Part 2: Cyberpunk 2077 PC Case Mod, Sketchy Water Cooling, & Fire

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

so in the grand tradition of Adam Savage's one day builds it is now day three of our one-day mod slash build and I'm going to start out just by test-fitting some of the components

We've picked in the case if it works I'll just leave them in there and then we can build the actual liquid cooling loop around that so I'll just go ahead and get started before that this video is brought to you by the be quiet pure

Bass 500 DX the pure bass 500 DX is a new push from be quiet and to mesh fronted cases that are more thermally focused the 500 DX maintains high build quality and attention to detail for its dust filters front panel installation

And fan placement and still has additional focus on noise control the case comes with three 140 ml pure wayne's two fans stock and has our GB LEDs but with a physical Hardware switch for easy control learn more about the be

Quiet pure bass 500 DX at the link in the description below so this is the minimal setup just for test booting and let's see if it actually works this board and these CPUs have been fairly forgiving in the post

We have 32,000 megabytes of RAM detected those are 8 gig sticks so that's correct we have both CPUs it looks like detected this board will boot with only one CPU worst case scenario but both of them look like they're working so if we can

Get to this screen we can get the windows basically alright so everything looks good there so now we can move on to the actual case mod so while Patrick's working over here on the build what I'm going to do is take one of our

Common tears ideas from part one where we we were basically ready to go but I liked the ideas we totally comments a lot and what we're gonna do is kind of stripped down these wires so Keegan cut this off of a power supply

Which actually I'll go grab that also so you can cut these off of here obviously and what we're gonna do is strip down the wires a bit and then the goal is going to be to run them maybe I don't know if we're gonna do inside the

Front panel are outside of it yet we're gonna run them along the front panel just to make it look like there's something electrical going on underneath all that damage we worked on in part one you could do this with wire strippers

Obviously but we're just gonna do it like this so the next step after kind of stripping these down a bit is going to be to burn them with the torch and that should just make it look like he got kind of scuffed up along the the process

Of whatever battle it was in that we're trying to depict so that's the goal is I'm gonna make a bunch of wires look like that this one I was expecting copper inside but all right well copper color is why I should say inside but we

Can work with that so dead try burning it will burn some of the housing a bit too so I'm not gonna strip these completely down but well at least got a few of them started I'll probably pass off the rest of the wires to Keegan once

I've got an idea on the concept and he can finish doing the wire prep for this idea of lining the inner front panel okay so that should start us for a task piece and I we just need to get a torch and try out burning it okay let's try

This big spark on that uh on that housing sorry that definitely just consider AIT's like crazy Helen puts itself out which I guess was designed to do so I think that looks pretty sweet so proof of concept at this point done I

Get the smoke out so proof of concept done here's what it looks like it's pretty pretty singed and I don't look really cool looks like some Battle Damage really appreciate the comment who pointed this idea out and will route

These like Keegan kind of cut through the rest of the wires and then I will scorch some more of those later in the video and route them through the front panel somehow to give us some extra damage and we're

So we've made some decisions on components that we're gonna put in here we may have mentioned this earlier but this gigabyte card with the LEDs on the fans we think is gonna have a cool effect so we selected that we're going

To mount it vertically which we would normally never do in this case but we aren't putting the glass side panel back on so this should just I mean this will just be open air the GPU should be fine the SSD we've settled on this Delta Max

Drive here team force SSD we were thinking maybe a PCIe drive but we are pretty constrained on space in here so the main reason for that is the pump and reservoir which needs to go somewhere ideally we will mount it to one of these

Cooler master universal bracket things he's gonna be used for drives or pumps or whatever and there are several of those mounts that you can put down on the fan cage and we want the pump and the reservoir to be at the lowest point

Of the loop ideally so this would be a good place for them we are now remembering that the fans in this case may not be RGB so we will give those a test at some point and if they're not we'll consider changing those out for

Some other cooler master or thermaltake RGB 200 millimeter fans it might look fine anyway but we kind of wanted that RGB effect and the fan we're putting on the other side of the radiator will be RGB

We will see whether the air cooler fits in here the original plan was to have one air cooler in one liquid we might be able to put the air cooler here if not we can put liquid blocks on both CPUs that might make more sense given

That we have a 420 millimeter radiator that at this point is going to be dedicated to cooling one CPF one non overclockable CPU so we'll see what it looks like in

