Oppo Find X2 full review

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Everyone oppa released the fine x2 Pro a while back and it's a gorgeous and unique phone that's also incredibly expensive so it's not really a viable option for most people Oppo also released a non pro version of the phone which has a slightly smaller

Battery and a different camera setup and a design that's more like what we're used to seeing but does that really make that much of a difference i'm angie for GSM marina and this is our review of the Oppo find x2

the fine x2 looks more like it's standard 2020 flagship than the pro version there's no vegan leather back here instead it's a more common combination of Gorilla Glass five in the

Back and Gorilla Glass six on the front that doesn't mean the phone is anything less than beautiful though especially with its ocean color ink if you decide to get the black version of the phone it's made of ceramic which makes the

Entire device a little heavier the find x2 has a footprint that's pretty much identical to the pro version and it handles in much the same way there are very thin edges and the phone fits nicely in the hand with no awkward

Button placement or unsmooth edges it has a fast and reliable fingerprint meter on the front but it's not always on so if it's lying on a table you might have to tap on the screen in order to engage it instead of ip68 like the pro

There's an IP 54 rating hearing and that means that it should withstand a light rain and splashes at most on the front of the phone you'll also find a spectacular six point seven inch AMOLED it has razor thin bezels and a very

Small hole punch the screen is capable of a 120 Hertz for fresh rate and that's without sacrificing the full qHD resolution you'll have no issues of sunlight legibility here as brightness goes up to 518 it's in manual mode and

815 it's in Auto the display had nicely calibrated colors and it covers 100% of the DCI p3 color space cinematic is the most accurate of the three color modes while vivid mode skewed a little towards blue that said we noticed that the

Display was a little less accurate than what we expected due to how good the pro was our best guess is that a software update may have changed things up because the screens are virtually identical now you can't have a good

Media experience without good audio can you the fine x2 had very good loudness in our tests though it can't quite match the galaxy s 20 plus in terms of richness the Phoenix 2 has a 4200 milliamp hour battery which is only 60

Million hours less than it's more premium sibling that said with the high refresh rate turned on we got an underwhelming 80 hour endurance rating you can bump up the number to 89 hours but you have to lower both the refresh

Rate and the resolution well the battery life didn't allow us the charging did with the 65 watt charger included in the box you can get the phone from flat to 94% in half an hour even better you'll be at 100% only eight

Minutes later the fine x2 has the same snapdragon 865 chipset as its more premium sibling and unsurprisingly the two had practically the same excellent performance as far as software goes it has Android 10 with color OS 7.1 on top

It's a minor update over the 7.0 version but it brings some noticeable changes over 6 most notably there is a more stock look that said it's still a highly customizable OS and you can change everything from how the icons look to

The speed of animations one wonders why anyone would choose anything other than blazing fast but hey to each their own the notification shade has also been retouched with squarish toggles instead of circles and a green accent color

Throughout the system speaking of you can also turn on the system-wide dark mode it can even be enforced on third-party apps so you don't have to blind yourself in the middle of the night by accident there are three

Navigation options available there's navigation buttons open swipe up gestures and standard Android 10 navigation which we prefer there is also an auto switch to ear receiver gesture that allows you to pick

Up your phone without having to turn off Bluetooth devices playing music as in previous Opel phones there are a few screen off gestures too you can draw different letters on the lock screen to launch different apps or control your

Music still there's no way you can launch the camera out without touch input so no flicks of the wrist or double pressing the power button will work here not a deal-breaker but still annoying there is a standard triple

Camera setup with no periscope or crazy sensor sizes here the 48 megapixel quad bear main cam has an F 1.7 aperture and optical stabilization but it also has a much smaller sensor than the fine x2 Pro the 13 megapixel telephoto is a standard

One that offers two times zoom instead of the Pireaus periscope that offers five times there's also a 12 megapixel which Royd camera instead of a 48 megapixel one but it still has autofocus that doesn't mean that it's a bad setup

Though and even though it lacks the pros crazy features it's still quite capable so how good are the photos during the day there's plenty of detail for the resolution and pictures are sharp that said we noticed more noise and we'd like

On a 20/20 flagship photos have a contrasting look and we would have liked a slightly brighter exposure still there's a wide dynamic range and colors especially greens and reds were nice if you switch to the 48 megapixel mode you

Lose more than you gain there is a narrower dynamic range and a hiking noise as well as some pronounced aliasing you will troy'd cam produces more saturated photos in the main one it has a slightly more limited dynamic

Range than the main snapper but in comparison to most ultra lights out there it's actually very good sharpness and detail very good too one of the nicest features of this camera is the autofocus which allowed for some nice

Perspective shots and close-ups our only criticism is that this camera is not really that wide when you're shooting in the regular four by three photo mode because the sensors native aspect ratio is a sixteen by nine one so as you can

See there's some cropping here the telephoto took sharp and detailed shots at two times zoom noise is quite high like the other cameras on the setup but colors are a bit more muted dynamic range is narrower

At five times zoom you're using a digital zoom images will look good at fit to screen levels so you can use them for social media though we wouldn't recommend them for anything more than that in low light the phones AI

Automatically applies some night mode action there is a button to disengage the mode but for many scenes it actually looks quite good these AI photos have well-developed shadows mostly balanced highlights and a wide dynamic range

Detail is good too city lights tend to skew a little towards orange though with the AI off images are noticeably darker with much less well-developed shadows we did notice more detail though unsurprisingly

There is an actual night mode but images are practically identical to the ones that you'd get with the AI turned on the ultra wide camera with the AI switched on and got you brighter shadows and balanced highlights there is some

Pixelation around light sources but colors were very nicely preserved without the AI photos are soft and mushy with blown out highlights so try to avoid this one if you want to time zoom at night you should know that most of

The time pictures are cropped from the main camera naturally that means you get the same good colors and dynamic range but you should avoid pixel peeping on occasion the telecom will be triggered and you'll have to decide between better

Exposure in colors with night mode or slightly more detail in the regular mode portraits shot with the telephoto were good but not amazing with the occasional glitches in terms of subject separation you can also use the main camera which

Provides sharper textures and details it also handled different light conditions better than the telephoto thanks to the larger sensor the find x2 Canaccord 4k videos with stabilization available in every mode you choose and it worked

Quite well videos out of the main camera have high contrast low noise and lively colors some detail is a bit soft but generally you only see that if you zoom in a lot video shot at 60fps had a more purple hue than those shot at 30fps even

With full HD videos the old troy'd camera shoots four key videos too and we'd have to say that it's actually better suited for video than stills this is because you get to use the sensors native aspect ratio dynamic range was a

Bit on the narrow side but detail and colors were quite good telephoto videos at 30fps have excellent detail lively colors and a respectable dynamic range at 60fps to time zoom footage will come out of the main camera

Turn the phone around and you'll be using the 32 megapixel camera that you'll find in the tiny punch hole selfies were detailed when shouting with lights though noisy skin tones were great too

Dynamic range is narrow but the HDR helps balance this out the fine x2 is an excellent phone which isn't surprising considering the 1000 euro price tag in fact in terms of its screen performance and charging tech it's among the best

Yet Oppo didn't include some key features in order to avoid challenging its own fine x2 Pro so the fine x2 ends up being a little too expensive in order to truly be competitive maybe wants the price drops you should consider getting

It but until then we'd rather go with the Galaxy or oneplus phone thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video hit the like button down below subscribe at the bell icon and more importantly stay home and stay safe see you guys next


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