Peak Design Travel Tripod: The ultimate smartphone accessory?

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

While it took a little while but I am finally going to talk about one of the game-changing pieces of gear that I use to get videos done on this channel every day it's Joshua Vergara what's going on everybody this is the peak design travel tripod so one of the main reasons why I

Wanted to do this video now aside from the fact that it's kind of overdue is because peak design have officially launched the travel tripod it is available on pizzas I'm calm and on retail websites but there's something a

Bit special going on in the first four days of its launch all sales proceeds for the travel tripod will be donated to kovat relief and climate change for the first four days of its sale so at the time of me releasing this video there's

About two days left in that window so if you have been looking at the travel tripod since its Kickstarter Day as well this might be the perfect time to get it because not only are you getting an awesome piece of kit you're also helping

Out a good cause yeah just take a gander that this is a tripod this is just as effective as any tripod you might have been using as a creative over the last number of years only it has been slimmed down to one of the most effective sizes

For one of the most important pieces of gear for a creative and also I get the irony of talking about a travel tripod despite the fact that travel may not really be happening for the foreseeable future but it's because of all of the

Travel I've done over the last number of years in this industry that I absolutely adore what I have in my hand right now you see any gear heads out there well know that buying new items is just a regular occurrence you're always looking

To optimize your workflow but it's kind of ironic because the more things you buy the less minimal your workflow actually is if you go to my office right now which I'm making the effort not to go to too often with the stay at home

Orders well then you would see that I have a bunch of tripods I have a bunch of other gear light stands a c-stand for an overhead rig there's a lot of things in my office that show that I'm constantly buying stuff to experiment

And make these videos easier to make but almost none of that gear really translates to a good travel scenario it's all pretty bulky even this monopod that I have right now holding my camera is something that I've had to carry

Outside of my bag and it takes up at least one of my hands making it a not so nimble solution so of course like many creators peak design slowly started to creep its way into my overall workflow I now use their straps I now use their

Backpack even though I fought it for so long and then back at CES when they surprised me with my own travel tripod well once I use that during that show and for a couple of things after that I was hooked the main reason is because

This travel tripod actually has its own bag that is as slim as it is after all this particular tripod is no bigger than maybe your standard Klean Kanteen or a large water bottle that you would have in the pocket of your backpack anyway

It's one of the most space-saving items in my gear bag and it's able to sit in that bottle pocket on the side and I can open up just the bag itself just the carrying case for the tripod get the tripod out and then slot it back in so

That it's nice and snug and safe the tripod itself is made of a sturdy carbon fiber but there is an aluminum version bits of this carbon fiber tripod or it's still made out of aluminum but that's basically the center column and a few

Other bits that are not the legs themselves there are four levels of fasteners that you can undo to get the legs out to their longest length and then after that the center column will actually come up which is something you

Might need to do because the ball head on this tripod is very unique to maintain the space-saving nature of the tripod they had to create these ridges here that allows the ball head to fit snug into the design of the legs that

Way you don't have like a ball head or a fluid head sticking out of the entire thing and you're able to make it fit in that really slim case which leads to one of the concessions that some people might have to make if they get this

Tripod if you are a video creative like I am then fluid heads or kind of your bread and butter you want to be able to get those smooth tilts and pans and that's just not possible with this however peak design have made an adapter

That allows you to put a regular video fluid head on here but I actually have a solution that's a little bit different so you don't have to buy that column chances are if you're looking at this travel tripod at all you have other

Pieces of gear that you're looking to optimize and that also includes fluid heads that you tried to travel with here's an example this is an i footage fluid head here but you'll see on the bottom that I actually put the peak

Design dual plate here that way I can slot this into the ball head of the tripod itself you will need a screw adapter that makes the quarter-twenty thread a little bit thicker in order to accommodate the

Tripod mount but once you have that on there you can use the included hex tool in order to tighten that dual plate and then you can easily just snap it on and use a fluid head just fine so even though you might need

To make a little bit of space inside your actual bag for the fluid head at least you're not going to have a tripod that you still have to have over your shoulder like you probably used to with any other ones so this is one way of

Getting some of the same functionality from one of the bigger tripods and if you're looking for one that is more minimal and is easier to bring around with you while traveling well obviously this is a travel tripod but it is my

Belief that a travel piece of kit is still great to use even in your home setting that's exactly what I've been doing with this the home user can find a way of using it for their workflow the traveler will be able to use it because

It's not so big and then casual vloggers or anyone that uses their smartphones for creativity can actually enjoy this as well because in that center column is a hidden phone mount that fits right into the ball head because it is

Arca-swiss compatible that kind of makes the peak design travel tripod one of the ultimate smartphone accessories now granted this is a very expensive tripod mainly because of its sturdiness and also because of just how unique it is in

The tripod market however if you are one of those people that does use their smartphone for content but you also have other cameras that will definitely be useful on here you might as well get one tool that works for all of those

Scenarios and true to peak designs form this tripod is also very compatible with plenty of other PD products it's very modular in that sense in that there are actually holes on both the bag that it comes with and on the tripod itself for

You to put in some of those peak design anchors that way you are able to put some straps on here and carry it on its own it's literally the only tripod that I can easily pack up and bring with me every single day in case I do have some

Stuff I want to shoot and it's not like I even expand it all the way to take up all of that floor real estate there are a lot of times where I'm actually putting it just right on top of a table and getting photos that way I mean I

Have another tool that I use for both vlogging and table shooting especially with a smartphone and that is the switch pod with my own little ball head on there by Siri and then a sturdy arca-swiss compatible

Phone mount but if you take a look at it alongside the peak design well it's the same exact height with peak designs phone mount on top now the fact that peak design thought about smartphones and made that a consideration in the

Design of this tripod should show you how versatile this thing really is but if you are one of those people that has like a full-frame DSLR with some big-ass lenses or anything like that this tripod does take a 20-pound load but you should

Consider also that the legs are pretty thin and you might not want to strain them too often I can't really speak to this because I use Micro Four Thirds mirrorless lenses and they are typically very light cameras in comparison to

Things like Canon 1dx –is so yeah I was really surprised when peak designs popped one of these over to me around the time of CES and I'm super excited to bring this all around the world with me with all the trips that was supposed to

Happen but obviously that's not the case anymore but take it from me a tripod like this is still incredibly useful when you're at home even if you're making content just in your own room or in your own office this is still a

Completely useful piece of kit that doesn't take up a whole lot of room in your gear bag and even then in your home office it's nice to have something that's a little bit more minimalistic I will admit that the price of this tripod

Is not the easiest pill to swallow at first $349 for the aluminum version and then $600 for the carbon fiber version which is what I have in my hand right now and then of course if you want to customize it with different bits and

Pieces and accessories that peak design make that's of course going to be a bit more money on top but especially if you go for the carbon fiber version you will notice that there are a lot of other tripods that are bulkier than this less

Efficient when it comes to travel and they are at least twice as much in price so this tripod will ultimately be all about the investment I do believe that peak design make very sturdy products and I do think that even if you get that

Aluminum version it will last you for quite a long time and ultimately what you're paying for there is a versatile yet space-saving piece of kit that is essential for all creators and if you're a creator or a gearhead you know that

Versatile and space-saving don't often go together and so there you have it a gear video from me regarding the peak design travel try remember there are two days left in that window so that the sales of this tripod

Will go towards donations for Kovan 19 research and relief thank you so much for watching this video let me know what other gear videos you might like to see here on my channel because I'm happy to give you a look into my creative process

Get into the comment sections down below and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already hit that Bell over on the side so you can keep up with everything I'm doing and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy

Your tea everybody

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