Our so I've mostly been working on getting the RGB lighting set up I've committed horrible crimes up here there are three distinct RGB controllers and all of it is gonna be hidden under the top panel so we can just pretend that

This never happens and never look at it again this isn't our fault necessarily this is the fault of course air and coolermaster and several other manufacturers all using different RGB hookups we've got some three pin AGA RGB

Headers we've got some more traditional old school old school four pin RGB headers and then Corsairs stupid little proprietary connector that doesn't fit into anything else even though it is probably electronically a battable so

Hence the three different controllers up here now that that is mostly connected I am going to go ahead and put one of these CPU blocks on we actually got a delivery in the process like while I was building this we got a big box of BK's

Stuff including this that's one of their velocity blocks but it's got RGB LEDs in it and it's got a three pin header which is what pushed me to put the third RGB controller up here and I think we're gonna use this instead of the

Water-cooled block just because it has the LEDs in it and then we can figure out what we want to do for the other CPU whether it's an air cooler or if we have room for that so the next idea we took from the same counter was wailing on the

Front panel with the chain and the idea was to create some more dents in the first video I used a hammer for a little bit but it didn't really turn out great we have to be careful of denting it too much because then the the motherboards

Won't mount on it inside of the panel won't be enough clearance so I sent key gonna pick up a chain and we're gonna try this idea first on the side panel is the case of side panel is of no use to us at this point the whole

Case is all anyway so I'm gonna test it here before we commit to something that we care about the metal is different this is steel the front panel is aluminum so that'll change it a little bit we're

Gonna try it on that and the goal is to create some dents in theory that will that we can kind of fill with charcoal later like a charcoal paint basically and then hopefully the plan is that we can go back over it with a cloth and

Lightly wipe off the charcoal paint and the high spots but leave it in the grooves so it'll look like it's kind of like scorch marks or getting dragged on the ground just add some dirt and grit to the front panel will really help it

From the current version where right now it's just like it's got damaged but it just looks too clean still it looks like clean aluminum so this should help but we're gonna try this out I need to tape it to the ground first okay I'm not

Really sure how this is gonna go so I'm just gonna try hitting it lightly first I think like kind of fully extended and see what happens definitely is loud enough and it still panel with the chain is pretty loud it didn't really it

Caused some scratches there you go okay cool so now we're getting some denting again we're gonna try this on aluminum there's different hardness metal so that'll change the characteristics a bit but okay sweet Hammacher was right when

He said really wail on it I didn't swing that hard I just kind of let the chain fall at a faster speed it's creating some nice dense if we did this on the front panel it would fill in super nicely I think we're gonna get another

Loud hit in here all right well that's our proof of concept so the next move is gonna be to take this idea and apply it to the front panel I think and then we'll we'll fill it in with charcoal and

Paint it so that job I'm gonna give to Keegan because I have to work on some other content but pass that off and then Patrick's almost done with the build we just need to get the water in there the next steps gonna be to start getting the

Panels on in a more final state to pull them off to do this stuff to add in the comments or ideas and I think they'll improve it a lot like it I was really happy with where it was you have to remember this isn't something that any

Of us really have much experience with doing mods on a case so definitely appreciate the community ideas and especially the walkthroughs on how to execute them because I'm certainly no artist so really good ideas

From the concert who sent this stuff in on the last one we will try and implement it on the front panel at least and see how it goes and then I guess if you guys have ideas for how to kind of create some damage for future mods

Feel free to leave them below we'll definitely read them and maybe put it on the next case mod we do but ok I'm gonna pass this off for now and I think we'll probably be able to get that front panel looking like it's really been through an

Actual battle at this point I have put fittings on the various water cooling elements in here we're just using G and a quarter alpha cool fittings that I got out of the drawer of fittings and we've gotten ID cooling air cooler here this

Is one that we discussed earlier we are aware that this is not the ideal orientation in this case and we're also aware that we could put both CPUs under liquid but this is an aesthetic concern at this point we want a full space here

And this will have LEDs on it this will have LEDs on it this will have LEDs on it this will have LEDs on it everything will have LEDs on it so the actual liquid loop is going to be very minimal it's not going to be super necessary and

This radiator is obviously massive overkill but what we're going to do is come out of the here this is a Corsair pump that I was originally gonna steal the actual pump unit from and put it in a kind of bigger

