People Share Their Virginity Horror Stories

published on July 2, 2020

– You know, you gotta warm up the oven

before you can like put in the bread

We didn't work up to it

He just kinda, you know,

you know

(peaceful music)

– Hi my name is Olivia,

and I'm gonna tell you my
virginity horror story

So I was a senior in college

I had just gotten back from
a full year of being abroad

So when I got back to
school for my last year,

I decided I was gonna lose my virginity

and I didn't care who
I was gonna lose it to

My friends weren't very
supportive of this,

they kept telling me,

"Olivia, you should really, you know,

"get a boyfriend or lose it
to someone you actually like"

But in college it was pretty hard

to find someone I actually liked

So I just figured, you know what,

I'm just gonna get this
over with, it's time

By the end of the first semester,

I still hadn't lost my virginity

And it was the last week of finals

and my friends and I decided
to go to The Standard downtown

because we were 21 and we
were finally old enough

to actually go to bars,
instead of just frat parties

So my friends and I got to The Standard

and we met a group of Australian men

who were very good
looking, and Australian,

so I'll take any accent

We started chatting with them

and I had my eye on one in
particular, and that was it,

that was the moment I
knew that I was gonna

make him my person to
lose my virginity to

My friend and I took
two of the Australians

back to her apartment on campus

But I took my Australian to
my best friend Nicole's room

She wasn't there at the time,
she was still out at the bar

So I took him to her room

'cause I didn't live in that apartment,

the Australian and I proceeded
to get hot and heavy,

things started to move very quickly

We had sex and it was very short,

and basically immediately
as it was happening,

I looked down and there
was blood everywhere,


All over Nicole's white comforter,

and the Australian
flipped out, he ran out

I was just sitting on the bed

in a pool of blood freaking
out, this isn't normal

I ran to the bathroom, sat on the toilet

I think I used a whole
roll of toilet paper

to like get it to like pad myself,

and it did not stop

Went back to Nicole's room,

grabbed her white comforter,
rolled it up in a ball,

and then I just ran the
(beep) out of there,

'cause my other friend had meanwhile,

she was having sex with
the other Australian

in the other room

So I ran home

It was four AM and I had to
walk home to where I was living

in my sorority house

The bleeding

did not stop for five days

One of my finals I went to,

it was just scarring

I remember standing up from my chair

and there was a little
pool of blood on the seat

I really did freak out

I was like, maybe I should see a doctor

So then I got to the hospital
and the doctor was like,

"You do not need surgery, you
just need to wait it out"

That is the cherry on top

And that's my virginity horror story

– Yo, what's up?

I'm Jeff, and this is my
virginity horror story

So I lost my virginity three days after

I actually went to Ball State

The buildin' that I lived
in, there was eight floors

The first four are for
men, the second four,

so four through eight are for women

So that day when I was movin' in,

one of my friends who actually
lived in the same building,

she brought one of her
friends down, so her roommate

And they just came out
and checked out the room

and everything and we got to meet 'em

The first weekend in college, you know,

what do you do?

You go party

So we hang out with
the girls, we go party

We hit a couple house parties,

'cause that's all we know,

get to sharing a couple of drinks

And she says,

"Jeff, let's,

"let's go back"

So that's all I needed to hear

I follow her lead, we go back,

she lives on the sixth floor,

I live on the second floor

Let's just leave it at that

And we get to her room,

I'm laying directly like this on my back

and she's on top and she just stops moving

and looks at me and she
decides to turn over

and puke directly into the trash can,

and ground to the right of me

I just see puke

I just see everything that's going bad

I don't know, this is my first time

So I decide to not only
kind of push her off,

but pull my pants up,
and run as soon as I can

When I tell you that
I did a full on sprint

from the sixth floor to the second floor,

at like three o'clock in
the morning, this is no lie

And then I got in the
shower as quick as possible

Right after that, not only did I not talk

about it to like my friends or anything,

I was kind of like mentally scarred

And I still am to this day
if you ask me about it,

Leavin' that situation
obviously I am not a fan

of any type of puking, I hated it,

I left and dipped quick, and
it wasn't my best moment

Only good thing is that me and her

are still friends to this day

So that is great, and
hopefully she's doin' well

– I decided to wear all white today,

mostly to balance out the impurities

that I feel like I'm gonna
be saying in this video,

bear with me

Basically we were dating in
the summer and he asked me,

"Do you wanna have sex
for the first time?"

And I was like, no,


no, that sounds terrible

Can we go to Olive Garden
and get breadsticks instead?

I'd probably read every
"Cosmopolitan" Magazine

on the planet, that didn't really help

'cause It's mostly straight sex

I also watched a ton of
porn because, you know,

I was just tryna get tips,

but like that was super unrealistic,

and that didn't really work

I just really wanted to go
into this very informed, very,

with a wealth of knowledge
'cause sex education

in school is not great


I decided that I was gonna bottom

I'm not gonna explain topping
and bottoming to y'all

because that's something y'all
can Google in your free time

I'd like to believe in that moment,

when I had sex for the first time,

I became like a warrior sex goddess

I don't think that actually happened

But for him it was a painless experience

For me, I was going through it

I felt like I needed to
do breathing exercises

So, you know, usually,

you gotta warm up the oven before you can

like put in the bread


This was not that,

we didn't work up to it

He just kinda,

you know,

you know,

and that hurt

(cat meowing)

After the fact, he was
really sweet about it

We did cuddle afterwards,

which for the men watching
this right now, pro tip,

the cuddling is often better
than the actual experience

(peaceful music)

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