Passive Income: How I Make $35,000 A Month

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

So in this video I'm gonna share some of my passive income sources with you in this video we're gonna break everything down for you to talk about how we're doing about a little bit over thirty thousand dollars a month in primarily passive income we'll talk about some of

The pros cons of it and how you can do something similar if you're interested into it if you're finding some ways to make some money while you sleep right because there's nothing better than wiping your ass and you're sitting on

The toilet and you get a notification that you just made some money from something right or you wake up in the morning and you made a hundred dollars last night it's pretty fun but you know this is not a video to sound conceited

This is just to show you guys like what I've been doing so that maybe you can take something from this video anything at all and use it in your own sort of way to make more money so that you can pay off your bills you can do whatever

You want with it retire early whatever it might be now look I'm not selling anything you guys probably know I don't sell anything on this channel or on my primary youtube channel I don't sell courses I don't

Sell crap like all the money that I make is on the back end from pretty much everything that I do that's pretty much my business model and it's gonna stay like that so you guys can know and trust me that I'm not trying to like push you

Towards something or try to get you to like buy my online course to show you how to make money that's not what we do here so if you're new here to the channel make sure you subscribe for more videos like this we really focus on

Marketing on this channel but let's kind of get into this in the mean potatoes of what we wanted to discuss here and really kind of five of my primary sources five or six of my sources for passive income or relatively passive

Income now as you might know there's really two ways that you can make passive income and I think a lot of people of misconceptions about this they think that it's literally just free money coming in from doing absolutely

Nothing but the truth is passive income to make it you need to put something up front in order to make that and it could be your time up front so some of the sources that I have in this video are passively making me money now because I

Put in time I put in 10 100 a thousand hours of work before and then now it's making me money so it doesn't feel like I'm working now it's passive now or you're putting some other type of resource upfront so in most cases this

Would be money so you can have your money work for you this is like investments for example if you have investments in the stock market that would be a potential passive income source now it

Doesn't have to be just money it could be something like your property you're renting out your land and so you're putting your land upfront so that people are paying you rent from that right but you have something some type of a

Resource that you're putting up front to then get an output of money that seems to be passive that seems to be like you're not working for it so just keep that money as you go forward with with this journey of trying to make more

Money so that you can do whatever your heart desires of pay your bills and retire whatever it is right so one of the first sources but I think relates to a lot of people is actually just bank account interest and this isn't like the

Best thing to do but I know so many people who are just parking their money in like a 0.05 percent interest rate bank account at like Bank of America or like Wells Fargo or something and look I'm not a financial adviser but if I

Have any spare cash I'll put it in a high-end receiving account and today the higher interest savings accounts are about like 1.8% earlier this year they were roughly at about closer to 3% right so high interesting these accounts they

Kind of are hand in hand with with inflation and the Fed is gonna either slash rates or they gonna increase rates and that's going to affect it but either way just from this it averages to at least over a hundred dollars a month

Between one and two hundred dollars per month depending on the rates and depending on how much money I have in different bank accounts but the point is that this money helps pay for my food I probably pay $50 a week my grocery bills

So the passive income from just having my money and something that's generating almost 2 percent per month pays for my food which is nice and you could take this on a smaller scale if you put you know ten thousand dollars into a high

And for savings account then the annual money that you would make from that ten thousand dollars it's about a hundred and seventy dollars or one hundred and eighty dollars at like a one point eight percent interest rate so it's not very

Much but you know it pays your Netflix bill it might pay your your your water bill whatever it is now just by doing that now that that's not like the best thing to do and like I said earlier I'm not a financial adviser but it's a start

It's a way to start to make a little bit of money passively when you get that notification that you just made a hundred dollars it's kind of fun so that's by making money work for you and we'll talk about some other ones that I

Do as well but let's talk about kind of like where the big chunk of this comes from some people are going to disagree with it but I view it as pretty passive I would say 80% passive and that's actually YouTube

Income ad revenue from my primary channel so I'll actually just pull this up for you guys just because I have to show you because I like I've done this before in the past and like people called out and they said like this this

Can't be real that doesn't add up but this is just what I do on my channel so I'll show you guys I know it's kind of taboo to talk about money I don't want this to come off in the wrong way but so this is my my YouTube studio

