Oppo Reno4 Pro: Feels good (enough)

published on August 3, 2020

Well here we are again with another oppo reno device it just feels like the oprah reno line comes out more often than pretty much any other line in smartphones maybe it's because i have some very fond memories with like the oppo reno 10 time zoom or

The operino 2z in particular and then i just did the oppo reno 3 pro review over at pocket now like four months ago and now here we are again with a new version

Now there are some things that we can talk about here that are very worthwhile updates but here's the thing it just feels as if for the most part we know what to expect from an oppo reno device now

And that's not a bad thing it's just that the upgrades that you might see on the spec sheet are more incremental than they are revolutionary so it's joshua vegard what's going on everybody

Let's go ahead and talk about it then this is the oppo arena 4 pro in my first impressions after using it for a little bit of time now full disclosure i have had this device for a little while but i've only used it on and off because

It's been a really busy time for smartphones and honestly for tech in general so despite all of us being stuck inside there's a lot to talk about and as you know the next couple of weeks

Are going to be really crazy too but since the announcement of the oppo reno 4 pro is happening pretty much right now i wanted to be sure i did a video and give you some thoughts on this

Particular device before i give maybe my top five takeaways as my final piece of content because i would be remiss if i didn't talk about the look and feel of this device which in the market that is currently trying

To really shake things up this one manages to still be pretty unique so i'm gonna go through the unboxing for a little bit there aren't too many things that are very different about this experience

Other than the fact that the first time i took the phone out i was surprised by the way the phone actually felt more on that in a little bit but another thing that was really nice inside of the box is

An included plastic case always great to see that and oppo tends to do that with their devices anyway the other thing to keep in mind from the unboxing experience is that the fast charger the vook fast charging

Allows for 65 watt charging which is great because you can get some power back real easily in this device no matter what segment of the smartphone market any phone might be fast charging is just always a nice

Thing to have so let's go ahead and talk about that backing this is what oppo calls the anti-glare matte backing and it's supposed to be fingerprint resistant but if i'm honest there is quite a bit of smudge on the

Back it does pick up some smudges from your hands even if it's not necessarily fingerprints the way it would be on a glossy back i actually don't use the case on this

Phone because there's plenty of grip when using this device and it also helps that the phone is pretty easy to use in one hand because the screen is not too big and the curve on the back allows it to sit real nicely

As far as color ways are concerned there are a couple of versions of the operino 4 pro this one is the starry night that i am using but there's also a silky white edition which still has

That anti-glare matte backing and i imagine it would look really great too also we're going to get to this camera hump in a little bit it's definitely a departure from other opporino's and probably something that we expected

After seeing what the oppo reno 3 pro brought to the table we're going to get over to the display first and this has exactly what you would expect from a good smartphone screen experience it is a full hd amoled panel complete with

Always on display modes and it's at 90 hertz refresh rate thankfully the curve is not too egregious and there's a matching curve for the backing which i already said is quite grippy so handling on this phone

Is top notch speaking of notches though there is a hole punch at the top which is where you get your 32 megapixel front facing camera it's also used for really fast face

Unlock which i tend to use way more often than the in-display fingerprint reader it just feels that a little bit faster as far as waking up the device and getting

Straight into the operating system the screen is nice and vibrant as you would expect from an amoled screen and because of that refresh rate it still makes this operating system glide about pretty easily

Regardless of how you feel about color os as a version of android you can't deny that a high refresh rate screen makes any version of android seem very nice and smooth and on the topic of color os there might

Be a lot of different applications that oppo throws onto their version of android but overall it's the kind of experience you would expect complete with an app drawer and with google feed over on the side

Sure there might be some places where the localization still needs a little bit of extra polish but it's come a long way from the days when words might not even fit properly in the various elements of the ui

Now i mentioned it already a little bit but as far as performance is concerned on the oppo arena 4 pro you're getting the snapdragon 720 g on here yes g that's a number you probably

Haven't heard a whole lot of this is still a gaming forward processor even if it's on the lower end of the 700 series uh hence the g i've been playing plenty of games of varying graphical intensities and i haven't noticed many

