Pixel 3 versus iPhone 11 Pro real world camera comparison

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey what's going on guys I'm Nick
Griffith Android and we are back with
another smartphone camera comparison
with the iPhone 11 pro hitting that
against the pixel 3 now the pixel 3 was
released in 2018 but is still considered
to be one of the best smartphone cameras
to take pictures with in 2019 as well it
features a 12 megapixel sensor on the
back with an F 1.8 28 millimeter lens
with optical and electronic image
stabilization and then up front you get
two 8 megapixel sensors one with a 28
and the second with a 19 millimeter
ultra wide-angle lens
those cameras can only record video at
1080p at 30 frames per second and the
rear camera can record 4k video at 60
frames per second on the iPhone side we
actually have a total of 4 12 megapixel
sensors one up front and three in the
back the main one features a 26
millimeter lens with optical image
stabilization and then there's a 2 X
zoom with optical image stabilization as
well and then finally a 13 millimeter
ultra wide-angle lens and of course the
big upgrade here is that the iPhone can
record 4k video at 60 frames per second
from all four lenses so now that we've
taken a look at the specifications of
these two devices let's jump in and look
at some side-by-side photo and video
comparisons to see how these two devices
actually fare in the real world

when it comes to recording videos these
two devices actually show their main
differences the pixel three actually can
only record 4k video at 30 frames per
second from the rear camera while the
iPhone 11 Pro can record 4k video at 60
frames per second and then the fact that
you can switch between the ultra wide
standard and then the 2x zoom really
makes a massive difference as far as
what you can capture with the iPhone 11
Pro versus the pixel threes single lens
on the back when it comes to video
recording with the front facing camera
the iPhone 11 Pro does have the
advantage here when it comes to
resolution and frame rate recording 4k
video of 60 frames per second this is
the pixel threes of 1080p and that's
pretty miserable that being said though
the pixel 3 does have a hidden secret
that second ultra wide-angle lens
allowing you to zoom out and get much
wider field of view for your shots which
honestly is extremely important when
you're recording video with that front
facing camera

and here's a look at the front-facing
video recording capabilities of the
iPhone 11 Pro and the pixel 3 now keep
in mind that the pixel does have a
secondary camera up front allowing you
to get a much wider view and the quality
from that secondary camera is actually
pretty much identical to what you get
out of the original one which is kind of

so that's gonna do it for our camera
comparison between the pixel three and
the iPhone 11 Pro now if you're not an
iPhone fan you probably don't want to
hear that this phone here it did a lot
of good things and actually be out the
pixel 3 and many different scenarios and
that's saying a lot because the pixel 3
was considered the gold standard as far
as camera phones go for the last half of
2018 and the first half of 2019 that
being said though the iPhone still
doesn't have the one feature that the
pixel 3 has that sets it apart from the
competition and that's that secondary
front-facing camera which allows you to
zoom out on your photos and videos and
capture more of the background or even
fit more people in so let me know what
you think of these two cameras and how
they compare in the comments below if
you enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up don't forget to subscribe we
have more camera comparisons between the
iPhone 11 throw and a lot of the other
flagship smartphones of 2019 thank you
guys so much for watching and we'll
catch you in the next one

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