Our Black Friday Insanity! Slikhaar 2019

published on July 2, 2020


hi guys it's story time it has been

really really fun week because we had

the Black Friday sale and we have the

Cyber Monday and today I'm going to tell

you a little bit about what is going on

behind the scenes of slick hair TV here

in the headquarters of slick hair I'm

standing in the packing Department where

I spent most of the time throughout the

weekend pic and packing orders for all

of you guys thanks to all of you that

placed the order it means a lot that we

have your support and also that we have

the opportunity to give you these nice

products or make them available for

everyone each of you one of the stories

I'm gonna tell you is how we came up

with the idea of the wrecking ball it

actually started nine years ago when I

was shooting a video with a product we

cooked up we had a sweatband around it

so it looked like a snowball and we

named it the snowball axe

it was a project that never came to life

it was nine years ago and we didn't had

what it took at that moment to produce a

fully batch of hair products however

last year we were sourcing packing for

this project called the snowball wax

that's why we have a wide edition of the

wrecking ball jar and we found out that

we wanted to do product that was more

lined with five Elaine reins so what

does it mean wrecking ball for us it

means that you have the power to break

through anything in your life when you

Stan your hair with a powerful product

you're definitely ready to conquer the

world at least so in speech what it is

it's a light clay with just enough holes

to get your hair in position all day

long and without making the too stiff

it's not oily it's more in the matte and

light weight category so that's a big

plus I mean nothing you ever seen before

in the bye lane line

some clips from the sales it's like

crazy everybody at the office is

applying himself into this sales madness

I like to say we had thousands of orders

to fulfill Emil and I and the rest of

the headquarters were helping out

fulfilling all of the orders just behind

me here is some footage for you to see



now to a question that we get a lot can

you get your hair cut in slick hair

studio and the answer is yes eight years

ago Emil and I decided to have a

physical location where you can come and

experience the magic from the slicker TV

in real life you just have to go to

Denmark in the city of Oz it's a second

capital we have here it's a small city

compared to to New York Hong Kong and

we've been doing that for eight years in

the name of slick hair so we definitely

know what we're doing

but a thing going on here in December is

our Christmas calendar

Emil and I will try our best to have a

new upload every day on our Instagram

channel it's called slicker TV and

Instagram so it's easy to find

we'll post about the daily lives and our

life here at the office the headquarter

of sleek hair then a little bit behind

the scenes of the snakehead TV

productions and just in general how we

are doing with bio Lane products and

fulfillment in the background lately we

have been experimenting a little bit

with our content so we are doing some

nice ASMR episodes the reason why we're

doing the ASMR is basically to create

the virtual edition of a haircut so if

you are not in the area of the slicker

studio you don't necessarily need to go

there to feel the real experience so

we're creating sounds from the machines

from the scissors and the hair watch if

you really get your mind into it feel

like you're actually sitting in the

chair which is somehow funny and amazing

experience at the same time not

everybody liked it but you can check it

out if you're a search for sleek hair

ISMAR a little news update is that Emile

and Sarah has moved to Copenhagen

because we are planning to open a sleek

hair studio in the capital of Denmark so

we have two locations a funny thing of

anywhere in the world somebody decided

to open a sleek hair studio in India we

don't know who is behind it but it's

there it's real if

some of you knows about it you can write

in the comment section down below we

have nothing to do with it but we think

it's funny that's like her studio is

getting covered not to forget to talk

about the neon the latest release along

with the wrecking ball it's some of you

know it from earlier Seabreeze but it's

not the same products it's a brief

emulation it's even better so I

definitely recommend neon a freestyler

for texture hold and William along with

the sidekick which is one of my favorite

products once again I like to thank you

guys for supporting slick hair TV along

the way it means a lot that you're

stepping by once a week once a month or

even once a year everything takes into

account we appreciate it a lot and keep

it coming with the lice the comments and

please also share the videos when you

feel something is worth sharing all

right guys we also have the price which

is some five-lane products you can win

it you just need to click the like

button and then you need to write a

comment and be a subscriber and you can

win some nice products you'll find out

if you're the winner next week see you



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