Slowdowns at all in call of duty mobile you don't get all of the options for really maxing out all of the graphic settings but it's still an enjoyable experience and i've been playing other games like

Dead cells on here as well i have no doubt that the 720g in this phone is going to do just fine for general daily usage and the rest of the specifications do a good job of matching a more high-end

Experience 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of on-board storage and i can't help but applaud a 4 000 milliamp hour battery when a device like this is this

Thin especially if you can charge it up with that 65 watt super vook charging which is right next to a headphone jack that's right there's a headphone jack on this phone as well

So it does really feel like the oppo arena was finding its stride as a great everyday device it might not have the absolute highest specifications but whereas the reno used to be a place where you could innovate a little bit

And try out some different things now it's become a very reliable everyday device for a lot of people hence things like the 720g which allows the phone to not be super expensive but

Those tiny little downgrades from what the reno line used to be might be showing its colors a little bit too much now now this is not necessarily my full review on the camera quality these are just my reactions to

What different features oppa put into the arena 4 pro and again i want to emphasize it says pro but let's talk about these cameras just like we're seeing with even the mid-range

Game right now the main sensor is a 48 megapixel high powered sensor and then everything else kind of dips in the megapixel counts it's almost as if they are supporting actors and the 48 megapixel is the star

You get 8 megapixel ultrawide camera and then a 2 megapixel macro i know and a 2 megapixel mono camera the main bummer that i have for the rear cameras is that the 8 megapixel ultra white is not capable of 4k video

Recording and even then when you mess around with some of the other settings and features that are available in the camera app like the ultra steady mode those are only done in 1080p video as

Well pictures from the phone aren't looking that bad so far but this is something that we know from oporinos from before the picture quality can be pretty good it's just that the feature set is

Starting to get a little bit convoluted there are some interesting additions though one in particular is this ai color portrait which i used to get a couple of selfies because it's available on the front facing camera as

Well and it's also available in video which leaves me in color and everything else in the background black and white well sometimes things just sort of come up when you're trying to do a little bit of

Like everyday work first thing i'll mention a front-facing camera it is fairly wide i do like that no 4k video recording unfortunately uh but as i was about to walk around the neighborhood

I realized the air quality is probably not that great i'll probably stay inside for the rest of this video because look what's happening across the valley by the way just so you guys know that

Fire that's happening over there it's near a certain dam that is on the other side of the valley according to the city that i live in it's in no danger of actually hitting

Any parts of the city so it goes without saying hope everybody is safe in my area so hopefully it's okay ultimately this is a camera package that you may have seen before and that's not

Necessarily a bad thing it's just that the little corners that oppo has cut in previous reno devices still stick around in the reno4 pro it's for that reason that i might not do a real world camera test dedicated to

This phone but i will do something like that and it will be part of my final review of this phone probably my top 5 takeaways of the reno 4 pro i will always be excited to see what the

Reno brings to the table with each new iteration it just feels like they're coming out a little bit too quickly and because of that things are becoming more and more incremental as time goes on

Yeah i could reminisce to the days when the word reno made me think of pop-up cameras or far zooms but now it seems as if the renal line is more about providing more accessibility and i

Can't knock that either maybe at some point i'll be able to get my hands on the reno 4 pro 5g edition which itself has the 765g and a couple of enhanced cameras to support the 48 megapixel main sensor

And so there you have it a quick look at the operino 4 pro the one that i have uh which is not the 5g edition this one has the snapdragon 720 g get into the comment sections down below let me know what you think about the

Oboe arena 4 line there's the 4 the 4 pro the 4 pro 5g there's a lot going on in the reno line these days so i want to know which one you might be into in the comments at the very least drop some likes on

This video and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already look forward to eventually a video on this phone about my top 5 takeaways and who knows maybe i'll be able to get my hands on one of the other versions of

The oppo reno four but we'll see what happens there for now i'm gonna call it on this one thank you so much for watching and until my next video i would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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