Account right so this is October you can see is probably like $21,000 maybe we can go to I can't do this backwards but we can look at some different months here too so like let's look at like this probably like the last 28 days and it's

About twenty thousand dollars or so from just add revenue from my primary primary YouTube channel now the reason why the ad revenue on this is kind of high is because I make very much informational educational videos so you'll see like a

Lot of people who make entertainment videos maybe your favorite youtubers like Casey nice tat or I don't know like like Cody Co or something or like logan paul i don't know but people who make entertainment videos on youtube

Generally their ad rates will be maybe like three or four dollars per thousand views mine and a lot of other people who talk about informational stuff kind of like the video that you're watching right now the ad rates on it are very

Very very high compared to these other like entertainment based ones we get fewer views but we get higher ad rates and so it kind of balances out and so that's why the ad rates are high you can like look at other people who talk about

This and sort of like the financial niche or the educational niche on youtube and you'll find that the ad rates are relatively high so about $20,000 a little bit over that from ad revenue I think December is gonna be

Closer to like twenty-five or thirty thousand dollars in ad revenue from this channel or from my primary channel this channel here makes like three hundred and fifty dollars a month but it's it's it is primarily passive people argue

With that and they say it's not passive income because you put up time you're an idiot but the way that I view it is look there's been some months like literally I've taken off for three months off of

Youtube twice and both of those times I was still making money while slept I was in the woods somewhere in California I was in Yosemite for like a couple weeks and I had no internet connection and I got out of the woods

And I had made a few thousand dollars and that was like a really cool experience this is last year and that's when I realized like this is truly it's it's very much passive income now is it going to last forever no and that's why

It's I would say 80% passive income 20% of actual like physical work and so I'm putting time upfront on that side and you don't have to do this either you know you can do blogs you can do a number of other things but getting eyes

On you or on your your business it's going to help with creating more income so if I stop putting out videos today and I don't put out a video ever again right I would still continue to make money next year the year after that

Video after that but it would probably slow down a lot so I if I stop today and I'm making 20-some thousand dollars in ad revenue then at this time next year it might only be say three or four thousand dollars in ad revenue and then

If you go another year of me still not making videos I might be only making a thousand dollars a month from ad revenue and then over time $500 a month and then by like 2025 I might be making a hundred dollars a month from ad revenue but it's

Still passive and it's still there so that's why I do count as passive income it will be so long as YouTube is around some of my videos will be getting at least some views at least like five years a day to to continue to kind of

Make money in the background now kind of tied in with that and we'll talk about some other ones to make your money work for you but tied in with this channel that we can't really ignore we have to discuss he's actually just some

Affiliate marketing that'll do four different banks and brokerage firms and even for Amazon that will do on my primary Channel and on this channel as well so what I mean by this is if you're interested in affiliate marketing I have

A video that I'll put like a card for it right up here somewhere but essentially just marketing products for businesses getting them leads getting people to their doors so every time that somebody signs up for a high in for savings

Account right so CIT Bank I'll actually leave the link for them down in the description below if you're interested because we did just talk about high interest savings accounts but every time that somebody signs up for that I will

Get a commission in between $100 and $125 for every time somebody opens a bank account with them and so it's essentially this partnership with this Bank where I bring people to their door and

They give me money for bringing people to their door but it's the online version so when you click on the link below it will track that I sent you there it's it's essentially my custom link and so

I'll get money from that so I think it's very important to make sure that you're working with companies that you use or you trust and you believe in and you can work very well with I've seen people kind of go off the rails and and work

With companies for affiliate marketing that are just like not good companies over all and I I don't get near those so I only want to associate with companies that are really good solid companies that I really truly believe have a

Bright future for themselves so between CIT bank and one finance and even Amazon affiliate marketing that I'll do with them so I haven't checked my Amazon account a while but it's usually between 600 and maybe like 1200

Or 1500 dollars a month in commissions from bringing people to Amazon right so every time you click on a link for Amazon like if you go down below you'll see like links for my camera my gear my studio lights that I'm using if you

Click on any of those links and you buy something anything through Amazon in the next 24 hours I will get a percentage of the revenue from that sale so if you buy this camera right here that I'm using I'll get probably about $40 just for

