OnePlus Nord Real World Camera Test

published on August 3, 2020

hey it's joshua what's going on everybody i just want to be sure that i did a quick segment before i put my mask on got a new one here uh but yeah front-facing camera of the oneplus

Nord and not just that this is the wide-angle camera now i can't change to the other lens while recording but let me tell you my already favorite feature uh just at the outset of this video 4k

Video recording on the front using either lens look at this this is awesome hopefully the audio sounds good let me know how it sounds in the comments uh but also i'm in my car a little bit

More isolated as far as the sound is but also once i have this mask on i'm going to sound a little bit more muffled so that's why i wanted to be sure that i got this done first

all right it's finally time to talk about the oneplus nordin give you some extra thoughts here's the thing though i am going to be giving you my top five complaints and takeaways

For this phone in a couple of days there are a bunch of reasons why i'm excited to use the cameras on this phone and of course one of them is that the rest of the phone is really affordable this thing comes in at 399 euros and

There's even a more base model that's only available in india for something like 335 dollars it's really great to see oneplus back in the value segment so far the performance from this phone has been

Pretty great the snapdragon 765g with the 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of on-board storage that i have in my model are working perfectly fine for my day-to-day tasks including days like

This where i took this phone to a couple of locations and i ended up using the cameras for an extended period of time now to set the scene here i did go to a couple of different locations i'm a member of both

The huntington gardens and also the la arboretum now these two places are going to be more like flower and greenery heavy with a little bit of scenery but in the case of the huntington i went

With uh the good friend tk bay and you can follow his links in the description down below he has content on the oneplus nord as well and then after that at the ellie arboretum i just walked around during uh

Kind of the golden hour sunset period so i was putting this phone in some of the best situations and scenarios that it should perform well in so let's start off with the rear cameras obviously you've already been seeing some

Uh samples from the phone you have a 48 megapixel main sensor it's the exact same sensor that is from the oneplus 8 not the eight pro the regular one plus eight and that means that you can get some 48 megapixel shots so you can get

Some high resolution shots that also allow for hdr to enhance the scene so that's nice to see aside from that though you get regular 12 megapixel photos from that main sensor when you're just in the auto mode

And you don't really mess with anything there's an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera and you know that i really enjoy having ultra wide cameras on smartphones in general because you could just fit more in the

Scene especially if you have some sort of tight quarters then you'll be able to still fit most of the scene that you see right in front of you into one photo it's also capable of 4k video recording

Now a quick note on that a few people were asking me how an 8-megapixel sensor is able to do 4k video recording much less uh the front-facing camera which has an 8-megapixel ultra wide

That can do 4k at even 60 frames per second here's the thing there are plenty of 8-megapixel cameras out there even security cameras where the sensors are literally made to cover the width and the height

Of a 4k frame so kind of in a nutshell here it's already a boon to oneplus that they were able to make a sensor that supports 4k whereas other phones which are moving down to 8 megapixels for their ultra

Wide cameras in particular have not tuned them to achieve that video resolution so what you're seeing in this video are going to be a lot of 4k videos and the other thing that you'll notice is that i use the 4k

Cine mode if you haven't noticed already i do like using a cinema 4k resolution for like especially my main cameras uh it's about 17 by nine it's not 16×9 it's not 18×9 but in the case

Of the oneplus it goes up to that 18×9 that two to one aspect ratio for some really cinematic shots black bars on the top and bottom for sure now i'm just talking about the main

Sensor and the ultrawide right now and i'll give you a couple of thoughts on their quality i think that these are good cameras for the most part i don't actually see anywhere that oneplus have skimmed

On their processing it's just a matter of the hardware not being as high powered as let's say the oneplus 8 pro obviously where i did really like the results that came out of that phone so when it comes to the oneplus nord it

Seems that there's a bit of a hit or miss but it's mostly hit in 4k video in particular there are some times where i see more grain than i feel like there should be and in photos sometimes the dynamic

Range could be better but that's also because the auto processing in the camera app may or may not have recognized the entire scene properly it's in those situations that you would tap and press on the screen in order to

Get the exposure that you want and mess with that slider most of the photos that you're seeing in this video have no taps or anything at all unless i say so otherwise i just pointed at the scene see what it

