Part 2of2 Ecotech 2.4L Water Pump How to the Easier Way

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Previously in part 1 of 2 this thing's leaking how do you see this is to the backside of the engine this is a little easier to get to than it was before it's got threaded hole for the holder I don't have anything really to bolt this on by so if I go to here now I'm into

Those two bolts I've already pulled out the ones I don't have to fish through the hole this is the safest best practice that I've found to get these out without risk of dropping them into the timing cover put a little pressure

On that pull the bolt back and just wiggle it back don't let that pulley hit anything you need to line up the new one to match Ryan's mobile one let's do part two of two get it in there so the way I clocked

These is I have the drain plug here and you just pretend like there's a narrow shaft that goes through both of them that's the way my brain works another thing you can do is just line this up to where it's off that bump right there but

Castings can vary you can't rotate this it's not easy but if you stick your finger in the back right there you can actually move these so I got the gasket put in I haven't switched out the Big O ring that goes on the pipe that goes in

The back that comes later I treat this as two separate jobs there's a job of getting the pipe and the thermostat housing everything out of the back of this and then there's this this is the main attraction so I don't worry about

It don't touch it till later that way I can focus and make sure that I do it right with the timing gears and all that so I usually leave a little button on these things it's easy to use again if you don't use

It for a while it actually dries all the way up in here it's a huge pain in the neck but otherwise it's great so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take some gasket maker I call this cheap insurance is what it is I'll leave a link in the

Description they'll just go through and just adhere it try to put it on the outside of the gasket so it hits both the metal surface and the rubber o-ring when I say this is cheap insurance like if there's something it's thinking about

Moving it won't if there's something that's like gripping metal to metal and being slid or twisted instead of having it rabb and bind and pop up out of the groove it'll slide that's a lubricant but it also glues it in there afterward

I like this because it's it's tenacious in the way that it keeps things from leaking it like holds them together so it's easy to remember where the bolts go there's two that are the same length there's one that never comes

Out all the way and then this last one up here is longer it's the odd duck out it goes at the top you can see everything's thicker it sticks out further four bolts easy to know where they go and if you're really

Lost and confused if it's ten millimeter you don't have to pull it out that's the timing cover there's a bunch of 10 millimeters around the neighborhood they're all thirteen millimeter or half-inch all four bolts but what you

Can do is you can take a little bit of engine oil this thing's going to be bathed in it anyway and put oil on the surface of it and what this does and around here well this doesn't enables this to slide and move

In reference to the pulley and it really helps you to get it in place properly getting the water pump in and out a lot of you guys are gonna want to have this clock and match and not bump that pulley when you're pulling it out to make it

Easier to install but there's not enough for him to fit in there where you gain access is you can pull this back just a little bit ever so slightly and then also this actually lifts up so between the two of those that's how you get in

There I usually position my pulley here I put it in upside down turn it around but basically I have a pulley pointing out this way angle of rotation this way so the goal here is you can see that these line up this one to this one so

You just rotate it till everything lines up and then just put it in and then when you're close I just a teeny tiny circle and it just kind of drops into place and then you can start lining up your bolts like that in fact the glue is holding it

In there right now so looking down at it do you guys have a mirror like this maybe breaking mine is why I had some bad luck that's some bad luck that is how you line up the holes that's pretty dang close I've got oil on

It I can move it so I'll put those two holes in I'll use my Torx tool or I can use my hand to line that up from the back side using the impeller way back around the backside of there anyway that's pretty close close enough all

Right let's talk bolts these three bolts have been bathed in oil forever you can see that there's a clean mark on them there's no Loctite on them and thank heavens cuz GM uses this awful stuff as green shit garbage like gorilla

Piss it's too strong I clean them with brake cleaner and I use blue loctite in a brand new water pump so you'd better clean them with brake cleaners the way my brain works that's what I'm thinking so I'll do that I'll put on the blue

Loctite thread them in by hand when everything's done Captain Jack Sparrow hasn't worked for it savvy when everything's good to go then torque them down the rest of the way just don't let a lot of time go by

If you don't use brake cleaner it's got oil on it then it's probably not gonna help you don't want to over-tighten these but for heaven's sakes can you imagine these coming undone and getting into that cover yuck anyway that's what

