Oppo Find X2 Pro: PUBG Mobile Gameplay (and more!)

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Well it is officially a very crazy time and I hope that everybody who might be watching this video is finding a way of coping if you're stuck at home hopefully all of you are remaining healthy and you're doing things to do your part in this crucial time including things like

Social distancing now if you are stuck at home one of the things that you might end up doing is a lot of gaming and that's exactly what we're talking about in this video now quick thing I do want to let you know is that I am coming back

To gaming content in general here but also on my other channel which is a gaming centric channel called JV plays games you might notice a wallpaper right here for final fantasy 7 I'm super hyped for final fantasy 7 remake and I played

The demo half of which was here on my channel and then the other half was on my gaming channel so make sure you check those out in the description below and in the links in the card above so with that said it's Joshua for Gaara what's

Going on everybody here are some gaming examples here with the Oppo find x2 Pro so we're gonna showcase mainly the screen in this video but also I'll talk about some of the games I've been playing recently that

You might be interested in especially if you have some time to kill on your hands one other feature about this one that I'll quickly tell you about though is the VUCA charging this is the 2.0 version of luke charging and it is

Incredibly fast I had to get this thing charged up just for this video and I plugged it into the vogue charger for like 20 to 30 minutes I went from basically 15% all the way back up to 90% right here that is

Awesome but let's go ahead and pop into the first game on this list and actually it is the sponsor of this video it is raid Shadow Legends if you want a game that is gritty but still easy to pick up raid Shadow Legends is a good fit see

The links in the description below for some awesome rewards there are a ton of different modes in this game but the highlight is a myriad of champions that you can use to customize your team there is also the fully voice-acted story mode

Campaign which is enough to keep me coming back for more now the combat system is easy to pick up each champion has a few unique abilities that you can use based on the weaknesses of your enemies the animations are

Smooth and enjoyable as the battle unfolds and then after all of that you can head over to the tavern to showcase and upgrade the champions and their abilities for a more powerful team now raid is available both on mobile and

Desktop but of course you're seeing me play the game on the Oppo find x2 pro right now and now the highly-anticipated battle pass is on season one is live and you can win awesome rewards including free

Energy refills gems upgraded artifact sets and new epic and legendary champions by fulfilling the daily and weekly challenges now the link in the description will get you 100,000 silver 50 gems and energy refill and the epic

Champion adjudicator it's all available for the next 30 days so make sure you jump in you will be able to find all of that treasure in the game's inbox so use the links in the description to get a head start in your rage at a legend

Journey thanks again to rape shadow legends for sponsoring this video so that's raid Shadow legends but there is one thing I want to showcase real quick and that is a menu that you can access by swiping down from the top

Corners once you get there you have a number of different icons already and you can swipe down again to take a look at some other stats the FPS is going to be 60 frames per second for most games but there is also the engine in the

Display settings that will try to ramp up the motion that way you still get that really smooth 120 Hertz refresh rate being taken advantage of you get a note up here for showing your battery life and also the strength of your

Internet connection this is going to be important for those of you who play a lot of online games like Call of Duty which will be the next game in our list already second

Wow one other thing I should mention is the game space it is an app in here that allows you to put all of your games into one space so you hit that there's actually a nice boot of animation for

The app but I was already in it basically what you can do here is do things like turn on the different block notifications or reject call settings and then the other thing you can do is hit this button here and actually cater

The usage to what you want to have for your gameplay balanced is pretty much the default obviously but you can get to a competition mode which will actually boost the performance of the game based upon what is in the game space and you

Can add these games all throughout the other thing that you can do is go to a low power mode which will give you a little bit less performance but you should still be able to play all of your games pretty well and it'll give you a

Little bit more battery life as you can see it changing based upon which one I select the next game that I wanted to talk about is a more recent game which is an adaptation of an anime that is on Netflix

It's called seven deadly sins grand cross and I think it's actually a really good god shit game now gotcha games tend to be very similar in terms of what they do and how they provide their rewards but on top of all of that it is a pretty

Nice turn-based action title that is based on an anime and is actually very faithful to the story of that enemy I've actually never watched seven deadly sins on Netflix and this game apparently is going to be very faithful to the story

Which means that in playing this game I get to experience the anime so it's kind of nice that they do that here and I'm gonna keep playing it because I do want to know what this somewhat irreverent story is like

all right you probably saw it right here on the table just a second ago but I'm gonna go ahead and bring out one of my favorite tools in order to do mobile gaming this also works on PC as well

This is one of my favorite gaming peripherals of all time this is the 8-bit Doe SN 30 Pro Plus it's like a ps4 controller and a SNES controller had a baby and this is what came out this is the perfect controller for switch PC and

Mobile gaming okay you guys probably all know the drill you have this little clamp that is unfortunately sold separately but it's not all that expensive this entire setup right here is actually quite affordable and it's

One of the best ways to play games that support controllers on Android it's awesome and this is actually going to be my opportunity to talk about why I love mobile gaming in general it's that it's so versatile and as phones are becoming

More and more powerful you have so many different experiences that you can have just by using one device we went through the obvious choices for mobile gaming like Call of Duty and gotcha games like seven deadly sins but also there are a

Lot of retro games that are available that you can use especially if you have a controller a compatible controller like this enter grid Autosport this is a game that originally came out in 2014 but it has

Since been ported to a lot of other systems including the Nintendo switch and most recently Android in iOS the best part about this game is it's a gorgeous racing game and I know there's no shortage of racing games in the

Google Play Store but this is a fully single-player game it's a driving simulator that has all of the trappings of the original version of the game

All right I got one more for you as far as the controller is concerned let's take a look at something even more classic that would be Castlevania Symphony of the Night to be honest I've actually never I've

Never played this game so I'm a little bit new to this let's see if we can have some fun with this before I call it on this video

So that's a game that's not too old that you can play on an Android device that to me is pretty incredible but let's not forget about all of the other classic games that you might really enjoy like a bunch of Grand Theft Auto games or the

Classic Final Fantasy games you can even go all the way back to games like Dragon Quest which I'm actually personally playing right now without a controller because it's one of those games that was adapted to a vertical screen which is

Great to see because it makes it more accessible so overall the gaming experience on here is top-notch and it's mostly because of that display the specs in this phone also are no slouch you have the

Snapdragon 865 plenty of ram which is the reason why i am able to lock games in the background that way it's easy for me to come back to my gameplay this is something that I do with Dragon Quest 8 in particular since the save system is

Not well let's just say it's not really mobile friendly and there are a plethora of other games that are going to be coming out but I know that some of you out there are still hooked on a particular game that you want to see and

Every one of these gaming videos and that's of course pub G Mobile I'm gonna go ahead and play one of the newer modes that are available now in pub G mobile and we'll just sign up on this video using that game play so for the last

Portion of this I just want to go ahead and thank you once again for watching this video let me know what you think about the gaming experience on the Oppo find x2 pro let me know how you felt about it watching this video and get

Into the comment sections down below to let me know your thoughts from there I hope again that all of you are staying healthy keeping yourself safe practicing social distancing and whatnot and honestly if you are stuck at home right

Now and you're looking for stuff to do mobile gaming allows for a lot of different experiences and that's why I wanted to showcase a bunch of different games in this video all of which you can use on any Android device but of course

We were using the Oppo find x2 Pro in particular here mainly because it has top-notch performance and an overachieving display look forward to more videos like this here on my channel and make sure you subscribe to it so you

Can keep up with everything that I'm doing from there drop some likes on this video and get into the comment sections like I said before and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your

Mobile gaming but also enjoy your tea everybody

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