Our F1 2020 season predictions!

published on July 2, 2020

the wait is finally over after one of

the longest off seasons in f1 history

2020 is ready to get going with

back-to-back races in Austria the

disrupted 2020 campaign will be like no

other in Formula One with a mixed up

calendar doubleheader races and some

unexpected tracks making their way onto

the schedule so how will it all play out

we've put our f1 experts on the spot to

answer five key questions about the new

season so have a listen to what Scott

Mitchell edge straw Gary Anderson and

Mark Hughes are expecting to see for

this year and then leave your answers to

our questions in the comments and if you

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season is finally up and running well my

head says Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

are going to sweep to yet another

Formula One title double but what's a

video being posted online about giving

the the haters something to comment on

and disagree with so I'm gonna go with

my heart and say that max Verstappen is

gonna give it a really good go this year

and maybe we're gonna see a bit of a

mix-up so max for the drivers title

Mercedes for the Constructors I can't

look beyond Lewis Hamilton a Mercedes

they've won six World Championships on

the bounce Lewis Hamilton is an all-time

great they were very quick in pre-season

testing it's a team at the top of its

game we've got rules stability

everything points to the Silver Arrows

for the drivers champion I think max

Verstappen as a man for the job

it does depend a bit in how a Red Bull

and home to start the season because

really that's what this suffered with

most in the last few seasons they didn't

start strong enough they finished really

strongly but this year's need to start

strong and I'm sure that max was doubt I

can take the fight to anybody as far as

pure performance is concerned when it

comes to the Constructors Championship

you know Mercedes should have the might

of their two cars pushing hard and

scoring points and all old races but

they are falling apart a little bit you

know there's changes going on within

that team that we don't know about yet

so if Red Bull can start the season

slowly home to start the season strongly


album concerned the season strongly

scoreless in points they could be in

competition for the Constructors

Championship as well okay over champion

Lewis Hamilton that's driving the best

team not always at every single race but

for enough of the races I think for it

to be the determining factor almost

certainly pushed hard by max Verstappen

and Red Bull but I think over the

balance of the season yeah Louis and

Mercedes another double yes class beam

earth the million dollar question I mean

I had to say that racing point when

there were four Scindia showed that they

have the ability to achieve that over

the season and a really good race team

they go racing on a Sunday you know a

lot of teams don't do that they actually

they have an organization but they're

not just pure racers and racing and

risking point really are it's the next

Jordan group but I think they can do it

again they start in the season with the

what's called the pink Mercedes but in

reality you know in testing it was very

quick it's their car they've built that

they've designed it yes it might be a

clone of the last year's Mercedes but

it's a very good starting point for them

so my money was good a recent point to

be closing up a little bit on the top

three and heading that midfield racing

point with its pink Mercedes was the

talk of the midfield runners during

pre-season testing and I see no reason

for that to change we know how good

Sergio Perez is he's a massively

consistent performer outstanding

executors of races and I think that some

problems that were risen from McLaren

and Renault could hold them back a

little bit so yeah let's go for racing

point really good team they know how to

lead that midfield pack Class B is an

interesting one this year

I suspect racing point is gonna have the

fastest car with their infamous pink

Mercedes it may be that fourth place in

the championship

maybe McLaren's more heavily favored for

that it just they've got a stronger

driver line-up and I think the

performance the two cars is going to be

those two cars is going to be closely

enough match that the driver lineup will

be telling in the end so yeah perhaps

Perez in the drivers on McLaren in the

Constructors I think McLaren are going

to make it back-to-back

Class B victories I don't necessarily

think that means they'll have the the

fourth fastest car I think it's gonna be

a really tight midfield fight but I

suspect they will have the fourth best

driver pairing in terms of points scored

so I think they'll be quick enough to

see off Renault and I think combined

Carlos Sainz jr and Lando Norris are

gonna do enough to outgun Sergio Perez

and Lance troll even though the race in

point will be fundamentally faster I'm

going for London Norris is the biggest

surprise that might seem odd because he

had a good season last year but I feel

like Carlos Sainz justifiably hog the

headlines but Lando Norris was stronger

than his points tally in comparison

suggested he's the long-term bet for

McLaren because of course Carlos science

is off he's in his second season very

very quick if he can refine some of that

speed he's going to be a real force

biggest surprise I'm gonna go with I

think Sebastian Vettel is gonna have a

deeply impressive season I think he's