Getting you to Amazon bringing you to Amazon so between all those it'll add up to anywhere between I would say four and ten thousand for nine thousand dollars a month from the affiliate commissions from those sometimes it's more sometimes

It's less it depends how much I talk about them in my videos it's usually pretty passive usually just put them in the description of my videos and I don't do a lot with that now there's also some other things we

Could talk about one of them being dividend stocks and this is probably like my first passive income source and I would say generally between $0 because some months I don't get any dividend payouts and then other months I'll get

Hundreds of dollars a few hundred dollars in dividend payouts for a particular month so the way that this works is that if you're investing into a stock let's take Cedar Fair which was my first dock that I ever bought when I was

11 or it was it was 2009 so yeah I was 11 that could have been 12 I think I was 11 but I bought this one share of stock and I had no idea what I was doing I got really lucky but you know like now it's worth like

$50 or $60 still not work that much but essentially they'll give you a payout for if you invest into this company so it's called dividend I have a video on this on my primary channel if you're interested in doing investing and

Getting into dividend stocks once again I'm not a financial advisor but I'll leave it like a card up here or like the video should pop up somewhere along here if you're interested in investing into dividend stocks but this helps pay a few

Hundred dollars a month sometimes just in some extra cash payments because if you own Cedar Fair stock and at the end of the year or every quarter they will give you like a few percent of the money that you have invested with them kind of

Owes like a thank you for investing in them and making sure that you continue to reap some rewards from that company this works for a lot of companies like Pepsi or General Electric or ppl a lot of these like blue chip stocks that you

Might see like these old companies a lot of them pay out dividends anywhere between 1% and close to 10% for some of them so you know that that's certainly something that does help pay the bills as well you can reinvest those dividends

To kind of grow your investments over time as well it's possibility but that's something that you might possibly want to explore obviously have to be aware like there's always going to be risks associated with investing just be

Careful with that but going deeper into this another source that we can discuss is actually kind of up and coming for myself and that is with sponsored deals with YouTube as well so you know we don't

Think it's too in-depth on that but some of those deals will be between two and six thousand dollars for just mentioning a company in a video you know sometimes it'll be just like really quick other times it'll be longer form like 45 to 60

Seconds I don't do those very often something I'm going to do more so in the future just for like one video and that's kind of shows like the power of social media and and influence and how that can really really you know do a lot

And and make a lot of money from something that just sounds so like weird like you just say hey by the way I use this product and they end up giving you like a stack of cash it's a weird idea and the point I want to make here guys

Is is that if you find yourself in a position like this maybe you're already making a lot of money or you're dealing really well make sure that you're saving this money and you're investing this money and and you're

Being smart about it because there's a life cycle to everything and even with my primary channel which has maybe like 340 thousand subscribers right now there can be a time when nobody watches those videos anymore nobody cares I'll put out

A video it'll just not do well or get like a couple thousand views for you know maybe like a million subscribers and it'll start to go down right and that business will die out eventually and so there's a life cycle to

Everything it's important to remember that so that you're able to save invest and prepare for the future with other business ventures now I want you guys to remember that that's something that I've been doing but I've seen people who will

Start a business they'll have some like passive income they'll make half a million dollars maybe even a million dollars and they'll spend all of it unlike a new Lamborghini for half a million dollars and then

Their business goes under they start to slow down their revenue Falls and they end up with nothing because they have to sell the Lamborghini they have nothing they have nothing to show for it after this business venture so just remember

That guys that that's what I was just doing make sure you're saving your money really let's see there's a couple of other sources as well but those are like the primary ones that I can really bring up a lot of it is related to YouTube I'm

Working on starting up some sites here so been funneling some money into them but haven't really seen any revenue from them because we haven't launched the sites yet but that's something I'm very very excited for as well but that's

Essentially kind of like what's been going on with me is kind of like a personal video and it might not work for you you might not want to do this you might not want to make videos that's okay

Also remember that you don't have to put your face on a video I have a lot of friends who literally like outsource everything they have somebody making YouTube videos for them just kind of like a like a whiteboard animation video

And they're pulling in like a hundred thousand dollars a month and that's not even a joke there are some YouTube channels out there that are pulling in millions millions from just outsourcing all of their content and nobody even

Knows who's behind it so I that's my video thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and I'll see everybody in the next video

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