OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera Test Comparison

published on August 3, 2020

– What's up guys Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and welcome to another SuperSaf Style camera comparison This time it is between the OnePlus Nord and the iPhone SE Things are really heating up in this, sort of, 400 pound price point We're going to be testing out all aspects of the cameras, front-facing, rear-facing,

Images, video, low light, everything They will be some timestamps down below if there's a particular section that you want to skip to We are currently using the front-facing cameras The OnePlus Nord can actually film up to 4K, the iPhone SE can only film up to 1080p,

So here's what the quality difference is like Now OnePlus Nord also has an ultrawide front-facing camera So let's just quickly switch to that and have a look And if we switch to this, you can see that we can get a lot more into our shots, although dynamic range doesn't seem as good,

But nevertheless, the option is there which is always nice to have Let's go ahead and test out stabilization Now we're going to test out stabilization to see which one of these does better stabilization We've switched to 1080p on the OnePlus Nord,

This way things are fair, 1080 versus 1080 So we're going to walk, and let's now go ahead and run (wind blows) Now we've switched to the rear-facing cameras, and we're doing 4K, 30 frames a second on both devices

We're going to quickly test out stabilization at 4K, 30 So walk, and now let's run (wind blows) (footsteps) Now there's a super stable option on the OnePlus Nord, so I've just gone ahead and switched that on

To see how much of a difference that makes So, walking again, and now let's run (footsteps) Now as with the front-facing camera, the OnePlus Nord also has an ultrawide rear-facing camera

So you can see that we can get so much more in to our shot, which is great actually Now let's go ahead and test out stabilization with the ultrawide camera, just for the sake of it

So, here we go (footsteps) (car engine roars) Now we're just going to test the autofocus We are on the iPhone SE and it seems to be doing a pretty good job

Same test on the OnePlus Nord, also seems to be doing just fine So that was the video Now, before we move on to images, let's have a quick look at what we're working with here The iPhone SE has two cameras,

One at the front and one at the back The OnePlus Nord has a total of six cameras, we've got two front-facing cameras, as we saw earlier, we've got a primary as well as an ultrawide The primary camera also has

A much higher resolution compared to the iPhone And on the back we've got four total cameras The primary camera once again has quite a high resolution but generally you'll be shooting at around 12 megapixels, which puts it neck and neck with the iPhone This will give you the optimal results

You of course then have the ultrawide camera but then you also have a macro camera as well as a depth camera We'll see how all these actually perform All images and video have been taken on automatic to keep things as fair as possible

Let's get straight to it Now starting off with some outdoor images, honestly speaking, it was very much neck and neck Sometimes a preferred image is from the OnePlus and sometimes from the iPhone Here, you can see both are doing a very, very good job

We've got great dynamic range, great detail Now for this shot, I did prefer the iPhone, you can see that there is more detail in the shadow areas, but the highlight areas have still not been blown out So I do prefer the iPhone here But then on the flip side

Here I prefer the OnePlus, it's got more details in the shadows compared to the iPhone this time So it does switch between these two, but nevertheless, both take great images in good light from the primary cameras

And I think that's very visible here with this shot of this ancient tree You can see the sunlight creeping in from the background And this is a situation which is very tricky, dynamic range, obviously we've got lots of shadow detail, lots of highlight detail

And both of these have done an absolutely awesome job, I'm very, very pleased with the shots that have come out from these cameras, especially considering the price of these devices Now the OnePlus Nord, of course, does have that ultrawide camera

And if we do switch on to that you can see we get an absolutely different perspective I love ultrawide cameras, and it's great to have this, however, however, the ultrawide camera on the OnePlus Nord is very soft If you look towards the leaves,

You can see that it's just not at the same quality as the primary camera, you do lose a lot of sharpness as well as color And here's another example So this was the original shot that we saw, and if we do switch to the ultrawide camera,

You can see that the greens just completely go off So you've got one and then the other one and you can see that there is a lot of difference between the primary camera and the ultrawide camera Here's another shot, here I do prefer the iPhone image overall for dynamic range,

But when we do switch to the ultrawide camera once again a lot softer, a lot darker So although it is nice to have the ultrawide camera, I think it is important to remember that it's not going to give you amazing quality like we see on some of the other flagships

Which do have some very high quality sensors for the ultrawide Once again, it's not taking away from the fact that we do have one, I'd rather have it than not, but just bear that in mind Now I wanted to see if the depth camera on the OnePlus

Makes any kind of a difference So I took some portrait shots So here you can see that both seem to be doing a decent job I do prefer the iPhone here overall, it does seem to have done a better job in terms of the colors,

