ONLINE CLASSES BETTER??? // Honest Analysis of Online vs. Traditional Campus Style College

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

Colleges have changed a lot in the past decade and so with admissions rates decreasing steadily and applicants rates increasing more than ever with this massive influx of students trying to go to college more than any students have ever tried in the past colleges are

Totally different than they used to be with the introduction of online classes more and more students are moving to a digital world where they can study what they're trying to learn from at home or a totally

Different country but is it actually worth it to study online did you lose any value that you would otherwise in a classroom most people think that you would but whether or not you actually do I'm going to evaluate in this video an

In-depth analysis of traditional college as well as online college and in between mixed colleges so we're going to talk about the pros and the cons of all three of these options and decide which one is actually best for you so you can get the

Most out of your college career without compromising any cost or experience that you otherwise might have if you did not understand this so stick around for this video guys let's get to it

What's going on guys welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and as I said this video is all about online classes comparing them to traditional college so you have different options you can go to a traditional college and take regular

Classes just as people have been doing for years and years or you can go to a traditional college and take a few classes and then take some online as many students already do or lastly you can take an entirely online college and

Receive your degree so before getting too much into the details of which classroom is best for you one thing you really want to consider when applying to these colleges is whether or not they're accredited so

Depending on what program you're trying to get into or what field you're looking at you really want to consider what the accreditation needed is for that field and how important it really is so for example in engineering abet is an

Accreditation that a lot of colleges have and it really shows that you meet certain credentials certain standards that the college needs to abide by in order to show that you yes you learned what is you know commonly considered

Engineering so different programs will have different accreditations and a lot of times these accreditations are prerequisites in order to take some exams and get some licenses in the field so be sure you look at that before

Looking at any other college options so first off I want to start off by talking about the pros of online classes to answer the question you might have in your head right now which is alright Mike I understand you're talking about

This but why would I even consider online classes if I could do a class in on campus so really the main benefits here of course the first one is cost so it is much cheaper to do online classes for several different reasons now first

Of all it is a lot cheaper to not have to commute to not have to live on campus and so you can essentially live anywhere you want and work remotely so theoretically you could live with your parents if you wanted to and you know

Pay almost no rent or whatever whatever your parents want to cut a deal with you you could live with a friend you could live in a cheaper location in the United States or you can move to a totally different country where it is way less

Expensive to live and so with all that being said it is ultimately less expensive to do online classes now another thing is if you're doing the MOOCs that I talked about those massive open online courses you actually will be

Paying less per credit than you would an actual college class so that is enough way that people save a lot of money now another major Pro here of course is that there's no hassle whatsoever so rather than driving to campus or living on

Campus and walking across it every day you can wake up every single morning and simply do your work in your bed or on your desk or anyplace you want it makes no sense to expect all students to take the same amount of time to achieve the

Same objectives so this is a quote that I thought was very interesting if you know Benjamin bloom or not that doesn't really matter the point is if you are somebody who might learn very quickly or very slowly this is a very strong

Proponent of why you would want to take online classes so if you want to go and take this class and you can blow through the whole class in two weeks rather than sitting through 15 weeks of a course that might be a great option so you

Don't waste your time sitting there and learning way slower and getting distracted and just wasting your time also if you learn a little bit more slowly if you want more time to review material and just kind of slowly

Progress through the course this is another great way that you can do a lot of different learning through online courses now of course with the freedom of online courses comes the ability to take these classes at any time you want

So you can schedule more or less at any given time you can also work on these classes you know at midnight late at night in the early morning anytime you want and that allows you to then go and get a job so if it's a side job or a

Full-time job a lot of people like to do online classes because they can do other things if they have kids at home or if they have you no family to tend to or anything like that this is a very convenient way to do that okay so now

Chapter two here I'm going to talk about the three big online courses that are a massive open online courses I talked about the MOOCs now if you want to learn more about these you can go down in the description I have links to each of them

I'm not getting paid I'm just sending you in that direction if you want to learn about it so the big three that most people talk about our Udacity Coursera and edex so these are three different ones of course each one has

Different pros and cons to it there are other videos out on the internet that can tell you more about these but essentially each of them have unique different things that will draw you to one rather than the other so for example

Some of these give you certificates for different classes some of them give you certificates for when you finish a program some of them give you actual College equivalent credits so you can transfer into a masters /

Grahame or just an undergraduate program and use these credits there or while you're in the program you just take them you know over winter break or whatever now also I should say that a lot of these between the three of them have

Over 3,000 different courses you can take which I think that alone should tell you that is a very large base out there of users that are interested in these courses and a lot of people are doing it possibly more people than you

Realize now these courses each one may cost anywhere from $30 to $100 within some platforms or upwards of maybe a thousand dollars for a program that you're going to go through now overall this is a lot cheaper than going into

