OnePlus Nord Review: The Android iPhone SE Killer!

published on August 2, 2020

This video is sponsored by expressvpn check the link in the description to get three months free the oneplus nord sets the standard for what you should expect out of a mid-range phone in 2020

In that respect it's kind of android's answer to the iphone se the nord is a lot better for the price than it has any right to be priced at 399 euros it not only brings the heat to more expensive flagships but

Also sets a high bar for upcoming mid-ranges like the google pixel 4a i'm alex from android central and this is our review of the oneplus nord quite possibly the smartest money you can spend on a smartphone right now

Subscribe so you don't miss future reviews coming in the next month and we'll jump right in the way the nord faithfully recreates that premium phone feel starts with the

Design it's all together flatter and a bit more squared off than oneplus recent design language but still very comfortable i actually prefer the feel of the nord to the oneplus 8 it's less slippery and

The slightly chunkier sidewalls make it easier to hold onto i've been using the oneplus nordin marble blue which is definitely my favorite of the two colors available at launch

It's more saturated than the blue green eight pro with just a hint of pearlescence at the right angle while the back is made of gorilla glass the outer frame is plastic one of the few noticeable compromises the nord

Makes to hit its price point though it does have a pretty convincing metal effect to it there's very little difference in the hand feel compared to a metal frame phone though it may end up scratching a

Little bit more easily the buttons and alert slider by the way are in fact metal and definitely feel like it other compromises there's no ip rating here though the sim tray does have

Rubber gaskets around it oneplus says it's designed to survive 30 centimeters of water for 30 seconds so you're not gonna want to go scuba diving with it but it should survive everyday water related mishaps

The 644 inch screen diagonal makes this a mid-sized handset not as gigantic as the 8 pro but definitely not a small phone either it's a nice happy medium the display is where the oneplus nord

Really starts punching above its weight a full hd plus resolution fluid amoled panel with minimal bezels and a 90 hertz refresh rate when fast refresh rates aren't even guaranteed at the high end 90 hertz in

The nord is a big deal it makes everything you do with the phone seem faster and more responsive and oneplus hasn't skimped in other areas of the display there's ample brightness for daylight visibility and

Colors are vibrant and punchy in-screen fingerprint is provided too which is fast and accurate another thing that's far from guaranteed even in high-end android phones there's optional face unlock 2 handled

Through one of the duo of selfie cameras up top which we'll touch on a little bit later the internals provide ample power to back up that fast screen

A qualcomm snapdragon 765 g might not dominate the benchmarks like an a65 does but in everyday use outside perhaps a very demanding games there's basically no difference between the performance of the nord and the thousand dollar android

Flagship at least none that i was able to notice depending on which model you pick up and where you're buying you'll get between 6 and 12 gigs of ram and between 64 and 256 gigs of storage

I've been testing the 12 plus 256 version but based on the european pricing most people should probably go for the 8 plus 128 since the price jump to the top end model is pretty steep

The north slick performance isn't just down to its software it's also a testament to the optimization and maturity of oneplus oxygen os software the lord runs oxygen os 105 out of the box based on android 10

And it's prompts the same level of software support as all other oneplus phones two years of platform updates and a further year of security patches after that

Practically there's very little meaningful difference between the software of the nord and the software of the oneplus 8 series the nord gets some slick new live wallpapers showing frozen tundras and

Other rocky formations which is nice and the google dialer and messages app are now the default for calls and text which seems like a natural next step for oxygen os after it brought the google feed to its home screen

So these two google apps look a little different to oneplus versions and bring new features like automatic caller id and spam filtering besides that oxygen os is a known quantity and still one of my favorite

Flavors of android from the ambient display to the zen mode everything feels well thought out and intelligently constructed oxygen os also includes the same optimized charging features we first saw

In the oneplus 8 series to help maintain the 4 15 milliamp hour battery over time that battery supports oneplus warp charge 30t technology for fast top-ups when needed though

There's no wireless charging included not a huge surprise there considering the price when it comes to battery life the nord is a solid performer if you're a heavy user you're probably

Not looking at multiple days but i was easily able to squeeze a busy 16 hour day out of the battery with five and a half hours of screen on time that was mainly indoors on wi-fi with some stints outside on lte

On lighter days when i wasn't using the camera so much or juggling a bunch of google meet calls i was able to easily get through a full day with around 50 remaining that's roughly comparable to what i got out of the vanilla oneplus 8

When i tested that phone so nothing to worry about at all in terms of longevity before we continue i want to talk about this video's sponsor expressvpn expressvpn is a great way to keep your

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Guarantee if you are not satisfied links are in the description and thanks to expressvpn for sponsoring this video so far then everything we've talked about has seen the nord keep pace with much more expensive competitors

But if there's one area of cheaper phones that often falls down it is the cameras now oneplus has stirred up a lot of hype about the main sensor of the nord a sony imx 586 with optical stabilization and

An f 175 lens that spits out 12 megapixel images that's basically the same camera from the oneplus 8 so it's really a known quantity at this point and performs pretty much

Identically to that phone dynamic range is impressive and colors are accurate if ever so slightly less saturated than the oneplus 8 pro native resolution of 48 megapixels also gives you some leeway for digital zoom

Which is good considering the lack of any dedicated telephoto option and the fairly large sensor size itself also gives you some nice natural bokeh in certain situations oneplus night skate mode also works

Wonders for darker scenes on the main sensor the night shots you might have seen from the oneplus 7 pro last year are basically the same as what you'll get out of the nord

This year the 8 megapixel ultra wide also works with nightscape but with less impressive results in fact the ultrawide in general is fairly weak and shows the limitations of what you can achieve in a phone that is

So aggressively priced ultrawide photos are horrible but there's little in the way of fine detail and even with nightscape low light captures are a bit uninspiring finally the 2 megapixel macro camera

Well it exists it's fun to play with but not particularly useful colors are murky and outside of the postage stamp resolution you really won't get passable shots outside of well-lit areas

Moving around the front the nord mixes things up with both a standard and ultra wide selfie camera i've been a big fan of this sort of feature going back to the pixel 3 and although the nords ultra wide shooter

Isn't quite as wide as the pixels i've been pretty happy with the quality that it's produced the oneplus nord is an absolutely delightful little phone that absolutely nails what most people will want out of

An affordable mid-range device it steals all the right features from the high-end flagships and combines them into a package that's better than it has any right to be for 399 the only place you really notice you're

Using a mid-range phone is that camera and even then it's only when you start using the secondary lenses the ultra wide and the macro that the quality noticeably dips that main camera more than holds its own

And is a big important part of what makes the nord worth the money so if you're buying a mid-priced phone this year i think the nord seriously just upended that entire market especially in the west

The phone shares a lot of its core features with the oneplus 8 and so you ultimately get a device that's 90 as good as that for 60 of the price it's a real shame the nord isn't coming to the us

Because it could well be the strongest sub 500 phone of 2020 that's it for now share your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to subscribe for note 20 pixel 4a and much more coming in the weeks ahead

Thanks for watching and i'll see you next time

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