Online Security Tips: How To Protect Yourself From Hackers in 2020!

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

Let's visualize your cybersecurity landscape for just a moment how many Gmail accounts do you have do you use SMS multi-factor authentication how many passwords do you reuse on multiple sites is your password a dictionary word do you use pins that are

Your birthday or your phone number there are a ton of questions that I could ask and it is likely that your answers to at least one if not several of these questions are opening you up to the undue risk of falling victim to hackers

Phishing attacks and more you are not alone in this I too have been in violation of these key internet best practices and that's why I'm here to tell you how to fix them because I've done the same thing the hacking methods

Used today are no joke and they've resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars stolen and cryptocurrency and cash from bank accounts as well as mountains of emotional suffering from social media impersonation by hackers

That result in something far worse than monetary losses in some case not his loss of dignity related to social media mishaps and not all of these methods are as high-tech as you might think but rather are a result of clever

Talking and perseverance on the part of the hacker so today I'm going to teach you a handful of ways to build up your defenses and how to keep hackers at bay I rarely ask this but please stick around until the end of this video

Because I feel that these minutes you spend here will be worth every single second and helping you protect yourself online thank you in advance let's dive into it number one if you've not fixed the notorious sim swap problem that is

The first place that you need to focus your efforts but first what is a sim swap attack essentially a sim swap attack is where hackers socially engineer your cell service provider into switching your cell service to a SIM

Card that is in their possession and then they use that phone to gain access to any services or accounts that you have that can be recovered by SMS or email this is resulted in huge losses for people in the form of money and

Cryptocurrency like a famous case recently were 23 million dollars worth of crypto was stolen off from an exchange just from a sim swap that helped an attacker get into a coinbase account and

Maybe other exchanges I would argue that this is the most dangerous method around right now for the average person because everyone has a cell phone how do you protect yourself from this the first thing you should do is call your cell

Service provider and set up a six to eight digit PIN that will be required to do anything to your account most service providers will do this make sure this pin is not something easy to guess like your birthday your birth year your

Wife's birthday your husband's birthday your phone number anything easily linked to you make sure it's random inside your head then for one extra layer of protection have the associate marked down on your account that any sim swaps

Must be done in store with a show of valid ID this is inconvenient for you if you ever do need a new SIM card but it will save you the pain in the event of a hack you'll have to go into the store show your ID to make any changes to your

Account in terms of Sims oh and by the way if you own crypto please PLEASE store it in hardware wallet and not on an exchange that will save you a lot of pain number two next we need to address the potential ways an attacker could get

Access to the one type of account that is key to dozens of other accounts your email I imagine you probably use a couple email addresses for yourself and your email is linked to several key services like crypto exchanges banks

Accounts with access to your bank accounts if an attacker were to get access to your email account or accounts plural they can subsequently recover passwords or change passwords these accounts if proper steps are not taken

To protect yourself here so first you want to log into every gmail account that you have I'm speaking about Gmail because most people use Gmail remove all of the backup emails and phone numbers from your account trust me on this one

You go to my account go to the security tab and then the section that says ways we can verify it's you get rid of everything here instead of these backup emails or phone numbers enable two-factor authentication with

Google Authenticator zap or better yet use a Yubikey hardware device I will link that below it's a product that I love and swear by and I use all the time why because Yubikey offers various

Methods of creating one-time secure codes for login that are air gapped and separate from your internet connected login device and your accounts you can set this up on my account Google comm secure account tab and then a drop down

To manage your two-factor authentication settings just in case you lose your Authenticator app or Yubikey navigate to the backup code section on the same page and handwrite your backup codes in pencil and store them in a safe place

Just for emergencies this will allow you if all else fails to get back into your account to reset your 2fa at any time and finally never ever add a phone or email back as a backup again these are one-way tickets for a payday for a

Hacker if they were to get access to one of your emails and subsequently other ones of course you want to do the same thing for any emails that you have that aren't Gmail that may link to other accounts remove backup emails and phones

Add to FA that is not SMS text to FA is not very good it's actually very insecure and if these features aren't available get rid of that email right away and move to an account that can move any accounts to your now secure

Gmail or to something like protonmail now let's move on to number three which is another thing that I see all the time and one that I was guilty of big-time eliminate all unnecessary accounts and public information this sounds very easy

