OnePlus One: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 4, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and I'm pretty excited to bring you the 1+1 this is the foam that they're calling the flagship killer because it's priced like a budget phone but has the specs and design of a high-end smartphone so for $2.99 you get a 16 gig version available in white or for 349 you get a 64 gig version available in black sandstone that's the version I have here so only $50 more gets you 64 gigs of storage by comparison the iPhone charges $200 to make that upgrade now before we talk about the high-end specs let's go ahead and start unboxing this thing so let's go and pull this tab here it's

Going to lift the lid and inside is the one plus box so it's got a little tab here to lift out there we go so if you look at the packaging you have this nice white and red theme you have this little tab here to pull open the drawer but before I do that I want to flip this on the back to show you that we have the black sandstone version and 64 gig capacity this is the global version which works on LTE GSM + WCDMA carriers on the side we have our oneplus logo nothing on the bottom here nothing on the side nothing on the top alright so let's go ahead and slide this out

Oneplus branding there flip this open again very nice presentation makes your impressed by the packaging and we have this little tab here to lift up to lift our phone out there we go on the back you can already feel it that nice sandstone texture and I've actually seen this material before for it's used on the Logitech Harmony ultimate remote control which gives you this nice grip herbal texture but does not leave fingerprints so it doesn't get greasy or anything like that it's actually a really nice material to have on the phone alright so let's go ahead and lift

This tray out of the way underneath we have all of our accessories including our USB cable and the sim ejection tool so let's go ahead and pull out this sim ejection tool and as you can see here it comes in this little silicone sleeve so you can hook this on your keychain so you don't lose it pop it on here show you our sim ejection tool right there really nice so again they're not skimping on anything here even though this is the budget smartphone now we also have our unconventional USB cable as you can see here you has a cutout for the cable so we have a

Little tie down here we can release opens up so that stays with the cable so you can keep it nice and organized as you can see here this is a wide tangle free cable red and white to go with the color scheme here and you can see here we have a standard micro USB connector right there and then we have a non standard USB connection right here so this is kind of a slim profile USB port connection so as you can see here we have those exposed connectors on one side now the oneplus one also comes with a wall adapter for your specific region in this case I have a u.s. wall adapter

So this is shipped kind of with your phone but not included with a packaging of your phone so this is not an extra cost option this is just how they choose to package it so let's go ahead and slice the plastic tab right here all right so let's just push the packaging through and here we go this is the wall adapter again very nice packaging well done here you can see that even the wall adapter is nicely designed it is a bit on the large side here we have our 1+1 branding up top USB port on the side we have all of our information toward the prongs here this is 2 amps and 5 volts

Now just to show you how that non-standard USB cable works this will work with any USB port in order to insert it you basically turn the contacts down and you can see that a spacer toward the top well this slots below that spacer here so all you do is connect it like so and you can use it for charging it or syncing all right so let's get to the phone that's peel off some plastic here so we have a little tab here to lift off dry again alright so let's go ahead and boot this up I'm just happening holding the power button along the right-hand side so now let's

Talk about the specs we have a 5.5 inch full HD display so 1080p display with a pixel density of 401 this is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 gigahertz we have three gigs of RAM we also have 64 gigs of internal storage which is not expandable because it does not have a built-in SD card slot now we have a 5 megapixel front facing camera good for 1080p HD video and then we have a 13 megapixel camera on the back with stereo speaker so again high-end phone specs in this case but not high-end pricing now at the bottom we have our two stereo speakers with JBL sound we

Also have a pinhole microphone right next to it as well as our micro USB charging port on the left hand side we have our volume rocker along with our micro SIM tray which is nearly invisible you can see we have a little sim ejection port right here for ejecting the tray now on the top we have a headphone jack and a noise cancellation microphone and on the right hand side we have our sleep/wake power button as you can see here we have a four point four millimeter edge which does curved out toward the back now on the back we have another microphone

Along with our camera module which includes a dual LED flash this is not a dual color LED flash just two LEDs for an extra bright flash well so I have our 13 megapixel rear facing camera which can record video at 4k resolution there is no optical image stabilization and we also have our C antigen Mon branding that's because this phone is powered by Android 4.4.2 running CM 11s so that's a crowdsourced version of it of androids kind of an Android skin and emphasizes a stock experience with extra features and customization alright so as I tilt the phone into the light you can actually

See the shadow of the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor as well as our LED notification light right next to the 5.5 megapixel camera which is good for 1080p video so a pretty decent front-facing camera we also have our flush earpiece which one-plus does highlight in its own keynote seeing that the flush earpiece will not gather dust and doesn't stick out like it does on other phones like the galaxy s5 if you look at the bezel you can see we have this nice metal band that surrounds the glass the glass actually floats upon that so we have this nice recessed bezel

