Paypal Hints At Bitcoin (BTC) Trading On Latest Earnings Call | Cardano’s Shelley Finally Launches

published on August 1, 2020

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Check them out link in the description below welcome to another episode of my two satoshi's it is july 30th 2020 shout out to my man done deal one of my longtime youtube

Supporters for the song request planet asia chain warriors thanks for that song request sounds like some real new york hip-hop right there hope everyone's doing well today welcome to another episode today we are

Going to be looking at paypal yes they had an earnings call i think earlier today or maybe yesterday evening but they hinted towards that thing that i told you guys about i reported on this a few

Days ago actually paypal is looking to begin trading or allowing their customers to buy bitcoin this is going to be huge news because it's going to translate onto wall street

All those individuals although cnbc and fox business viewers they're going to see that and they're going to probably be more interested in buying bitcoin if they weren't already

So i think this is good news i think this is bullish news i think you guys should get ahead of this uh this news before it actually drops and the platform actually goes live

Remember i told you they are working with a third-party company to have this implemented i can't remember the name of it off the top of my head but they hinted at this being

Implemented on their earnings call so we're going to take a look at this out of you today and also cardano the shelly harford finally here this is why i have not been interested in shelley

Or cardano because it's been all theory for five years and no actual practice or implementation of it so we're finally getting to that point and now i'll start looking at this more

Closely but cardano has launched it's shelly harford and of course the price of the token kind of dipped a little bit on the news it's always by the rumor sell the news uh but if you look at over seven days

It's up 13 and over a month up 67 so very very bullish move on ada ahead of this news i'm assuming a sell-off uh continuing here with cardano but i'm

Gonna start looking into their performance see how they're working on the main net see if it's really holding up to all the hype that they've been promoting for the last five years so we'll have to see

But i wanted to definitely let you guys know that uh that is happening and that is on my radar now and then lastly some defy news for you this token i actually do own i'm pretty surprised at his performance

Didn't know this was happening maybe this is part of why you know has been on a rip lately but i've been telling my youtube chat members hey buy this land on the dip

And i bought on the dip at 29 cents and at 24 cents and it is paying off for me very nicely so uh i think this is gonna have some more legs here but they are migrating over to

A new token called aave so we're replacing the len token with this off token so we'll take a look at this also out of you today all three articles coming up on this episode of my two satoshis

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Twice already so yeah check it out dudexcom i'll leave a link in the description below next drawing will be next tuesday so let's take a look at the heat map we've got bitcoin down one

Point five seven percent to eleven thousand seventy eight bucks it's ethereum's up though one point two percent to three hundred and twenty six bucks

Litecoin is up also today trading at sixty three 5663 eos down one percent but above that three dollar handle trading at three dollars and three cents been performing very well lately lend token that's the token i've

Been telling you guys about up four point five percent and it's just ripping it going crazy and we'll talk a little bit more about that here in a little while cardano or ada down 13 today bitcoin cash

Down as well and bsv down trading at 21378 i'm still bullish here anything above 10 500 is a bullish move to me we tried to make newer highs yesterday as you see here but couldn't quite do it

At this point i could draw a trend line here and also draw one downward here to form a new mini pin it i just want to extend this outward so you guys can see where it will cross

We should make a decision by the 2nd of august to either go up or down from here i personally think it's a very bullish we still got a lot of

Pent up demand i think we may uh take a move up out of this pennant and head higher to try to score a point at that 12 300 area which i have an arrow pointing right at that is the next area we have

To score a point but again 10 500 literally should be a floor a very strong floor for us because we tried that area three times already since october of last year so i think 10 500 is now a new floor

You should not worry about going any lower than that and it's upside from here 20 000 we're on our way with some ebb and flows but it may not go directly to 20 000 but

We're ultimately going to try to score a point there that's the ultimate goal and once that happens the fomo will really kick in so you don't want to be waiting then you're going to get a lot of calls from