But iPhones generally do quite good in terms of skin tones, I'm a little bit yellow on the OnePlus But generally in terms of edge detection, both are doing okay, however the iPhone is doing better surprisingly

If you look at the side of my sunglasses, that area has been better cut out on the iPhone compared to the OnePlus which has kind of blurred that area out I was expecting the OnePlus to do better here Now there is one option that you have on the OnePlus

Which is to do a 2x portrait so that is generally around 50 mil, it's generally the best angle for portraits, you may have heard me say this many times before I'm not sure how it's doing this, I'm assuming it's just cropping into the sensor

And you can see that it does give you a better angle of view, but the quality's not there, it is a little bit soft compared to the previous image, but it is a nice option to have Now moving on to this image,

I think once again, both are doing pretty good This time, the OnePlus has got the area in between my arms, whereas the iPhone has not, so that's interesting to see And once again with OnePlus you can do that 2x portraits, but it is still quite soft and it's not something that I would generally use

Fine light portrait shots and this was actually very interesting because if you look in between my arms, then the OnePlus has completely missed that The iPhone has tried to do it, it's not done an amazing job but at least it has tried

If you look at the table as well that's still fully in focus on the OnePlus, so, you know, yes, that depth sensor is there, is it really making a difference? Is it really helping out? I'm not too sure

If we once again try out the 2x portraits, then it is doing a better job in terms of edge detection but again it's a very, very soft image Now let's talk about the macro camera Now generally speaking, I love a good macro camera

You may have already heard me say that the most underrated feature of the OnePlus 8 Pro is the macro camera, which actually uses the full resolution ultrawide camera to get macro shots, works really well This is unfortunately not the case with the OnePlus Nord

Here you can see we've got the two megapixel macro image and it is so bad, like, yes, you can focus in closer than what you can do on the iPhone, but the colors are completely muted, the quality is so, so low here

And what I did on the iPhone is I just stepped a little bit back so I could get the focus on here And yes, it's not a full on macro shot but I mean look at that, it just looks so much better

And because it's at a much higher resolution, 12 megapixels, I actually could crop in and get a similar result not exactly the same, similar result in terms of the angle but it looks so, so much better because you are using a much superior camera sensor

Now I wanted to test this out further, so here's another example Yes, I can get in closer with the macro camera but it's just not a good result whatsoever Instead if I use the primary camera on the OnePlus, yes, I'm not going to get that exact macro feel

But look at that, that is such a nice shot, wallpaper material right here I absolutely love this shot, look how crisp it is, it's actually sharper compared to the iPhone from what I can see and I'm just going to go ahead and say this,

The two megapixel macro camera on the OnePlus Nord as with every other two megapixel macro camera, you may have heard Marques say many times before, is absolutely pointless I really wish OnePlus didn't have a macro camera and a depth camera just for the sake of having four cameras

And instead put their efforts towards the ultrawide camera, but that's me anyway Now let's move on to low light images, and I mean this is an easy, easy win for the OnePlus Nord because the iPhone SE does not have a dedicated night mode I'm not sure why this is but it's very disappointing to see

Now these shots were just taken on automatic I didn't actually use night mode on this shots but the OnePlus is still doing better As soon as we use night mode, it just brightens up the image so much more And it was an easy test to do here

Because it was a clear win for the OnePlus Nord Here's another indoor shot, just taken in automatic and again, the OnePlus doing a better job But as soon as you use night mode, it just does miles better

So this is an area where the OnePlus gets a very, very clear and easy win Now if you guys are interested to see what the ultrawide camera is like in low light, it's not good This was taken using night mode,

And even so, I mean I wasn't expecting it to be good, but this is just for reference Now let's move on to the selfie camera So as you know, the OnePlus has a much higher resolution And here you can also see that it's wider compared to the iPhone,

Something that I do like, it's a sharper image as well because of that high resolution Now, what I do prefer is the colors on the iPhone, this is something that's quite consistent I do find that OnePlus devices, as many as I've tested,

Do tend to brighten up your skin quite a bit, and that's something that I generally don't like But again, it's not doing that much of a bad job And with the OnePlus you also have that ultrawide camera so you can get even more in your shot, so it's already wider as it is

But you can get even wider and you've got similar results to what we had on the rear so it is quite soft compared to the primary camera But nevertheless, it's an option that is there, especially if it comes to taking a group selfie or something,

I'd rather have this option than not And then moving on to portrait mode, I think both are doing a really, really good job Edge detection is good on both, I do prefer the edge detection on the OnePlus compared to the iPhone,

The iPhone has blurred out a little bit too much of my hair, whereas the OnePlus has done a better job here Now testing out some more selfies, once again, you can see the skin tone differences The iPhone I think is much more natural to my brown color, but the OnePlus is kind of putting a bit of a filter on

