Pastry Chef Reviews Store-Bought Cookie Dough

published on July 2, 2020

– It actually smells
exactly like the mall

Hey, what's up, my name is Callista Mei

I'm a professional pastry chef,

production supervisor for
Magnolia Bakery Los Angeles

and host of web series Six
Sweet Under: Desserts To Die For

where I travel the country
and find unique desserts

and the people behind them

Today, I'm gonna be reviewing

some store-bought cookie doughs

Let's go

(calm music)

When I'm looking for a really good cookie,

I want it to be fudgy,
chewy, maybe a little salt

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself

'cause these are store-bought

The first cookie we're diving
into is gonna be Pillsbury

You know Pillsbury, the
cute little doughboy,

you wanna poke his stomach

He's somehow always in your kitchen

and it doesn't really make sense

It's little

You don't really see that
many chocolate chips in it

and when I want a chocolate chip cookie,

I wanna see a lot of chocolate,

make it look really chunky and inviting

Kind of really blonde too

A chocolate chip cookie
with a little more darkness

and color to it I think to me

makes me think there's
gonna be more flavor

It kinda reminds me exactly

of that perfect childhood
store-bought cookie

and I think the nostalgia of that

and the nostalgia of Pillsbury,
that always warms my heart

I'm pleasantly surprised by this one

It's almost underbaked in
the center which I love

It's not too sweet

I can definitely see me
smashing a good amount of these

without noticing when
I'm just watching TV

I think I would want the chocolate

to be a little more pronounced

and maybe a little darker
because it is pretty sweet

Cookie number two, Nestle Toll House

or sorry, I think I pronounced that wrong

I believe Phoebe Buffay pronounces it

– Nestle Toll House

– It looks like a really
good chocolate chip cookie

It's got more color than
the first one which I like

It's got visible chocolate chips

which of course you wanna see
in a chocolate chip cookie

When you break it open,
nice texture, chewy

They loaded this up with chocolate

which is exactly what I'm looking for

It looks a little more homemade

So let's taste it

Flashbacks to childhood

One of my best friends and I,

she would come over every Sunday,

get a tube of this, eat it raw

This is really good

It kind of oddly tastes
like Halloween chocolate

in a good way

Really sweet but chocolaty undertone

This is just such a good
go-to chocolate chip cookie

Cookie number three, this
is gonna be Betty Crocker's

chocolate chip oatmeal cookie

We got some oatmeal in here

So I guess that means it's healthier

This probably looks the
most from scratch made

This is the only one that is a cookie mix

so I did have to add butter and egg

and a little bit of water

I know, so hard

The oatmeal adds a little texture to it

Inside, it's beautiful

The chips really held their shape

They're nice and big

and they actually look like
they're pretty evenly dispersed

throughout the cookie

I really like this one

I think the oats really make it stand out

so it does have this really nice

subtle toasted flavor to it

The chocolate too isn't super sweet

I feel like out of the
ones I've tried so far,

this one tastes the most semisweet,

little more on the darker side

Last but not least, we're
breaking into Mrs Fields'

I think of the mall when
I think of Mrs Fields'

and remember walking through the mall

and you get that whiff of
the fresh baked cookies

that like a cartoon picks
you up off your feet

and the hand of smoke and smell

brings you to her storefront

These look the best

Come on, these are
huge, tons of chocolate

I think it has a really beautiful color

It's nice and dark

It's got all these little
nooks and crannies, cracks

Oh yeah

It actually smells exactly like the mall

which I don't know if it's weird or good

I'm gonna eat this

That's a really good cookie

It is a little bit drier

than when you get them
from the actual storefronts

from Mrs Fields'

I will say though that
the bake time suggestion

on the package was completely off

It said to bake 'em for
10 to 12 minutes at 325

and just reading that I was like no

and I had to add at least
another eight to 10 minutes

I like the chocolate chips in this one

They really held their shape

They're an actual bigger chip

They're still in the semisweet family

None of these really had
a dark chocolate chip

but I think it would help
with balancing the sweetness

Moment of truth

I get to choose which one
of these store-bought brands

is my favorite and I gotta
say the winner is, drum roll,

Betty Crocker's oatmeal chocolate chip

I actually loved the oats in it

I love the texture

It wasn't overtly sweet

It looks and tastes the most
from scratch for store-bought

I see you, Betty

All in all though, these are
all pretty decent cookies

and I think if you're in a pinch,

you don't wanna spend a
lot of time in the kitchen,

any of these would be a really good option

but of course I'm gonna
say if you have the time,

make your own cookies from scratch

The biggest thing to remember

is that you wanna use more
brown sugar than white sugar

The molasses in the brown sugar

will give you that chewier texture

Thanks for tuning in

I'm gonna take these cookies, my favorite,

and if you don't mind
me I'll see you later

(calm music)

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