More industrial looking thermaltake unit but there's a different overhang on here and we don't have extra o rings laying around so we're just using this full pump and reservoir so tube UV reactive alpha cool tubing that we don't really

Like very much but that's fine because this is not a build that's gonna stay around for a super long time so it's good to get some of this tubing actually he's this will come around here and go into the bottom we want to route the

Tube externally that might look kind of cool I'm using the red here because we've got a red PCB behind the front panel and that will match once we have everything put together I'm gonna have a tube come out of here

Steve was thinking maybe route it back between these parts here between the chassis in between the radiator and had it come back out through one of these cable cutouts but however we do it it's gonna come out through there and into

The CPU block and then from the CPU block it will go back into the pump will route that somewhere so that's the actual functional liquid cooling loop we don't know whether this leaks or not it's extremely likely that it does leak

And if it does then we'll just leave it empty if it doesn't then we'll put some cool food coloring in it and run it not actually connected to any of the PC components so final stretch and I guess next time we check in it will be filling

The loop with liquid and hoping it doesn't leak anywhere depending on the mercy of the editors you may have seen more or less of the crisis I had I opened a fill port here this is the intended fill port on the reservoir and

I was going to fill it there and decided that I would do it the quick way by filling at the top of the radiator and I did not close the original fill port so nothing in the loop is actually leaking it was just a mistake I've had

The pump running for a little while now and it seems like most of the air is out of the part of the loop that is actually in use I'm sure there's a bunch of here at the top of the res but that is okay and I have had a fan running here to

Just dry everything out we're not gonna turn anything on until tomorrow just because some of the water may have gotten in the fans at the bottom but I think we're good to go and I've put the front panel on the case

It seems like it fits we're almost to the point where the case will be as it finally looks so torn panels loose at the bottom right here but that's cooler masters fault that's not my fault the standoffs fill out of the panel

Candor says if it's the cyberpunk theme again we can actually put the top panel on too and see how it interacts with the tubing okay that's not fully snipped down I'll do it later but cool that is what we're going

For so there will be a lot more RGB LEDs inside the case when it's running we might figure out some UV lighting she's still figuring that out but for right now this little add-on piece here we get to test whether this is leak proof and

The plug that they had on the fill port that they shipped with it does not have an o-ring on it which does not inspire confidence and the gasket here I'm not really sure if this is the kind of like gasket material that you put on and then

You press the two surfaces together and then you're done because these this acrylic plate was cracked off when it was shipped to us so I don't know whether that makes the seal invalid but we're about to find out the prediction

Here is that it's just gonna leak and that's fine it can also just be decoration it's going to be decoration either way so I think we're relatively confident in the fan side which is why I filled it on top of a bunch of paper

That's well it's not dripping there are some wires here that have just routed through a cutout in the acrylic so I I don't think you could technically call this water site even who was working exactly as intended but we might

Actually be able to run this pump if worse comes to worse we can always flip it upside down a little water coming out we can always flip it upside down like this since we're more confident in the seal on this side but I think it looks

Better with the fan up Steve tested out the chain on the side panel and it worked but then he didn't feel like doing more of it so I did it on the aluminum panel and scuffed it up a bit I also added some wires and charcoal now

The wires will have b-roll of this but we charred the ends and then do to kind of time and actual physical space between the back of the front panel and the panel with the CPUs will be when they're reattached there wasn't a lot of

Space so we ended up not using any of the charred and frayed wires those are really just now floating around the office getting in our way but I did epoxy in these wires on the back here this is where I tried not to get epoxy

All over my hand that resulted in paper that's permanently attached but it came out pretty well on the front we've got wires that run along here and then this big chunk that's pretty well attached and then for all of these before all of

These damage marks all these nice little bits that Steve got in there and the dents they looked really clean they didn't they look too clean so I went in with charcoal and in all these spaces all I did was

Scuff it up with a bit of art charcoal that you would use well for art basically and then for these edges here they were kind of dangerous to do so what I did was take all the little chunks of charcoal that kind of fell on

The mat and stuff gathered it up mixed it with water and just kind of brushed it over the dangerous bits and let it dry and when it dried out it left the charcoal behind and all these nice nice big chunks there's a good example there

And I could go in brush off the accent excess and it leaves these really nice dark streaks and these like kind of almost burnt looking edges and just wiped it off I actually you have to be a bit careful with charcoal because it's