With a floating glass design which I think looks pretty nice and kind of unique now toward the bottom you do have these off screen Android controls but you can turn them off and enable on-screen Android controls if you prefer they are fairly dim but they are there if you prefer them alright so let's go ahead and take a look at the user interface now the great thing here is that you can double tap on the screen to wake it up and you can slide out to unlock it you can also double tap the system tray up here to put the back to sleep again to wake it up like so you

Can also swipe right to get to the camera quickly launch the camera you can also draw a V on the surface here to activate the flash on the back you can draw a V again to turn it off you can draw a zero to activate the camera really quickly like so you can also draw a pause sign just by using the two finger gesture to swipe down to resume playback of whatever music app you're using right now now in addition the pause you can also resume playback draw an arrow to skip to the next track overall an arrow to skip to the previous track now if we take a look at the home

Screen you can see that this is pretty close to stock Android but of course it is the engine month so we can see there's some design changes here I think they've done a really nice job with the design but of course you can heavily modify this to whatever theme you want thanks to all the options available to see an engine month now as you can see we have our theme showcase there are a lot of options here so you can see some of these are free like great freedom some of them are paid you can see the price here this goes through the CNG bond store so dollar 75 JB extreme is a

Dollar ninety-nine black cat 215 etc you can see there are lots of them lots and lots of them to pick from now the one that comes standard with the device is hex oh and in fact you can manage your themes by going to settings here let's go to the settings you can see we have our themes right here you can see the theme packs are available hex o is defaulted we also have holo down here what you can select I'm going to stick with hex so right here this changes everything from the icons to the text you can change you can also select what exactly want change from the fonts to

The icons ringtones notifications alarms you know the audio profile everything is changed with these themes you can swipe through here to see exactly what the changes will bring now you can see we have our app drawer here which includes lots of google apps and some of the CyanogenMod apps there's not a lot of third-party apps here in fact the only thing they've added includes screencasts for recording your screen which is quite handy we also have a messaging app which pretty much integrates with hangouts we have a torch icon or a torch app for activating the flash on the back here of

Course you can also use the gestures to do so in fact when you have the torch activated you also get it control in your drop-down notification sheet so you can turn that off and on we also have a calculator which has several options here if you just swipe left and right now they've also included a file manager here so you can navigate through your files the old-fashioned way now I also have a gallery app here which is broken down by moments which organizes photos according to day and location we also have our albums which is broken down by basically folder items so we

Have our screenshots screencasts our camera roll and our Instagram photos now let's have our medium this is allows us to see all of our media from photos to video and one big shot here and of course we also have a playback option for a slideshow you can also see your local storage and you can add additional services so you can add Google Plus Flickr Facebook or Dropbox now I also have an audio equalizer here through audio FX and you can select your profiles from speaker to headset to USB to Bluetooth to wireless you can select your reverb options from medium room to

Large room we also have the screencast app which basically records the screen you're working with right now so for example you can see I'm swiping through my home screen press home or my app drawer I can move things around here and if I swipe down now I can stop recording so it's recording both the audio as well as the screen so as you can see here I can move my app drawer icon around if I go to my app drawer here if I press my menu button here I have several options here I can change my scrolling effect so I can do rotate down cube in Cubao and you can see all of the available options

Kind of cycle through for you when you select them I can also sort your apps by title launch count and install time and you can also quickly jump to your Settings panel from the home screen if you press the menu button you get to your wallpapers your widgets or to settings you can also change the scrolling effect just like you can in the app drawer you can also tap and hold on the screen to get to your home screen editor and you can change which one you want to be the default home screen so we have the standard default home screen and if we want to change it to that just

Select it and there we go now if you want to add additional home screens basically drag and drop an icon off the screen so for example let's go ahead and drag and drop drive to a new home screen there we go creates another home screen for you now in terms of the off screen Android keys you can tap will hold on the home button it takes you to Google now but of course you can customize this under settings and I'll show you that you have your back button and your menu button menu button will basically take you to whatever menu controls you have for the specific location you're in or

Whatever app you're in so for example if you're in Chrome if we tap that it takes you to your menu options now tap and hold on that menu button it takes you to your recent apps you can swipe them out a way to close them or jump to them to get to the app and of course you have a clear all function in there as well now if you prefer on screen Android controls we can go to settings right here and we can go to our buttons right there and enable on-screen nav bar if we enable this you can see some of the screen is now taken up by those Android controls so you can see

