which is interesting.

– Yeah. – So you're gonna have to either get some wireless earbuds or get a converter or something. – Google Pixel Buds. – Aye, there you go. (Judner laughs)

There's a selling point. Speakers, have you had a chance to kind of listen to content? Should we do that right now? – Yeah. Let's throw something on really quickly.

I have gotten a chance to listen to them but, just for refreshers sake, let's just take a quick listen. – Okay. (bright electronic music) – Oh no, wow. So, we're getting a much fuller sound with the Pixel here.

This sounds a little bit (electronic music ) further away, a little bit lower. (electronic music) Oh man, that low bass in there, everything. Yeah, this is easy for me, definitely go with the Pixel. Just off of this one test, the Pixel definitely sounds

A lot better for me. – I think Google will generally do a good job with the speakers. They've always had good sort of front firing speakers. This time they're not front firing but, they are still pretty good.

I am not an audiophile by any means but thankfully we have yourself here. Right, now let's talk about battery. So we've actually got a bigger battery on the iPhone. And in my usage between both of these I think the iPhone definitely has better battery life for me.

– That's interesting. Yeah, I mean it's not too surprising honestly, because the iPhone 11 has great battery life while the Pixel 4 has a, what, 2800 milliamp hour battery? – So far I think I can safely say that the iPhone 11 has better battery life.

Now both of these do support fast charging which is great. You get the fast charger out of the box in the Pixel. Unfortunately, you don't on the iPhone, so. (Judner sighs) – It's a shame. – It is. – Honestly a shame.

– It is something that we should definitely get. But it's something that we unfortunately don't have with the iPhone. And it is nice to have that, both of these also support wireless charging. Which is, obviously, for me it's such a big, big thing.

Now, in the U.S it's interesting, let's talk about price now, right. So in the U.S you do get the iPhone $100 cheaper compared to the Pixel. So technically you could spend a part of that $100– – On a new charger.

– To getting a fast charger. So, you know, that would kind of even things up a little bit there, right? In the UK it's kind of weird because you're gonna be paying around 60 pounds more for the iPhone.

So it's actually flipped, which is kind of weird. – So it's more expensive in the UK, the iPhone's more expensive. – The iPhone's more expensive in the UK, in the U.S the Pixel's more expensive, so. What do you think of the pricing points, let's

Talk about U.S because that's where you're based. – I mean, (sighs) it's actually a little surprising that, for me anyway, that the Pixel 4 came in at $800. I thought it'd honestly be $700, $750. But $800, it feels like it's on the higher end for the kind of phone that it is, to be honest with you.

– Yeah, definitely. And it seems like Google are going very aggressive in the UK, maybe they want to try to capitalize on some market share in the UK. – Should've did that here too. What's going on Google?

– Yeah, do that there too so that they can… (Judner laughs) Both of these start at 64, you can get 128 GB option, but on the iPhone you can go even further and get a 256 option. Obviously you're going to be paying more for that.

Pricing wise, do you think you're gonna get a better deal on the iPhone in the U.S anyway? (Judner sighs) – Yeah, I'd say so. You know, you got yourself just like, not counting operating systems just in general,

You got yourself a phone that will last longer during the day. If you want to spend the money you can go get a fast charger, I recommend it. And overall, you got a brighter display, I think the overall experience at this price,

It's not something people would complain about. I don't know, I think you're getting a better deal with this at $700. – Okay, so I'm gonna put you on the spot here. – Oh, boy. – If you were to pick just one of these

Which one would you pick? – Oh man, why you gotta do this Saf? (Saf laughs) Why you gotta do it? – It's gotta be done man, it's gotta be done. – If I had to pick one…

Now, it's tough for me because my whole family uses iOS. – Okay. – I'm pretty deep into the ecosystem so I gotta have that iMessage, it's a pretty much a must for me. Now, family aside, just being a techy, going with what

I know, if I had to pick one of these I still kind of… I gotta stand by the idea of spending $700 and just the overall experience with the iPhone. – Okay. I think that's fair. – All right, bring the hate. – Oh, that's it.

– Pass me my flame shield, please. (both laugh) – I think for me, if I was in the U.S for $100 cheaper, I would pick the iPhone. In the UK that's a different story, and I think I'm kind of leaning more towards the Pixel.

But in the U.S, $100 cheaper, I'm not sure what went wrong with the pricing strategy there. – So weird. – But I think I would be going for the iPhone. But I think both are pretty good devices where they're coming in at. – Oh yeah, absolutely.

– You are getting that stock experience, so both of these are really good. Which one would you pick, which one would you go for? Definitely drop a comment below, let us know your thoughts. And, if you haven't already then make sure you subscribe to Judner, UrAvgConsumer.

– I welcome you all. – Yes. I'm gonna be leaving his channel linked in the description below. And if you haven't already subscribed to this channel, SuperSafTV, then be sure to subscribe. Hit that bell icon so you don't miss any (bell rings)

Of the new content. And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to smash that like button. Judner, thanks so much for being on my channel, man. – Of course man, of course. – It's always great to have you.

– Oh, we gotta do that again. – Oh we gotta do that one again, take two take two. – We can't mess up the handshake. – Take two, I wasn't sure if we were gonna go for that – Well yeah, I know, it's always tough so we're gonna

Go like dun, uh, there you go. – Okay, right. I'm leaving all of this in by the way (laughs) – No you're not, you can't do it, Saf. (both laugh) – Cool, all right guys, thanks for watching, we'll see you next time.

– Peace. (lively electronic music)

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