Pfizer Stock (PFE): When is the BEST Time to Buy?

published on August 2, 2020

Pfizer stock pfe has long been an investor favorite as a company has a very wide economic mode pays a stable and relatively high dividend and in its most recent earnings report it actually beat economic forecasts as

The kernel virus vaccine trial enters its final stage but overall pfizer sales actually fell last quarter because of the increased competition in its generic drug business now many wall street analysts are currently

Very bullish on pfizer if you're looking for growth i have reasons to believe that you'd be better off waiting until it reaches a specific price that i'm going to reveal at the end of this

Video however some investors should actually consider buying it before thursday july 30th why i'm gonna give you my quick reasons after this short intro as i analyze the

Pfizer stock from five points of my signature invest diva diamond analysis or the idda which analyzes any asset from five points fundamentals technicals market sentiment risk assessment overall how it

Can fit within your portfolio we're going to carry in the intro and while we do that head over to the comment section and tell me if you're looking at pfizer for dividend payments or for capital gains

We're going to hear in the intro and let's go hey guys i'm kara daniel a four-time author and actually a best-selling

Author right now and the founder of the investiva movement the march to jump on in order to take control of your financial future and to make your money work for you i analyze tens of assets per week for

Our premium investing group or the pig members so if you'd like to learn how you can get a three months free membership to the pig open up a new browser

And register your receipt from my masterclass by going to learnimbastivacom for slash yes then come back here and let's get to the pfizer stock analysis on tuesday july 28 2020 we found out

That pfizer reported growth in its biopharma division in the latest quarter but overall sales fell in the midst of the increased competition in its generic drug business pfizer is

One of the world's largest pharmaceutical firms and it spends a leading amount on research and development close to eight billion dollars annually pfizer's market cap is currently at 217 billion

Dollars according to yahoo finance it pays a dividend yield of 405 which is relatively high and its ex dividend date is on july 30th 2020 so if you'd like to get paid

Pfizer's dividend this quarter you must buy its shares before july 30th which is july 20th so if you're watching this video after july 29th then you'd want to stay on

This video to see what is the next best price to buy visor and whether or not it's actually suitable for you even if you are looking for dividend payments you might consider

Watching till the end because you could buy some pfizer shares before july 29th and then set by limit orders at better prices that i'm going to talk about in a little bit also noteworthy is that pfizer's international sales makes up

Fifty percent of its total sales now let's get to market sentiment morningstar gives pfizer a four star and it thinks that his fair value is at forty two point fifty

Percent benzene benzynga's market sentiment is mainly bearish while on a seeking alpha we have people from neutral to bullish to very bullish we don't have bears here but as

You can see we have people all over the place when it comes to pfizer at this price point another thing worthy to mention is this three-year-old telehealth startup

Row who has pounced on pfizer's patents once they expired and they just raised a fresh 200 million dollar in funding bringing its valuation to 15 billion dollars this could be considered a baby unicorn

And it could potentially become a pfizer competition once they go public especially since they have managed to make men's hair loss supplements and erectile dysfunction meds sexy by incorporating

Three major trends number one everything is delivered so you don't have to pick up those viagra or std pills in person number two they got very trendy packaging and number three

You can get prescriptions via online doctor consultation and follow up with your md via in-app text so keep that in mind obviously this would not impact pfizer

In the medium or short term but keep that in mind for the long term now let's move on from row unicorn and here's what the bears in the world say about pfizer today pfizer's fans say that pfizer's pipeline productivity is

Improving with several successful recent drug launches they also mentioned that the stock supports a dividend yield of over three percent well four percent today and we expect a steady cash flow to

Support the dividend and pfizer's decision to divest its off-patent divisions could actually result in a faster growing innovative company ecosystem now the non-fans say that the past

Aggressive cost cutting in research and development could actually hurt pfizer's long-term prospects given the importance of continued investment into innovation and r d all although pfizer still is one of

