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by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

Hey guys i'm tom the tech chap and this is the new oneplus nord aka the oneplus 8 light and it's their cheapest phone ever at just 379 pounds in fact if we put it side by side with the oneplus 8

The 8 pro and also last year's 7t you can see just how relatively cheap this thing is so what's the catch well compared to its slightly bigger and more expensive brother the oneplus 8

The nord does have a few compromises the headline one being the processor uh in here we get the sort of upper mid-range snapdragon 765g versus the flagship 865 the ram and the storage are also a little bit slower the

Battery's a bit smaller and it doesn't support wireless charging the screen's not as bright there's no wi-fi six we get a single rather than dual speaker setup there's no official ip water resistance rating

And we also lose the two times telephoto lens although importantly the main camera is the same and uses the same sensor plus of course the design is a little bit different the

Nord has a slightly smaller 644 versus 655 inch screen so it's a tiny tiny bit smaller and you can also see we have this dual selfie camera cut out as opposed to the single camera on here so

A bit more of the screen is cut out although the advantages we do now have a ultra wide selfie lens which i'll come back to in a second and then around the back you can see with the nord we have this glossy glass

Back as opposed to the frosted effect which i think i do prefer but this still looks pretty good i've got it in the blue marble color also comes in gray onyx and you can also see they've shifted the camera module to

The side which is fine although when you're tapping and using on a flat surface it does make the whole foam wobble so oneplus have made quite a few cuts to keep the price down on the nord but

Importantly we're still getting the same 90hz amoled screen the same software the same dual sim and 5g support plus i really do like the addition of that ultra wide selfie lens but the headline

Compromise i guess is that processor but does it really make much of a difference well here's the oneplus 7t with last year's snapdragon 855 plus then the oneplus 8 with the latest 865 and then the nord with that 765g

And in geekbench 5 at least you can see it's a fair bit slower but does that make any difference in the real world well if we jump into a bit of fortnite not that i actually play it i'm more of a call of duty kind of guy but

What's interesting straight away is in the graphic settings the nord is limited to 45 fps the 7t caps at 60 but the oneplus 8 is the only one with a 90hz option although only with low settings

So we're still getting a fairly stable 45 fps with high settings on the nord so it's more than playable but the jump to 60 is noticeable on the 7t and the 8 but what about call of duty mobile well unlike fortnite i'm actually able to run

Some performance tests using app called game bench which requires usb debugging but anyway this is the nord and you can see we're jumping between 54 and 60 fps with high settings whereas the oneplus 8 gives us a steady

60 maybe the odd dropped to 59 but it's clearly smoother in fact if we get super nerdy for just a second this is the nord on the left and then the oneplus 8 on the right

While running cod and you can see the difference in median fps at the top right and also just how wavy that fps graph is on the node versus the straight line on the eight

So right now you're probably thinking either well it's such a tiny difference who cares really you know it's only a couple of frames per second then just think about that price difference in which case you know the nor does pull

You better bet but if you're looking at those numbers thinking well every frame rate helps and you know as more games do uh start supporting high refresh rates and taking full advantage of the more powerful 865 then

You know it's gonna be a bigger deal in the future and i want the best gaming experience possible then where is it yes then the eight is you better bet although personally since i'm not a pro mobile gamer

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Or the uk's bbc iplayer so check out the link below and get 85 in three months free and give surf shark vpn a try back to the nord and while performance on the whole is solid and i've rarely seen any

Slowdowns side-by-side with oneplus 8 which has the 865 and faster ufsd storage and ddr5 ram in simple tasks it's on par but loading apps particularly games

It does fall behind i'm actually using the higher spec model of the nord here with 12 gigs of ram and 256 storage but personally i'd stick with a cheaper base model with 8 gigs of ram and 128 storage

Unless you really need that extra room since they don't support microsd cards whichever one you go for though i'd still suggest jumping into the developer options you can unlock it by tapping build number eight times in the about

Page and then scrolling down and changing the animations to 05 times this just helps everything feel a little bit faster but something i have noticed uh having used this for the past couple

Of weeks is that it just doesn't get as bright as the oneplus 8 you can see the 8 here peaks at about 850 nits which is one of the brightest screens i've seen and makes it easy to use outside and everything just looks more vibrant

However as you can see the north tops out about 585 nits which is good but side by side with the 8 it is noticeably dimmer and then there's the fact we get the single speaker the second one up here

