OnePlus Nord Unboxing

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

So the moment has come there's been a lot of talk a lot of speculation as you're well aware it's the new product from oneplus whole new name whole new product oneplus Nord getting back to the roots getting back to the budget value mindset in the form of a new product

This isn't early unboxing the time that I'm filming this you should be aware so there's still some questions for me but I think I'm gonna get all my answers inside of this box now before I do get inside here I want to remind you of the

Giveaway which was the previous video that came up I actually have look at this I have like eight of these things to give away to you guys so go check out that video if you haven't seen it yet for your chance to win one of these for

Yourself but yes this is the unboxing experience meet the oneplus Nord a smartphone with the smooth experience powerful cameras and exceptional quality you'd expect from us pretty much everything you could ask for all within

A couple of boxes or four actually within a bigger box so five boxes how about the the box poetry there or riddle it might be alright so I think we grab right here I believe this entire piece comes off

Yes it does now keep in mind this is not the retail package this is a special version of the package because they've included the first party accessories of course so we do have some cases over here on the side

As well as the retail version of the device all right so the case is this looks like a black sandstone bumper case pretty simple stuff they've also got a blue sandstone bumper case is it sandstone

Also sandstone and then a pretty straightforward clear bumper case and of course if you want to go for something different something thin there will be a later case for the oneplus nort as well and you can pre-order it right now I'll

Link it in the description here's what it looks like on the oneplus 8 Pro that I'm using currently alright so this is a grey onyx 256 gigs of storage and 12 gigs of ram in a budget-minded value device this has the Snapdragon 700

Series chip in it but oneplus says there's all kinds of software optimizations to make it feel incredibly smooth to go along with the 90 Hertz display that also happens to be in here you guys know you've heard in the past

I'm a big fan of faster refresh rates and that's popping up in the budget-minded devices as well ok whoa now this is unveiled this teal color I don't know if this is going to be a kind of theme color for the Nord brand going

Forward but they have leaned on this color and a lot of the material they put out an Instagram page and all the rest of it so maybe going forward that's the theme color this way Nord so we have the indication right away of the in display

Fingerprint scanner in this location here flip this around and we don't learn too much else let's look at the other items inside the package we have some paperwork oh and a case to actually get you started in there as well there's a

Welcome letter to your friend today when a new phone hits the market we often ask what are the specs but then we would be asking the wrong question because if the experience is smooth if the camera is powerful and quad

Is exceptional if everything works just the way we expect to the specs really matter oneplus Nord brings new focus and refinement to the essentials of the modern smart so there's your team and what they're

Basically saying is hey we feel like we put a package together here that you're gonna be satisfied with and maybe it's not all about specs and well obviously they have the other products in the lineup as well in the form of the 1 + 8

+ 8 Pro whatever set of specs you're looking for they have something for you now but this is certainly a return to the roots from a price to performance kind of perspective so yes there's a clear case kind of a standard clear case

Also inside the package we can do a quick comparison to the more premium clear case over here so there you can see the two options this one will get you started give you a little bit of protection on the device if that's what

You're looking for and then this steps it up a little bit this is a slightly harder material also inside the package you have the one plus charge cable this is your standard a red and white style that they've been using for a while type

C on one side type a on the other and this of course pairs to a fast charge power brick or as one-plus calls it warp charge this is the warp charge 30 30 watt fast charge capable alright warp charge 30 T smart and fast it will

Recharge the 41 milliamp hour battery that's inside of the 1 + Nord to 70% in half an hour so that's the spec that they want to share ok let's remove the wrap so there it is the 1 + Nord it's kind of crazy to see it in

Real life because I've been talking about this thing and the leaks and rumors and just covering it a lot especially on the loo later Channel and now it's here it's a real thing and it exists and of course I've heard a little

Bit about the inspiration behind this device and wanting to tie it in with the various other oneplus devices I think it fits it definitely says oneplus right away when you look at it this is a kind of gray metallic finish that they're

Using on the back you see the vertical camera design which reveals a number of camera modules as well as a flash beside it the edges are actually more curved than on the 8 Pro that I'm currently using you have the power switch in this

Location as well as the oneplus slider alert slider that I mean this has been a signature of the devices for a really long time I use this I use this every day to be honest it has a nice texture to it and it's easy to discern from the

Power switch if you reach into your pocket without looking the volume rocker is over here on the other side the bottom of the device you have your SIM card tray as well as your type-c connector and that looks like the

Speaker grille beside that and the other unique characteristic of this phone is the front-facing camera setup because there are two front-facing cameras including a wide we're not seeing this all that frequently anymore so for the

Selfie takers or the group shot takers you're gonna have a little bit more play a little bit more versatility with the two camera modules in this kind of pill cutout alright so I've got the device booted up and honestly the thing that