College classes because college classes will ultimately cost about three to five hundred dollars per credit sometimes more depending on where you're going of course now another thing is some of these classes are taught by are actually

Mostly taught by very reputable professors I have friends that have gone through Coursera and they were trying to do an MBA program and get their certificate in the end so ultimately technically it's not an MBA at the end

But is an MBA equivalent with certificates and all of their learning was done from different professors they can pick and choose and say I want some from Harvard and Stanford and you're learning from the best out there in the

World so now getting back to the question as to whether or not these certificates are as valuable as degrees well have done a lot of research on this and from what I've read it seems to be that the content you learn in these

Programs is equivalent to that as you might have learned in the actual degree program so if you are somebody who's very intelligent and you work very hard your skills will show and so if an employer has the opportunity to evaluate

Your skills so if maybe you bring in a portfolio or a set of projects you've worked on then they will absolutely understand that and it will be equivalent to a degree however getting an interview may be more difficult with

These certificates rather than degrees because of the same reason that Stanford is a better degree to have than some tiny college that you haven't heard of and that is exactly that because you have not heard of the tiny colleges so

Employers tend to know larger colleges as most people would and they also know what is a rigorous course so if they know Stanford for example is something that is very difficult to get through the program and so people that have done

It proven have already proven that they have the skills required now if you acquired the skills from an online course the employer might not know that just from looking at that so it's to read on paper and in that sense the

Certificates are not quite equivalent to a degree so then this brings up the next question of why would it be worth it to actually go in college and learn on a traditional campus when I could sit at home and learn from Stanford and Harvard

Professors for way less money now of course this goes back to another question that I've talked about in other videos at the annemun and mention that video and tell you where you can find it to continue after this one and that is

Really is it worth it to go to big colleges or you know is it better to just do the actual learning now of course if you're going to Stanford while you might be learning from better professors there is a lot more to it

Than that you carry the name with you on your resume that people look at and say alright you got through one of the hardest obstacle courses as far as colleges go so you must be a very

Intelligent person another thing is all the connections you make on campus connections are extremely important on campus and you won't be making that online as much so if you're making on campus connections at Stanford for

Example or Harvard you're meeting people that are going to be the future CEOs and millionaires of America and all over the world now that's not to say you can't be a millionaire or anything without any college degree at all it doesn't mean

That you need to be in college to get to be successful but if you want to meet a lot of people that will also be successful going to campus is actually a very important part of that now also some of the problems with online

Colleges here is that you know you look at it and it's very easy to cheat you know they give you online exams and yes you have to scan your desk and you have to sit there and they record you but that doesn't mean you can't cheat

There's so many easy ways so many loopholes around that to cheat now if that's attractive to you and you want to cheat I don't condone that I don't think that's a good idea because you're really wasting your time then to get a

Certificate that's not really worth it if you cheated the entire way and as soon as you get hired somebody's going to know that you cheated through it when they give you a real task and you can't do it now with that being said it's also

Very difficult to discipline yourself that much that you do the work every single day without having to go to college classes with your friends or without having any kind of attendance or anything like that so it's easy to

Forget things and sort of just fall behind with these classes so along with those two things another reason that it is probably better to go to an actual college campus is for the extracurricular options

The activities you can do after school and the programs offered on campus so you're gonna have different resume building workshops you'd have different career connections where people will come in and talk you'll get to see you

Know free concerts you'll meet lots of friends and all kinds of things like that so that is why I think going to a campus is actually very very helpful in the end but basically what is the best option for you well it really depends on

Who you are so if you are somebody who is already employed and you're looking for some kind of promotion within your business or if you're trying to maybe get another degree or your first degree or anything like that it may be a good

Idea to take online classes on the side so that you can gradually work up to that promotion you'll get your certificate you can show your employer they might even pay for it and then you can move up in your program

You can get your your raise or whatever you're looking for within your program now if you are self-employed it might be best to go with the MOOCs that I was talking about because it doesn't actually matter if you have our

Certificate or a degree really what you're looking for is the actual raw learning so if you've learned this different material you can learn on your own at home while you're trying to start your business and get yourself growing

And then lastly I'm gonna talk about anybody who is just out there and you're looking to just go to college and you're just looking to you know get a regular job afterwards and work you know whatever the normal life that everyone's

Been doing for years it might be better to go to actual college campuses so you can build up those connections and find the jobs so networking is a major major component when you're trying to find jobs really to be honest your actual

Education is only about 75% of getting jobs the other 25% which is a large portion is through connections and knowing people if you know more people that are hiring you are more likely to get jobs so I hope this video helped you

Give a little bit more insight on whether or not you want to do online courses or an online program rather than traditional college let me know in the comments below which one you actually think you want to choose and maybe why

You would want to do that so if you are new here lastly please subscribe thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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