OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Test: Skip the Flagships?

published on August 3, 2020

What's up everybody this is danny and today i have a goodie this is the oneplus nord versus the oneplus 8 and the oneplus 8 pro camera comparison so the nord right away has the ultra wide angle camera which i absolutely love

But what i want to do is i want to test all of these cameras and see if you actually need the flagships or if you can just save money with the oneplus nord so let me know what video looks best what audio sounds

Best and we'll test these cameras out in all different conditions and see which one comes out on top first let's quickly talk about the testing process all of these pictures were taken on auto

Mode with smart content detection on to make things fair of course all three have pro modes so if you have the time to dial in for that perfect shot you can the oneplus nord and the oneplus 8 are

Very similar in camera spec so i was really interested in this comparison but i also wanted to see if you could actually tell the difference with the most expensive oneplus 8 pro after doing an extensive test and

Looking at a ton of pictures side by side there are definitely some differences which i will show you in this video but you have to determine if they are important enough to spend that extra

Cash when it comes to daytime pictures they don't look wildly different but i'm surprised to see so much variance when it comes to the white balance and some pictures look nearly identical

But in some of them you can really tell the difference in temperature and sometimes saturation levels are also different even though these cameras are from the same company there are variances in sky color rendition

Dynamic range sometimes goes back and forth but just as expected all three take great pictures in good light with lots of details plenty of sharpness and great colors

It's hard to generalize when sometimes the nord slight overexposure looks better in certain conditions with more pleasing white balance once in a while the oneplus 8 will pull a wild card and look better

But in most instances the oneplus 8 pro does produce the better image overall and you really can't see this until you start to crop in i'm actually quite impressed with the hdr on all three models

Oneplus has come a long way in the camera department and i think you'll be happy during the day with any of these but punching in here you can see that the oneplus 8 pro has a sharper image with less noise look at how smooth the

Sky is here on the 8 pro and how grainy it is here on the other two with the trees you can see much better detail and this is where you can start to tell the difference with the nord

And in this case like ninety percent of the pictures they look very similar but when you dig in you will see more prominent purple fringing on the nord and the oneplus 8 it's cleaner on the eight pro

All three of the cameras have high resolution modes to take full advantage of the 48 megapixel sensors but they are not again created equal when you crop in on the tree of life you'll just see how sharp the leaves are

Still on the oneplus 8 pro you can see the tree detail it's insane the 8 looks the second best and you can see the nord coming in last take a look a shot of this mountain in

12 megapixel mode they all look pretty much the same but switch it to 48 megapixels and you do lose some of that dynamic range that you will get with the 12 megapixel binning so i would probably stick to the

12 megapixel mode when punching in heavy i am surprised how good the nord did here but it looks over sharpened where the 8 pro looks to retain more detail on the trees

And on the mountain all three have wide angle cameras but the oneplus 8 pro has the highest resolution at 48 megapixels and it shows when capturing in 48 megapixel mode just look at how much sharper the pro is

With the details on the door it's really great to have such high resolution on an ultra wide camera but the question you have to ask yourself is are you really peeping that much

At the detail and does the sacrifice in losing small details a big deal for you and the answer for the majority is probably going to be no so for me i was surprised how well the nord kept up with the other two

Models if you want the best of oneplus then you need to go with the eight pro especially if you want telephoto yes the nord and oneplus 8 have a 2x option but it crops into the sensor and to be

Honest it looks good but the 8 pro has a three times telephoto which is sharper and i do appreciate that extra depth yes there are some unnecessary things like the 2 megapixel

Macro camera on the nord i wouldn't use it it looks pretty terrible but besides that and the extra noise which i'm sure can be fixed in future software updates the nord looks really solid here so let

Me know what you guys think when it comes to video the nord cannot shoot 4k 60 frames per second like the other two models at this time it's limited to 4k 30 frames per second but the video looks great on all three

But the oneplus 8 pro is capturing richer colors and contrast but i wouldn't say this is accurate as the other two are in this scenario dynamic range looks great on all three phones and

