OnePlus Nord Unboxing + Hands-On: Very Familiar Hardware …

published on August 3, 2020

Hey everybody i hope you guys are all healthy and safe so i finally have it the oneplus nord i know i know it's really late it's like weeks after you know everybody else got it but it is what it is but this packaging looks

Really nice and different from what we've come to expect from oneplus ever since the brand began and 2014 with that white and red packaging now this is a little bit different so i thought let's film an

Unboxing and maybe set up the phone on camera so i actually interviewed oneplus co-founder carl pay yesterday that interview will be on forbes sometime next week i spoke to him

About the nord basically oneplus built the whole separate team to develop nord so the people who handled nord in terms of building the phone and

Marketing it and coming up with the strategy for this is completely different from the team that did oneplus 8 so we have a welcome letter here oh this is nice

You can read this yourself so that's carl i spoke to him yesterday and that's pete these are the two co-founders of oneplus and that's the team in senjin i believe this is probably a semi-ejected tool and

You have a semi-ejected tool and some stickers quick start guide instructions and then we have a case here this case looks pretty nice it is still a rubber case unfortunately i like it better when

It's a hard shell so we have this one plus fast charging european plug this way norwood so it comes with a screen protector applied now this phone

Even though it comes off very new to maybe american reviewers to me this is quite familiar because this build is very similar to the oppo reno 3 pro which i tested three months ago but obviously it's quite different

Because oneplus is software it's it's different from oppo software and oneplus has a lot of its own optimization so we have this quad camera setup here but as usual with kind of mid-tier bbk

Phones we know that the main camera is going to be good and the ultra wide will be serviceable too but the last two would just be like depth sensor and macro lens which while useful you know they don't really

Need a dedicated lens okay so one thing i'm noticing right now is i'm typing my email address is that the haptic engine on this is good so that's one of those little touches that oneplus

Put more attention into that other brands may not because usually mid-tier phones have really mushy haptic engine but haptic engine on this is good it's not quite as good as on a oneplus a

Pro or a flagship opal device but it's definitely a better haptic engine than what was seen in the oppo reno 3 pro or you know other redmi devices

All right guys i'm back i've set up the nord and i've played around with it for about two hours so let's go over the basic hardware really quick you have a 644 inch

Basically 65 inch oled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate and because it's one plus you know they're the first brand to do this so everything is super smooth now around

The back you have a quad camera setup hand on by 48 megapixel main sensor with an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and then there's a 5 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro lens

Not the back and the front of the phone is made of gorilla glass but the chassis is actually plastic so this phone definitely right off the bat it does not feel as premium as the oneplus 8 or the oneplus 8 pro

Now inside the phone is a snapdragon 765 g and this is the highest end variant with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage now i've made several videos on how much i love

Oneplus software before in my opinion oxygen os is still the best version of android i like it better than even stock android and because i don't really like ios that much

That means oxygen os is my favorite phone software phone ui anywhere any phone out there i like oxygenos the best and the user experience here it's almost exactly identical to the oneplus 8 pro

Oneplus 8 so that means you know you have really nice touches like the ability to bring down notification shade by swiping down from anywhere so that means if you're holding the

Phone one hand you can still check the notification bar just a quick swipe you don't have to reach for the top which is what iphone users have to do a lot for real if you have a friend that use iphones

Watch how they hold the phone whenever they want to bring down the control panel they have to kind of let go of the phone a little bit and then kind of do this weird ass thing with your hand that you

Don't need to do with a one plus phone or many other android phone for that matter there's also all these useful features like double tap to turn off the screen double tap to turn on

Like it sounds like it's minor but trust me once you've gotten used to double tapping to turn on and off you don't want to have to reach for the power button again again because some phones a little bit larger

And the power button it's a little bit out of the way another special one plus feature that i love is the ability to control music playback on like a screen that's turned off you don't need to wake up the screen

Just to play music you can play music by drawing this pause sign so now it's playing music if i want to pause just draw the pause line again i want to play

Again and then skip track just draw an arrow and it's gonna jump to the next track also little touches like when you open a folder all your apps are at the bottom you notice how easy it is

For for me to reach on samsung phones if you do the same action the folder pops up right here so that means if there's some apps at the top it's actually quite a reach to hit there's just so many little

Touches that oneplus thinks of with oxygen os that makes the whole experience very friendly to use now that is important because if not for the fact that the software experience

Here is awesome i would have a hard time recommending this phone because this is a recycled piece of hardware now for those of you who watch my channel regularly you may remember that i reviewed the

Oppo reno 3 pro about four months ago that's one of my favorite review videos i've done because i reviewed it in vietnam and i was riding my bike everywhere so that's a very lively video

