Operation Elephant | Jungle Animal Rescue

published on July 2, 2020

after a long slow drive through the

night yes girl we're gonna get you out

to the rescued elephant arrives at the

sanctuary so these axis and all kinds of

hooks and stuff so let's start getting

all that all I think every single day of

her life she's been beaten with an axe

scars all over her forehead her point is

dotted with scars all over you can see

all the wounds and the scars around ya

just look at that yeah my goodness

she never have been from these things in

having spent years abused and alone this

elephant also carries psychological

scars wild elephants live in these very

tight social family groups where

socialization and communication are

really important to their daily life

whereas a captive elephant lives in

total isolation they're deprived of

contact with other elephants these

elephants have really serious

psychological conditions that are linked

to captivity the team hopes that

introducing her to other elephants will

heal some of those scars but first she

should be initiated into the wildlife

SOS family what we're going to be doing

now is a welcoming ceremony and the

naming ceremony when a new elephant is

rescued be always welcome her with

prayers asking for God's blessings to

support her and have a safe secure and a

pain-free future we pray to Lord Ganesh

whose elephant God


sandy is going to seek the blessings of

Lord Ganesh beautiful and there you go

take the bell off okay

yeah almost free that's it there we go

her bells off wishing you a better life

from that moment on what she's taken

care of and we are going to be calling

her kalpana the name that's been chosen

is Kalpana which means imagination or

dreams you know Karthik this was the

most special moment of the whole rescue

now she is someone and not something any

more she's coping off that is the key to

the beginning of her new life it's

shedding everything in the past behind

and starting fresh just a little bit of

love and you can change an animal's life





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