This is about this public service announcement is brought to you by Ryan's mobile one I lost my lid so I use it teeth in it stuff's expensive I want it to last as long as you can you get a lot of air out

Of it they last longer it's like a pig wrestling fest in this parts dish can't stand messes I like everything to be clean but guess what when your mechanic you make do let's do it I put them in the exact same way I take him out I put

Them in with the magnet it's kind of at a funky angle but if anything Falls it'll work so I get it down to where I'm in the hole I get it to bend push it in and then I wipe the magnet off the back so I'm pushing in I put my finger on it

And I kind of shift wipe off and then very gently remove myself from the situation and I take the correct size socket not this one and I'm navigating with the mirror I'm watching and I'm going slow so if it's going the wrong

Direction I'm going slow it's not a big deal get it on there and then just twist it in by hand I do it until it bottoms out that way when I pull my socket back I know there's no way it's gonna follow the socket fall into the timing cover

Pretty cool huh so all four bolts that hold the water pump in are just barely holding it in they're not torqued down that makes it so that you can position and move the pulleys you put oil on it for that

Reason I want it to move now before we torque those two down and before we take that off we tighten the three bolts again 13 millimeter 13 millimeter and then the two on the backside back here in here then tighten

These two pull the outer and then the inner bolts and then install your last pulley bolt and torque it down so here's the finished product looks pretty clean everything here is good to go so you put the cover on

I just gasket maker on it make sure you clean it real good because it's got dirt and crap from the factory plate that goes in the trash so does it hold thermostat when I clean it I clean it to be clean you know like no grease and oil

And not to take off them works I actually like them works but this just straight into it I'll go this way since that so it wants to go the bolt holes I believe can leak oil so to make sure to loop around the outsides I usually just

Get a nice flat beat going and just kind of think of it as I don't know you ever play with ants if you rub the ground the ants leave pheromones on the ground this one full Discovery Channel here that you can actually wipe it out with chalk or

Even your finger if you're trying to trap it in you just make sure you got a good solid line anyway I don't see any way for oil to get out of that except right here and as always double-check your work

Tada get yourself some spray silicone lubricant there's lubricant that glues the gaskets on like we did and then there's stuff that lubes the gaskets and the hoardings get a lot of spray silicone on the new o-ring that you put

On the crossover pipe and then line it up stick it in the back of the water pump I've got it staged in there all I have to do is push it in now then I'll come around I'll clean my gloves off they wipe off real easy to the learn

Gloves I take this end of it and they smear just a little bit of gasket sealant on this I have to go back and do it again you can stab it from either side just make sure that this one's lubed

This one's glued the glue works as a Lube to is the o-ring doesn't bark and pop out it's a little bit of a wrestle to go through this like parallel parking right this helps I'll just get a little Hershey's kiss this thing's almost out I

Got squeeze really hard little Hershey's kiss a chocolate chip on my fingertip I make a plug for the next time hit the release so in a perfect world you just wipe it on this side of it on the back of the block I hid it around the

Perimeter you know just tapping it just leaving a little chocolate chip here in everywhere as I go get a new gasket for it do that but if you can't get one this is what I do and it works pretty good so again do this however you want

I've got that all snagged up I've got the third bolt in the bottom actually the bolt on the other side just a little friendly tip for you the way I'll do them is I'll go around the exhaust side back here you can see the pipes for your

Heater hose that kind of gives away where to be I've got my finger on it right there and that's a lot easier for me I've got long arms though leave these clamped up these clamps sort of pain just take the radiator hose off remember

When you put it back together the factory way is to go between that wire harness and the hose that's the way it comes if you're into that and you should be why do you do at the factory why not improve on everything well every time

You make a change there's testing and everything involved typically the factory's already done that in desert testing and then all kinds of abuse testing cold weather testing testing testing one two three all the tests so

If you just go back to the factory way just so much easier and more reliable I mean they what do they want they want you to have the best power and fuel economy they want reliability to get to the warranty for the most part planned

Obsolescence is the thing but generally you win if you just get it back to the factory way some people are really creative and they're willing to put in the time to make that happen if you just want to get to work and want your car to

Work factory way factory parts to for that matter except in this one I like this one I like the wheat pole being able to inspect it better on the aftermarket don't forget to put back in your sensor 19 millimeter 3/4 inch