gonna be driving with a freedom that he

didn't have before

I think the resolution of those horrible

conflicts between driving for himself

and also for the within the constraints

put upon him by the team is no longer

there and yes I think that will lead to

some flash points of controversy but I

think in terms of performance he is

going to have a great season and I think

that is gonna be the probably the big

surprise of the season we've got used to

Formula one having a Class A and a Class

B over the last few years but I reckon

this year the racing point it's really

good and at some times some races it's

gonna have a bit of a Class A – Class B

plus kind of feel whatever the best way

of putting that is and that means a

driver is quick and assured as Cecco

Peres is definitely gonna stand on the

podium in 2020 and it will be on merit

not to say his last ones didn't count

but it means that he will score a podium

finish in a race without ridiculous

circumstances conspiring to create the

opportunity obviously the Ferrari

situation will unfold as the season

starts Charles Leclerc obviously very

talented but then so was Sebastian well

Sebastian Vettel in his last year at


nothing to lose maybe's last year

informal wall even nothing to lose

whatsoever so he's going to be able to

prove the point he's that he's the man

that needs to be proven to prove that he

deserves the money he was paid deserve

the money to be paid for the future and

deserve that Drive so I think the

competition between those is gonna go

right down to the wire and I think Sam

wood might teach Charles Leclerc a

lesson or two on how you should do it

whenever the push comes to shove I Scott

B Sebastian Vettel's farewell tour

whichever way it goes whichever way you

try and cut it he's either gonna bow out

or Ferrari and maybe Formula One all

together with with a whimper

or he's gonna go into retirement or slip

into the midfield after a brilliant

season in which he really takes the

fight to Charlotte Clare and in either

case I'm going to be massively

disappointed because it's either an

unfitting into a great career or it's a

sign of exactly war Ferrari and maybe

even Formula One they're gonna be losing

the biggest despite already happened

hasn't it it's the pandemic and the

effect that dad has had upon this season

I think could be McLaren I mean they're

obviously in fairly serious difficulties

at the moment

financially Formula One is in a serious

problem at the moment because of us

there's a lot less races so you can't

rely on the income at the moment from

these races today I got it have to raise


they've been very public about haven't

areas money and reality you know for a

company like that to be as public as

they are it means that the they are

really struggling so I wouldn't be

surprised to see them struggling to to

raise that money and having to bring in

some outside fare announcer and that

will change the whole the whole nature

of McLaren we have to wait and see I

hope I'm wrong on this but I fear

Ferrari will be the big disappointment

we want as many teams as possible

challenging for the championship Ferrari

is one of only three that can

realistically do that and based on what

we've seen so far they're not quite

gonna be there

let's hope they do better than expected

but I think we're just going to be

disappointed again with Ferrari in 2020

f1 seasons are always remembered for

what happens on track so for all the

off-track disruption I think it'll be

Lewis Hamilton winning his record

equalling seventh world championship we

once thought that matching Michael

Schumacher's tally would be impossible

but Lewis Hamilton has the means motive

and opportunity to do just that

only year be remembered that's a that's

a really tricky one because you know

hopefully we'll have a good season

hopefully love a lot of good reason

these back-to-back races at each circuit

might be very good but I think it

probably remembered for the season that

nearly didn't happen and might not

happen yet even we're gonna go it start

season in Europe and obviously depends

upon this clover 19 weather it does keep

diminishing or whether it starts to get

a new influx of cases we won't know

until the racing starts Formula One is a

worldwide championship there's people

coming from all over the world to

compete in it so anywhere in the world

that starts to have a problem what

effect from the one so I think really it

will be remembered as the season that

just nearly didn't happen how will it be

remembered I think it will be remembered

for the remarkable way in which Formula

One somehow cobbled together a fantastic

season from a situation that looked

absolutely die and I think it will go

down as a season of great credit for the

sport I think 2020 is gonna be

remembered as the season with the

asterisk next to a and not necessarily

because it's not gonna count or that

they'll be doubt against whoever ends up

winning the title but just because it's

such a special season it's unique is

weird in a way we're gonna have a crazy

run of races we're gonna have some

double headers who knows what the

seasons gonna be at the end but one

thing's for sure it's just gonna go down

in history as one of if not the most

bizarre season in Formula One so that's

what our experts think now it's your


leave your answers to our questions in

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2020 is finally here and we hope you're

as excited as we are to see what happens

on track


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