Making me look fairer than I am, which I am not a fan of However, it is sharper once again and it does have a wider field of view You can still go ahead to the ultrawide and get even more in this shot, but just look at the difference between these two

I look even yellower in the ultrawide camera so the consistency really isn't there Again, I want to emphasize it's nice to have that option but I also want to make clear that that ultrawide camera is really not going to give you anywhere near as good results as the primary camera

Now trying out the portrait mode on both of these, I think both are doing a good job overall, edge detection, the OnePlus has got my hair but it's also got a bit of my seat whereas the iPhone hasn't got my seat but it's got a little bit too much of my hair cropped off

So I think this one will come down to personal preference Now, low light selfies for those of you who like taking selfies in the dark So the iPhone is very grainy but the OnePlus there is a lot of processing going on here Like I look like a bit of a cartoon here,

What is going on I would prefer the iPhone here just because although the OnePlus is brighter, it's just got too much processing for my liking Now if we do use the front-facing flash, you can see that both do a much better job

The OnePlus looks a tad brighter and a tad sharper but it's kind of got more brightness towards the middle of my face, whereas the sides are a little bit darker So, I guess I'm going to call this one a draw Now for those of you who want to see

How the front-facing ultrawide camera performs in low light, you can see here that it doesn't do as much of a good job as the primary camera, although it's not as heavily processed it seems And when we do use the flash, it actually produces a pretty decent result

So those were the results What are my thoughts? Well, I have to say I'm super impressed Both of these cameras at this price point, I mean, realistically speaking, I wouldn't have a problem using either of these

Of course with the OnePlus you're getting much more versatility, you're getting much better low light images, thanks to night mode, you are getting a 4K front-facing camera which I did prefer overall compared to the iPhone,

It's going to give you much more resolution It can also do up to 4K, 60 but I couldn't really put that up against the 1080, 30 on the iPhone in this video For selfie images, you are getting sharper results with a wider angle of view straight off the bat

But you can even wider with the ultrawide camera which is a little bit soft, and again the same goes for the rear-facing camera It is nice to have that option there, yes, it's not great but it's still good to have that option What's not great is having a useless macro camera

And a depth camera which don't really seem to do anything So once again my feedback here would be that OnePlus, next time don't give us a macro two megapixel camera and a depth camera, just put more efforts in making the ultrawide camera better

Now for the iPhone yes, it loses out in terms of versatility, but there were lots of advantages on the iPhone as well I prefer the skin tones overall when it came to selfies, when it came to portrait mode,

I actually preferred portrait mode overall on the iPhone compared to the OnePlus and when it came to 4K video from the rear-facing camera, I do think that the iPhone had better dynamic range, and I also preferred the stabilization from the iPhone because it didn't make the picture soft

If you go back to when I was running, even though the OnePlus might have seemed more stabled, it did make the picture a lot softer That was something that I definitely noticed Also, the iPhone can film at up to 4k, 60 frames a second from the rear-facing camera,

You max out at 4K, 30 frames a second from the rear-facing camera of the OnePlus, which is a little bit weird because you can do 4K, 60 from the front-facing camera I don't know what's going on there I also think you had better slow motion on the iPhone,

The results were just sharper, it looks like on the OnePlus things are being scaled up a little bit And you can go back and have a listen, but to my ears, I did prefer the audio recording on the iPhone overall compared to that of the OnePlus Nord

Now if you were to ask me, overall considering everything of these cameras, which one would I pick? Honestly speaking, it would have to be the OnePlus Nord I like that versatility and I like the advantages that you have got on here,

And although the iPhone did win in certain areas, I think in terms of a package and value for money, you are getting a better deal with the OnePlus Nord Now there's a lot more to consider here as well in terms of all of the differences, and I've covered those in a detail hands-on video

If you want to see that then that is going to be linked in the cards and in the description What do you guys think? Which would be your pick for the cameras between the OnePlus Nord and the iPhone SE?

Definitely drop me a comment below, and let me know If you want to see lots of different images from lots of different devices, then be sure to follow me on Instagram, I am @SuperSaf, I post very regularly on there And if you haven't already,

Then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon if you want to see more SuperSaf Style coverage like this There's going to be the Google Pixel 4a coming soon, and whenever that does come, then I will be sure to put it up against these guys, this 400 pound price point

It's getting so so interesting So there's going to be lots of exciting videos coming up I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful, if you did, then do hit that thumbs up button for me Thanks for watching this is Saf on SuperSaf TV And I'll see you next time

After I get some sleep It's so late here (chuckles) (upbeat music)

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