Not it'll come off real easily I'm sure it's already coming off on my hands just messing with the case a little bit but it's tucked down enough that I could actually use a damp cloth and wipe away most of it just use a clean brush wipe

Away the rest and it turned out really nice it created a really it all these 3d marks all the they look a lot nicer they don't look clean they look like they was actually damaged it looks like it's seen some stuff so it came out pretty well

And then finally we're gonna add some logos like for military corpse in the game just to get some cyberpunk branding on it so those are the the final things will be working on you'll see some b-roll of that stuff going on during

This section and that should more or less wrap the project by adding some comments or ideas to the case mod so now at this point I think it's become my job to just make sure the thing turns off

so that's it that's the project originally this took really the total time invested was probably something about two days or so because we're working on a bunch of other reviews at

The time and now it's been a few weeks since we posted actually since we even started working on this project in terms of total time invested it's still pretty low so it's maybe two days plus about half a day of the extra changes that we

Made after we posted part one so the timeline was part one when that went live it was already finished part two was already pretty much done in editing as well but we decided to go back and change a few things just based on some

Ideas from the audience that really good so one of them actually most of these came from the same commenter and will maybe pop your comment up on the screen if we can find it but that counter noted that using just a chain to kind of whale

On the front panel would create some really good authentic looking dents so we did that within the the confines of having to worry about clearance for the motherboards behind it obviously so that was a good change

Keagan worked on that also Keagan did the the charcoal touches on the front which he ended up making his own paint I think of just charcoal mixed with water or something kind of painting it on and then smearing it off and we end up with

The front panel the way it is now or it's got this really nice looking damage defect to it so it's got a bit more going on we had more cabling ideas that we were playing with like potentially routing this one I can't see from here

But there's two holes over here and the idea was to route it through like that with some singes on it from the torch but this ended up being a scenario of less is more and having the one at the top looks really good and then there's

Also another one in here that's underneath on top of the motherboard and and behind the front panel so that's what we did for the cables that was all all that stuff was from the same comments they're really good ideas there

And then the top I just I felt like the top was kind of plain and barren and since at this point we had already exited our original goal of get it done in a day or two it just seems worth it to just kind of finish it so for that

One I wanted to get some graffiti on there and Patrick ended up stenciling and spray-painting some more stuff on so there's a military and and then we've got two other spray-paint on top of that

Like sixth Street for example so just add some to the top to top before had nothing done to it and it looks way better terms of some stuff that's happened as well this has I know this is shocking but it's leaked a little bit so

No one expected it never would have seen it coming but the random laptop cooler that we bought several years ago from Aliexpress I think it might be a PC cooler product not sure but it did in fact start leaking a little bit so not

Really sure how much fluids left in there but that was one of the things we don't really carry cuz fortunately it's outside the system so it was which is partly by design by the way so then I'm just leaking down onto the cart not a

Big deal and we also added this in for some of the b-roll shots we took this was a projection we picked up from Kramden Institute which we mentioned in part one so huge thanks to Kramden Institute which is an electronics

Recycling group that works on collecting refurbishing and distributing electronics that can be saved to people who can make use of them and then for anything that can't be saved they strip it down and recycle the important metals

So that there's not as much e-waste but we picked up this projector from them for about 40 bucks which is a crazy deal and used it to just project the cyberpunk one of the gameplay trailers on the side of it so that added a lot

Getting it on the black canvas of the ID cooling cooler whatever that cooler was called so that's the mod really happy with how it came out now I was pretty happy with it before but it just think I know felt like since we waited to

Publish part two anyway we had all this CPU content in between since we waited it seems worth it to just go back and add some more things in and and implement some of the viewer commentary and ideas so thanks for the great ideas

For it we're happy with how it came out and I guess that'll wrap up our cyberpunk 2077 attempted mod again as a reminder this isn't really something we normally do so there's a fun break for a different type of content but all

Not something that we're really experts in so considering the fact that I haven't personally modded a system for probably about it's got to be about a decade actually yes probably bout eleven years and out of ten or eleven years

Maybe somewhere in there I don't really remember but it's been a long time and then Patrick I don't think is really done a ton of modding like this and Keegan doesn't even like painting his Warhammer figures so we did pretty well

Considering all those things thanks for watching subscribe for more as always you can go to store documents access net to helps I directly or slash gamers and access and we'll see you all next time


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