Oppo Find X2 Pro camera review

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hey everyone the Phoenix to pro is Oprah's flashiest new flagship it has a gorgeous screen a beautiful and unique design and even charging that can get you from 0 to 100 in a little over half an hour yet in this day and age the final purchasing decision is often all

About the cameras now if you want to watch our full findings – Pro review check out the link in the description down below so how good is the triple camera setup of the fine x2 Pro can it compete with other phones in its price

Range like the iPhone 11 Pro and the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra I'm Angie 4jo marina and this is our camera review of the find x2 Pro now on the surface this phone has a

Pretty standard looking setup three cameras in the back one on the front however it quickly becomes apparent that okhla has done itself and we're seeing some features for the very first time the 48 megapixel main camera may sound

Familiar but it actually uses an unusually large sensor made by Sony physically it's almost as large as the 108 megapixel sensors used by some other manufacturers the sensor also has dual ISO paths which means photos shot and

Bright and low-light have different processing and should mean better photos in both scenarios what a focus should also be improved in low-light see the all pixel omnidirectional auto focusing system uses or photodiodes per pixel

Instead of using two like traditional dual pixel autofocus systems the ultra red camera on the back also uses a 48 megapixel sensor but keep in mind that it's not as large as the one on the main camera the cameras field of view is not

As large as traditional choice but it has auto focusing which allows for some really nice close-up shots finally the 13 megapixel telephoto snapper with the periscope lens allows for five times optical zoom it's

Stabilized and has an F 3.0 aperture but the sensor isn't as big as a telephoto is on the s20 ultra during the day photos shot with the main camera looks pleasing they have natural colors that are quite true to life and have a more

Laid back processing style there's also less contrast than what you'd get from most phones but it's no deal-breaker other than that there's plenty of detail and no visible noise since the sensor is extra-large it means that you get

Natural looking bulky that's more pronounced than what you'd normally get from a phone sensor the phone normally outputs 12 megapixel photos but you can change the setting and have it out put 48 megapixel snaps while we did get more

Definition in specific patterns in our studio charts there wasn't really an improvement in real-world photos do troy'd camera had excellent distortion correction and had pretty much the same properties as the main cam in terms of

Colors than a Mac range in contrast with it you can get even better detail than from the s20 ultra still the Samsung phone has wider coverage that said do on the find has another trick up its sleeve the autofocus allows for some

Extreme close-ups and exaggerated perspective shots at five times zoom define x2 pros telephoto camera delivered very detailed images they had a bit of noise and colors are slightly livelier and warmer than the main cams

At 10 times zoom you still get usable images that look nice at a fit to screen level but there's a drop in pixel level detail at two times zoom the phone crops in from the main camp without any extra data from the telephoto so while there's

Decent performance some textures don't hold up well to pixel level examination we had the galaxy s 20 Ultra around so we were curious to see how the findings to pro stacked up next to it at one time zoom the galaxy phone produced much more

Saturated images that stuck out the find on the other hand had more natural colors at their native zoom levels details are comparable at 10 times zoom both phones have pretty much the same level of fine detail but the fine has

More noise in its competition if you like to shoot portraits the fine x2 pro will give you two magnifications you can choose from either one time zoom or two times oon both are captured by the main cam so the more zoomed in version has

Less detail indoors the phone will struggle to produce sharp portrait images and messy hairstyles against contrasts and backgrounds might trip up the edge detection the background bouquet looked natural and you can

Adjust it though the default 60% settings seem to work okay when the light gets low the findings to probe does some sort of night mode processing even though it's not using a dedicated mode as a result low weight images have

Excellent dynamic range with good highlights and well-developed shadows which is unusual for most phones this comes at a cost though and you'll find that textures appear plasticky as the algorithm wipes out fine textures colors

Are preserved but are cooler than the output of some competitors which makes pictures look a little dull at times there's a night mode available but it takes longer to capture images and produces slightly different results

Shadows are further lifted and highlights are kept mostly in check which makes the photos look brighter detail isn't any worse but with this film the resolved detail in low-light is not great to begin with unfortunately we

