Ontology (ONT) – Honest & Unbiased Review!! – KEEP AN EYE ON THIS!!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so we're gonna look at ontology today
this coin came out a while ago I didn't
know what it was kept an eye on it I see
in corn market cap right now in this
bear market this coin is we've just been
rising steadily steadily in a bear
market I'm really surprised about this
coin so I'm wondering what is this going
what does it do like why why are people
so excited about this coin so we're good
we're just gonna do an analysis on this
coin I looked at the market cap right
now uh eight harnesses two mil got
Volume II 80 mil circling supplied 241
milquetoast supply at 1 billion all
right and the ticker is Ont so if you're
new to the channel hit that subscribe
button press that like button leave a
comment below and let's get it we'll
start off by looking into what problem
on Tala jeez trying to solve chest has
become the core requirement of social
and economic partnerships that goes up
through technology law and community
throughout history although we now have
a range of trust mechanisms we still
face many barriers in establishing trust
this is including inaccurate identity
verification missing roles of
individuals security issues of Internet
of Things data exchange security issues
data management monopolization data
fragmentation transparency issues and
equity management we reputation systems
identifying false information and so on
and so on
ontology has architecture the
distributive system it incorporates
multiple types in an integrated protocol
system of various block chains and
databases multi-source identities and
multi-source data exchanged protocols
have been implemented into the network
building a distributed trust system that
is cross chain cross industry class
system cross replication across the face
ontology aims developers trust ecosystem
through partnerships to provide
distributed services including
distributed communities data
verification data exchange and credit
across industries so what is ontology
and why is it trying to build trust
within all these systems untold uses a
blockchain for building decentralized
identity applications bridging the gap
between real-world and distributed data
systems I told you will enable business
individuals and institutions to create
their own specialized trust networks the
core value of ontology
is to provide the tools necessary for
institutions to build their own best
spoke decentralized trust systems
combining identity verification data
exchange for seizure management
protocols and more while ology is
compatible with the number of consensus
mechanisms the network board utilize on
a revolutionary DB ft protocol with an
average of 20 second block creation time
and nearly less scalability while this
is a superior technology ontology
Cerreta ledger will still be compatible
with mechanisms including proof-of-work
eb ft and RB ft ontology offers a
variety of use cases in providing key
management hardware encryption data
analysis in secure data exchange across
changed systems application devices and
industries ontology will foster
partnerships to develop his trust
ecosystem and eventually it will be
invaluable tool and finance media
insurance and internet things in
government as it stands the diversity of
trust networks among physicists narrows
is vast with the variety of incap
incompatible chains being required to
meet their needs each business differs
in his frameworks methods governance
model presenting an enormous challenge
for any cross denier interactions for
example while there exist certain
requirements for identity verification
of a school student and entirely
incompatible system may exist for
another school or institution the
diversity amongst trust mechanisms is
fundamental flaw that can no longer be
overlooked these dynamics create an
environment rift with privacy breaches
weak reputation systems data exchange
issues an inefficient identity
verification ontology network solves the
above challenges by leveraging the
inherent transparency and trust of the
centralized blockchain technology to
build a distributed system the
fundamental strength lies in its ability
to adapt to all business types enabled
by structure supporting multiple blog
chains in Information Systems for
example individuals and SMEs are
frequently denied access to financing an
account that there they present an
ability to offer credit records and
collateral untold you will enable any
purchases to access and present their
records to access much needed funding
this is but one example of ontology to
use cases in reality all types of
participant will benefit from being able
to freely and securely record and
coordinate their data
and identities across scenarios so what
is the core technology of ontology lying
at the core of ontology is a fully
decentralized ledger system complete
with security protocols and smart
contracts utilizing distributed
Authority distributed networks
distributed storage and distributed
security this base will be used as an
application platform allowing all
services to be decentralized and
distributed securely amongst multiple
parties flexibility is fundamental to
the success of the project which is why
ontology is decoupled architecture makes
it compatible with a number of blog
chains forming neo ethereal blog chains
at its foundation not only is the
network compatible with its sig's and
block chains but also with traditional
information systems providing
decentralized entity management secure
data storage key management and
encryption data analysis of any
technology systems using ontology
development frameworks from api's and
SDKs developers will be able to easily
and swiftly build out gaps and employed
them as a service this is critical for
lowering the barriers of entry for users
of ontology using the frameworks
developers will not need any prior
knowledge of blockchain or distributed
systems naturally secure identity
verification is a cornerstone for any
reliable trust network ontology employs
a highly flexible decentralized identity
verification system that can be tailored
to the intentions and requirements of
its user
this makes ontology compatible with any
institution regardless of the new ones
requirements whether identifying a
person organizational or physical object
so this pace is just a quick example of
the trust their trust network that they
stated to chain one in verification of
people well things and organizations
change to verifies applications and
links them together chain 3 verifies and
links module protocols SDKs and API and
change for all the different network
changes layer functions to link all the
chains together all right so that's like
an example of that if you still don't
understand what ontology is we're trying
to apply it to some scenarios right here
these are some scenarios that can
benefit from integration into ontology
sulfer finance ontology could be applied
to trading securities wealth management
derivatives trading collateral
management and supply chain finance
could also be applied to payments like
micro payments
business payments international
remittance tax filing and collecting all
your customers anti-money laundering
inferring in for the insurance sector it
could be applied to filing claims claims
processing in admin fraud detection