They're transparent on the lock screen or home screen if we go to an app you can see it does take away some space now if you tap and hold the power button along the side here you get to the expanded desktop option so when you enable expanded desktop it fills up the screen here and in order to see those buttons again you just swipe up to get access to them same with the status bar up top now by default if you swipe down on the right get to your quick settings panel if you swipe down on the left you get to your notifications this is pretty familiar to a tablet interface you can

Also use a two-finger gesture to do the same here I can change this behavior under settings if you go to interface and go to quick settings panel you have the quick pull down option so you can turn it off you can select the right-hand or left-hand side to enable are to swipe down to get to those quick settings panels now let's take a look at that drop down notification sheet so you can see up here we have our quick settings toggles which includes Wi-Fi Bluetooth airplane mode our flashlight which you can turn on or off we have our screen lock rotation and you have your

Profile so you can change the users available here because this does support multi-user mode now if you go up here you can see all of your toggles and you can add the dish's ones or modify them here so for example if you go to plus here if you go to add you can start anything so we have our camera expanded desktop mode go to sleep lock screen LTE NFC performance profile profile quiet our screen timeout sound sync volume and Wi-Fi ap so you can see we've added our volume control now we can move this around just by tapping and holding on it and dropping it somewhere or we can drag

It to delete it you can also reset to the font by going up here now I want to add something I think is a little more useful here and that is quite ours so if we add quiet hours basically this is a do not disturb function now if we go to our quick setting toggles we now have quiet hours which is off we can tell that on or off and if we tap and hold on it you can actually get to your control panel for enabling this feature so this allows you to adjust its behavior for example time of day what you want silence or not silence that sort of thing now if we go to the notification

Drawer here you can see that these quick settings do not reflect the order or items that appear in the full settings panel now you can change this understanding so if we go to interface go to a notification drawer you can go to linked layout so this will use the same tiles and layout as the quick settings panel so now if you go to the drop down you can see that they all appear in this tray up here now if we tap and hold the power button we get to the option for profile so what is a profile now let's go to settings right here if we go down to personal we have

Profile modes which are enabled right now so we tap on this we get to these profiles which we can adjust so for example when you're in work mode you may want to disable some of the notifications or you may want to change your ringtone for work as well now you can also add additional profiles here so for example you can add a meeting mode as well now at the bottom of the profiles you can see we can delete it or we can select a trigger to activate that profile so for example you can see that I have my gear live connected right now that's not set to trigger it but I could

If I want same with sync in my car so for example if I'm in the automobile mode I can use sync to trigger the profile for automobile so for example let's go to automobile mode let's go to our trigger here let's go ahead and select sync let's go to the state on connect so when I connect the sync it will automatically trigger the automobile mode now I can also use NFC tags to enable this profile now let's take a look at our standings panel there's a lot to take a look at here so for example under home we have our launcher settings right now I just have

Trebuchet which is the default CM launcher of course you can also go to settings to adjust some of the behavior of this launcher of course you can add additional launchers and select which one you want to be the default launcher under lock screen we have interesting settings including BUN actions so under button actions I've enabled home on lock so basically I'll have to do to unlock the devices tap and hold the home button which is very useful you can also change how the clock widget displays information so for example we have clock and alarm the weather panel calendar

Events if you tap on these you get additional controls as well under interface we have things like status bar so for example we can show the clock in the status bar or disable that so as you can see here the clock disappears and reappears barrie status tiles so you can icon in portrait which is the standard battery icon we have icon and landscape we have the circle which is actually the default icon then we have text which I prefer here now you can also enable brightness control so this will allow us to swipe across the status bar to change

Brightness of the display now also useful is show notification account so we'll display the number of pending notifications for a specific M this is particularly useful for email now let's take a look at the camera app which again is pretty close to stock Android so we can take a photograph you can tap anywhere on the scene to focus and just exposure can also record video this does record video in 4k resolution as it's doing right now that means I can't snap photos while recording 4k so you can see that's X down we can stop that we also have our mode selector right here so if

We go right here you can select certain modes for example we can select smart scene which will automatically select the right mode for the scene or you can manually select the scene you mode you want so slow shutter action shot backlit Beach mode candlelight etc you also have HDR right here so if you want to enable HDR mode you can do so I also switch between the front-facing and rear-facing camera like so and you have additional controls right here for settings so you can see the size is 13 megapixels you can also change the quality of the image so I have it set to 100% you can also

Select your slow shutter speed you can do auto half a second one second two second four second or eight second of course you'll need a steady hand or tripod for that under video we have our 4k option here so you can see we have 4k UHD but we also have 4k DCI or you can do 1080p 720p 480p or WVGA we also have time lamps which gives us lots of options so if we enable this you can see we can select all the way from 0.5 seconds 2 all the way up to 24 seconds or we can select minutes or we could select hours you can see there's lots of options here you also have your video