Couldn't see the supposed benefits of the dual system deal Troy camera has a similar situation in low-light conditions but there's even less of a difference between photo mode and night mode we

Like the Y dynamic range and tonal development that the shots were cooler and softer than we'd prefer so what happens if you want a more zoomed in photo well things aren't great – 10 shots barely look good on the screen of

The phone but they're digitally zoomed in and up scaled so we didn't expect much from them in the first place shots with 5 times zoom are more of a hit or miss there's only a 30% chance the phone will use the actual telephoto camera if

It doesn't things look pretty bad if it does use a periscope you might even get a usable shot night mode works on the telephoto camera too but for some reason the phone might decide to use the main cam instead of the telephoto if you

Switch camera modes we decided to do another comparison with the galaxy s 20 ultra but this time at night instead of during the day and the results were very different at one times magnification you can already see a huge difference in

Detail levels and color reproduction the find has fewer details less noise and lower saturation than its competition so – no one surprised at two times zoom again the fine X 2 has more plasticky textures and lower levels of detail

While the Samsung has more noise a two time zoom and night mode both look brighter though the Galaxy phone still has better detail now at their native zoom levels without night mode the Samsung blows the fine x2 pro out of the

Water it has better colors and better details by far although it has a lot of noise the fine x2 Pro trails behind with a watercolor look in more detail reproduction at native zoom levels with night mode turned on samsung remains

King the fine x2 Pro has better performance than before and it looks more like a photo and less of a sketch but it's still not great when it comes to video the fine x2 pro can record videos at up to 4k at 60fps

Stabilization is available in all modes but you can't turn it off there are two dedicated stabilization modes and ultra steady 1 and an ultra steady Pro they lost the resolution and framerate at Full HD at 60fps we didn't find them to

Be better than the regular stabilization but that's because the regular one was actually great to begin with on the main camera 4k footage has good levels of so though not quite as high as what you'd see on the galaxy s 20 ultra

There's also quite a difference in color rendition between 30fps and 60fps the higher frame rates come with a red color cast though we actually like this color output better than the normal one if you zoom in two times you'll get similar

Video quality in other words good but not great otherwise the general image properties are more or less the same at five times zoom you'll get some substantial differences 4k at 60fps comes out of the main camera so footage

Looks bad and you should just straight-up avoid it for KI at 30fps had good pixel level detail though it was a bit noisy Full HD in both 30 and 60 frames per second were okay though the 60 FPS mode had a drop in sharpness we

Also decided to see what would happen if you shoot a 10 times zoom it can be good enough if you can stabilize the phone properly but there was a lot of wind when we were shooting so it's usable but not great eh wide camera captures some

Good 4k video at 30fps so you should know there's no 60 FPS option here despite some pretty aggressive sharpening it still produce likable footage photos from the selfie camera

Come out with tons of detail if there's enough light you'll still see some noise and the dynamic range is on the narrow side but the HDR mode handles it quite well that is until you switch to portrait mode there HDR is unavailable

You should expect blown highlights and high-contrast scenes still the phone exposes your face correctly and the bokya is natural while the subject detection works pretty well the findings 2 Pro offers plenty in terms of its

Cameras and an even pioneered a few things that we hadn't seen before but we got to admit that it doesn't check all the boxes for us we saw great performance across all three cameras during the day matching and even

Sometimes beating the Samsung Galaxy S 20 altra but when it comes to videography and low-light performance things weren't as good an oppo is own portfolio the fine x2 Pro is a great straight ahead and you definitely won't

Be disappointed if you have this phone in your pocket and you want to take a picture but if you're looking for the best of the best and the ultimate camera phone then perhaps this one isn't it

Now listen cameras are very important when it comes to choosing a phone but they're not the only thing that makes a good device so if you want the full picture of what the fine x2 Pro can offer you then you should check out our

Full review thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video hit the like button down below subscribe but the bell icon and more importantly stay home and stay safe see you guys next time

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