Is just the earpiece for calls but as you can hear when i cover this up it mutes it almost so it's a little bit disappointing you get stereo speakers on the oneplus 8 so if

You are gaming or watching videos on this then the sound does sound the sound sounds a little bit one-sided but of course if you're using a pair of headphones then it doesn't really matter now don't get me wrong as much as i'm

Picking the nord apart a little bit compared to the more expensive oneplus 8 the nordic is still a lovely phone to use i still think oneplus oxygen os software is my favorite together with that 90hz refresh it feels

Just as slick and lightweight as stock android on a pixel but with a few nice extras there's a bunch of customization options if you want to change the icons the color scheme and the font

I really appreciate the different display color options although i tend to go with the amoled wide gamut and just the fact there's no bloatware the google news feed left to the home screen is useful

And i'm a big fan of the alert slider on the side of the phone we also get an optical fingerprint reader which is actually positioned quite a bit lower than on the oneplus 8 as well as face unlocking which i tend

To use most and then there's the battery life which i must say is better than i expected we get a 415 million power cell which is a bit smaller than the 4300 battery in the oneplus 8 but the less power hungry

Chip and the ever so slightly smaller screen in my experience makes it last just as long depending on your usage a day and a half is easily possible plus with the warp charge 30t tech it

Takes about half an hour to get back up to 70 the nord also includes oneplus is new optimized sleep feature where it will stop charging about 80 overnight and then

Fully top up just before you wake up i found it works well it should keep the battery healthier for longer the only downside really is the lack of any wireless charging which is a little bit disappointing

And something that you do get on the oneplus 8 now let's talk about this camera because as you guys know usually on more budget phones this is where things start to fall apart a little bit so on the nord we're

Getting four lenses a main ultra wide depth and macro so there's no telephoto lens here as i say though the main 48 megapixel lens uses the same sony imax 586 sensor as the oneplus 8 which is good to see

Although the ultra wide on the north is only half the megapixels oneplus had promised an update before the review embargo but that never came so we may see some improvements before launch

But as you can see in good light at least photo quality with the main lens is pretty impressive so in daylight photos look about the same quality as you get with the eight

It's hard to tell them apart so the camera is decent but i do have a couple of issues firstly the shutter speed is a bit slow i tried to take a whole bunch of pictures of this cute dog and only one

Of them came out reasonably in focus also the macro lens is just terrible the 2 megapixel quality is bad colors are muted and personally i think oneplus just added it so they could say it has a quad camera for

Marketing purposes the main camera fares better in low light it doesn't match the likes of the iphone huawei p40 pro or pixel but it's okay and also nightscape mode is a bit hit or

Miss i still feel i get slightly better shots out of the oneplus 8 as a whole though it shares similar camera hardware but the processing perhaps due to the weaker isp in the processor

Does lower the overall quality around the front for the first time on the oneplus we get two selfie cameras a 32 megapixel main and an 8 megapixel ultrawide lens honestly my wife and i both really like

The selfies you get from this in fact one pluses generally have some of our favorite selfie cameras it's sharp colors are natural and the addition of the ultra wide lens is a nice bonus

Video tops out at 4k30 on the back and 4k60 surprisingly on the front and at 4k30 quality is good as is the stabilization so no complaints there so the big question should you buy the oneplus nord well

It's not perfect and it does have some strong competition from the likes of the poco f2 pro the real me x50 the moto g 5g and of course even the expected upcoming pixel 4a but for 379 pounds

I have to say i really do like this thing and if my friends were to ask me right now what phone and recommend them this is gonna be near the top of my list and it's also 220 pounds cheaper than the oneplus 8 and while this is still

Obviously a better phone and i think personally i would probably pay the difference but i'm more of a pro user for most people and also if any of my friends ask me what phone they should buy i

Go with the nord alternatively there is the oneplus 7t which is last year's phone uh but it is a better phone it's more powerful uh you get slightly higher in specs although you do miss out on

5g and it's a hundred pounds more than the north so it's kind of like a halfway house between the nord and the eight so that is definitely worth considering and something you can still buy on their

Website so if you want something that's a little bit better but can't quite stretch to this then the 70 is definitely worth considering so i hope you guys found that helpful

And if you do want to see more from me then make sure you hit that little subscribe button down below and i'm also kind of getting close to a million subscribers so uh if you could help me out that would be awesome

Thank you so much for watching guys i'll see you next time right here on the tech chat and again a big thank you to surf shark for sponsoring this video using the chrome extension desktop

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