To do but all too often we as human beings when we're searching for the perfect bank online service online store etc we sign up for accounts at multiple options multiple different places to see what they're all about and then we pick

The one we like best and just leave the other accounts without deleting them or we create that social account on tik-tok because everyone's talking about it and we want to see what it's all about but we forget about it we don't like it and

We never use it and then our information is just sitting there on some server I've been there but this is bad this means that you're giving your personal information to several services whom you must now trust to protect it in death

And it's very easy to lose track of who has what information and for how long if one of these services is hacked for example your phone number address full name etc could be stolen and sold as a tool for hackers to get into other

Accounts so how do we fix this it's actually pretty easy to implement going forward instead of signing up for accounts go on reddit and ask for people's opinions on these sites or services look up reviews and decide

Which account you want to create with which service instead of creating several and deciding after I'm a bit nuts but I do keep now a small log of new accounts that I make and what info that I gave them so that if I stop using

It I can go back and request deletion for that account and I know where my information is at all times you don't have to go that crazy I'm a little crazy when it comes to this but just sharing it in case you're interested this also

Goes the same way for information we willingly show off to the world on social media think about the last time you made a bank account you probably had to give security questions like what is your mother's maiden name

In 1999 this was probably adequate because the average person would have to know you or your mom or both of you to ever know this but just head over to your mom's public Facebook profile and you will probably find that maiden name

Glowing like a theater marquee for a hacker to take and try and get into your bank account you cannot control other people but what you can do is you can go into your Facebook profile delete your workplace info your birthday etc all

These personal things about you get rid of them and you can remove the same info from any place that you can including unused profiles online like LinkedIn I know LinkedIn is something people like I like it but you don't need personal info

On there this info can be used to socially engineer control of your online accounts and identity if in the wrong hands this also includes removing any identifying info from your cloud drives like Google Drive like iCloud etc you

Have your tax return Docs scanned on there your credit card statements and all these things in the cloud ditch them put them on a encrypted USB hard drive or put it on to an external hard drive and put it in the cabinet and only

Use it when you need it don't leave it out there for someone to grab I've left a few cheap options that I use to secure my stuff down below really cheap well worth it and finally number four I recommend that you use a unique password

For every website you use this sucks if you have to remember every single one of these and I know so many commenters down below are gonna tell me no way can I remember all these passwords and I totally get it

I can either I personally use a password manager to make this a lot easier so personally I use keeper which is worth every penny in my book I've linked keeper and some other nice options for password management down below in terms

Of keeper for 20 bucks a year you can keep all your passwords encrypted and safe online and you only have to remember one super strong password to get access to all your other passwords stored on keeper by the way speaking of

Creating strong passwords here's a great way to create unique passwords that are as unguessable as possible even using digital tools first you take a non dictionary word make it up preferably with a capital and lowercase letter or

Two in it then you add a number you add a special character and then you can add a random English word or better yet another non dictionary word so an easy way to come up with these random non dictionary words if you're lacking in

The gibberish imagination Department is to use the phonetic spelling of words that you know like for example spelling obvious like obv EE UHS then you add a special character in for good measure and you get something like this

That's a good password it could be improved to by adding another non-english word to the mix you have all the core components here you have ten plus character length special characters multiple cases non dictionary no

Adjacent characters and it's not that hard to remember check once you have keeper or another password manager set up and populated with all your secret secure passwords you're safe to remove all those passwords that are saved in

Chrome Google and other services please delete them and one final bonus tip and this is not financial advice I am NOT a professional nor do I claim to be but if you have all of your life savings in one bank or you

Have all your crypto on one exchange move your crypto to our Hardware wallet and spread your money out a little bit and make sure you're aligned to a bank that has quality security measures in place they don't offer a secure hardware

Token device for free and non SMS multi-factor authentication get rid of them if they try to convince you that SMS 2fa is secure please tell them how wrong they are overall find yourself a bank with a good

Security posture that treats you well and that answers customer service requests quickly and takes hardware security seriously now as always folks please do not forget to watch some more of my content if you have some time to

Do so I have plenty of videos all about personal information security protecting yourself online and the like which I'll link here on the screen I thank you very much for all the time that you spend watching my content guys Cheers

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