Our CES 2020 Experience…CRAZY!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's up guys Jack I'm Matt here
with the tasty bros and today we're
gonna be showing you our 2020 CES recap
live from our CES Airbnb but before we
get into that let's hear a word from
today's sponsor FSP this video is
brought to you by FS P with their CMT
710 dual PC case this is a really
awesome option for people wanting to
keep everything inside of one case so
yes this does mean two computers to
working systems inside of one really
really awesome computer case and if you
want to learn more stay tuned to the
rest of today's video we'll be checking
out that case and also some more stuff
from FSP so thanks again FSP for
sponsoring today's video let's dive into
this recap shall we alright guys so
yesterday was actually our first day at
CES and we actually still have not been
to the actual CES event with we
literally have gone to a couple meetings
outside of CES and in today's video
we're gonna go over most of the stuff of
those meetings that we went to starting
with our sponsor FSP and then we'll dive
into things like Corsair Lee and Lee and
there's some other ones that will be
coming throughout the week so if you do
see us change clothes randomly it's
because we have a lot of other content
we still have the film and this is gonna
be our overall recap video that we're
gonna be releasing at the end of CES so
let's start with our sponsor FSP so the
cool part about this case and one of the
reasons why you're paying a really big
premium for it is when you think about
it you're technically getting two cases
in one it's kind of like two micro
eight-six cases all smashed together
that look really amazing so when we
actually looked at it at the booth one
side had a full ATX setup on it I mean
it looked really awesome a full-size
power supply was modular it had I think
we can high 9 and I mean it had some
really crazy specs it was all water
cooled on the other side we had a mini
ITX system that was a little bit more
basic I mean it's still better than half
the computers that we build but you know
it's really basic set up and we did
notice that you can actually do a lot of
different configurations if you wanted
to you could have a full-size ATX system
on one side and then you could actually
not even have a system on the other side
you could just have like a ton of you
know SSDs you could put your water coin
in the other side if you're trying to go
for like the maximum heat dissipation
type system now the main inspiration for
this case was the rise of dual PC
streaming setups which we've talked
about a lot on this channel and the fact
that you can get that dual setup going
and maybe put a capture card in then how
that continuity in one box is very
impressive and I know a lot of streamers
out there especially professional
streamers will be interested in this
setup to save a lot of desk space and
also it's just a very flashy piece now
it does come in at a very high price
point of 499 dollars but again it's a
two PC case you know and it looks really
awesome there's a lot of manufacturing
has to be done a million case like this
so if you are interested in this case it
will be releasing in February so stay
tuned we'll probably be tweeting about
it and maybe we'll get our hands on one
we're not totally sure but it's a really
awesome case and there's a lot of other
stuff that FSP had to offer as well
another cool thing that was pointed out
to us is FSB extra is a power supply
line called like the Hydra series and
they actually had a display where the
power supply casing was opened and it
looked closely you notice as a coating
over well that coating is actually a
waterproofing coating now that doesn't
mean like submerging water but what it
does mean is that if you're in a very
humid environment or if you're in a
place where let's say it's kind of cold
and you turn your system get it really
hot you can get all kinds of
condensation and long story short that's
how you short out components so to prove
this what they did was take that power
supply and put in a very humid
environment with another power supply
and then it did show that with this
coating the power supply would not short
out compared to a normal power supply
without the coating so this is pretty
impressive for let's say if you live in
a climate that's naturally very humid
those powers wives are really awesome we
were always wondering what the hydro
series actually meant and you're
interested in those power supplies they
are definitely on sale right now so
we'll leave some links down below if
you're interested they have a wide range
of wattage is available and will most
likely be using in an upcoming PC build
now next up we went to visit our friends
over at lien lee which actually we have
yet to use some of their products on the
channel so let us know in the comment
section down below if you're interested
in us working with them directly but we
did check out their silver O 11 dynamic
which is a very popular case right now
there are only 2000 of these 11 dynamics
that come with like a metallic front and
they're branded with the PCMR branding
so that's a really cool collaboration
but yeah it's some more limited edition
stuff coming from a case company that's
producing one of the most popular cases
out there right now for modding custom
loops and just all systems alike right
now so the person that we talked to is
extremely nice and he actually explained
to us that the next generation of
the owners are actually looking to make
stuff more mainstream and more
affordable so they want to make it to
where there is mainstream as someone
like you know Corsair Coolermaster they
want to be up there with them
another really cool thing that liyan Lee
was offering is RGB sleeve cables now
those things were insane basically what
they did was take a silicon cover over
the actual cables it's much cleaner than
their original version because it
actually blends in really nicely with
the cables and you can use a wide range
of effects with these now they are a
little bit pricey coming in around $69
for a 24 pin but if you want to take
your PC case to the next level and your
enthusiasts wanting to get the most RGB
out there this is honestly a next-level
way of doing so and we might actually do
that with a high end build at some point
we get our hands on it but you know RGB
all the things you know that's how we
feel about it another thing we want to
talk about at Lee and Lee was they had
these really cool fans that like I
hadn't even really thought of yet so
they're basically hot swappable fans
you're probably wondering what do we
mean by that well you have one fan as a
connector going to it but they basically
have one main power source so that's
really awesome for cable management and
then at that point you can add up to
like six fans on this loop so they
basically just clip into place and they
have contacts that once they touch it
RGB turns on the fan turns on there's
nothing else to it there's no more
cables they literally just slide
together and the crazy part was for a
3-pack with all the connectors you need
and everything is $69.99 which is
honestly pretty insane for fans who are
able to do that considering that there's
a lot of fans out there that cost almost