Stabilization also looks solid on all of the models there might be some minor differences here but for the most part the video during the day looks very

Similar on these three phones before we move on to the low light let's look at selfies the nord surprisingly has the higher resolution 32 megapixel front facing camera

Along with the 8 megapixel ultra wide camera which again i absolutely love i wish all smartphones had this the nord tends to brighten the skin tone so that is going to be a personal

Preference while the other two are over saturating here depending on the lighting but here the oneplus 8 and 8 pro look better and more balanced in my opinion so let me know which one that you think

Looks better in the comment section below so let's get to the low light performance i think a lot of the same comparison traits apply in the nighttime shots as well

But this is where i feel like the oneplus 8 pro sets itself apart in moderate low light the three cameras again show similar characteristics in a lot of side-by-side shots they look very similar in auto mode they all don't

Have the best dynamic range i've seen but nightscape makes a huge difference in balancing out the sign and brightening up the overall scene sometimes they seem to have their own white balance and color saturation which

Will be personal preference i can't believe that these are just totally different looking shots but when you dig deeper and punch in this is where the nord starts to show its budget side

The noise is heavier on the nord in low light compared to the other two and the overall image is softer with less detail the oneplus 8 did the best here actually with the tree detail

And noise but i would say almost every time the 8 pro captures a sharper image with more detail has deeper background separation i took so many pictures but i don't think i needed to take this many to show

That this is a trait that is constantly repeated if you shoot a lot at night and need better low light performance i would definitely go with the oneplus 8 pro i did a quick

Wide-angle test and look at how much light the 8 pro lets in it's a totally different shot than the other two the nord's wide angle at night by itself is pretty soft overall

But it looks very similar to the oneplus 8 when you punch in look at how much sharper the sign is the nord's noise level is way worse and the 8 sits in the middle but thank goodness all of these cameras have

Nightscape even with the wide angle so this is what you need to do the nord gains from this big time but the 8 pro also gains and still ends up being the best the same results also show in nighttime

4k video if you look in the sky you can see that the oneplus 8 pro has the cleanest image out of the three the detail is also slightly better this ride is really dark inside and i don't

Think this video is doing it justice this last bit is really impressive so i wanted to capture it with all three they look good from the small screen but when you crop in you can really see the detail in the a pro and the

Superior noise reduction doing this comparison made me realize just how good the nord is for the price point just because it might not perform as well as the more expensive models

Doesn't make the camera bad at night in fact i think a lot of people in this price point will be happy with the performance in the photo department especially with nightscape here are a few more pictures with

Nightscape on all three let me know which one that you think looks better they all brighten up the scene nicely but i still think that the oneplus 8 pro is the better looking camera

I also took some portrait mode shots i'm digging some of the shots that i got at night the same advantage of 3x optical zoom is also a winner for the 8 pro the zoom shots are so much sharper so

Night time is where you're going to see that difference if you spend that extra cash so in the end what do i think i think you have to ask yourself this yes there is a difference when it comes

To camera quality but how much better is that camera quality that you saw today is it worth hundreds of dollars more and with the a pro is it worth almost double the price if

You are a huge selfie taker i think the nord does better at night with the front facing camera it's not the best that i've seen but having that wide angle is awesome and the other phones don't have that

There are things to consider too because the phone is not just the camera it's the display the build quality the battery life speaker quality wireless charging and the list goes on and on

And if you want the best of the best i would for sure go with the a pro it's the flagship for a reason but if you're on a budget and you want a oneplus phone that performs well with a good camera for

Much less i think the nord is for you in fact i'm gonna say that the nord is a better deal than the oneplus 8 so i think the choice is really between the nord and the

8 pro might be a little drastic but let me know if you agree or disagree so i'm curious what did you think of the outcome of this camera test and which camera did you like the best does this make you want to buy a oneplus

Nord or does it make you want to stick to the flagship models i hope this helped you make a buying decision subscribe for more videos like this hit that thumbs up if you enjoyed it and

I will see you in the next one you

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