Friends and families should i buy they're going to say that right here because that's what news do they always buy when you know we're scoring the new point you want to be in well before them and

Sell to them to be honest with you keep that a secret though let's take a look at this ave token which is being uh which is going to replace the lend token formerly known as etheland

So it looks like the ethereum based lending protocol f has introduced the avonomics upgrade proposal that is supposed to make it fully decentralized and autonomous finally a

Real defy on the way abs native token lin will migrate for the new i've token whose holders will be responsible for making key governance decisions ah formerly known as etheland held its

Ico back in 2017 raking in 162 million for development of the platform the protocols users are able to borrow eth with land tokens acting as collateral and under the new updated proposal this

Is the thing here guys 13 billion lend tokens will swap for 16 million i'm token so there will be less tokens uh in rotation here so that's probably why

We're starting to see a price push uh to the upside with this len token so this is a pretty promising project here guys and i've got myself a bag and i'm pretty happy with the performance i bought on

The lows again you know me i'm always buying the dips i don't go to uh the scoreboards and look for coins that are up the most for the day i look at coins that are down the most from the day

And then start to filter out from there which ones are coins and which ones are actual solid projects that's how you do it that's how you make money not saying it's going to work 100 every time but at least you're

Buying on the lows buying on the dips that's the point next article we've got cardano the shelley fork finally making it to the main net so shelly a fork of cardano has finally

Launched the fork is the combination of five years of development shelley upgrade introduced stake pools and delegations after five years of development cardano's next upgrade is finally here

The network implemented its latest hard fork today this upgrades the network from its prior iteration byron and shelley introduces stake pools and delegation and of course staken is now available on shelly you

Can stake on shelly which involves holding large amounts of its native currency ada the benefit to doing so is that there's a greater chance you can earn yet more ada and rewards

For validating the network all of this is powered by the orborus protocol which chooses who gets to add the next block to the cardano blockchain you can also operate something called a state

Pool which lets you stake other users coins on their behalf or delegate their coins so that someone else can stake them iohk's product developer or director

Said it's a monumental achievement but this doesn't mean we'll be standing still and we're looking forward to the delivery of the voltaire and gogan phases of the cardano road map

Which will see robust governance arrangements and smart contracts functionality put in place this year so yeah just wanted to let you guys know i'm going to start at least looking at

Cardano still not impressed yet because i need to see it in the wild see it working a lot of these a lot of cardinals competitors have been live on their main net for two years now that's that's time you can't buy

You know what i'm saying that's priceless we'll see what happens to me they spent a lot of time trying to make something perfect when you can't make software perfect there's always going to

Be iterations and upgrades so we'll see how things go with cardano going forward oh my cardinal fans show me some love in the comments below and let me know why i should be buying cardano today and

Lastly out of you today paypal execs hint about launching bitcoin service during its earnings call looks like the digital payment behemoth paypal did not really spill the beans on its widely anticipated bitcoin service

During its recent earnings call however paypal cfo john rainey did mention that they had other financial services quote unquote in the pipeline that he chose not to get granular

About as reported by you today rumors about paypal and venmo engaging with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and q3 started circulating in late june early this month paypal's letter to the

European commission in which the 225 billion dollar company mentioned the development of cryptocurrency capabilities confirmed its plans it says as such paypal is continuously monitoring and

Evaluating global developments in the crypto and blockchain distributed ledger space of particular interest they say for us is how these technologies and crypto assets can be utilized to achieve

Greater financial inclusion so to top it off paypal also recently offered new job postings for cryptocurrency and blockchain engineers so i think that right there seals a deal on what they're looking to do

Will it happen this year possibly i think q4 we could see something we'll have to see just know that you should be preparing yourself ahead of this news so that you can sell

Some when the news comes out that's how it works people i'm telling you but that's pretty much it for today ladies and gents shout out to my man done deal again on youtube for the song request

From uh six months ago finally getting around to my public subscriber list of song requests planet asia chain warriors if you guys found this video informative make sure you like share and subscribe

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