telematics rating and digital
identification internet thing device
device payments automatic operations
grid management smart home management
office management for like the consumer
it could be applied to a sharing economy
supply chain pharmaceutical tracking
agriculture food identification shipping
and logistics management for media to be
digital rights management our
authentication ID placement ad click
fraud reduction resales and
authentication assets for software
development direct developer payments ad
placements api platforms ad placement
notarization and certification in a
medical field it could be for record
sharing prescription sharing
multi-factor authentication personalized
medicine DNA sequencing and for asset
titles could be for diamonds the sign of
brands car leasing in sales home
mortgages land titles ownership
centralization of assets government
voting vehicle registration benefits
distribution copyrights and education
certificates so we're gonna look at
ontology and how its governed this is
how ontology is governed the multiple
interoperable blockchain network design
makes ontology highly scalable and each
blockchain can adapt independent
governance model to be compliant in its
own jurisdiction the advantage of this
is that business scenarios that run
ontology will be legally compliant in
whatever country they in in other words
otology uses a chain network models to
support this different chains can allow
different governance models and follow
different rules and regulations what is
the relationship between ontology and
Neal last November account of blockchain
enthusiasts and investors assembled in
New York City they came to here on chain
and company dedicated to developing
blockchain Systems announced that they
are launching a groundbreaking platform
ontology the CEO of Unchained Neal
co-founder down face said at the event
ontology and Neal will build-a-bra
ecosystem using blockchain and other new
technologies to serve the real economy
neo and on chain are separate entities
so on Jane doesn't own kneel or kneel on
chain they are separately funded neo is
funded by the company and on chain is
funded by various forms of financial
groups in China they bought a lot of
they bought a lot of insurance companies
and banks in Europe so they are separate
second on chain benefits from neo
ecosystem the product called DNA is very
similar to neo but it is written in gold
language on Chinese helping other block
chains and financial institutions to
build their block chains with DNA is
basically very similar to Neal and in
the future with neo X the cross chain
protocol everything can be linked
together so here's a couple team members
of ontology generally founder of
ontology has a rich academic background
including bachelor's degree in computer
science master's of communication
engineering MBA and PMP he's a senior
blockchain architect and blood chain
solutions professional with 16 years
work experience an IT and FinTech Lee
previously provided technical
architecture management and playing
support for top international IT firms
and major Chinese financial exchanges he
has taken part in an architecture design
and technical management of many major
systems and has built up multiple
technical teams and systems from scratch
Lee also has a profound knowledge of
financial industry excelling an internal
management and external communication so
next we have andy n senior product
manager and overseas product planning
and design and has participated in
multiple benchmark blockchain
application projects before ontology and
was working in alternative investment
solutions at State Street and has more
than five years experience in a team and
project management with overseas work
experience and was involved in the bank
strategic project beacon has also
overseen several transformative
information ization projects and private
equity process optimization projects and
so we're gonna take a quick look at the
website right now website looks very
nice awesome design I like it it's kind
of hard to know what they're talking
about by just reading the stuff on here
I supposed to just check out the
documents on here you see all the white
papers on there they got like four of
you can look through there very long
reads but if you're really interested
about this project I suggest going
through and doing your own research guys
it's a lot to read but they do a very
very good job of it just explaining
everything really well so over here the
discuss some of the snares that I talked
about and they have some of the news and
events on here and we look down here
here's some of their social media for
their telegram it got 27k we got their
Twitter or how many people are in squid
yeah but what 37k the github here I like
it because see like updates were made 14
hours to go this one's 14 hours 16 hours
18 hours so like they're making a lot of
up like frequent updates are very live
on this or github which is a very very
good sign showing that the company is
actually working hard on this on getting
this rolling right I've also been
looking on the site for a road map I
can't seem to find one on the site I
asked their telegram for a road map I'm
looking for it I can't find it so if
anybody can find the road map post it in
link below so people know where it is
and can follow along I also think I know
why the price has just been going up
around April 4th this news happened so
on April 4th intelligent Network
announces venture capital corporation to
cope build the next generation chain
network so Ont has formally announced
corporation with venture capital firms
sequía china matrix partners China Zen
fun and den hun capital so from this
evidence you know that ontology has VC
back to the VCS could be buying up some
of the coins to make the price go up but
I don't know I still have to figure out
why this coin is going up why it's very
popular it's very interesting project
that I'd suggest keep an eye on this is
not financial advice and let's on you
guys go buy these coins and just
reviewing them seeing what the strengths
and weaknesses are of these projects
this is like a very very good project
with a lot of strengths and capabilities
right we're gonna bring this all
together and summarize everything I told
you has created a truly flexible
decentralized solution to destroying
nature of current trust
works that will revolutionize the
ability of participants to interact and
coordinate with one another their
platform empowers users of all
disciplines to create trust networks
that meet their unique needs in crafting
their own solution ontology has clearly
considered the plight of current
networks considering the need for a
trust network that enables individual
flexibility while still offering a
streamlined framework that makes cross
scenarios interactions quick and
I told you will change the world with
this blockchain for decentralized trust
applications empower the next generation
universities governments and
corporations if you like the content
press that like button hit that
subscribe button leave a dope comp below
let me know what you think if you got
more facts you want to add in about
ontology just write in comments below
alright this was presented by k7 from
crypto pedia and we out

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