The largest r d in healthcare but bears say it's not enough and also they say that although the companies through its worst uh the patent cliff it still faces a recent major

Pattern loss with lyrica in 2019-2020 last but not least they say several of pfizer's late stage pipeline drugs are entering crowd markets that may limit share gains

Due to the delayed entry now that we've got the first two points of the invest diva diamond analysis let's get down to technicals and see the price action so i actually covered the pfizer

For our premium investing group members back in may that was the last time we had some buy limit orders that already went through now looking at pfizer on the weekly chart we can see that it used to be a growth company

Until it hit a barrier right below 50 and then it reached low during the 2008 market crash and then it started to slowly but surely make up for it this is one of the few growth stocks

That has not yet been able to completely erase the losses from its all-time high levels in the past 20 years and if you look at it from a very long-term point of view you might even notice a potential

Formation of a double top bearish reversal chart pattern this is very long term and it may or may not be valid anymore but uh it's something to keep in mind it in its

Most recent highs right before the covet 19 pandemic hit it wasn't able to even reach the all-time high levels of 50 and created a lower high and then it dropped obviously due to

Coronavirus zooming in and for those bulls who would consider the latest drop back simply due to chronovirus then we could expect the price to actually go

Higher in the long term however again here we can see that this level at 39 has created a very solid resistance level for pfizer and normally we expect a rush of buyings before and after

The earnings date and before right before the dividend payments date which is well today july 28th that i'm analyzing this video and if we don't see a confirmation

Above the 39 level price point then there is a good chance that we could see pfizer to drop to at least 35 why did i select this level a few reasons first of all this falls

At a previous support level it also falls at a 38 financial tracement level which traces pfizer's stock price from the recent highs

To the recent lows at 27 last but not least this level falls exactly on the upper band of the daily ichimoku for those of you who don't know this

Is the ichimoku cloud i've written a book about it and we when the price is this choppy and it's dancing around the html cloud and it breaks above it as it did on july 17th we expected to

Have a temporary pullback towards at least 35 now the future cloud is bullish and another medium term observation is this potential angled double bottom chart pattern so

What am i saying if you're looking to get into pfizer solely for dividend payments you should buy before july 29th if that is today for you then you might want to consider buying it right now

Today but if you don't if you're watching this video after july 29th then you might want to set by limit orders at 35 and the next support level

At 32 or if you want to be safe and don't miss out you can actually set it at 33 there is a zone between 32 to 33 if you're looking for growth you could then consider taking profit at 44 or 46

But if you're the type of investor who doesn't want to take profit within a year for tax purposes then you might consider holding it long term as i

Always always insist no investment strategy is a one size fit all and investment strategies should fit your unique portfolio your unique risk tolerance

Financial goals and current financial situation my strategy may not be suitable for you i will tell you what i did i already bought pfizer at the lower prices

And i actually just bought some on july 28th as well but i'm setting by limit orders at the limit orders that i just mentioned but this strategy may not be suitable for you first of all because maybe

Pfizer may be too risky for you it is very volatile it has not been able to even get back to its all-time high levels if you're somebody with a higher risk tolerance would prefer

To invest in a growth stock that is currently undervalued then again advisor may not be the right fit for you if you're a person who does not care about dividend payments and wants to go

All in higher risk stocks that provide a potential of a massive return in the long term then again pfizer may not be the right stock for you another thing to consider is if you already have health care

Stocks in your portfolio and you don't want to over expose your portfolio to healthcare pharmaceutical assets that makes it for my quick idda analysis for the pfizer

Stock now i'd love to hear from you what do you think do you think pfizer is the right asset for your portfolio today and if it is are you going to buy on july 29th or are you going to wait for

It to reach select buy limit orders and if you are going to buy are you going to hold on to it long term or are you going to take a profit at the old time high

Levels i would really love to hear from you so go ahead to the comment section and let me know as always thank you so much you guys for joining

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