Oppo Find X2 Pro Complete Walkthrough: Oppo’s Ultra

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

I said on my walkthrough of the galaxy s 20 ultra that Samsung to decide to create a phone for a very niche market they basically created a phone with the highest spec they could to try to appeal to the smaller but very passionate I'm graphing of creators really adopters etc

And well the ultra did that for sure but it seems they weren't the only ones thinking about this this is the Oppo find x2 Pro and as we'll see in a sec at least on paper it's trying to go toe-to-toe with the ultra so first

Almost sent me there find x2 Pro and I figured I would do a complete walkthrough run it for you guys now if you're not familiar complete walkthrough on this channels where I try to go through every single feature I possibly

Can on new device so that you guys are better prepared should you be in the market to actually go buy one when that said there is a lot to go through so let's get started with the hardware firstly the fine x2 Pro has a six point

Seven inch amo LED 3168 by 1440 resolution sixty seven point eight degree curved display with an interesting 19.8 by nine aspect ratio that screen is also capable of 120 Hertz now this means that the screen can

Refresh the image on it up to 120 times a second which makes for smoother scrolling game playing games that support it etc something else to note though is that they have the ability to do this 120 Hertz even at that top qhd+

Resolution and there's a setting on the phone to auto select the 120 versus 60 Hertz depending on what is on the screen as well as a similar option for changing the resolution between F HD plus and that full qhd+ now that screen is also

HDR 10 + certified covers 100% of the p3 color gamut and has a separate chipset dedicated to it that Oppo calls there oh one ultravision engine the benefit of this is that they can use it to convert SDR to HDR content as well as make

Content that is at a lower frame rate appear to be playing back at 60 or even 120 frames per second now this currently only works in the YouTube app 10-cents sports Amazon Netflix and a few others but more to come according to Oppo now

You don't like this you can easily also turn it off in the settings as you know some of us don't like the soap opera effect that can happen when you have these types of settings on on TVs and that also happens on this phone knowing

That screen we have a 32 megapixels selfie camera with an F 2.8 aperture that is a pixel size of point 8 microns that surprisingly are not binned by default most cameras with that many megapixels will combine groups of them

Together to get a lower resolution but larger pixel sizes to get better low-light performance but Oppo has chosen to not do that for this camera so in the real world test coming later subscribe and ding the bell to be

Notified when that goes live by the way we'll see how that affects selfies in darker environments the phone itself comes in two variants a black ceramic and an orange vegan leather which I have here and I sort of love it feels super

Nice in the hand and has the added benefit to me that will not scratch as easily and since I'm not a person to use cases I also like how it combined with the gold accents around the edges definitely makes the phone stand out we

Have Gorilla Glass 6 on the front of the screen by the way and the phone is rated ip68 water and dust resistance which means that it can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters moving around the

Device we have our volume buttons on the Left we have nothing at the top our power button is located on the right side and we have our dual SIM card tray and one of our two speakers that are Dolby Atmos capable the other speakers

In the earpiece by the way and our USB port on the bottom that port is capable of using the 65 watt super vooc charger that comes with the device to charge the 40 to 60 milli amp battery in it from 0 to 100% in just 38 minutes now while

We're talking about charging there is no Qi or wireless charging of any kind just so you know under the hood we have a qualcomm snapdragon 865 chipset paired with 12 gigs of lpddr4 am and 512 gigs of ufs 3.0 storage for security we have

An optical fingerprint sensor under the screen that's pretty responsive and we have the option to use facial recognition from the front camera as well Oppo also added an interesting feature to allow you to enable both the

Fingerprint and the facial recognition at the same time to further speed things up whenever you put your finger on the fingerprint which is you know kinda clever for a connectivity we have Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 NFC for use with Google

Pay and sub 6 5g support built-in moving around to the back we have our pretty interesting triple camera system firstly we have our main 48 megapixel F 1.7 aperture optic stabilized camera which is the first

Phone that I could think of Elise to use the new Sony imx6 89 sensor now unlike the selfie camera this one by default bins the pixels to get lower resolution but much better low-light sensitivity it takes collections of four of the 1.12

Micron sized pixels and combines them to get a 12 megapixel 2.2 4 micron sized image that sensor is also won by one point four three inches in size and so this combined with those large pixels in bin mode means much better low-light

Images but also means that you can get a lot more bouquet the blurred separation between a subject and the background without using the software enabled portrait mode now for those keeping score by the way that sensor in pixel

Size is very similar to the new s20 ultra just slightly smaller but considering that the original pixels being bend are larger than the 108 megapixel 0.8 micron ones that are being bend in sets of 9 on the ultra I'm very

Curious to see how it holds up against the ultra in that real-world test coming soon the main camera also sports dual native ISO meaning that is optimized to shoot a specific high ISO and a low ISO now this allows the camera to choose the

Lower native ISO when things are brighter but then switch to the higher native one when things get dark to reduce noise in the image another thing that's interesting about this sensor is that it supports all pixel autofocus

Instead of the more traditional dual pixel autofocus the general idea here is that the sensor can use 100% of the pixels to detect focus as well as has some changes to the sensors micro lens layout and without going too far down

The rabbit hole here that means it can detect edges better and focus faster as well as focus better in low light by the way let me know if you guys want me to do a deep dive into either of these technologies in my new decoder explainer

