OnePlus Concept One: The right kind of shade

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey it's Joshua for Gaara what's going
on everybody continuing my coverage from
CES 2020 hopefully my voice is not too
bad right now but I'm doing my best to
bring you everything that I did last
week while in Las Vegas this video is
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purchase in any case we're taking a look
at something that you probably are aware
of but I wanted to give some of my
thoughts on the 1 plus concept 1 now
first and foremost is really not a whole
lot different about this particular
phone especially when it comes to the
specifications it's basically a slightly
rebranded and also slightly redesigned
oneplus 70 Pro McLaren Edition there's
still powerful specifications underneath
that display which is a 90 Hertz refresh
rate display by the way and you still
get the same three cameras on the back
but of course the main story here is the
fact that the glass on top of the
cameras can actually get darker and make
it seem like the cameras fully disappear
now we'll get to that in a second but I
did want to talk about just the overall
design of this phone because honestly
this might be my favorite looking
oneplus device ever that signature
McLaren orange comes in on this leather
backing that gives the phone a lot of
good grip and makes it very comfortable
in your hands and then the curves on
both the back and the front make the
phone and feel a lot thinner than you
might expect also oddly enough the phone
actually felt pretty light so that's
something that I really want to see
oneplus bring to even more phones moving
forward is this super sleek design it
seems like they've really gotten it
right in this concept phone after the
oneplus 7 pro and the 70 of the 70 pro
of course now the phrase that I use
where I say you get it doesn't really
apply here because 1 + pulled an
automotive move that you usually see at
trade shows like this and created a
concept device this is not something
that you're going to see come to market
because this is just a way for oneplus
to show that different features that
they can achieve on certain devices and
they'll probably show up on other ones
in the future maybe like the 1 plus 8
and Beyond still I wish that this phone
was actually going to come to market the
McLaren editions tend to look really
awesome and this one in particular is
like I said my favorite one it will be
really awesome to actually get this
phone because it's still powerful enough
and still tuned enough to be an everyday
phone but again they probably just made
enough for the demo that we had
in CES 2020 so let's go ahead and get
into the big feature of this and that is
that disappearing camera what I find
interesting about this is we've started
to see some disappearing cameras in
other phones rather concepts of it you
might remember that not too long ago I
actually got to see a disappearing
camera on the front of a phone now it's
not exactly that technology coming to
the back of this one plus concept one
instead what oneplus has done is taken
this technology that's been around for a
little while in automotive and aerospace
engineering and bringing it to that
glass panel on the back you might have
been on a Virgin Atlantic or a Virgin
America flight where there's not
actually a panel that's on the window of
your seat instead there's like a button
and you can press that button and the
actual glass gets darker that's the kind
of technology that oneplus brought to
the camera optics the result is the back
of a phone that even though you can
still tell it's a phone you don't have
those glaring camera holes on the back
as opposed to many applications right
now where you have big squares like on
the pixel 4 or on the iPhone 11 and to
be honest I kind of love that one plus
is taking a different approach to what
the cameras could look like on the back
of a device and of course since this is
a McLaren edition you want that branding
to really come out rather than the
camera optics sort of popping in to what
should be a clean backing but there's
another reason why this is also
important and it's the main reason why
I'm excited about this particular
concept it's because that darkening
glass on the back could actually be used
as an ND filter so if you don't know
what an ND filter is it's used in
photography and videography applications
in order to achieve a darker frame in
situations where the surroundings are
still too bright there's some artistic
applications to an ND filter as well for
example if you want to keep a certain
shutter speed on your camera for photos
in order to achieve a certain motion
blur with things that are in motion in
your frame you can do so by having an ND
filter there so you don't have to turn
up the shutter speed on your camera in
order to achieve proper exposure in the
same vein if you're in a situation for
video where the camera is just not able
to expose it right because of the
limitations of the camera and ND filter
helps to support that and you know what
I even have a variable ND filter on me
right now I can change the strength of
this ND filter but ultimately what I'm
trying to do is
ISO 400 thirty frames per second video
so one over sixty shutter speed and F
2.8 aperture to get some depth behind me
that's why I'm outside right now but if
the situation called for it I can
strengthen the ND filter like this and I
would have a darker frame that allows me
to still get a good exposure with the
settings that I want so that's why the
one Plus concept one kind of proves that
you can have extra features like that on
the cameras but there are a couple of
things that one plus and maybe other
companies need to figure out like for
example there's a pro mode in the camera
app which is grave so you can dial in
those settings but it's only for stills
photography it'll be great to see a
manual video mode so you can cater those
settings for video and then turn on the
ND filter on top of that – it is an nd8
filter which is kind of the middle
ground when it comes to how strong you
are your ND filters to be I tend to use
a variable one so I can just change it
up when I want to but most people might
have an ND for filter which is lighter
and d8 which is what you get on the
oneplus concept one and then everything
from 1632 and onward to get even darker
ND filters in front of your lens for
those various situations ultimately
though at least in my mind a ND filter
on a smartphone like this is something
you lean on when you tap your subject
and it's just not able to compensate for
how crazy bright the scene is so it's at
that point that you tap and ideally lock
your focus and exposure and then you hit
that ND filter so that everything gets a
little bit easier to work with but yeah
as far as a concept phone is concerned
this is one of the first ones I feel
like that we've seen because most of the
time mobile phones that are introduced
at CES tend to come to market eventually
but the one plus concept one does prove
a few things oneplus has been doing a
great job not only with high refresh
rate screens great designs that
partnership with McLaren but now they
have introduced something else into the
smartphone ecosystem that other
companies are probably going to figure
out how to do for themselves but oneplus
might be able to bring it to market in
future devices I'm excited for that and
I want to see what a built-in ND filter
would actually be like for spawns like
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but yeah it's one of the more
interesting things that we saw at CES
20/20 but all of this week I'm finishing
up my content from the Consumer
Electronics Show of 2020 just got back
from Vegas hopefully my voice will come
back a little bit faster than usual
that's why I have my tea of course but
on top of all of that I'm gonna go ahead
and call it on this one thank you so
much for watching don't forget to follow
me on all of my social media at JV tech
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getting actually longer because of all
the things I want to say in any case I'm
gonna call it on this one thank you so
much for watching and I'll just remind
you to enjoy your tea everybody take
care of your voices

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