Gives me and if it looks like it would be all right i hit that shutter button another thing i really appreciate about this camera interface in particular is that oxygen os's camera does something that

I think only the pixel camera is the only other one that does it there's a little lock icon that you can tap to lock it all down so it's easy to make sure that your video or your photo

Is not going to jump in exposure or focus just because you're moving the camera around if you're focused on your exposure jumping all over the place that's a dead giveaway that you're using a smartphone

There are a couple more lenses here on the back and it's debatable as to their overall usefulness a five megapixel depth sensor is obviously useful for things like portrait modes

Uh but in these situations i just didn't really do a whole lot of actual portraits and there wasn't anybody else with me to get portraits of me i'll make sure to get a few more of those for my final top

Five complaints and takeaways video let me say real quick that i don't think uh macro photography is a bad thing whatsoever it's great to see that phones are trying to add a little bit more like maybe they're not

Prioritizing zoom and if they don't they go for macro photography the only problem i really have with this lens is that it's a two megapixel lens even if i'm able to get really close up on things like flowers at the la

Arboretum it's not like they come out looking very sharp anyway so it's less about macro photography as a whole and more of that you just don't get the hardware that's needed for you to actually

Enjoy macro photography so that's something that we've said about macro lenses on other phones before and it just kind of continues with the oneplus nord but now we can get to the front-facing camera you got this pill

Cut out on the front with two different lenses both of which are used for a number of different functions now first of all you can get some pretty good selfies already if you get into the portrait mode

There's a little bit more of a softening that happens on top of the background blur it's kind of interesting that the camera app is able to discern what i look like or how to cut me out of

The frame even though i had my mask on for those shots the main sensor is a 32 megapixel camera and that's really nice that you can get higher resolution photos with your front-facing camera

And it's actually kind of wide enough i already did some videos with it and i noticed that it wasn't super tight then you just get even wider of an angle when you get to the 8 megapixel ultra wide

Once again 8 megapixels but it's still able to do 4k video recording which i obviously took advantage of when i could uh during those times and i was able to record some pretty cool vlog like video the same little issues here and there

That i noticed with the rear cameras happened on the front cameras i did see that there was still a little bit of grain in places or in situations where i feel like there shouldn't be because the lighting is fine

One other thing i didn't really do is 4k at 60 frames per second which i missed out on that opportunity because the main thing i was trying to show was the ultra wide angle but even then 60 frames per second in front of a

Waterfall would have been the perfect opportunity apologies it just slipped my mind and on the topic of slow motion you do get all of these other modes in the camera app there's still plenty of things that you

Can do including a pro mode and i got into the pro mode to do something i rarely ever do in my real world camera test i went for uh just sort of the water trail effect

By slowing down the shutter speed just a tad obviously this meant that i was over exposing the photo a little bit but i just wanted to illustrate that things like this are possible with the oneplus nord camera also

And then finally a couple of photos from the nightscape mode now even though i said that dynamic range could be a little bit better in certain shots depending on how the camera app perceives the scene

One thing i love is that nightscape is here and it's able to make something out of potentially a nothing scene while i may not prioritize this kind of super hdr night photography it is nice that it's even here that way if you do

Find yourself in some of those situations where you need a bit of a boost well that mode is available in the app and so there you have it the cameras of the oneplus nord featured in this real

World camera test just wanted to get a bunch of uh samples and throw them on the screen for you i want to know what you think of all of them and the video footage of course in the comment sections down below have

Discussions on the quality let me know what you think about them and yeah the reason why those cameras and all of these pictures and videos are on people's minds is because this is another affordable oneplus device they

Have finally returned to the value segment so bearing in mind that this is a phone at under 400 euros what do you think the camera brings to the table i personally think that there are

Certain features that this phone has that plenty of flagships actually don't including 4k on the front cameras and those are things that might be important to you especially if you're a big social media person with all that

Said that we're gonna go ahead and call it on this one one of the main portions of this phone uh officially reviewed but i will give you my top five complaints and takeaways for this phone in a couple of days so

Make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven't already so you can keep up with when that comes out and when videos come out on this channel in general uh from there drop some likes on this

Video at the very least and like i said before get into the discussions down below with all that said i'm gonna go ahead and call it on this one thank you so much for watching and until my next video

I'll just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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