Series that I'll link to here now in addition to the main sensor we have a 48 megapixel ultra wide camera that has a 120 degree field of view and an F 2.2 aperture the interesting thing about this camera is the fact that Oppo put a

Sony AMX 586 in here which is basically the flagship sensor most phones launched with last year as their main sensor it's a 1/2 inch sensor with point 8 micron sized pixels and it's nice to see them put in an already proven sensor as

They're ultra wide hopefully that should mean it'll mean switching to the ultra why won't mean a much worse quality image like we have seen on some other phones something else to note about this ultra

Wide camera is the fact that it can automatically switch to a macro mode when there's a text that you are at 10 centimeters or less from a subject so you can get closer up shots and finally we have a 13 megapixel telephoto camera

With an aperture of f3 point O that is optically stabilized apparently it's about a 5 times optical zoom and then it can do a hybrid zoom of up to about 10 times you can also push past that to about 60 times using software but

Personally 10 times is where I'd probably stop and well in the initial testing 10 times is actually pretty darn usable which is cool now the one thing interesting about the telephoto is that it's a folded zoom lens it actually sits

Sideways in the phone and uses a set of mirrors to get the length needed without pursuiting out of the back of the phone like a traditional mirrorless camera lens would need to for video they record in 4k and up to 60 frames per second and

As what they call live HDR which increases the color gamut to 10 bit and helps with backlit and very bright environments we also have what they call ultra steady 2.0 there's a lot of ultra things in here aren't there anyway that

Makes your videos appear more stable you can switch to ultra steady by tapping the icon at the top of the viewfinder and then there's actually an ultra steady pro mode that you can tap as well that apparently switches not just on the

Ultra steady but also switches to the ultra wide camera to further stabilize the video they also added a new three microphone system to better isolate the sound of people's voices so here's what that sounds like in a crowded now

Besides that let's quickly dive into the various camera modes that Oppo has included portrait this uses software to blur the background behind a subject to create a faster aperture look too similar to a mirrorless or DSLR camera

Slow-mo records in either 720 or 1080p and you can select that in the settings and then it plays the video back in slow motion expert pro mode which allows you to control camera settings manually like ISO shutter speed etc sticker this is

Basically their version of snapchat Instagram filters tech scanner recognizes text in the viewfinder will automatically try to crop it and then adjust the contrast to make it look more like a scan panel which is your standard

Panoramic mode that lets you take an image and then pan the camera to have it stitch Mol to pull images together to create a wider more panoramic shot time-lapse lets you record a video and

Automatically play it back sped up and finally Knight which uses AI and multiple shots of various exposure levels including long exposure shots to creating much better low-light image you'd actually check out my decoder

Episode on night mode and how it actually works at the link here moving on to the software the Oppo find x2 Pro is running Android 10 with oboes own UI on top of it called color s 7.1 now because of this it'll have very similar

Functions to any Oppo Android device but for someone who isn't familiar let's just touch on a few of the more standout features that Oppo is added now firstly I just want to say that opus colorize has come a long way in a short amount of

Time when it comes to the look and feel it's gotten much more minimalistic and frankly less bubbly and cartoony than it has been in the past and in my opinion seems to be taking at least some cues from their subsidiary oneplus which is a

Very good thing now besides the overall look and feel that's been greatly improved they added a smart sidebar feature that allows you to add shortcuts to screen recording and screen shot as well as an app shortcut to be able to

Swipe in on the floating icon to get to those quickly they also have multi-user support and parental controls that allow you to customize what your kid can do on the phone including supervising the phone remotely with the family link app

Set limits and add restrictions to the Google Play Store etc something I noticed in the Wi-Fi settings there's actually dual Wi-Fi acceleration that lets you connect to two Wi-Fi networks at once and use both of them combined to

Increase the speed of the connection we have private safe which lets you section off different photos videos and other files to be encrypted and they can only be accessed with your fingerprint there's the ability to clone any

Messaging app to let you have more than one account on the device for that app I eat two whatsapp's two telegrams messenger accounts etc they had a slick always-on display that is a decent amount of customizable clocks to choose

From and they also have a notification light that can show on the edges whenever a notification comes in now the Oppo fight x2 pro will be available in May for 1199 euros which is a lot but is at least a few hundred euros cheaper

Than the s20 ultra which is between thirteen forty nine and fifteen forty nine euros depending on the storage and Ramkin interestingly enough even though the original find X was 999 euros when it

Launched it isn't a being about $850 in the US which made it very reasonable at the time now I was hoping that that meant this device would also see a similar u.s. price and make it much more competitive to the ultra but apparently

It's not coming to the u.s. at all so there goes that hope either way it's still priced less than the ultra regardless of where you live and if you wanted to import into the US you could it even has Google services by the way

So I for one I'm super curious how the camera and battery hold up against the s20 ultra but we'll check that out when we get to do that real-world test there guys a complete walkthrough on the Oppo find x2 Pro try to go through it as

In-depth as I could since you guys told me that that's what you wanted but let me know in the comments below what you think of this video of the length of what I talked about is there something else you'd like me to talk more about

Talk less about etc always appreciate you from you guys if you like this video please thumbs up and share it it's greatly appreciated also check out the rest of channel if you like what you see there please subscribe and ding the bell

Next door and subscribe so you can notify when I do new videos as always though regardless thanks for watching

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