In which i was reviewing the phone on a bike but basically that phone the reno 3 pro it's also a mid-ranger it has almost exact same hardware as this phone you have the exact same screen

The exact same hole punch cutout that houses two selfie cameras you have the same 90 hertz refresh rate even the back material feels the same and that phone also has a quad camera system too but

The reno three-post camera is actually a little bit better because it has a 13 megapixel telephoto zoom lens whereas this phone has no telephone lens at all does this remind you of anything it reminds me of

The oppo reno 4 pro that i tested yesterday that phone also was a quad camera setup with a main 48 megapixel sensor an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera and a macro lens and a monolith so that

Phone also doesn't have a zoom lens so you see where i'm going with this because as much as oneplus you know oneplus marketing is really good so they have built such a great identity for themselves and they have a loyal fan

Base but the reality is oneplus and oppo are sister companies they share the same production line and that is why all the hardwares are always

Very very similar now this does not matter if you're a us reviewer who didn't get to touch the oppo winner 3 pro or 4 pro but i did so for someone like me when i hold this phone it's deja vu because i

Held the oppo arena 3 pro four months ago the oneplus nord and oppo winner 3 pro it's almost identical in terms of in-hand feel and just hard work when you're looking at it now

There are differences like i said the camera array is actually a little bit different oneplus is software it's a little bit better than color os because color os software is also really good but this

One went on snapdragon 765g which is a much better chipset than the hero p90 that was running in the oppo reno 3 pro or the snapdragon 720 that's running the oppo reno 4 pro so this is still the best of the

Bunch because the software experience is so good now there are some compromises that oneplus had to make to meet this 400 ish price point there is no wireless charging in this

Phone there is no telephoto zoom lens as i mentioned um the the frame is plastic instead of glass although that's not really that big a deal and there is no official ip

Water resistance rating but i don't even care about that that much because i use this phone in the rain outside and it's absolutely fine now one of the things a lot of reviewers love about this phone is that wide

Angle selfie camera and it is very useful but again it's also on the oppo window 3 pro so i've seen it but you definitely can get more into the frame when you just tap on this icon you see you get a

Lot more into the frame although there is a little bit of distortion but photo quality is still pretty good now when it comes to video performance i'm really impressed with the oneplus noir

Considering this is a mid-ranger so now this is a 1x now i'm going to go 2x zoom and i'm going to go back out to wide angle so you can switch between the lenses on the fly and i'll go back up to 1x and

I'm going to walk and look at how stable this is this is really good stabilization but then again the oppo renault 4 died just tested also has really good stabilization

It's exciting times for now you can get a phone for 400 bucks 500 bucks and you can get tip top video stabilization whereas two years ago you can pay 900 for huawei flagship or

Xiaomi flagship and stabilization wouldn't be good so that means you know phone tech just keeps getting better and better and that's what carl told me when i interviewed him a couple days ago he said

The decision to make the nord was because they realize phone technology is getting so good that even mid-tier components so a snapdragon 765 g or just a 90 hertz panel or just a

You know sony 48 megapixel camera so not even the highest end components are still more than good enough for probably 90 percent of consumers now there are still the 10 of us out there

Who wants the best of the best like i still want an all-glass unit body design i still want like a pueblo 15 megapixel ryb sensor and i still want a snapdragon 865

Plus if i can get it but you can definitely get by with 765g with just a 48 megapixel sensor and a wide angle camera that's eight megapixel but you use night mode computational photography to make up for

The shortcomings in hardware and as i already showed you you know oneplus marketing does a really good job with branding so you're getting a really nice packaging a really you know nicely designed phone

Really cool uh brand but ultimately this hardware has been seen before if you're someone who's plugged into the chinese phone scene like i am but that's okay you're still

Getting the best software performance around now this is not a full review obviously i've only used this phone for about two to three hours i'm just giving you my early thoughts on

The oneplus nord i'm impressed by it but i'm also a little bit like i've seen it before like do you get what i mean like i'm neither like blown away but i'm not disappointed either because i know what oneplus is doing right now

It's very admirable it's making a 400 phone for um you know people in canada or people in europe or people in india that performs maybe 90 as well as maybe the samsung galaxy note 20 which will cost

Like three times as much as this so that's about it for this first look at the oneplus nord i will be making this my daily driver and testing out a little bit more so stay tuned for more content if you're interested

And please subscribe to my channel i have a lot more cool gadgets coming up including the nubia watch which is basically that watch with the screen that

Um that wraps around your wrist so i'm getting that coming to me really soon so expect a video on that so thanks for watching stay healthy stay safe

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