Peacock app walkthrough and first impressions

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Fellow streaming aficionados peacock is here let's walk through the app together what is a peacock anyway well i'm not talking about the bird with the extremely

Obnoxious and the pretty feathers no no no no no this is the peacock app the new streaming service from nbc universal and if you're wondering how i know what a peacock sounds like it's because

My high school was surrounded by a peacock farm it was very loud every morning i know i know i know another streaming service i'm exhausted too but this one is a big one specifically

It's because of what nbc universal can offer you which is a ton of iconic back catalog you've got cheers frasier alfred hitchcock presents battlestar galactica 30 rock parks and rec they are all

Here with two huge exceptions which we'll get to so how much well peacock actually has a free option there's no strings attached so they say it's a limited selection

But you can access the app without a credit card you just need an email address that's it peacock premium is five dollars a month and opens up more content and then there's a

Super duper peacock premium plus subscription that's full access almost ad free almost and we'll set you back ten dollars a month that being said cool cool let's walk

Through the app i'm using an apple tv here on the main apple tv page for peacock i am going to open it i'm ready i've downloaded it we're doing all the things all right so

If i want to sign up to watch for free i can do that i'm gonna sign in don't steal my password nerds and here it is the landing page for the peacock app on apple tv

We are starting out on the browse tab which is pretty interesting considering the channels and trending tabs are the two tabs right before that one and then of course you have your standard tv shows movies kids news

Sports latino uh all the things that you're used to seeing in a streaming platform app uh so we've got 30 rock let's look at the browse section a little bit peacock picks okay so we've got downton

Abbey everybody hates chris parks and rec project blue book i mean there's a lot again lots of iconic iconic shows uh but also some uh stuff

That maybe you haven't seen before which is part of the reason why nbc universal library is so appealing to so many people it is vest featured films phantom thread love the rotten tomatoes

Integration here that is really really cool uh so you can immediately decide if you want to watch something or not based on its rotten tomatoes score uh and then you've got some originals so

Peacock actually has launched with a pretty limited selection of originals because of the kovid 19 pandemic uh production is not exactly booming right now

So i think we're gonna see a lot more here but these are the peacock originals that were able to make it into the app launch so lots of different stuff binge 100 plus hours for free so

I really like these category names i'm just now going through them for the first time i think that is a great idea this is to say hey you got a lot of time on your hands

We can fill it and that is super smart on their part i think peacock is doing a really smart thing here by saying look it's free and it's over a hundred hours of this one

Show like here's here's what you can watch and it tells you how many seasons it has you know million dollar listing la if i want to watch a show and cry about how i'll never

Afford a house in proper los angeles i can watch over 100 hours of that yay then you have your true crime always on road to tokyo so this is olympic coverage don't forget nbc

Universal has the rights to the tokyo olympics um yeah so upgrade to watch it all they tell you what you can upgrade to uh what you're missing out on as it were

Sci-fi of course you've got all sorts of really good categories here um so that is the browse section so if you're really looking for a huge back catalog again peacock pretty much has you covered here

Uh tv shows obviously we know what that means let's check out movies you've got the bourne identity again huge blockbuster films they're going to want to put those

Up front and center here to show you how appealing their services in the kids section you've got again lots of different choices news you've got that uh so you've got your nightly news you've got documentary

You've got headlines so those are actually shorter little sort of quick i don't want to say quick bites because that's a quibby apparently that's taken now so like sort

Of quick videos under three minutes or so that are gonna give you sort of a little summary of a news story that's happening during the day in the sports tab they have these

Originals uh which i think is great i think it's important to have sports originals i love 30 for 30 on espn uh so peacock is going that same route they're going to say okay we're going to also make originals so we have this

In deep with ryan lochte um we've got lost speedways with dale earnhardt jr premier league top sports stories again the road to tokyo very important for them now that we're done with the sports tab

Let's check out the latino tab there is a lot of interesting things happening in the latino tab so peacock says it's launching with about 15 000 hours of content on its service

Uh but 3 000 of those hours are telemundo produced original programming so you're gonna find original spanish language series here you're also gonna find your standard

Subtitled english language movies and television shows like shrek we can see it's right here fast and furious um but a really impressive outing for peacock

And its spanish language offerings and i'm really excited to see how much they continue to expand on that uh in this tab so nice job good job

There peacock okay so we've browsed all the different tabs we know what they're about let's check out channels channels is live broadcast in sort of by franchise or ip and

Unfortunately hdcp limitations are going to keep me from capturing uh what is being broadcast right now but we can look at the channels so we've got today all day snl vault if

You love saturday night live office shorts keeping up with the kardashians if that's what you're into fallon tonight seth meyers now all sorts of stuff that you're going to be able to watch

And it's running all the time live so it's not on demand this is something that you'd be you know kind of waiting for here's the thing that's running now that we've seen channels let's hit trending

The trending tab is a very interesting thing in peacock because not only is it going to show you some brand new original series or movie that peacock wants you to watch and get really invested in

Uh it's also going to show you clips from shows from news series from you know late night television i mean you're going to see all

Kinds of content in here and i'm really curious if peacock and nbc universal is going to use this tab and curate it based on your specific viewing habits and the things that you're into

Or if it's going to be sort of a general here's what's trending in america right now enjoy uh but i guess time's gonna tell on that one so who knows i should mention as an aside if you open

The peacock app on your iphone or on your phone the first tab that it sends you to is the trending tab it doesn't send you to the browse tab which is an interesting choice

And it's very clear that nbc universal feels like when you're on your phone you're gonna want sort of things that are hot get me the information

I want to just watch something quick and run that's right there for you they know that they want you to go to that trending tab but when you're watching on a television

Set they want you to watch longer form content so they're going to put you up to the browse tab which again like that's that's a really smart decision there are

A few things that aren't available in peacock yet though and here they are one no 4k support yikes two no profiles which means you can't separate what you're watching versus

Someone else in your household some people really love that i think it's an important feature and worth mentioning and three no support yet for roku or amazon fire tv devices so if you have

One of those and you're hoping to check out peacock you're out of luck until further notice so there you have it a basic walkthrough of the main tabs and options that you have in the

Nbc universal peacock streaming service app i think it's really compelling i think nbc universal offering a free account with no strings attached or trial period is brilliant to be honest because

They're banking on everybody signing up and then at some point a percentage of those people going i think this is worth five dollars a month or i think this is worth ten dollars a month

And they're also hoping that you dump one of your other streaming services in order to pay for it so uh i think it's really smart it's really really smart because who among us has not signed up for a

Free trial of a streaming platform watched whatever it is that everybody was talking about that week we binged it and then we're like well i just you know i don't need i don't need that

Subscription anymore so really smart on their part i think the ui is beautiful i'm really looking forward to digging in deep and seeing what exactly is available to me as a

Free user and what is not available to me as a free user we will see how that goes i am very curious as to what you guys think of peacock did you sign up are you gonna do it are you not

Interested at all are you going to wait until maybe olympic coverage ramps up or sports comes back let me know down in the comments and until next time be good streamers

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