$100 for 3 to 5 RGB fans now we also
were able to stop by the corsair booth
which basically includes all the
companies they bought up within the past
few years which is origin Elgato and
stuff but Corsair themselves had their
really cool concept case called Project
Orion which basically uses individual
LEDs when they're turned off you're
really going to notice they're there to
basically add another level of RGB to a
tempered glass case if they can add more
LEDs to this at some point in the future
I could see a lot of people making
really cool art effects and different
pixel art designs on the side of their
cases and on the front of their cases
but overall this is just a concept right
now so they were aiming at 2020 it's
definitely going to come in at a premium
price point but it was still a very cool
concept to look at so another really
cool and exciting thing is that Corsair
for the first time like
ten years is actually releasing a new
air cooler the Corsair a 500 which is a
dual fan air cooler this air cooler does
compete with the nock to add eh 15 and
the dark rock pro cooler which are
really popular air coolers in the market
it is a big boy though so if you're
looking to build a PC with this cooler
definitely make sure you have enough
clearance for it but the main selling
point of this air cooler what's ease of
installation and the main reason why we
don't actually use custom air coolers
all that much is because they're
normally a pain to put together but this
one after getting a demo looks
relatively easy to put together and we
look forward to using it in an upcoming
build now to touch on another company
that Corsair owns al gato released their
4k 60s plus which is a very exciting
capture card because it has a built-in
recorder onboard that allows you to
record externally without a PC now this
could be important for us because we
won't have to plug up for external
recording a dedicated computer to
recorded to OBS we can have to record
directly to an SD card on this capture
card and don't have to worry about a
second PC setup it's also very useful
for people who take their capture cards
to like lands or tournaments and would
get some external recording without
having to lug around a PC and it is a
really awesome capture card and oh god I
was really innovating in the space when
it comes to capture cards and lastly
we're just touch on origin real quick
they were showcasing their dual Xbox and
PC set up and console like thing that
they were doing but the main concept is
they took a to PC setup concept but
instead of having two pcs one of them
has a PlayStation 4 when as an Xbox in a
PC so it's kind of cool for streamers
who mainly do Console content who wants
to have like a very clean set up to
basically capture on a PC and then maybe
if you want to a concept they showed
it's having one PC with like a cable
running across to like a living room
setup then having a desk set up for the
PC so that's kind of cool but it does
come in a premium price point and it
kind of did inspire us to may
potentially do our room at some points
so be sure to let us know down below if
you're interested in that but another
cool concept that is actually a thing
out there so it's not just a concept but
it's something that well it's a premium
market for and maybe if you're
interested check the link down below but
overall the Corsair booth was pretty
cool and well we're gonna go to more now
and we'll come back to you in a little
bit now the next day at CES we had a
meeting with in video which was actually
a great experience overall they were
showing off a couple of new things not a
whole lot of major updates they were
showing off more of the ray-tracing with
Minecraft and just some other
ray-tracing demos that some of us
haven't been able to seen on hand yet
but it was actually a really cool
experience and also they reiterated
something that we're making a focus
point in 2020 which is a laptops right
now and you can get a laptop for around
these six or seven dollar price range
that performs really well in close to a
higher-end desktop and they're showing a
lot of thin light options that they had
their suite through a wide range of
vendors that they work with and it was
actually really cool to see the
development of the gaming laptop and how
it can be used for more than just gaming
and I have that boxy like overly
aggressive gamer look to it with the red
LEDs and craziness but it actually
looked really cool and overall the
Nvidia suite was pretty nice and we
definitely look forward to seeing what
kind of stuff comes from their booth in
the future so later that night we
actually met up with some of the members
of the tech fam which includes Zach's
tech turf tech by Matt oz talks hardware
and scatter ville along with some of
their editors and people who helped work
for them so it was a really cool
experience to hang out with them they've
we actually filmed the Q&A like podcast
that's gonna be going live on scatter
bolts channel at some point so whenever
that happens check the link down below
check out Seattle's channel subscribe
you'll see that going live a lot of
behind the scenes stuff and a lot of
different stories to tell during that AI
Q&A session it was a really good time in
the last appointment that we had at CES
was actually crucial which was actually
really fun because we get to go into
their suite look at all kinds of new RAM
especially some new RGB stuff under the
ballistics branding and everything we
get to speak to some members of micron
of course as well they've also been
interviewed which that was pretty fun we
had to you know redo it like seven times
I do too like lighting and just kind of
messing up when up but it was still
really fun and we'll let probably leave
links for that down below as well if we
can find it like on their Twitter and
whatnot but that was also really cool
we're excited to see some new stuff
coming from crucial and really we spend
most of our time at these meetings we
had one day at the main CES Hall which
we kind of went through a little bit and
to be honest there wasn't a ton of stuff
that really
fit our genre you know we like to focus
on the budget tech but there were mainly
a lot of higher ends enthusiasm stuff
like auto stuff audio and video which
was actually kind of cool but there
wasn't nearly as much like PC gaming
hardware and stuff that we're really
interested in but it was still a great
experience to go on the show floor and
walk around for a couple hours and look
at everything that there is it's a
really cool experience to see how many
people come there from like all over the
world so overall CES was a great
experience definitely looking forward to
doing more next year especially with the
tech fam if we can meet up again and I
think it was something that we would
definitely do again
so we really do appreciate you guys
helping us to be able to get to the
point that we were able to go to CES and
even bring our manager Zack alone with
us who's actually right behind the
camera right now making sure it doesn't
fall over but we really do appreciate
all the help and love and support you
know don't forget to Like comment and
subscribe and we'll see you guys in the
next one check out our sponsor again FSP

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