Socket we'll get you there snug that down also in order to get that off you have to pull off the wire harness so everybody that tuned out that didn't watch the put back together part of this there's a harness that goes into it

Clicks in there get that on get your coolant temperature sensor plug everything back in so here's a little trade tip if you got a really tight spot but it faces to where you have access you can use a couple of extensions I'll

Do these wobbles extensions in the description as well as well as this wonderful Milwaukee wrench not sponsored but yeah give it to me as part of the pole part challenge what's the pull-up part

Challenge you ask well it's not only on my t-shirt but it's actually a fundraiser thing that pull apart dead the pull apart-er otter I committed no sponsor this video but they did donate to the charity that's near and dear to

My heart because I really help my daughter you guys haven't seen it check it out you can see they wrote the check to the glute one foundation in the amount of six thousand six hundred eighty to thirty five really appreciate

Them doing that show him some love check it out it's done by a professional filming crew it was so fun to do it's eric the car guy chris fix all the game was there the road to SEMA guys it was just so stinkin fun so anyway if you're

Interested check it out what we do is we take some mini vans we chop him up and make him into tailgating pickup truck so how fun is that i was there it was a lot of fun so anyway this job's about done the only things that we have to do left

I've got to take this hose and put it right here i've also got to take the radiator hose stick it down in here I think I still have the spill basins in there I'll leave links in the description for all of this stuff but

You have to click the show more down below in order to see it but you got to do what you got to do right this way it doesn't cost you anything more if you click the Amazon links I get a little kickback kickback doesn't cost anything

Extra whatsoever to you everybody wins saves you time saves you having to go to the store you just buy it shows up at your house especially if you have Prime all right so we've got the old water pump out the new way if it works good

This is the old one you can see it's got the GM stamp on the back so if it runs it means it's got a new icon figuration let's fire it up and see if it wins if it's gonna fit one yeah fix it

So good news and bad news the good news is I showed you the right way to do it and it works you can do this the bad news is I won't be able to show people how to fix the line if it does so why does it means that your belt a tiny

Chain saw use the belt if it does why it means that your chain is too tight you need to loosen the tensioner pull it out completely and don't move anything just gonna get a battery mention of the moves and then

Put a new tensioner in that's one option or collapse it using special methods of screwdrivers lock-picking kind of stuff gently collapse it and then put it back in and then shock it so that it spits the thing out gets tension again easier

Said than done use the right tool for the jobs the best things you don't have to worry about it I'll leave a link in the description another thing I hate about Chevy is stupid crap clear up underneath of their Chevy Montana I'm

Calling out your power brake booster Chevy Malibu I'm calling out your coolant tank when I go to pour this in and recycle and be responsible the hoods in the freakin way I can't get to it it's that's another thing I don't like

About Chevy vehicles Chevy's not alone in that by any means but there's certainly a participant and last but not least before I let anything go out the door especially before I let it drive to Arizona I'm gonna check and make sure

That there's no leaks in the system fill it up with coolant of course filter it don't just put it back in with crud and then turn it loose you can rent these if you want to buy one I always put links in the description for everything so if

You ever need anything in any of my videos be sure to click this show more because they don't let me put it in the comments any more and they put all this crap at the bottom so to get the right o rings for this was 2 dollars and 63

Cents so for the price of three dollars you can have this be good as new basically well what do you think how did to do let me know in the comments below how your job turned out I did a little bit more

Of putting it back together tips and tricks because sometimes apart and together aren't exactly the same sometimes they are manuals take that shortcut back if it hurts me if I make a longer video and people don't watch to

The end so if you did watch to the end let me know so that I can I can I'm a man I know but I can change if I have to I guess it's more work than every five minutes a video takes like sometimes three hours per five minutes depending

Just on the edit and everything you know so if you want that extra 5-10 minutes I'll put in the hours I'll do it but if nobody's watching it why would I do that comment below let me know thanks Cheers bonus footage at the end so is it so is

This gonna break in half why is everybody got their cameras out here what what's this gonna do we got like a truck bed welded on a Honda oh it's bending no it's not it's all day like holding okay no but nobody bounce

On the back of that while he's doing this don't drop it please guys stance

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