Hits you straight away with these oneplus devices is just how Google ish they are from an operating system perspective so yes there are various optimizations that go into it through the oxygen OS mods that take place but

Not in such a fashion that completely overhauls or overwhelms the user experience and that's something that I love in fact on this particular unit they just went ahead and put google messages

In there and some other native google apps that did don't even exist on the other one plus devices so that's a welcome addition as far as I'm concerned I'm always looking for something close to that vanilla Google experience and

Then if those if the enhancements that a manufacturer does don't modify that too much but just actually add to it then that's a bonus so as mentioned this is a ninety Hertz display so it's got a fairly rapid

Refresh rate and if you head in here you have a couple of different settings here you can actually toggle it back to 60 Hertz if you want to save some battery life instead of the ultra smooth movement but myself of course I'll keep

It at 90 Hertz there's some other screen calibration options for how you want colors to be represented of course you can put this into dark mode it has a couple of different ways to unlock the device of course there's the inbuilt

Fingerprint scanner I've registered my thumbprint so that works kind of as expected but it also has face on lock which I've been a fan of in the past so maybe I should go ahead and register it because my kind of optimal unlock

Experience is the versatility of both sometimes I'll use face sometimes I'll use thumbprint depending on the circumstance so let's go ahead and set up the face unlock and see if it's as fast as it's been in the past I look at

It no thought necessary hit the button fast unlock I'm just a fan of that no like I said sometimes the thumbprint is more convenient so having both or the versatility that's my choice when available now oneplus gives you a few

More customization settings around clock style wallpapers fingerprints but also system customization for your accent color in your system icons I can change the accent color to red just like that I can change the system icons from round

To square to teardrop this is not an incredibly major thing you can go in with your own launcher and do this fairly easily but it's nice to see the manufacturer give you some customization options right within the OS again

Without being over barring and attempting to change the look of android altogether another interesting thing is one pluses decision to do the dual front-facing camera setup for the selfie cameras and so I'm

Curious about the focal length of each of those so I'm just gonna go ahead and flip it around here maybe Kirk can get a better look of that there's Kirk you got that so this is your typical focal length width which is actually pretty

Wide to begin with I mean that's a pretty wide shot there but you can go even wider that's a crazy wide shot that's a group shot that's uh well I mean we could fit ten people in there Kirk you get the whole unbox therapy

Crew and all the dogs and even Ben where's Ben there he is over there just finish a slice of pizza he's not happy about that now on the rear by comparison we've got three camera units and one of them is also a macro lens this is

Something we're fairly used to at this point we can go from your typical 1x shot to a fairly wide ultra wide and then also a zoom factor as well so versatility in the camera department that's what you're looking for really at

Any price point so as far as the screen is concerned I know a few people are gonna be interested in what this hole punch this notch is going to look like when you zoom into a video and so that's what you're working with I've mentioned

This in the past but if you're gonna have some sort of a cutout whether it's for a single camera or in this case a dual camera sticking it in the corner rather than the center gets it more out of the way for video content so even

Though you don't have this symmetrical design you end up kind of pushing it down into a less important screen section for video consumption as far as the resolution of this display is concerned yes it is an AMOLED display

And it's coming in at 2,400 by 1080 all right so that's your unboxing of the brand new oneplus Nord I can't go in depth at the moment in fact I can't show camera samples and various other things because we are

Super early right now at the point of this unboxing video however I'm likely going to put my SIM card in here and use it over the coming weeks so if you have questions about it you can hit me up on social

Media on Twitter or in the comments section here and I'll attempt to get to the bottom of it over the next couple weeks but it's nice to see oneplus making a move back towards its roots a little bit in the form of the nord

Product I think is gonna make a lot of people happy when the 8 and 8 Pro launched there were some questions about the future of oneplus and where the attention was being placed and a number of people were hoping that there was

Some kind of value play in the future that future exists now in the form of the oneplus Nord the device is gonna be available in two colors blue marble and grey onyx which is the device that I've got in front of me here it's running

Oxygen OS 105 which is of course based on Android 10 it's got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5g processor with an adrenal 620 it's available in two different configurations for RAM either 8 gigabytes or 12 gigabytes and storage

Options are 128 or 256 the battery is 4100 milliamp hours capable of recharging to 70% in half an hour over warp charge 30 30 watt fast charging the display is 644 inches at 2400 by 1080 pixels for an effective PPI of 408

Supports a refresh rate of 90 Hertz and of course it's also an AMOLED panel the main camera sensor is the Sony I MX 586 with 48 megapixels and an F 175 aperture the oneplus Noord is capable of shooting 4k video up to 30 frames per

Second or it can shoot super slow-mo 1080p up to 240 frames and remember you have a chance to win one of these I have eight oneplus Nort units that are looking for a new home go check out the giveaway video I'll link

It in the description of this video it's pretty simple to enter and yeah you can have a chance to win one of these for yourself

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