Codec h.264 or 263 or mpeg-4 we also have our audio codec right here AM R and B or AAC now if we swipe the general you can enable use of the power button for shutter release the vine button for zooming and you can switch to left-hand orientation now in terms of 4k video recording the results are pretty decent I'm actually impressed overall by its performance but I did run into a substantial issue and that was overheating when it was recording 4k video for extended periods of time up to 5 minutes it began overheating the device and at that point the frame rate

Of the video recording with Geron which caused some problems it can actually feel just how warm the device got while recording 4k video now this is not uncommon while recording 4k actually ran into this with the LG g3 as well so there's a lot of demands on the device when recording 4k and this is no exception with the oneplus one now I'm really impressed by the camera quality again 13 megapixels with a 6 segment lens that's very similar to the specs on an iPhone so you get pretty high in camera specs and the results do show it so you see pretty good color

Reproduction focus is sharp and accurate and you see a good balance between the low lights and highlights of an image so things look pretty balanced are able to get pretty foolproof images on this phone without tweaking the settings so definitely impressed overall by the camera quality now it's weakness like a lot of high megapixel cameras is just low light performance there's no optical image stabilization so sometimes it's hard to get a sharp image and it's a pretty grainy image with overexposure and that sort of thing the flash is pretty bright does a pretty good job of

Luminate in the scene but it isn't the most accurate color flash the software seems to do a good job balancing out the green color of the flash in most images but it's definitely not the best flash out there line flashes are using dual tone but that isn't the case with this phone alright guys Mike here the Detroit Board testing out the front-facing camera the oneplus one again 5 megapixels good for 1080p video at 30 frames per second so that's a pretty high-end camera for a front-facing camera which is now becoming the norm on higher-end smartphones but of course the

Oneplus one is priced like a low-end smartphone so again pretty impressive specs here on this camera now if a oneplus and the LG g3 have the same 5.5 inch screen size but of course the LG g3 is more compact and has a higher resolution display this is a qHD display versus the 1080p here the oneplus both displays look excellent but of course the LG g3 has a lot of resolution to work with of course you can see the LG g3 is a lot more compact but it doesn't give you the option for off screen Android controls which as we can see here are actually

Very useful in the oneplus case now because the oneplus is so lightweight with a grip opal texture on the back actually feels very comfortable to handle I don't find this too big at all I actually love the way this foam feels now there is that rumour 5.5 inch iPhone which has that same screen size of the oneplus here but you can see that the rumored 5.5 inch iPhone 6 is quite a bit taller than the oneplus but of course the iPhone as it likes to be is thinner than the oneplus now just to give you some idea the size comparison between this and the very popular galaxy s5

Again you can see that this 5.1 is display still dwarfed by the 5.5 inch display here of course this is Super AMOLED in this case this is also the galaxy s5 Prime so this is a qHD display as well just like the LG g3 but again you can see this is a much more compact phone overall now in terms of performance both the LG g3 and the oneplus have very similar internal specs they have a Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5 gigahertz they both have three gigs of ram and they both have the same GPU the adrenal 330 so they should see similar results but you can see that the

Oneplus actually bests the LG g3 by fairly comfortable margin especially in the multi-core score now the oneplus also features stereo speakers at the edge of the phone which delivers pretty good audio so let's go ahead and take a listen I'm pretty impressed by this LCD IPS display with a pixel density of 401 really sharp display text looks excellent here and the whites are crisp and clear blacks are pretty dark although not up to OLED standards but they're pretty dark and colors are not oversaturated they're not as bright or

Vivid as you might see on the gs5 but they definitely look a little more accurate definitely an excellent display overall now when I first activated the device I did know is that there was a significant yellowing of the display toward the bottom and that is the result of the adhesive use to bond the glass to the LCD display and cured yet so it needs to be exposed to UV light which will happen over time but if you want to accelerate the process just place it in the Sun for a little bit or place it under a UV light and it will correct the problem now in conclusion I'm really

Impressed by the oneplus one with all of its features it's excellent design with a nice groupable texture on the back which feels really nice to handle day-to-day it does a nice job hanging on to your hand it's also nice lightweight and thin with a nice solid rigid construction it feels really high-quality doesn't feel budget at all we also have a really good camera with excellent audio thanks to these stereo speakers at the bottom with Lobby equalization options we have a beautiful 5.5 inch display with a high pixel density and pretty good color

Reproduction and accuracy and since we're running CNN Jomon which is pretty close to stock Android it runs quickly it's very battery efficient and it gives you lots of options without giving you a heavy ugly skin so definitely press overall with a packaging of this device the pricing the features and the design so without a doubt the oneplus one is a huge home run for me so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next video

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